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Sean Paul( 尚恩保羅 )【 共收藏 21 張專輯, 295 首歌 】
尚恩·保羅·萊恩·弗朗西斯·亨里克斯(Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques,1973年1月9日-),著名的牙買加雷鬼音樂和嘻哈音樂歌手。





Stage One (2000年)
Dutty Rock (2002年)
The Trinity (2005年)
Imperial Blaze (2009年)
Tomahawk Technique (2012年)
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Mad Love The Prequel 英文
1.Naked Truth
2.Bad Love
3.Mad Love
4.Jump On It
5.Tip Pon It
6.Jet Plane Trip
8.Tek Weh Yuh Heart
9.No Lie
No Lie 英文
1.No Lie
Tek Weh Yuh Heart 英文
1.Tek Weh Yuh Heart (feat. Tory Lanez)
Full Frequency 英文
2.Entertainment 2.0
4.Want Dem All
5.Hey Baby
6.Wickedest Style
7.Dangerous Ground
8.It's Your Life
9.Take It Low
11.Lights On
12.Legacy (提供)
13.Other Side of Love
14.Turn It Up
So Fine 英文
1.So Fine(TC Remix)2.So Fine(Joker & Silkie Remix)
Hold My Hand 英文
1.Hold My Hand(Original Version)2.Agarra Mi Mano
Turn It Up 英文
1.Turn It Up
Other Side of Love (Single) 英文
1.Other Side of Love
Tomahawk Technique(舞力全開) 英文
1.Got 2 Luv U(feat. Alexis Jordan)
2.She Doesn't Mind
4.What I Want
5.Won't Stop(Turn Me Out)
6.Dream Girl
7.Hold On
8.How Deep Is Your Love(feat. Kelly Rowland)
9.Put It On You
10.Roll Wid Di Don
11.Touch The Sky(feat. DJ Ammo)
12.Wedding Crashers
Imperial Blaze 英文
1.So Fine
2.Intro: Chi Ching Ching
3.Lace It
4.Now That I've Got Your Love
5.Birthday Suit
6.Press It Up
7.Evening Ride
8.Hold My Hand
9.She Want Me
10.Daddy's Home
11.Bruk Out
13.Wine Baby Wine
14.Running Out Of Time
15.Don't Tease Me
17.She Wanna Be Down
18.Straight From My Heart
19.Private Party
20.I Know U Like It
21.Agarra Mi Mano (Hold My Hand Spanish Version)
The Trinity(三位一體) 英文
1.Fire Lynx Intro
2.Head In The Zone
3.We Be Burnin'
4.Send It On
5.Ever Blazin'
6.Eye Deh A Mi Knee
7.Give It Up To Me
8.Yardie Bone (feat. Wayne Marshall)
9.Never Gonna Be The Same
10.I'll Take You There
13.Head To Toe
14.Connection (feat. Nina Sky)
15.Straight Up
16.All On Me (feat. Tami Chynn)
17.Change The Game (feat. Looga Man & Kid Kurup)
18.The Trinity
Dutty Rock(大地搖擺) 英文
1.Dutty Rock Intro (提供)
2.Shout(Street Respect)
3.Gimme The Light
4.Like Glue
5.Get Busy
7.I'm Still In Love With You
8.Can You Do The Work?
10.My Name
11.Gimme The Light(Remix)
Stage One 英文
1.Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today)
2.Mek It Go So Den
3.Haffi Git Da Gal Yah
The Trinity 英文
1.We Be Burnin' (Recognize It - Amended Version)
2.As Time Goes On (Alternative Track)
3.Give It Up to Me (Radio Version)
4.Fire Links (intro)
5.Straight Up
6.Break It Off
7.Change The Game
The Next Thing 英文
1.The Next Thing (提供)
2.Watch Them Roll
3.Show Me You're Lonely (提供)
4.Mama I Love You
Sessions@AOL 英文
1.Gimme the Light (Live)
2.Get Busy (Live)
3.Like Glue (Live)
4.Temperature (Live)
5.We Be Burnin' (Live)
6.Never Gonna Be the Same (Live)
Live at the Palm Room 英文
1.Got 2 Luv U (Live)
2.Like Glue (Acoustic Freestyle Version) [Live]
3.She Doesn't Mind (Live)
4.Hold On (Live)
5.Get Busy
Dance hall kingz (Volume 1) 英文
1.pick it up an drop it (madness riddim)
2.beat like drum
3.temperature (applause riddim)
4.u a pro (military riddim)
5.we'll be burning (stepz riddim)
6.change the game
7.get with it gril (egyptian riddim)
8.get busy (diwali riddim)
9.all out (dem time deh riddim)
10.gardie bone
11.never gonna be the same (season riddim)
12.deport them (booshelf riddim) glue (buy out riddim) fine
A New Age 英文
1.All Alone
2.Move Your Body
3.One Life
4.Pick It Up 'n' Drop It
5.Play the Music
6.Beat Like Drum
暫存1 英文
1.Got 2 Luv U
2.How Deep Is Your Love
3.Touch the Sky
4.Waya Waya
5.Hold On (Single)
6.How Deep Is Your Love (Single)
7.Got 2 Luv U (Single)
8.She Doesn't Mind (Single)
9.Yardie Bone
10.Cry Baby Cry
11.Feel Alright
12.Change The Game
13.All On Me
14.As Time Goes On
16.Fire Links Intro
17.Get Busy - Clap Your Hands Now Remix feat. Fatman Scoop and Crooklyn Clan Street Club Long Version
18.International Affair
19.Shake That Thing
20.Esa Loca
21.Punkie (Espanol)
23.Top Of The Game [Feat. Rahzel]
24.Ganja Breed
25.Baby Boy
26.Gimme the Light (Pass the Dro-Voisier Remix)
27.Jukin Punny
28.Dutty Rock (Intro)
30.Deport Them
31.Deport Dem
32.We'll Be Burning
34.Fit & Legit
35.So Appealing
37.Safe Sex
38.Gimmie Da Light
39.Can Yuh Do Di Wuk?
40.Call My Name
41.We Party
42.I'm Still In Love With You (feat. Sasha)
43.International Affair'(feat. Debbie Nova
44.Can You Do The Work'(feat. Ce'Cile
45.Gimme The Light (Remix)'(feat. Busta Rhymes
46.Bubble'(feat. Farenheit
47.Esa Loca'(feat. Tony Touch & R.O.B.B.
48.Still in love
49.When You Gonna (Give It Up To Me)
50.No Bligh
51.Legalize It
52.It's On
53.Galang Gyal
54.U A Pro
55.Esa Loca (Ft Tony Touch And Ro)
56.Just Gimmie Da Light
57.We Will Be Burning
58.Hot Sexy Punkie
59.We Be Burnin' (Recognize It - Amended Album Version)
60.We Be Burnin' (Legalize It - Album Version)
61.I'm Still In Love With You (7 ' Radio Edit)
62.Give Me The Light (Bonus Track)
63.I'm Still In Love With You Featuring Sasha
64.Hot Gyal Today
65.Get With It Girl
66.Watch Dem Roll
67.Bubble (Featuring Fahrenheit) (Album Version)
68.Weed Indeed
69.We Be Burning
70.Sound The Alarm
71.Im Still In Love With You (Ft
72.Police (Skit)
73.Pick It Up & Drop It
74.Check It Deeply
75.Junkin' Punny
76.Look So Appealing
77.Got To Love You
78.Clap Your Hands Now (Get Busy Remix)
79.Other Side of Love (Single)
80.We Be Burning (uncut)
81.Work Wid It
83.Top Shotter
84.Hot Gal Today
85.Here Comes The Boom
86.Gimmie Da Light (Remix)
87.I'm Still In Love
88.Gimme The Light (Pass The Dro-Voisier Remix) Featuring Busta Rhymes
89.Can You Do The Work
90.When You Gonna Give It Up to Me [Radio Version]
91.Still In Love With You
92.I'm still in love with you boy
93.No Lie (feat. Dua Lipa)
94.One More Try Remaster
96.Give Thanks for Life
97.How Deep Is Your Love - feat. Kelly Rowland [Smash Mode Radio Edit]
暫存 英文
1.Gimme The Light - Clean 'Start The Show' Radio Edit
2.She Doesn't Mind - Pitbull Remix
3.She Doesn't Mind (Gregori Klosman Remix)
5.Hold My Hand feat. Zaho
6.Never Give Up
7.Ganja Mi Smoke
9.Living the Dream
11.ガット・2・ラヴ・U (feat.アレクシス・ジョーダン)
12.I Like (D-Stress Riddim)
13.Take It Low (Radio Edit)
14.Back It Up
15.All Out
16.When You Gonna Give It Up to Me (feat. Keyshia Cole)
17.Hot Gal Today (feat. Mr. Vegas)
18.Go Girl
19.When You Gonna Give It Up To Me [Radio Version] feat. Sean Paul}
20.Temperature (Electro club mix)
21.Dat U Like
22.U Ain't Know
23.How Deep Is Your Love (Smash Mode Radio Edit)
24.Body (Dannic Radio Edit)
25.Straight from the Heart
27.Midas Touch
30.Hold You Tonight (Raw)
31.Do Di Ting
32.Nuh Badda Wid Dem
34.Entertainment - feat. Juicy J and 2 Chainz
35.Hey Ya
36.Nah Get No Bligh
37.Beat of My Heart
38.Hold My Hand [Orginal Version]
39.Turn Me On
40.Phone Flash
41.Find It
42.Shake It
43.Samfy I
44.Next Generation
45.So Fine (main)
46.She Call Me
48.Always On My Mind Remix (feat. Da'ville)
49.Dream Girl - feat. lecca [Remix]
50.Gimme the Light (instrumental) (Buzz Riddim version)
51.Temperature (album version)
52.Fit and Legit
53.She Want It
54.Give Me the Light
55.Ever Blazing
56.No Batter Bruise
58.Close To Me
59.Can U Do the Work (feat. Ce'Cile)

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