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Status Quo( 現狀樂團 )【 共收藏 46 張專輯, 673 首歌 】
“現狀”是一個英式搖滾樂隊,扮演一個搖滾樂的品牌。這個樂隊起源於1962年由男生弗朗西斯·羅西(Francis Rossi)和艾倫·蘭卡斯特(Alan Lancaster)創立的“幽靈”(The Specters)。經過一系列陣容的改變,包括1967年引進里克·帕菲特(Rick Parfitt),1967年成為“現狀”,1969年“現狀”

他們在英國有超過60首專輯,超過了其他任何一支搖滾樂隊,包括1968年的“火柴人圖片”,1979年的“無論你想要什麼”,還有1986年和2010年的“現在的軍隊”。二十二這些在英國選拔榜中達到了前十名。 1985年7月,樂隊在溫布利體育場以“全球搖滾”開設了Live Aid。 1991年,“現狀”獲得英國音樂傑出貢獻獎。

“現狀”出演了他們的第一部故事片“Bula Quo!”,該片於2013年7月上映至電影院。該片與電影原聲專輯“Bula Quo!”的發行正好相符,在英國專輯排行榜上達到第10位。首張專輯“Bula Bula Quo”於2013年6月發行,是Status Quo的第100張單曲。



弗朗西斯·羅西 - 主音吉他,主唱(1962年至今)
Andy Bown - 鍵盤,節奏吉他,口琴,主唱(1976-2000; 2002年至今)
約翰'犀牛'愛德華茲 - 低音,主唱(1985年至今)
利昂洞穴 - 鼓,打擊樂(2013年至今)
Richie Malone - 節奏吉他(2016年至今)


Alan Lancaster - 低音,主唱(1962-1985;團圓 - 2013-2014)
Jess Jaworski - 鍵盤(1962-1965,2014年去世)
艾倫·基 - 鼓,打擊樂(1962-1963)
約翰Coghlan - 鼓,打擊樂(1963-1981;團聚 - 2013-2014)
羅伊·萊恩斯 - 鍵盤,主唱(1965-1970)
里克Parfitt - 節奏吉他,vocals(1967-2016;他的死亡)
皮特Kircher - 鼓,打擊樂(1982-1985)
傑夫·里奇 - 鼓,打擊樂(1985-2000)
馬特·萊特利 - 鼓,打擊樂(2000-2013)


Bob Young - 口琴(1970-1979;團圓 - 2013-2014)
Paul Hirsh - 鍵盤,節奏吉他,口琴(2000-2002)
Freddie Edwards - 節奏吉他(2016)
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Aquostic Stripped Bare 英文
1.Na Na Na
2.And It's Better Now
3.What You're Proposing
4.Rock 'N' Roll
5.Don't Drive My Car
6.Marguerita Time
7.Rock 'Til You Drop
Pildriver 英文
1.A Year
2.All The Reasons
3.Big Fat Mama
4.Don't Waste My Time
5.Oh Baby
6.Paper Plane
7.Roadhouse Blues
8.Unspoken Words
Hello 英文
1.And It's Better Now
2.Blue Eyed Lady
5.Forty-Five Hundred Times
6.Reason For Living
7.Roll Over Lay Down
8.Softer Ride
Bula Quo! 英文
1.Running Inside My Head
2.Run and Hide (The Gun Song)
4.Looking Out For Caroline
5.Mystery Island
6.All That Money
7.Never Leave A Friend Behind
8.Fiji Time
9.Bula Bula Quo (Kua Ni Lega)
10.Living On An Island (Fiji Style)
11.Rockin' All Over The World (Bula Edit)
12.Caroline (Live)
13.Beginning Of The End (Live) (提供)
14.Don't Drive My Car (Live)
15.Pictures Of Matchstick Men (Live) (提供)
16.Whatever You Want (Live)
17.Down Down (Live)
Quid Pro Quo 英文
1.In The Army Now (2010)
2.My Old Ways
3.It's All About You
4.The Winner
5.Reality Cheque
6.Frozen Hero
7.Any Way You Like It
8.Leave A Little Light On
9.Movin' On
10.Better Than That
11.Can't See For Looking
12.Let's Rock
13.Dust To Gold
14.Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You
15.Two Way Traffic
Dog Of Two Head 英文
2.Mean Girl
5.Someone's Learning
6.Something's Going On In My Head
Back To Back 英文
1.A Mess Of Blues
2.Can't Be Done
3.Going Down Town Tonight
4.Marguerita Time
5.No Contract
6.Ol' Rag Blues
7.Stay The Night
8.Too Close To The Ground
9.Win Or Lose
10.Your Kind Of Love
Live At The Nec 英文
3.Don't Drive My Car
4.Don't Waste My Time
5.Hold You Back
6.Little Lady
7.Over The Edge
8.Rockin' All Over The World
9.Roll Over Lay Down
10.Whatever You Want
Thirsty Work 英文
1.Back On My Feet
4.Didn't Mean It (提供)
5.Goin' Nowhere
6.Like It Or Not (提供)
7.Lover Of The Human Race (提供)
8.Point Of No Return
11.Rude Awakening Time (提供)
12.Sail Away
13.Sherri Don't Fail Me Now
14.Soft In The Head (提供)
16.Tango (提供)
Live Alive Quo 英文
1.Burning Bridges
3.Don't Drive My Car
4.Hold You Back
5.In The Army Now
6.Little Lady
7.Rockin' All Over The World
8.Whatever You Want
Whatever You Want 英文
1.Breaking Away
2.Come Rock With Me
3.High Flyer
4.Living On An Island
5.Rockin' On
7.Shady Lady
8.Whatever You Want
9.Who Asked You
10.Your Smiling Face
Just Supposin 英文
1.Coming And Going
2.Don't Drive My Car
4.Name Of The Game (提供)
5.Over The Edge
6.Rock 'n' Roll
7.Run To Mummy
8.The Wild Ones
9.What You're Proposin'
If You Can't Stand The Heat 英文
1.Accident Prone
2.Again And Again
3.Gonna Teach You To Love Me
4.I'm Giving Up My Worrying
5.Let Me Fly
6.Like A Good Girl
7.Long-legged Linda
8.Oh! What A Night
9.Someone Show Me Home
10.Stones (提供)
Quo 英文
2.Break The Rules
3.Don't Think It Matters
4.Drifting Away
5.Fine Fine Fine
6.Just Take Me
7.Lonely Man
8.Slow Train
Blue For You 英文
1.Blue For You
2.Ease Your Mind
3.Is There A Better Way
4.Mad About The Boy
5.Mystery Song
7.Ring Of A Change
8.Rolling Home
9.That's A Fact
Famous In The Last Century 英文
2.Crawling From The Wreckage
3.Famous In The Last Century
4.Good Golly Miss Molly
5.Hound Dog
6.Memphis Tennessee
7.Mony Mony
8.Old Time Rock And Roll
9.Once Bitten Twice Shy
10.Rave On
11.Rock 'n' Me
12.Roll Over Beethoven
13.Runaround Sue
14.Sweet Home Chicago
15.Way Down
16.When I'm Dead And Gone
Under The Influence 英文
1.Blessed Are The Meek
2.Keep 'em Coming
3.Little Me And You
4.Little White Lies
5.Making Waves
6.Not Fade Away
7.Roll The Dice
8.Round And Round
9.Shine On
10.The Way It Goes
11.Twenty Wild Horses
12.Under The Influence
Whatever You Want-The Very Best Of Status Quo-Disc 英文
1.Again And Again
2.Break The Rules
4.Don't Drive My Car
5.Down Down
6.Down The Dustpipe
7.Ice In The Sun
8.In My Chair
10.Living On An Island
11.Mean Girl
12.Mystery Song
13.Paper Plane
14.Pictures Of Matchstick Men
16.Rockin' All Over The World
17.Roll Over Lay Down
18.Something 'bout You Baby I Like
19.What You're Proposin'
20.Whatever You Want
21.Wild Side Of Life
Whatever You Want Disc2[The Very Best Of Status Quo-] 英文
1.A Mess Of Blues
2.Ain't Complaining
3.All Around My Hat
4.Burning Bridges
5.Dear John
6.Don't Stop Me Now
8.Fun Fun Fun
9.Going Down Town Tonight
10.I Didn't Mean It
11.In The Army Now
12.Marguerita Time
13.Ol' Rag Blues
14.Red Sky
15.Rock 'n' Roll
16.Rollin' Home
17.The Wanderer
18.When You Walk In The Room (提供)
Rocking All Over The Years 英文
1.Anniversary Waltz Part One
2.Break The Rules
3.Burning Bridges
5.Dear John
6.Down Down
7.Ice In The Sun
8.In The Army Now
9.Marguerita Time
10.Ol' Rag Blues
11.Paper Plane
12.Pictures Of Matchstick Men
14.Rock 'n' Roll
15.Rockin' All Over The World
16.Roll Over Lay Down
17.Rollin' Home
18.Something 'bout You Baby I Like
19.The Wanderer
20.What You're Proposin'
21.Whatever You Want
22.Wild Side Of Life
Rock Til You Drop 英文
1.All We Really Wanna Do(Polly)
2.Bring It On Home
3.Can't Give You More
4.Fakin' The Blues (提供)
5.Fame Or Money (提供)
6.Forty-five Hundred Times
7.Good Sign
8.Let's Work Together
9.Like A Zombie
10.No Problems
11.Nothing Comes Easy
12.One Man Band
13.Price Of Love
14.Rock 'til You Drop
16.Warning Shot
In The Army Now 英文
3.End Of The Line
4.In The Army Now
5.In Your Eyes
8.Red Sky
9.Rollin' Home
10.Save Me
Perfect Remedy 英文
1.1000 Years
2.Address Book
3.Going Down For The First Time
4.Heart On Hold
5.Little Dreamer
6.Man Overboard
7.Not At All
8.Perfect Remedy
9.The Power Of Rock
10.The Way I Am
11.Throw Her A Line
12.Tommys In Love (提供)
Ain't Complaining 英文
1.Ain't Complaining
2.Another Shipwreck
3.Burning Bridges
4.Cream Of The Crop
5.Cross That Bridge
6.Don't Mind If I Do
7.Everytime I Think Of You
8.I Know You're Leaving
10.One For The Money
11.The Loving Game
12.Who Gets The Love (提供)
Twelve Gold Bars Volume 2 英文
2.Dear John
3.Don't Drive My Car
4.Going Down Town Tonight
6.Marguerita Time
7.Mess Of The Blues (提供)
8.Ol' Rag Blues
9.Rock 'n' Roll
10.Something 'bout You Baby I Like
11.The Wanderer
12.What You're Proposin'
1+9+8+2 英文
1.Big Man
2.Dear John
3.Doesn't Matter
4.Get Out And Walk
5.I Love Rock And Roll
6.I Should Have Known
7.I Want The World To Know
10.She Don't Fool Me
11.Young Pretender
Never To Late 英文
2.Don't Stop Me Now
3.Enough Is Enough
4.Falling In Falling Out
5.Long Ago
6.Mountain Lady
7.Never Too Late
9.Something 'bout You Baby I Like
10.Take Me Away
12 Gold Bars 英文
1.Again And Again
2.Break The Rules
4.Down Down
5.Living On An Island
6.Mystery Song
7.Paper Plane
9.Rockin' All Over The World
10.Roll Over Lay Down
11.Whatever You Want
12.Wild Side Of Life
Rocking All Over The World 英文
1.Baby Boy
2.Can't Give You More
3.Dirty Water
4.For You
5.Hard Time
6.Hold You Back
7.Let's Ride
8.Rockers Rollin' (提供)
9.Rockin' All Over The World
10.Too Far Gone
11.Who Am I?
12.You Don't Own Me
Live 英文
2.Big Fat Mama
3.Bye Bye Johnny
5.Don't Waste My Time
6.Forty-Five Hundred Times
7.In My Chair
8.Is There A Better Way
9.Junior's Wailing
10.Just Take Me
11.Little Lady
12.Most Of The Time
14.Roadhouse Blues
15.Roll Over Lay Down
On The Level 英文
1.Broken Man
2.Bye Bye Johnny
3.Down Down
4.I Saw The Light
5.Little Lady
6.Most Of The Time
8.Over And Done
9.What To Do
10.Where I Am (提供)
Under the Influence (Remastered) 英文
1.Under the Influence (Remastered)
2.Round And Round - Remastered
3.I Knew The Bride - Remastered
4.Not Fade Away - Remastered
5.Roll The Dice - Remastered
6.Blessed Are The Meek - Remastered
7.Twenty Wild Horses (Live At the Nokia Night of the Proms, Antwerp 1999)
8.Sea Cruise (Remastered)
9.The Way It Goes (Remastered)
10.Making Waves (Remastered)
11.Little Me and You (Remastered)
12.Keep 'Em Coming (Remastered)
13.Little White Lies (Remastered)
14.Shine On (Remastered)
Twenty Wild Horses 英文
1.Twenty Wild Horses (edit)
2.Analyse Time
3.Obstruction Day
The Party Ain't Over Yet (Bonus Track Version) 英文
1.Familiar Blues
2.The Bubble
4.Velvet Train
5.Goodbye Baby
6.You Never Stop
7.Kick Me When I'm Down
8.Cupid Stupid
9.This Is Me
Rockin' All Over The World 英文
1.Let's Ride
Rock 'Til You Drop 英文
1.No Problems2.Good Sign
Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon 英文
1.Lakky Lady
Just Supposin' 英文
In Search of the Fourth Chord 英文
1.Beginning of the End
2.I Ain't Wasting My Time
3.You're the One for Me
4.One By One
6.Tongue Tied
7.Bad News
8.Hold Me
9.Electric Arena
10.Pennsylvania Blues Tonight
11.I Don't Wanna Hurt You Anymore
Heavy Traffic 2002 英文
1.The Oriental
Famous In The Last Century 2000 英文
1.Way Down
2.Rave On
3.Mony Mony
4.Hound Dog
Don't Stop 英文
1.I Can Hear the Grass Grow
2.I'll Never Get Over You
3.You Never Can Tell (It Was a Teenage Weeding)
4.You Can Never Tell (It Was a Teenage Wedding)
5.All Around My Hat
6.The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)
7.Get Out of Denver
9.Proud Mary
11.Safety Dance
12.Don't Stop
Aquostic II – That’s A Fact! 英文
1.That's A Fact - Acoustic Version
2.Little Dreamer - Acoustic Version
3.Lies - Acoustic Version
4.Resurrection - Acoustic Version
5.Jam Side Down - Acoustic Version
6.Ice In The Sun - Acoustic Version
7.Lover Of The Human Race - Acoustic Version
8.Belavista Man - Acoustic Version
9.Backwater - Acoustic Version
10.Hold You Back - Acoustic Version
11.In The Army Now - Acoustic Version
12.Dear John - Acoustic Version
13.Roll Over Lay Down - Acoustic Version
14.Living On An Island - Acoustic Version
暫存2 英文
1.He Way It Goes
2.Tune to the Music (Previously Unreleased Version)
3.Jam Side Down
4.Sea Cruise
5.I Knew The Bride
6.Bad Company
8.Another Day
9.All Stand Up
10.I Wonder Why
11.Do It Again
12.Diggin Burt Bacharach
13.Lazy Poker Blues
14.Again and Again
15.Raining In My Heart
16.Solid Gold
17.Get Back
18.Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Cafe
19.Rhythm Of Life
20.All Stand Up (Never Say Never)
21.Velvet Curtains
22.Neighbour Neighbour
23.You Never Can Tell (It Was A Teenage Wedding)
24.I Saw The Light
25.Pictures of Matchstick Men (1998 Stereo Mix)
26.Nothing At All
27.Poor Old Man
28.Face Without a Soul
29.Paradise Flats
30.Tommy's In Love
31.Spinning Wheel Blues (BBC Session)
32.Little Miss Nothing
33.Pictures of Matchstick Men (Mono Version)
34.In My Chair - 7' Version
35.Living on a Island
36.Hold You Back (live)
37.Green Tamborine
38.There's Something Going on in My Head
39.So Is It Really Me
40.Time to Fly
42.You'll Come 'round
43.Anniversary Waltz, Part 2 (medley)
44.Thinking of You
45.Rain - Live From Shepherds Bush Empire
46.Fighting With the Pack
47.Famous in the Last Century (reprise)
48.Ice In the Sun - Mono Version
49.Pictures Of Matchstick Men - Stereo LP Remixed 'Proper'
50.Sunny Cellophane Skies - Stereo LP Remixed 'Proper'
51.Spicks and Specks (Live at the BBC)
52.Make Me Stay a Little Bit Longer (Live at the BBC)
53.Technicolor Dreams - Stereo Version
54.Elizabeth Dreams - Stereo LP Remixed 'Proper'
55.To Be Free (B Side)
56.Paradise Flats (alternate mix)
57.Green Tambourine
59.Sheila (Stereo LP Remixed 'Proper')
60.I Want It
61.Wait Just A Minute
62.Is It Really Me / Gotta Go Home
63.Pictures of Matchstick Men (stereo)
64.Elizabeth Dreams (stereo)
65.Little Miss Nothing - Mono Version
66.Anniversary Waltz, Part 1
67.Burning Bridges (On and Off and on Again)
68.It's Christmas Time
69.Jump That Rock! (Whatever You Want)
70.Medley: The Anniversary Waltz, Part 2
71.Come on You Reds (with Manchester United Football Squad)
72.We're Gonna Do It Again (with Manchester United F.S.)
73.Caroline - Single Edit
74.Rock 'N' Roll - Single Edit
75.What You're Proposing - Edit Version
76.Gentleman Joe's Sidewalk Café
77.Belavista Man
78.Big Fat Mama - Live At The N.E.C
79.The Wanderer (Status Quo In Concert)
80.Railroad - BBC In Concert/ Paris Theatre, London/ 1973
81.Tune to the Music (Alternate)
82.Down Down (Live At Montreux, Switzerland / 2009)
83.Whatever You Want (Live At Montreux, Switzerland / 2009)
84.Rockin' All Over the World (Live At Montreux, Switzerland / 2009)
85.Mean Girl (Live)
86.Roll Over Lay Down (Live At Montreux, Switzerland / 2009)
87.Creepin' Up On You (Live At Montreux, Switzerland / 2009)
88.The Oriental (Live At Montreux, Switzerland / 2009)
89.Can't Give You More - Rock 'til You Drop Album Version
90.All That Counts Is Love
91.Backwater - Live In Dublin / 2014
92.Rockin' All Over the World (Live and Acoustic)
93.Whatever You Want (Live and Acoustic)
94.Claudie (Live and Acoustic)
95.Reason for Living (Live and Acoustic)
96.Rock 'n' Roll - Live and Acoustic
97.Paper Plane - Live and Acoustic
98.Caroline (Live & Acoustic)
99.Little Lady (Live & Acoustic)
暫存1 英文
1.Elizabeth Dreams
2.Antique Angelique
3.In The Army Now
4.Paradise Flat
5.Pictures of Matchstick Men
6.To Be Free
7.Railroad Gerdundula
9.Spicks and Specks
10.Little Miss Nothing (1998 Stereo Mix)
11.When My Mind Is Not Live (1998 Stereo Mix)
12.Technicolor Dreams (1998 Stereo Mix)
13.Sunny Cellophane Skies
14.Sunny Cellophane Skies (1998 Stereo Mix)
15.Make Me Stay a Bit Longer
16.Tune to the Music
17.Almost But Not Quite There
18.Fun, Fun, Fun
19.When I Awake
20.The Wanderer (Sharon The Nag Mix)
21.Ice In the Sun
22.Something Going On In My Head
23.The Price of Love
24.I (Who Have Nothing)
25.The Clown
27.All We Really Wanna Do (Polly)
28.April Spring Summer and Wednesdays
29.Runaround Sue
30.When My Mind Is Not Live
31.Technicolour Dreams
32.Gotta Go Home
33.Is It Really Me?
34.Down the Dustpipe
35.So Ends Another Life
36.Black Veils of Melancholy
37.Shy Fly
38.Spinning Wheel Blues
39.Never Too Late
40.Do You Live In Fire
41.Auntie Nellie
42.You're Just What I Was Looking For Today
43.Need Your Love
44.Are You Growing Tired of My Love
46.Rotten To The Bone
48.Make Me Stay a Little Bit Longer
暫存 英文
1.Mystery Song (Live & Acoustic)
2.Again and Again (Live & Acoustic)
3.Railroad (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London/2013)
4.Forty - Five Hundred Times (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London/2013)
5.Down Down (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London/2013)
6.Blue Eyed Lady (Live At Hammersmith Apollo, London/2013)
7.Medley: Roadhouse Medley (Full Version) [Live]
8.In The Army Now - Live Alive Quo
9.Who Gets The Love? - Album / Single Version
10.The Greatest Fighter
11.Lean Machine
12.Rollin' Home - Single Version
14.Mister Mind Detector
15.You're Just What I Was Looking For
16.The Party Ain't Over Yet (Live)
17.I'm Watching Over You
18.Gotta Go Home - Live
19.Bye Bye Johnny (Live)
20.Rock 'n' Roll (single version)
21.Accident Prone (Single Edit)
22.When You Walk In The Room (Single Edit)
23.Dreamin' (Single Version)
24.In the Army Now 2010 (Radio Edit)
25.Better Times
27.All Around My Hat (album version)
28.Heavy Daze
29.Dead in the Water
30.Mysteries From the Ball
31.Don't Waste My Time (live)
32.All Through the Night
33.Another Game in Town
35.Over the Edge (live)
37.Keep Me Guessing
38.Something 'Bout You Baby I Like (live)
39.Tobacco Road
40.On the Road Again (live)
41.Little Lady / Most of the Time (Live)
42.A Mess of the Blues
43.Something About You Baby I Like
44.Running All Over the World
45.I Fought the Law
46.Don't Bring Me Down
47.Whatever You Want (2002)
48.Born to Be Wild
49.Takin' Care of Business
51.All Day and All of the Night
52.Pump It Up
53.Money Don't Matter
54.Blues 'n' Rhythm
55.You Never Can Tell (Teenage Wedding)
56.Ain't Complainin'
57.Medley: Come Rock With Me / Rockin' On
58.Something About You Baby I Lik
59.Anniversary Waltz
60.Blues and Rhythm
61.A Mess of Blues (Edit Version)
62.Mystery Song (Single Edit)
63.The Price of Love (Bonus Track)
64.Hard Ride
65.You're in the Army Now
66.Mr. Mind Detector
67.Hurdy Gurdy Man
69.Calling the Shots
70.Backwater / Just Take Me
72.Pictures of a Matchstick Man
73.Picture of Manstick Men
74.Getting Better
75.Dirty Water (live at the N.E.C)
77.Paper Plane (Status Quo In Concert)
78.You're In the Army Now (Status Quo In Concert)
79.Rockin' All Over the World (2002)

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