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Joe( ジョー )【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 244 首歌 】
約瑟夫·劉易斯·托馬斯(Joseph Lewis Thomas)(1973年7月5日出生),以他的舞台名稱更好地稱為喬,是美國R&B歌手,歌曲作者和唱片製作人。2002年,他被提名為格萊美獎七大類。

喬出生在格魯吉亞的哥倫布,是傳福音傳道人的孩子。 他後來在阿拉巴馬州奧皮利卡成立,並於1990年從歐寶利高中畢業。
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Compilation #5 英文
1.Untitled (提供)
2.Probably not (提供)
3.Are you coming or not then (提供)
Compilation #4 英文
1.Day And Night Part 1 (提供)
2.Day And Night Part 2 (提供)
3.It's Decent Actually Mate (提供)
4.Sleep Alone (提供)
5.There Was No One… (提供)
Compilation #3 英文
1.19 Games On Average (提供)
2.With Who (提供)
3.With You (提供)
4.This Isn't The Best Interlude On This Album, But It Is In The Top One (提供)
5.Old Thing (提供)
Bridges 英文
1.Future Teller
3.Do a Little Dance
4.If You Lose Her
5.Sex Ain't a Weapon (提供)
6.Love & Sex, Pt. 2
7.Blame Her Broken Heart on Me
8.First Lady
9.Take It to the House (提供)
10.Till the Rope Gives Way (提供)
11.The Rest Will Follow (提供)
12.Mary Jane (Remix) (提供)
14.Love Sex Hollywood (提供)
15.For Love
16.Love Undefeated (提供)
Doubleback: Evolution of R&B 英文
1.Something for You
4.Magic City
5.I'D Rather Have A Love
6.Love And Sex (提供)
9.Mary Jane
10.1 to 1 Ratio
11.Double Back
The Good, The Bad, The Sexy 英文
1.Dear Joe
4.Almost There
5.Pull My Hair
7.Time Of Your Life
9.Slow Kisses
10.Drink Up
11.Lose Control
Losing (Single) 英文
1.Losing (Single)
Signature 英文
1.If I Was Your Man Pt.2
2.Worst Case Scenario
3.Change (提供)
4.Love's Greatest Episode
6.Come Get To This
7.Miss My Baby
8.Sensitive Lover
9.Very Special Friend
10.Friends Don't Let Friends
11.Special Friends
13.Sex Girl
14.Wanna Be Your Lover
Make Sure You're Home For Christmas 英文
1.All The Things
Home Is The Essence Of Christmas 英文
1.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2.Grown Up Christmas List
3.It Ain't Christmas
4.The Christmas Song
5.Make Sure You're Home
6.Christmas In New York
7.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
8.I'll Be Home For Christmas
9.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Instrumental) (提供)
Ain't Nothin' Like Me 英文
1.Get To Know Me
2.If I Was Your Man
3.I Want Her
4.Where You At
5.My Love
6.Go Hard
7.Ain't Nothin' Like Me
8.It's Me
9.Let's Just Do It
10.Feel For You
11.Just Relax
12.Love Is Just A Game
13.You Should Know Me
14.Life Of The Party
And Then . . . 英文
1.Ride With U
3.You Dropped Your Dime
Better Days 英文
1.Let's Stay Home Tonight
2.Better Days
3.What If A Woman
5.Isn't This The World
6.Ghetto Child
7.I Like Sexy Girl
8.Here She Comes
9.Lover's Prayer
10.Changed Man
11.I Understand
12.She Used 2 Luv Me
13.World Of Girls
14.Let's Stay Home Tonight Remix
15.It Won't End
My Name Is Joe 英文
1.5, 6, 3(Joe)
2.Black Hawk
3.Get Crunk Tonight
4.I Believe In You
5.I Wanna Know
6.My Name Is Joe(Intro)
7.One Life Stand
8.Peep Show
9.Somebody's Gotta Be On Top
10.So Beautiful
12.Table For Two
13.Thank God I Found You
14.Treat Her Like A Lady
All That I Am 英文
1.All The Things (your Man Won't Do).(Your Man Won't Do)
2.The Love Scene.
3.Don't Wanna Be A Player.
4.Good Girls.
5.How Soon
6.Sanctified Girl
7.All That I Am.
8.No One Else Comes Close.
Joe Thomas New Man 英文
1.Why Just Be Friends
2.By Any Means
3.We Need To Roll
4.Man In Your Life
5.I Won't Let Him Hurt You
6.New Man
7.Start Over Again
9.Heart Behind My Eyes
11.Friends Don't Let Friends
12.Special Friends
14.Sex Girl
15.Wanna Be Your Lover
16.Wanna Be Your Love
18.The Christmas Song
Greatest Hits 英文
Everything 英文
1.I Can Do It Right
2.Finally Back
3.I'm In Luv
5.The One For Me
暫存 英文
1.Can't Turn Back The Years
2.If Loving You Is Wrong
3.I Wanna Know (The Roni Remix)
4.Rose In A Concrete World
5.Soon As I Get Paid
6.Soon I'll Be Loving You Again
7.Stutter Remix
8.This Christmas
9.Love Scene
10.That Girl
11.All Or Nothing
12.She Used To Love Me
13.I Want A Girl Like You
14.Let's Stay Home Tonight (Remix)'(feat. Petey Pablo
15.More & More
17.Sanctified Girl (Can't Fight This Feeling)
18.Ride Wit U (Featuring G-Unit)
19.Somebody Gotta Be On Top
20.I Want A Girl Like You (Acappella)
21.I Wanna To Know
22.I'm Missing You
23.Another Used to Be
24.Make You My Baby
25.Rose In A Concrete Wolrd
26.Intro (My Name Is Joe)
28.Street Dreams
29.It Ain't Like That
32.Sweeter Than Sugar
33.Things Your Man Won't Do
34.Baby Don't Stop
35.Ride Wit U Ft G Unit
36.And Then...
37.Magic [Snippet]
39.Feel It In The Air
40.More and More
41.Think Of You (提供)
42.Christmas Time Is Here
43.Ghetto Girl
44.Sex Girl [Snippet]
45.Friend's Don't Let Friends [Snippet]
46.What's On Your Mind
47.Wanna Be Your Lover [Snippet]
48.Thats What I Like
49.Losing You
50.Let's Stay Home Tonight (Remix)
51.I Like Sexy Girls
52.All That I Am
53.All the Things (Your Man Won't Do)
54.Don't Wanna Be a Player
55.Good Girls
56.Love Don't Make No Sense
57.No One Else Comes Close
58.Santified Girl
59.The Love Scene
60.U Shoulda Told Me (U Had a Man)
61.Come Around
62.No One Else Comes Close (Unplugged)
63.Where You At?
64.Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Forever Remix)
65.Stutter (Remix)
66.Ride Wit U
67.Wanna Get To Know You
68.So I Can Have You Back
69.Happy Hour
70.Ride Wit U (Instrumental)
71.Stutter (Remastered)
72.I Wanna Know (Radio Edit)
73.When The Lights Go Off
74.I Believe in You (feat. *NSync)
75.Should I Stay
76.We're Family
77.What If a Women
78.Our God Is Greater
79.Good Girls (Radio Edit)
80.Rose In a Concrete Wolrd (J Dub Remix)
81.The Love Scene (Album Edit)
82.Can't Get Over You
83.All the Things (Your Man Won't Do) [Radio Edit]
84.The One for Me (Remastered)
85.All or Nothing (The Poor Georgie Porgie mix)
86.Its My Life
87.Whispering Hope
88.It's on You
89.U Should Know Me

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