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The Streets( 街頭樂團 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 137 首歌 】
Streets是來自英國伯明翰的英國另類嘻哈音樂組合,由主唱和多樂器演奏家Mike Skinner領銜。

該項目發行了五張錄音室專輯:Original Pirate Material(2002),A Grand Do not Come for Free(2004),最簡單的生活方式(2006),Everything Is Borrowed(2008),Computers and Blues(2011) ),網絡專輯“Cyberspace and Reds”(2011)以及2000年代中期的一系列成功單曲,其中包括“它是為了這個嗎?”,“適合但你知道它”,“你的眼睛”,“ 當你不出名“和”朗誦“。
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復古電子未來藍調(Computers And Blues) 英文
1.Outside Inside
2.Going Through Hell
3.Roof Of Your Car
4.Puzzled By People
5.Without Thinking
6.Blip On A Screen
7.Those That Don't Know
9.We Can Never Be Friends
12.Trying To Kill M.E.
13.Trust Me
14.Lock The Locks
生不帶來死不帶去(Everything Is Borrowed) 英文
1.Everything Is Borrowed
2.Heaven For The Weather
3.I Love You More(Than You Like Me)
4.The Way Of The Dodo
5.On The Flip Of A Coin
6.On The Edge Of A Cliff
7.Never Give In
8.The Sherry End
9.Alleged Legends
10.The Strongest Person I Know
11.The Escapist
12.To Your Face (提供)
The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living (生活大不易) 英文
1.Prangin' Out
2.War Of The Sexes
3.The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living
4.All Goes Out The Window
5.Memento Mori
6.Can't Con An Honest John
7.When You Wasn't Famous
8.Never Went To Church
9.Hotel Expressionism
10.Two Nations
11.Fake Streets Hats
原創私貨(Original Pirate Material) 英文
1.Turn The Page
2.Has It Come To This ?(Original Mix)
3.Let's Push Things Forward
4.Sharp Darts
5.Same Old Thing
6.Geezers Need Excitement
7.It's Too Late
8.Too Much Brandy
9.Don't Mug Yourself
10.Who Got The Funk ?
11.The Irony Of It All
12.Weak Become Heroes
13.Who Dares Wins
14.Stay Positive
天下沒有白吃的午餐(A Grand Don't Come For Free) 英文
1.It Was Supposed To Be So Easy
2.Could Well Be In
3.Not Addicted
4.Blinded By The Lights
5.Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way
6.Get Out Of My House
7.Fit But You Know It
8.Such A Twat
9.What Is He Thinking ?
10.Dry Your Eyes
11.Empty Cans
Original Pirate Material 英文
1.Turn The Page
2.Has It Come To This?
3.Let's Push Things Forward
4.Sharp Darts
5.Same Old Thing
6.Geezers Need Excitement
7.It's Too Late
8.Too Much Brandy
9.Don't Mug Yourself
10.Who Got The Funk?
11.The Irony Of It All
12.Weak Becomes Heroes
13.Who Dares Wins
14.Stay Positive
1st 英文
1.If Love Should Go
Twitter Album 英文
1.Outside Inside
2.Trust Me
3.He's Behind You, He's Got Swine Flu
5.Lovelight of My Life
Original Bootleg Material 英文
1.Don't Mug Yourself (live on BDO Sydney 2007)
2.Everything Is Borrowed (live on Jools Holland 09/08)
3.Prangin' Out (Pete and Mike's version)
4.On the Flip of a Coin (live)
5.Give Me Back My Lighter
6.Weak Become Heroes (Röyksopp Memory Lane dub)
7.Blinded by the Light (live on BDO Sydney 2007)
8.Let's Push Things Forward (Zed Bias dub mix)
9.It's Too Late (High Contrast remix)
10.All Got Our Runnins
Dry Your Eyes 英文
1.Dry Your Eyes
2.Let's Push Things Forward - Live in France
3.Has It Come To This? - Live in France
4.Let's Push Things Forward (Live)
5.Has It Come to This? (Live)
6.Dry Your Eyes (Radio Edit)
Cyberspace And Reds 英文
1.Cross That Line
2.Came In Through The Door
3.4 O'Clock
4.Don't Hide Away
5.Too Numb
6.Backseat Barz
7.Tidy Nice And Neat
8.The Morning After The Day Off On One
9.Cinema Bars
10.Breakbeat Barz
11.Something To Hide
12.Robots Are Taking Over
13.Minding My Own
14.At The Back Of The Line
暫存 英文
1.A Blip On A Screen
2.Going Through Hell (Diplo remix)
3.Has It Come to This? (High Contrast It's Come to This Remix)
4.In the Middle (Nero remix)
5.I Love You More (Thank You Like Me)
6.Where My Heart Has Been
7.David Hassles
8.I Love My iPhone
9.Give Me My Lighter Back
10.Your Song
11.Shake Down
12.Never Went To Church - Live in Manchester 7 Digital
13.Never Went To Church - Acoustic Version
14.When You Wasn't Famous (Live from Norwich UEA)
15.Blinded By the Lights (Nero Remix)
16.Fetty Wap (Instrumental)
17.Dej Loaf (Instrumental)
18.Go Crazy (Instrumental)
19.Has It Come to This? (Zed Bias vocal mix)
20.Fit but You Know It (radio edit vs. Poj edit)
21.When You Wasn't Famous - Bromheads Jacket Version
22.Burn Bridges
23.Weak Become Heros (Ashley Beedle's Love Bug vocal mix)
24.Prangin Out - MC's Mix
25.Never Went To Church - Radio Edit

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