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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Cypress Hill( サイプレス・ヒル )
Cypress Hill( サイプレス・ヒル )【 共收藏 24 張專輯, 354 首歌 】
Cypress Hill是加州南門的美國嘻哈樂團。 Cypress Hill是第一個拉美裔美國嘻哈錄音小組,擁有鉑金和多鉑金專輯,全球銷售超過1800萬張專輯。 他們被認為是20世紀90年代初西海岸饒舌和嘻哈的主要祖先之一,在前四張專輯中獲得了極高的評價。 樂隊還倡導在美國醫療和娛樂使用大麻。

DJ Muggs
Sen Dog
Eric Bobo
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The Essential Cypress Hill 英文
1.Roll It Up, Light It Up
2.Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Remix) (Feat. The Fugees)
3.Kronologik (Feat. Kurupt)
4.Tequila Sunrise (Feat. Barron Ricks)
5.I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
6.Real Estate (Video Version)
7.Audio X (Feat. Barron Ricks)
8.Latin Thugs (Feat. Tego Calderon)
9.Smuggler's Blues
10.What's Your Number (Feat. Tim Armstrong)
11.Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk (Reprise) (提供)
Cypress x Rusko (EP) 英文
1.Lez Go
2.Roll It, Light It
3.Shots Go Off
4.Can't Keep Me Down
5.Medicated (提供)
Rise Up 英文
1.I Unlimited
2.Rise Like Smoke
3.Dead Man's Gun
4.Bang Bang
5.Trouble Seeker
6.Rise Up
7.Get It Anyway
8.Pass The Dutch
10.Carry Me Away
11.Take My Pain
12.Armed & Dangerous
13.Shut 'Em Down
14.Armada Latina
15.Light It Up
16.It Ain't Nothin'
17.Get 'Em Up
18.Strike The Match
19.Get Higher
Till Death Do Us Part 英文
2.What's Your Number?
3.Latin Thugs
5.Never Know
6.Once Again
7.Street Wars
8.Till Death Do Us Part
9.Last Laugh
10.Another Body Drops
11.Till Death Comes
12.Busted in the Hood
13.One Last Cigarette
14.Ganja Bus
15.Bong Hit
16.Number Seven
17.Ready To Die
18.Roll It Up Again
WWF Forceable Entry 英文
1.Just Another Victim
Training Day 英文
Stoned Raiders 英文
5.Here Is Something You Can't Understand
6.It Ain't Easy
10.Psychodelic Vision
11.Red, Meth & B
12.Southland Killers
14.Weed Man
Skull&Bones 英文
1.Valley Of Chrome
2.Get Out Of My Head
3.Another Victory
4.Cuban Necktie
5.What U Want From Me
6.Stank Ass Hoe
8.Certified Bomb
9.Can I Get A Hit
10.We Live This Shit
11.Can't Get The Best Of Me
12.A Man
14.Jack You Back
16.Rock/rap Superstar
17.Rap Superstar
Live at the Fillmore 英文
1.Can't Stop Won't Stop
Los Grandes Exitos En Espanol[Explicit] 英文
1.Dr. Dedoverde(Dr.Greenthumb)
3.Latin Lingo
4.Loco En El Coco
5.Marijuano Locos(Stoned Raiders)
6.Muevete(Make A Move)
7.No Entiendes La Onda(How I Could Just Kill A Man)
8.No Pierdo Nada(Nothin' To Lose)
10.Siempre Peligroso
11.Tequila(Tequila Sunrise)
12.Tres Equis
13.Tu No Ajaunta(Checkmate)
14.Yo Quiero Fumar(I Wanna Get High)
Iv-Explicit 英文
1.Goin' All Out Nothin' To Lose
2.16 Men Till There's No Men Left
3.Audio X
5.Clash Of The Titans
6.Dead Men Tell No Tales
7.Dr. Greenthumb
8.Feature Presentation
9.From The Window Of My Room
10.High Times
11.I Remember That Freak Bitch
12.Lightning Strikes
13.Looking Through The Eye Of A Pig
14.Prelude To A Come Up
15.Riot Starter
16.Steel Magnolia
17.Tequila Sunrise
Iv 英文
2.Riot Starter
3.16 Men Till There's No Men Left
4.I Remember That Freak Bitch
5.Steel Magnolia
6.Lightning Strikes
7.Looking Through The Eye Of A Pig
8.Tequila Sunrise
9.Goin' All Out Nothin' To Lose
11.Feature Presentation
12.From The Window Of My Room
13.Clash Of The Titans
14.Prelude To A Come Up
15.Audio X
16.High Times
17.Dead Men Tell No Tales
Cypress Hill IV 英文
1.16 Men Till There's No Men Left
2.Audio X
4.Dead Men Tell No Tales
5.Dr. Greenthumb
6.Feature Presentation
7.From the Window of My Room
8.Goin' All Out Nothin' to Lose
9.High Times
10.Lightning Strikes
11.Looking through the Eye of a Pig
12.Prelude to a Come Up
13.Riot Starter
14.Steel Magnolia
15.Tequila Sunrise
16.Case Closed
18.I Remember That Freak Bitch (From the Club) / Interlude Part 2
19.Clash of the Titans / Dust
20.Rags to Riches (提供)
Unreleased&Revamped 英文
1.Boom Biddy Bye Bye(Fugees Remix)
2.Hand On The Pump(Muggs' Blunted Mix) (提供)
3.Hits From The Bong(T-Ray's Mix)
4.Illusions(Q-Tip Remix)
5.Intellectual Dons
6.Latin Lingo(Prince Paul Mix) (提供)
7.Throw Your Hands In The Air
8.Whatta You Know
9.When The Ship Goes Down(Remix) (提供)
Cypress Hill Iii-Temple Of Boom[Edited] 英文
1.Boom Biddy Bye Bye
2.Everybody Must Get Stoned
3.Funk Freakers
6.Killa Hill
7.Let It Rain
9.Make A Move
10.No Rest For The Wicked
11.Red Light Visions
12.Spark Another Owl
13.Stoned Raiders
14.Strictly Hip-Hop
15.Throw Your Hands In The Air
Black Sunday-Edited 英文
1.Break Em' Off Some
2.Cock The Hammer
3.Hand On The Glock
4.Hits From The Bong
5.Insane In The Brain
7.I Ain't Goin Out Like That
8.I Wanna Get High
9.Lick A Shot
10.Lil Putos
11.What Go Around Come Around
12.When The Shit Goes Down
Black Sunday 英文
1.Hand On The Glock
2.Want Go Around Come Around
3.I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
4.Insane In The Brain
5.3 Lil Putos
6.Lick A Shot
7.Cock The Hammer
8.Hits From The Bong
9.When The Shit Goes Down
10.Wanna Get High
Cypress Hill 英文
1.How I Could Just Kill A Man
2.Latin Lingo
3.Hole In The Head
4.The Phuncky Feel One
5.Hand On The Pump
6.Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
7.Born To Get Busy
9.Tres Equis
10.Ultraviolet Dreams
11.Break It Up (提供)
12.Light Another
14.Real Estate
15.Something For The Blunted (提供)
16.The Funky Cypress Hill Shit
When the Sh-- Goes Down 英文
1.When the Ship Goes Down (radio version)
2.When the Sh-- Goes Down (extended version)
3.The Phunky Feel One (extended version)
Greatest Hits From The Bong 英文
1.EZ Come EZ Go - Explicit Album Version
2.How I Could Just Kill a Man (Radio Edit)
3.Insane in the Brain - Explicit Album Version
4.Insane in the Brain
5.How I Could Just Kill a Man
Cypress Hill: Live at the Fillmore 英文
1.Hand On the Pump (Live Version)
2.Riot Starter (Live Version)
3.Hits from the Bong (Live Version)
4.Stoned Is the Way of the Walk (Live Version)
5.I Wanna Get High (Live Version)
6.I Ain't Goin' Out Like That (Live Version)
7.A to the K (Live Version)
8.Lick a Shot (Live Version)
9.Can't Get the Best of Me (Live Version)
10.Checkmate (Live Version)
11.Cock the Hammer (Live Version)
12.Looking Through the Eye of a Pig (Live Version)
13.Pigs (Live Version)
14.Insane In the Brain (Live Version)
15.How I Could Just Kill a Man (Live Version)
16.Real Estate (Live Version)
17.Rock Superstar (Live Version)
Cypress Hill / Black Sunday / III (Temples Of Boom) 英文
1.How I Could Just Kill a Man (Explicit Version)
2.Legalize It
3.Cock the Hammer
4.Lick a Shot
5.I Wanna Get High
6.Break It Up
7.Stoned Is the Way of the Walk
8.Insane in the Brain - Explicit Album Version
9.The Phuncky Feel One
11.Light Another
13.Lil' Putos
14.Everybody Must Get Stoned (Bonus Track)
15.I Ain't Goin' Out Like That (Explicit Version)
16.Hand On the Pump (Explicit Version)
17.Funk Freakers
Blade II OST 英文
1.Child Of The West (Feat. Roni Size)
暫存 英文
1.Rap Superstar
3.Hand On The Pump - Muggs' Blunted Mix
4.Killa Hill Niggas
5.Fuck Westside Connection
6.A To The K
7.Insâne in the brain
8.Lock Down (Interlude) (提供)
9.What Go Around Come Around Kid
10.Hit 'em High (the Monstar's Anthem)
11.I'm Still #1
12.Lunatics In The Grass
13.Mary Jane
14.Men Of Steel
15.Real Thing
16.Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up
17.Scooby Doo
18.Shoot 'em Up
19.Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk (remix)
20.Tequila Sunrise (radio Edit)
21.Tequila Sunrise (remix Radio Edit)
22.Tequila Sunrise - Spanish Version
23.Tequila Sunrise (uncensored Remix)
24.Throw Your Set in the Air
25.Just Another Victim (Tazz Theme)
26.Can I Live
28.Weed Man (Bonus Track)
29.When The Ship Goes Down (Diamond D Remix)
30.Rock Superstar
31.Rap Superstar'(feat. Eminem, Noreaga
32.No Pierdo Nada (Nothin' To Lose)'(feat. Mellow Man Ace
33.Siempre Peligroso'(feat. Fermin IV Caballero
34.Prelude to a Come Up'(feat. MC Eiht
35.Steel Magnolia'(feat. Barron Ricks
36.I Remember That Freak Bitch'(feat. Barron Ricks
37.Kronologik'(feat. Kurupt
38.Southland Killers'(feat. King Tee, MC Ren
39.Lowrider'(feat. Mellow Man Ace
41.Latino Lingo (Latin Lingo)
42.Rap Superstar [Alchemist Remix]
43.I Love You Mary Jane
44.I Ain't Going Out Like That
45.Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk - LP Version
46.The Phunky Feel One
47.When the Ship Goes Down
48.Amplified (Fredwreck Remix)
49.Superstar, (Rap)
50.Goin' All Out Nothing To Lose
52.I Want To Get High
53.Southland Killers - Featuring M.C. Ren & King Tee
54.Red, Meth & B (Feat. Redman, Method Man)
55.Throw Your Set in the Air (Slow Roll Remix)
56.Red, Meth and B
57.Muévete (Make A Move)
58.Insane In The Membrane
59.Tú No Ajaunta
61.We Ain't Goin' Out Like That
62.Ice Cube
63.Child Of The West
64.Cisco Kid
65.Can You Handle This
66.Throw Your Hands In The Air (Remix)
67.Latin Lingo - Radio Edit
68.Dr. Greenthumb - Explicit LP Version
69.Dr. Greenthumb (Explicit)
70.Throw Your Set In The Air - Explicit Album Version
71.Rap Superstar (Clean Edit)
72.Checkmate (Hang 'em High remix) (radio edit)
73.Can't Get the Best of Me (LP version)
74.Lowrider (Bonus Track)
75.Smuggler's Blues (Bonus Track)
76.What's Your Number? (Explicit a cappella)
77.What's Your Number (explicit album version)
78.Real State
79.Dr. Greenthumb (Fun Lovin' Criminals remix)
80.Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees mix) (instrumental)
81.Throw Your Hands in the Air (radio version)
82.How Could I Just Kill a Man
83.How I Could Just Kill a Man (album version)
84.Catastrophe (explicit version)
85.The Phuncky Feel One (extended version)
86.Throw Your Set in the Air (radio edit)
87.Cypress Hill - Interview
88.Insane In the Brain (Explicit)
89.AudioX / Interlude, Pt. 2
90.Money - Explicit Album Version
91.Reefer Man
92.Smoke Weed
93.Boom Biddy Bye
94.I Remember That Freak Bitch (From the Club) / Interlude, Pt. 2

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