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Bow Wow( 鮑沃 )【 共收藏 17 張專輯, 287 首歌 】
沙德·格利高里·莫斯(英語:Shad Gregory Moss,1987年3月9日-),是美國的說唱歌手和演員。他在13歲時便發行了出道專輯《Beware of Dog》,之後以小鮑沃(Lil' Bow Wow)作為藝名從事演出,直到2003年發行專輯《Unleashed》時,改為鮑沃(Bow Wow)。之後,他又發行了三張專輯,分別是2005年的《Wanted》、2006年的《The Price of Fame》以及2009年的《New Jack City II》。2007年,他發布了同奧馬里恩合作的專輯《Face Off》。



2000: Beware of Dog
2001: Doggy Bag
2003: Unleashed
2005: Wanted
2006: The Price of Fame
2009: New Jack City II
2010: The Transition To Shad Moss


2007: Face Off(同奧馬里恩)
2010: Stax Of Cash Money Of (同小韋恩)
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Greenlight 5 (Mixtape) 英文
1.We Going Hard
2.8 Figgaz
5.Pussy On My Mind
7.Self Made
9.Money Over Bitches
10.Heart Stop
11.I Try
12.Ohio to Yonkers
13.We In Da Club
14.Caked Up
15.Grown Ass Man
16.We Bout That (Eat the Cake)
Underrated 英文
1.Make Up Sex
2.For My Hood
4.Where My Dogs At
5.Why Y'all (提供)
6.Must Be Stupid (提供)
7.Right Now (提供)
8.Ain't Thinking About You
9.Wrong Time (提供)
10.Boy or Girl
11.If You Were Down (提供)
12.The Cypher (提供)
13.Lifestyle Ain't for Me (提供)
14.All That I Know (提供)
15.Intro (Wizzle's Back) (提供)
16.They Aint Got Shit On Me
17.Better (提供)
18.O-Town (提供)
19.Moon Light (提供)
20.Top Dog (提供)
Better (Single) 英文
1.Better (Single)
Sweat (Single) 英文
1.Sweat (Single)
New Jack City Part 2 英文
1.Marco Polo
2.You Can Get It All
3.Shake It
5.She's My
6.Pole In My Basement
7.Big Girls
8.Roc The Mic
9.Get That Paper
10.Been Doin' This
11.I Ain't Playing
12.Like This
13.Anything You Can Do
14.What They Call Me
15.Baby Girl
16.I'm Going Crazy
Greenlight (Mixtape) 英文
1.One 4 The Money
2.In My City
4.Love Struck
5.Come Smoke With Me
6.This My House
8.You Know I'm Nasty Freestyle
9.I'm Goin' In
10.Long Bread
11.Go Harder
12.Belt 2 Match (提供)
13.S.Y.M. (So You Mad)
14.I Love My Cash Money
15.I'm Dat Nigga
Wanted 英文
1.Do You
2.Big Dreams
3.Let Me Hold You
4.Fresh Azimiz
6.Like You
9.Do What It Do
10.Is That You(Pyt.)
11.Mo Money
Unleashed 英文
1.Get It Poppin'
2.Let's Get Down
4.Follow Me
5.My Baby
6.The Don, The Dutch
7.The Movement
8.I Can't Lose
9.Hey Little Momma
10.I Got Ya'll
11.I'll Move On
12.To My Mama
13.I'm Back(Bonus Track)
Doggy Bag 英文
1.We Want Weezy(Intro)
2.Thank You
3.Take Ya Home
4.Get Up
5.Perfect Girl(Interlude)
6.All I Know
7.The Wickedest
8.Pick Of The Litter
10.Crazy Girls(Interlude)
11.Up In Here
12.Jiminy Cricket(Interlude) (提供)
13.Off The Glass
Beware Of Dog 英文
2.The Future
3.Bounce With Me
4.Puppy Love
5.You Know Me
6.The Dog In Me
7.Bow Wow [that's My Name]
8.This Playboy
9.Ghetto Girls
10.You Already Know
11.Bounce With Me(Remix)
12.Cow how bow
Who Is Shad Moss? 英文
1.Ain't Thinking' Bout You
2.Put That On My Hood
3.Ain't Thinkin Bout You
4.Why They Hatin'
The Price Of Fame 英文
1.Damn Thing
2.How You Move It
3.On Fiya
4.Tell Me
Half Man Half Dog Vol. 2 (Mixtape) 英文
1.Underrated (提供)
2.Vs. Lil' Bow Wow
3.Amazing (Freestyle) (提供)
4.Outro (提供)
5.Speaks (2) (提供)
6.Speaks (3) (提供)
8.Ain't I (Freestyle) (提供)
9.Ambition (提供)
10.That's All I Know
11.Kiss My Ass
12.Money, Power, Respect (Freestyle) (提供)
13.Pop Champagne (提供)
14.For Philly (提供)
15.Arab Money (Remix) (提供)
16.Grindin' (提供)
Greenlight 2 英文
2.G2 Intro
3.I Do Dis
4.All Talk (提供)
5.I Wanna Rock (提供)
6.Boyfriend For The Night
7.I'm Gon' Make It (提供)
8.December 4th Freestyle (提供)
9.Every Other
10.Say Something (YOUSO Remix) (提供)
11.The Game Speaks (Kobe LeBron) (提供)
12.Mo Milly Freestyle
13.Come Smoke With Me Part 2
14.Patna Dem Freestyle (提供)
15.Put In Work (Bow Speaks) (提供)
17.Big Everything (提供)
18.Slow It Down (Interlude) (提供)
19.Addicted To Women (提供)
20.Come Over
21.Blonde Or Brunette
G3 (Mixtape) 英文
1.Pretty Lady
2.Im Going Outta My Mind
3.Thought U Was The One
4.My Way
5.Still Ballin
6.How I Feel
7.Down Ass Chick
8.Why They Hating
Face Off 英文
1.Another Girl
2.Baby Girl
3.Bachelor Pad
4.Can't Get Tired Of Me
5.Face Off
7.He Ain't Gotta Know
8.Hey Baby (Jump Off)
9.Hood Star
11.Number Ones
12.Take Off Your Clothes
13.Lights, Camera, Action
14.Let Me Hold You
15.Girlfriend (Zetton Remix)
16.Girlfriend (DJ A-Kay Remix)
17.Girlfriend (318 Remix)
暫存 英文
2.Bow Wow (That's My Name) (featuring Snoop)
3.Ghetto Girls (featuring Jagged Edge)
4.Puppy Love (featuring Jagged Edge and Jermaine Dup
5.The Future (featuring R.O.C.)
6.This Playboy (featuring R.O.C., Big Duke and Jerma
7.You Know Me (featuring Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat)
8.Bounce With Me (featuring Jermaine Dupri and Xscap
9.Bounce With Me (remix) (featuring Jermaine Dupri,
10.Stick Up (featuring Jermaine Dupri)
11.How Many Times
12.Bow Wow (That's My Name) (Remix)
13.Bow Wow (That's My Name)
14.Stick Up
16.Can I Holla
17.Lil Rascals
18.Playin' the Game
19.Pick Of The Liter
20.Bounce With Me (Remix)'(feat. J.D., Lil' Mo, & R.O.C.
21.To my mamma (提供)
22.Playen the game
23.Bounce Wit' Me
24.Take You Home
25.I'm Back (*) (提供)
26.Bounce With Me (Extended LP Mix)
27.Bow Wow
28.Is That You (PYT)
29.We Want Weezy
30.Make Up Sex
31.For My Hood
33.Where My Dogs At
34.Ain't Thinking About You
35.Boy or Girl
36.They Aint Got Shit On Me
37.Like You 2 (提供)
38.Shortie Like Mine
39.Cuff Yo Chick
40.Outta My System
41.Big Bank Take Lil Bank
42.You Can Get It
43.Dirty Girl
44.Stunt When I See You
45.6'7 Freestyle
46.White Girl
47.Like You (A Cappella)
48.Is That You (P.Y.T.)
49.My Baby [Ft. Jagged Edge]
50.I'ma Flirt
51.4 Corners
52.My Tats
53.Give It To You
54.The Price of Fame
55.Lets Get Down - Bow Wow (Featuring Baby)
56.Bet That
57.Don't Know Bout That
58.I'm Back
59.Let Me Hold You Down
60.All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle
61.Texting Me
62.Roo The Mic
63.Ain't Thinking About You
64.I'm Da Man
65.Yeah Yeah
66.Get It In
67.Let Me Hold You (Call Out Hook)
68.Like U
69.We In Da Club - Edited Version
70.She Wanna Fuck
71.Like You (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
72.Let's Get Down (Instrumental With Background Vocals)
73.Bow Wow (That's My Name) (Track Masters Remix)
74.King of Diamonds
76.Set It Off
77.That Clean Pussy
78.Marco Polo (feat. Soulja Boy Tell 'em)
79.That's My Name (a cappella)
80.Don't Know About That (Radio Mix)
81.Sex You Like This
82.4 Corner
83.Hood Star - Explicit Album Version
84.Take Off Your Clothes - Explicit Album Version
85.Listen - Explicit Album Version
86.Bachelor Pad - Explicit Album Version
87.He Ain't Gotta Know - Explicit Album Version
88.Girlfriend - Explicit Album Version
89.Let Me Hold You (Jiggy Joint Radio Mix)
90.Girlfriend (Promo Only clean edit)
91.Hey Baby (Jump Off) (album version)
92.Ain't Thinkin' 'Bout You - Edited Version
93.My Baby - Album Version w/ Intro
94.Girlfriend - Album Version - / Vito, Don / Cheese
95.Like You (feat. Ciara)
96.Where the Party At (Dupri remix)
97.Puppy Love (feat. Tigah)
98.You Can Get It All (feat. Johnta Austin)

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