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Loverboy( 愛情少年合唱團 )【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 102 首歌 】
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Setlist: The Very Best of Loverboy Live 英文
1.Working For The Weekend(Live)
2.Lucky Ones(live)
3.Lady Of The 80's(Live)
4.Take Me To The Top(live)
6.This Could Be The Night(live)
7.Dangerous(live in Pittsburgh)
8.Lead A Double Life(live)
9.When It'S Over(live)
10.Queen Of The Broken Hearts(live in Pittsburgh)
11.Lovin' Every Minute Of It(live in Pittsburgh)
12.Hot Girls In Love(live)
13.Turn Me Loose(Live in Wisconsin, 1983)
14.The Kid Is Hot Tonight(live)
Four Hits:Loverboy 英文
1.Turn Me Loose
2.Working For The Weekend
3.Lovin' Every Minute Of It
4.The Kid Is Hot Tonite
Rock n Roll Revival 英文
1.Turn Me Loose
2.Working for the Weekend
3.The Kid Is Hot Tonight
4.Rock 'N' Roll Revival (提供)
5.No Tomorrow (提供)
7.Lovin' Every Minute
Wildside 英文
2.Walking On Fire
3.Break It To Me Gently
4.Love Will Rise Again
5.Can't Get Much Better
6.Hometown Hero
8.Don't Let Go
9.That's Where My Money Goes
10.Read My Lips
11.Don't Keep Me In The Dark
live, loud & loose 英文
1.Turn Me Loose - Live Version
2.Working for the Weekend - Live in Pittsburgh, 1986
3.Dangerous - live
4.Lovin' Every Minute Of It - live
Loverboy: Extended Versions 英文
1.Notorious - Live Version
2.Working for the Weekend - Live Version
3.Turn Me Loose - Live in North Carolina, 2005
4.Hot Girls In Love - Live Version
5.When It'S Over - Live Version
6.The Kid Is Hot Tonite - Live Version
7.This Could Be the Night - Live Version
8.It's Your Life - Live Version
9.Take Me To The Top - Live Version
10.Lovin' Every Minute Of It - Live Version
Just Getting Started 英文
1.Back for More
2.I Would Die for You
Get Lucky 英文
1.Lucky Ones
Extended Versions (Live) 英文
1.Notorious (Live)
2.It's Your Life (Live)
3.The Kid Is Hot Tonite (Live)
4.Lovin' Every Minute of It (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Heaven in Your Eyes
2.Hot Girls in Love
3.Queen of the Broken Hearts
4.This Could Be the Night
5.Always On My Mind
6.It's Your Life
7.Can't Get Much Better Than This
8.One-Sided Love Affair
9.Lead a Double Life
10.Gangs in the Street
11.Friday Night
12.Steal The Thunder
13.Take Me to the Top
14.Destination Heartbreak
16.Watch Out
17.Almost Paradise
19.Too Much Too Soon
20.Strike Zone
21.For You ('89)
22.When It's Over
23.Lady of the 80's
24.For You
25.Bullet In The Chamber
26.It's Never Easy
27.Everybody's Working For The Weekend
28.Passion Pit
29.Prime Of Your Life
30.Workin' For The Weekend
31.Real Thing
33.Just Getting Started
34.Lost With You
36.Loving Every Minute Of It
37.As Good As It Gets
38.Walkin' On Fire
39.Almost Paradise (Love Theme 'Footloose')
41.Queen of the Broken Hearts (Live)
42.Turn Me Loose (album version)
43.Workin' for the Weekend (Live)
44.Working for the Weekend (From 'Weekend At Bernie's 2') [Re-Recorded]

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