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Pastor Troy【 共收藏 19 張專輯, 237 首歌 】
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The Streets Need You 英文
1.Welcome (提供)
2.Ya'll Been Waiting on Me? (提供)
3.The Streets Need You (提供)
4.This for You (提供)
5.PT Got 'Em Fightin' (提供)
6.Security (提供)
7.Tryin' to Get with You (提供)
8.Get Low (提供)
9.Digital Lover (提供)
10.Go White Boy (提供)
11.Backseat (提供)
12.Let's Crank This Up!!! (提供)
13.DSGB Radio (提供)
14.Jello (提供)
15.I'm Right Here (提供)
16.Words from PT (提供)
17.I Think I Saw an Alien (提供)
18.Don't Look Now (提供)
19.Rock My Mink (提供)
20.Ended Up a Gangster (提供)
The Last Outlaw 英文
1.The Last Outlaw (提供)
2.It's The Pastor (提供)
3.Shut The Club Down (提供)
4.I Thought About It (提供)
5.Make 'Em Scream (提供)
6.That Chevy Thang (提供)
7.Crank Up
8.When I Was Fucked Up (提供)
9.Turn It Up!!! (提供)
10.I'm Ready (提供)
11.Stilettos (提供)
12.Keep Shakin' Baby (提供)
13.R.I.P Kenny Mickinley (提供)
14.Everything That's On My Mind (提供)
15.Baby Mama Drama (提供)
16.Theend Times (提供)
17.My Father Told Me
Still Troy 英文
1.From The Top (提供)
2.Can You See Me (提供)
3.Get Out (提供)
4.I'm Just Chillin (提供)
5.Hundred Thousand (提供)
6.Can I Holla (提供)
7.Ain't Gangsta No Moe (提供)
8.I'm A Gangsta (提供)
9.Represent Dat (提供)
10.Dirty Atlanta (提供)
11.On A Yacht (提供)
12.Keep Ya Head Up (提供)
13.To The Bottom (提供)
H.N.I.C. 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.I Wanna See Ya (提供)
3.All That Girl Wants (提供)
4.Look At You (提供)
5.Full Time Husalah (提供)
6.I Need (提供)
7.Lookin (提供)
8.I'm Ballin (提供)
9.Might Be You (提供)
10.Take It To The Southside (提供)
11.Biterz (提供)
Attitude Ad 英文
1.Medley (提供)
Attitude Adjuster 2 英文
1.4 My Side (提供)
2.Poppin Off (提供)
3.What U Talkin Bout (提供)
4.The Money & The Hammer (提供)
5.I'm Comin (提供)
6.It Get Me Crunk (提供)
7.Jumpin Out The Truck (提供)
8.Keep Talkin (提供)
9.The Heat (提供)
10.Smokin Kush (提供)
11.Club Full Of Hoes (提供)
Ready For War 英文
1.Comin' Wit Me (提供)
2.Don't Kill'em (提供)
3.PT (提供)
4.Georgia Swag (提供)
5.Change (提供)
6.Holdin' On (提供)
7.Never My Style (Skit) (提供)
8.Big Body Benz (提供)
9.The Way She Move (提供)
10.A-Town Down (提供)
11.Won't Quit (Skit) (提供)
12.Do What I Wanna Do (提供)
13.They Shootin' (提供)
Feel Me Or Kill Me 英文
1.Feel Me Or Kill Me Intro (提供)
2.I Want War
3.Fuckin' Wit Pastor (提供)
4.Ridin' Big III (提供)
5.Is That Your Girl? (提供)
6.See The Swag On That Boy (提供)
7.Facin' Fifteen (提供)
8.Talkin' Shit (提供)
9.Here We Go (提供)
10.Who U Gonna Call
11.All I Know (提供)
12.Heaven (提供)
Attitude Adjuster 英文
1.It's On (提供)
2.I'm Hot (I Got That Lava) (提供)
3.Street Law (提供)
4.Dread And Alive (提供)
5.For My Soldiers (提供)
6.My Box Chevy (提供)
7.Do You Wanna Dance? (提供)
8.Strap Up (提供)
9.15 Blocks (提供)
10.Down To Ride
11.Attitude Adjuster
12.License To Kill
13.Put Him On The Scope (提供)
14.PT Cruiser
Universal Soldier 英文
1.Universal Soldier
2.Are We Cuttin'
3.Who, What, When, Where
5.You Can't Pimp Me
6.No Mo Play In GA Pt. 2
7.If They Kill Me
8.Bless America
Pastor Troy&The Congregation 英文
1.The Intro(Walk Like Y'all Talk It)
2.Ghetto Raised
3.The Congregation
4.Down South Nigga 4 Life
5.Having A Bad Day
6.Look What I'm Going Thru
7.Throw Dem Bows
8.Get 'em Up
9.Dirty South Affilliates (提供)
10.Do What We Do (提供)
We Ready-I Declare War 英文
1.It's Too Late Now, We Ready!
2.No More Play In G.a.
3.Stop Tryin'
4.Help Me Rhonda
5.For Survival
6.We Want Some Answers
7.Above The Law
8.Eternal Yard Dash
9.I Declare War!!
10.It's On Down Here
11.Livin' Today Thru...
12.Ain't No Sunshine
I Am Dsgb. 英文
1.Shoutouts, We Ready! (提供)
3.My Nigga's Is The Grind
4.Then I Got Changed
5.Skit (提供)
6.Frame Me! (提供)
7.Mind On My Money
8.Talk (提供)
9.Brang Yo Army!
10.Pastor Troy For President
11.Move To Mars!
12.Throw Yo Flags Up
14.Oh Father!
Zero Tolerence 英文
1.Zero Tolerance (提供)
2.No Trace (提供)
3.I'm The Shit (提供)
4.Jerk Broad (提供)
5.I Wanna C U (提供)
6.Thin Line (提供)
7.Yeah, It's A Problem (提供)
8.Shine On 'Em (提供)
9.Drop (提供)
10.Gangstas Don't (提供)
11.He Can Get It (提供)
Tool Muziq 英文
2.I'm Fucked Up
3.Wanting You
4.Hey Mama
5.Will He Come Home Tonight
Pastor Troy For President 英文
1.No Mo Play In G.A.
2.Help Me Rhonda
4.Then I Gotta Change
5.Bring Ya Army Bitch
6.Pastor Troy For President
7.Fuck Miracle (Skit) (提供)
8.It's Going Down Here (提供)
9.Ghetto Raised
10.We Ready 2000
11.It's On Da' Map
12.Cut Em Off (提供)
13.Do It
14.Back Up
15.Get Off Me
16.We Ready
17.It's Going Down (提供)
G.I. Troy - Strictly 4 My Soldiers 英文
1.Intro: The Known Soldier (提供)
2.Tell My Family (提供)
3.My Dog Tags (提供)
4.War (提供)
5.Can't Stop Now (提供)
6.Kill My Dawg (提供)
7.Comin' Home To You (提供)
8.Well Un Huh (提供)
9.Gangsta, That's All I Know (提供)
10.Soldier (提供)
11.Outro: R.I.P. (提供)
Face Off 英文
暫存 英文
1.This Tha City
2.My Niggaz Is The Grind'(feat. Nature Boy
3.Throw Your Flags Up
4.Intro (Walk Like Y'all Talk It)
5.Havin' A Bad Day
6.Look What I'm Going Thru'(feat. Kingpin Skinny Pimp
7.Throw Dem Bows'(feat. Mica B
8.Get Em' Up'(feat. Lil' Pete
9.Face Off - Intro
10.I'm Made
11.Throw Your Flags
12.Vice Versa'(feat. Peter The Disciple
13.Are We Cuttin''(feat. Ms. Jade
14.You Can't Pimp Me'(feat. Peter The Disciple
15.You Got Tha Heart?'(feat. Nature Boy
16.We Dem Georgia Boyz
17.The Last Supper'(feat. DSGB
18.I Be Damn'(feat. DSGB
19.Are We Cuttin' (ost. Triple X (xXx))
20.make dem gat they money right (提供)
21.4 My Hustlaz
23.Ridin' Big
24.About to Go Down
25.Tell 'Em It's On
27.Can You Stand the Game
29.Boys to Men
30.Take Off
31.Murder Man
32.Fuck Em
34.Im Ridin Big Yo
35.Vica Versa
36.Frame Me

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