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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 125 首歌 】
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Goin' Home 英文
1.Boogie Man (提供)
2.I Love The Life I Live (提供)
3.Everything Gonna Be Alright
4.Palace Of The King
5.You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover (提供)
6.You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now
7.Breaking Up Somebody's Home (提供)
8.Still A Fool (提供)
9.Born Under A Bad Sign (提供)
10.Cut You Loose (提供)
11.Looking Back (提供)
12.House Is Rockin'
Can't Get Enough 英文
1.Mississippi Road House (提供)
2.That's A Pretty Good Love (提供)
3.Don't Want Lies (提供)
4.Search And Destroy (提供)
5.Can't Get Enough of Loving You (提供)
6.Honey Bee (提供)
7.Rockin' In The Free World (提供)
8.Talk to Me Baby (提供)
9.Only Teardrops Fall (提供)
10.Word Game (提供)
How I Go 英文
1.Never Lookin' Back
2.Yer Blues
3.Show Me The Way Back Home
5.Oh, Pretty Woman
6.Come On Over
7.Anywhere The Wind Blows
8.Dark Side Of Love
9.Heat Of The Sun
10.Round And Round
11.The Wire
12.Who's Gonna Catch You Now
13.Backwater Blues
14.Strut (提供)
16.Cryin' Shame
17.Baby The Rain Must Fall
Trouble Is 英文
1.Long Gone
2.Blue On Black
3.Chase The Rainbow
4.Everything Is Broken
5.I Don't Live Today
6.I Found Love(When I Found You)
7.King's Highway
8.Nothing To Do With Love
9.Slow Ride
10.Somehow, Somewhere, Someway
11.Trouble Is (提供)
12.True Lies
Ledbetter Heights 英文
1.Born With A Broken Heart
2.Deja Voodoo
4.Shame, Shame, Shame
5.One Foot On The Path
6.Everbody Gets The Blues
7.While We Cry [live] (提供)
8.I'm Leaving You(Commit A Crime)
9.Let Me Up I've Had Enough
11.What's Goin' Down
12.Ledbetter Heights (提供)
The Legends EP, Volume IV (Live) 英文
1.Red Rooster (with Henry Gray and Howlin' Wolf Band) [Live]
2.Spoonful (with George 'Wild Child' Butler and Howlin' Wolf Band) [Live]
3.Shotgun Blues (Live)
The Place You're In 英文
Live! In Chicago 英文
1.Dance For Me Girl (提供)
2.Baby, Don't Say That No More (提供)
3.Eye To Eye (提供)
4.I'm A King Bee
5.Sell My Monkey (提供)
6.How Many More Years (提供)
7.Sick And Tired (提供)
8.Feed Me (提供)
9.Rocking Daddy (提供)
暫存 英文
1.Trouble Is... (提供)
2.Every Time It Rains
3.Everybody Gets The Blues
4.In 2 Deep
5.Let Me Up I've Had Enough
6.Long Gone
7.Last Goodbye
8.Live On
9.Losing Kind
10.Never Mind
11.Oh Well
12.Shotgun Blues
13.Them Changes
15.Where Was I?
16.Wild Love
17.You Should Know Better
18.Chase The Ranbow
19.Get It Together
20.Ain't Selling Out
21.The Place You're In
24.Everytime It Rains
25.Be Mine
26.Hey, What Do You Say
27.D�j� Voodoo
28.Midnight Rider
30.Let Go (Single Version)
31.I'm Leavin' You
32.On a Slow Ride
33.The King's Highway
34.Round & Round
35.King's Highway - Live EP Version
36.U-Haul (with Cootie Stark) [Live]
37.Chapel Hill Boogie (With John Dee Holeman) [Live]
38.Prison Blues (with Cootie Stark & Neal 'Big Daddy' Pattman)
39.Honky Tonk (with Buddy Flett)
40.Deja Voodoo (album version)
41.Honky Tonk
42.The Thrill is Gone
43.Cryin' Shame (Bonus Track)
44.Butterfly (Bonus Track)
45.Round and Round (Bonus Track)
46.Blue On Black (Live) [Bonus Track]
47.The House Is Rockin'
48.Lay It on Down
49.She's $$$

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