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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Frank Black
Frank Black【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 255 首歌 】
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Fast Man Raider Man 英文
1.Dirty Old Town
3.Golden Shore
4.Seven Days
5.Raider Man
7.Fast Man
8.Dog Sleep
9.You Can't Crucify Yourself
10.If Your Poison Gets You
11.When The Paint Grows Darker Still
12.Johnny Barleycorn
13.End of the Summer (提供)
14.I'm Not Dead
Pistolero 英文
1.Bad Harmony
2.I Switched You
3.Western Star
4.Tiny Heart
5.You're Such A Wire
6.I Love Your Brain
7.Billy Radcliff
8.Smoke Up
9.So Hard To Make Things Out
10.85 Weeks
11.I Think I'm Starting To Lose It
12.I Want Rock&Roll
13.Skeleton Man
Cult Of Ray 英文
1.The Marsist
2.Men In Black
3.Punk Rock City
4.You Ain't Me
5.Jesus Was Right
6.I Don't Want To Hurt You(Every Single Time)
7.Mosh, Don't Pass The Guy (提供)
8.Kicked In The Taco
9.The Creature Crawling
10.Adventure And The Resolution (提供)
11.Dance War
12.The Cult Of Ray
13.The Last Stand Of Shazeb Andleeb
Frank Black&Catholics 英文
1.All My Ghosts
2.Back To Rome
3.Do You Feel Bad About It?
4.Dog Gone
5.I Gotta Move
6.I Need Peace
7.King & Queen Of Siam
9.Solid Gold
10.Steak 'n' Sabre
12.The Man Who Was Too Loud
Teenager Of The Year 英文
1.Whatever Happened To Pong?
3.I Want To Live On An Abstract Plain
5.The Vanishing Spies
6.Speedy Marie
8.Sir Rockaby
9.Freedom Rock
10.Two Reelers
11.Fiddle Riddle
12.Ole' Mulholland
13.Fazer Eyes
14.I Could Stay Here Forever
15.The Hostess With The Mostest
17.Big Red
18.Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
19.White Noise Maker
20.Pure Denizen Of The Citizens Band
21.Bad, Wicked World
22.Pie In The Sky
Frank Black 英文
1.Los Angeles
2.I Heard Ramona Sing
3.Hang Onto Your Ego
4.Fu Manchu
5.Places Named After Numbers
7.Old Black Dawning
8.Ten Percenter
9.Brackish Boy
10.Two Spaces
11.Parry The Wind High, Low
12.Everytime I Go Round Here
13.Don't Ya Rile Em
The Dream Is Over 英文
1.Nimrod's Son
2.Broken Face
3.Levitate Me
4.Monkey Gone to Heaven
5.Into the White
I Don’t Want to Hurt You (Every Single Time) 英文
1.Men in Black (live)
2.Village of the Sun (live)
3.The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb (live)
Honeycomb 英文
1.Lone Child
Frank Black Francis 英文
1.Nimrod's Son
2.Break My Body
3.Levitate Me
5.Planet of Sound
6.Broken Face
7.Monkey Gone to Heaven
8.Into the White
Christmass 英文
1.I Burn Today (Live the Night Light Lounge Sept 2006)
2.Cactus (Live N.Y. Southpaw, Late Show Aug 2006)
3.Bullet (Live Ny Southpaw, Late Show Aug 2006)
4.I Burn Today
7.Los Angeles
8.Do What You Want Gyaneshwar
9.Don't Get Me Wrong
10.She's My Way
11.Wave of Mutilation (Live the Night Light Lounge Sept 2006)
12.Living On Soul (Live the Night Light Lounge Sept 2006)
13.Massif Central (Live the Night Light Lounge Sept 2006)
14.Raiderman (Live the Night Light Lounge Sept 2006)
15.All Around the World (Live the Night Light Lounge Sept 2006)
16.Manitoba (Live, Chicago Auditorium Theatre Aug 2006)
17.The Water (Live La Pantages Theatre Aug 2006)
93-03 英文
1.Bullet (Live)
2.Bullet - Live
3.Nadine - Live
4.Do What You Want Gyaneshwar - Live
5.Ten Percenter - Live
6.I Burn Today - Live
7.Six Sixty Six
8.Los Angeles
9.Ten Percenter
11.Old Black Dawning
14.Bad Harmony
15.Western Star
16.Threshold Apprehension (radio edit)
17.I'll Be Blue
18.Threshold Apprehension
19.Living On Soul (Live)
20.All Around the World (Live)
21.Horrible Day (Live)
22.Raiderman (Live)
23.My Terrible Ways (Live)
24.Johnny Barleycorn (Live)
25.Dog Gone (Live)
26.The Swimmer (Live)
27.Suffering (Live)
28.I'm Not Dead (I'm In Pittsburgh) (Live)
29.Sing for Joy (Live)
Black Letter Days 英文
暫存1 英文
1.Everybody Got the Beat
2.Can I Get a Witness
4.Pray a Little Faster
5.Jumping Beans
6.You Never Heard About Me
7.Selkie Bride
8.Pray For The Girls
9.End of Miles
10.If It Takes All Night (Demo)
11.Stupid Me (Demo)
12.Valentine & Garuda
13.Seven Fingers
14.Where The Wind Is Going
15.Man Of Steel
16.Baby, That's Art
17.Every Time I Go
18.It's Just Not Your Moment
21.Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day
22.Sing For Joy
23.My Life Is In Storage
24.'Bad, Wicked World'
25.Strange Goodbye
26.Out of State
27.Fare Thee Well
28.I'm Not Dead (I'm In Pittsburgh)
29.Kiss My Ring
30.The Farewell Bend
31.Southbound Bevy
32.Bill Jocko
33.The Modern Age
34.Chip Away Boy
35.Dark End Of The Street
36.Another Velvet Nightmare
37.Dog In The Sand
38.At The End Of The World
39.I Want to Live On An Abstract Plain
40.The Real El Rey
41.Holland Town
42.Down To You
43.True Blue
44.Olé Mulholland
46.Atom In My Heart
47.I Will Run After You
48.Go Find Your Saint
49.I've Seen Your Picture
50.Village of the Sun
52.Don't Cry That Way
53.In The Time Of My Ruin
54.My Terrible Ways
55.San Antonio, TX
56.Sad Old World
58.I Hear Ramona Sing
59.Highway To Lowdown
60.The End Of The Summer
61.Garbage Heap
62.Song Of The Shrimp
63.Dead Man's Curve
64.Adda Lee
65.Modern Age
66.Do You Feel Bad About It
67.If It Takes All Night
68.Fields of Marigold
69.This Old Heartache
70.The Swimmer
71.Cold Heart Of Stone
72.Robert Onion
73.When Will Happiness Find Me Again?
74.How You Went So Far
75.Whispering Weeds
76.Jet Black River
77.Jane The Queen Of Love
78.Jaina Blues
80.Llano Del Rio
82.Blast Off
83.Are You Headed My Way?
84.The Scene
85.Whiskey In Your Shoes
86.Everything Is New
87.Stupid Me
89.Massif Centrale
90.Horrible Day
91.The Snake
92.New House Of The Pope
暫存 英文
1.You Can't Break a Heart and Have It
2.Goodbye Lorraine
3.His Kingly Cave
5.St. Francis Dam Disaster
6.California Bound
7.Billy Radcliffe
8.My Favorite Kiss
9.21 Reasons
10.The Black Rider
11.Repo Man (Remastered)

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