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Sandy Denny【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 170 首歌 】
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I’ve Always Kept A Unicorn 英文
1.You Never Wanted Me
2.By The Time It Gets Dark
3.I'm A Dreamer
4.What Is True
5.Sandy's Song (Take Away The Load)
6.Rising For The Moon
7.The King And Queen Of England
8.Bushes & Briars
9.After Halloween
10.Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
11.Love's Made A Fool Of You (提供)
12.Wild Mountain Thyme
13.Winter Winds
14.Now And Then
16.Milk And Honey
17.Moments (提供)
Rendezvous 英文
1.For Shame Of Doing Wrong
2.Gold Dust
3.Candle In The Wind
4.Take Me Away
5.One Way Donkey Ride
6.I'm A Dreamer
7.All Our Days
8.Silver Threads And Golden Needles
9.No More Sad Refrains
10.Full Moon
Like An Old Fashioned Waltz 英文
2.Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
3.Whispering Grass
6.Dark The Night
7.At The End Of The Day
8.Until The Real Thing Comes Along
9.No End
Sandy 英文
1.It'll Take A Long Time
2.Sweet Rosemary
3.For Nobody To Hear
4.Tomorrow Is A Long Time
5.Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood
6.Listen, Listen / Ecoute, Ecoute
7.The Lady
8.Bushes And Briars
9.It Suits Me Well
10.The Music Weaver
The North Star Grassman And The Ravens 英文
1.Late November
3.The Sea Captain
4.Down In The Flood
5.John The Gun
6.Next Time Around
7.The Optimist
8.Let's Jump The Broomstick (提供)
9.Wretched Wilbur
10.The North Star Grassman
11.Crazy Lady Blues
Sandy Denny 英文
1.3.10 To Yuma
2.Been On The Road So Long
3.Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
4.Milk And Honey
5.Pretty Polly
6.The False Bride
7.The Last Thing On My Mind
8.This Train
9.You Never Wanted Me
The Music Weaver: Sandy Denny Remembered 英文
1.Solo (live at the BBC)
2.Sweet Rosemary (demo version)
3.Autopsy (demo version)
4.Bushes and Briars (live at the BBC)
5.Whispering Grass (live at the BBC)
6.The Lady (live at the BBC)
7.Quiet Joys of Brotherhood
I've Always Kept A Unicorn - The Acoustic Sandy Denny 英文
1.The North Star Grassman And The Ravens - Live At BBC In Concert / 1972
2.Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood - Demo
3.Blackwaterside - Live On Marc Time / 1975
4.Like An Old Fashioned Waltz - BBC John Peel Session
5.Solo - BBC John Peel Session
6.Bushes And Briars - BBC Bob Harris Session
7.John The Gun - Live / BBC In Concert
8.Next Time Around - Live / BBC In Concert
9.Late November - Live / BBC One In Ten
All Our Own Work 英文
1.Two Weeks Last Summer
2.Wild Stawberries (提供)
3.Nothing Else Will Do
4.On My Way
5.Pieces Of 79 And 15 (提供)
6.Poor Jimmy Wilson
7.Sail Away To The Sea
8.Stay Awhile With Me
9.Strawberry Picking (提供)
10.Sweetling (提供)
11.Tell Me What You See In Me
12.The Falling Leaves (提供)
13.All I Need Is You
14.Always On My Mind
15.And You Need Me
16.How Everyone But Sam Was A Hypocrite
17.I've Been My Own Worst Friend
18.Indian Summer (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Nothing More
2.Too Much Of Nothing
5.Now & Then
8.One More Chance
9.The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
10.Crazy Man Michael
11.When Will I Be Loved
13.Who Knows Where the Time Goes?
14.Here in Silence
15.Man of Iron
16.Listen, Listen
17.Learning the Game
18.The Sea
19.Banks of the Nile
20.The Pond and the Stream
21.Bruton Town
22.Walking The Floor Over You
23.The Lowlands Of Holland
24.She Moves Through The Fair
25.Bushes And Briars (Thistles And Thorns)
26.Like An Old Fashioned Waltz - Live At John Peel BBC Session / 1973
27.Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (BBC Session - John Peel 11/9/73)
28.Easy To Slip - 2012 Remastered Version
29.By the Time It Gets Dark (Studio Outtake: Full Band)
30.I Wish I Was a Fool for You (For Shame for Doing Wrong) (Live)
31.The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (demo)
32.By the Time It Gets Dark (home demo)
33.Take Me Away (home demo)
34.All Our Days (home demo)
35.Stranger to Himself (home demo)
36.What Is True? (home demo)
37.After Halloween (home demo)
38.Until the Real Thing Comes Along (demo)
39.One More Chance (home demo)
40.Makes Me Think of You (home demo)
41.Gold Dust (alternate version)
42.Blackwaterside (live)
43.The Optimist (demo)
44.Crazy Lady Blues (demo)
45.If You Saw Thro' My Eyes
46.3:10 to Yuma (re-recorded version)
47.Nothing More (live)
48.The Sea (live)
49.Dark the Night (alternate take)
50.Been on the Road So Long (live)
51.The Quiet Land of Erin (live)
52.Mr. Lacey (live)
53.Motherless Children (home demo)
54.Geordie (home demo)
55.Let No Man Steal Your Thyme (home demo)
56.Boxful of Treasure (home demo)
57.A Little Bit of Rain (home demo)
58.Blue Tattoo (home demo)
59.One More Chance (Live The Royalty Theatre)
60.The King and Queen of England (Home Demo Alternate Take)
61.By the Time It Gets Dark (Studio Demo)
62.After Halloween (Manor Demo)
63.Motherless Children
64.Blue Tattoo
65.In Memory (The Tender Years)
67.Bruton Town (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
68.Next Time Around (BBC In Concert - Paris Theatre 16/3/72)
69.Reynard the Fox
70.Gypsy Davey

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