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Foreigner( 外國人合唱團 )【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 155 首歌 】
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The Best Of Foreigner 4 & More (Live) 英文
1.Waiting for a Girl Like You (Live) (提供)2.I Want to Know What Love Is (Live) (提供)
I Want To Know What Love Is 英文
1.The Flame Still Burns (Acoustic)
2.Save Me
3.Double Vision (Acoustic) (提供)
4.Feels Like the First Time (Acoustic)
5.Say You Will (Acoustic)
Can't Slow Down 英文
1.Can't Slow Down
2.In Pieces
4.Give Me A Sign
5.Living In A Dream
6.When It Comes To Love (Could Have Been You)
7.I Can't Give Up
8.As Long As I Live
9.I'll Be Home Tonight
10.When I'm Ready (提供)
11.Angel Tonight
12.Too Late
13.Jukebox Hero
Complete Greatest Hits 英文
1.Blue Morning, Blue Day
2.Cold As Ice
3.Dirty White Boy
4.Double Vision
5.Feels Like the First Time
6.Head Games
7.Hot Blooded
8.I Don't Want To Live Without You
9.Say You Will
12.Juke Box Hero
14.Waiting For A Girl Like You
15.I Want To Know What Love Is
16.That Was Yesterday
Mr.Moonlight 英文
1.Under The Gun
3.Until The End Of Time
4.White Lie
5.Big Dog (提供)
6.Real World
7.All I Need To Know
8.Hole In My Soul
9.I Keep Hoping
10.Running The Risk
11.Hand On My Heart
The Very Best Of Beyond 英文
1.Cold As Ice
2.Dirty White Boy
3.Double Vision
4.Feels Like The First Time
5.Head Games
6.Hot Blooded
7.I Don't Want To Live Without You
8.I Want To Know What Love Is
9.Juke Box Hero
10.Prisoner Of Love
11.Rev On The Red Line
12.Say You Will
13.Soul Doctor
14.That Was Yesterday
16.Waiting For A Girl Like You
17.With Heaven On Our Side
Unusual Heat 英文
1.Only Heaven Knows
2.Lowdown And Dirty
3.I'll Fight For You
4.Moment Of Truth
5.Mountain Of Love
6.Ready For The Rain
7.When The Night Comes Down
8.Safe In My Heart
9.No Hiding Place
10.Flesh Wound
11.Unusual Heat
Inside Information 英文
1.Heart Turns To Stone
2.Can't Wait
3.Say You Will
4.I Don't Want To Live Without You
5.Counting Every Minute
6.Inside Information
7.The Beat Of My Heart
8.Face To Face
9.Out Of The Blue
10.A Night To Remember
Agent Provocateur 英文
1.Tooth And Nail
2.That Was Yesterday
3.I Want To Know What Love Is
4.Growing Up The Hard Way
5.Reaction To Action
6.Stranger In My Own House
7.A Love In Vain
8.Down On Love
9.Two Different Worlds
10.She's Too Tough
4 英文
1.Night Life
2.Juke Box Hero
3.Break It Up
4.Waiting For A Girl Like You
7.I'm Gonna Win
8.Woman In Black
9.Girl On The Moon
10.Don't Let Go
Head Games 英文
1.Dirty White Boy
2.Love On The Telephone
4.I'll Get Even With You
6.Head Games
7.The Modern Day
8.Blinded By Science
9.Do What You Like
10.Rev On The Red Line
Double Vision[Remastered] 英文
1.Hot Blooded
2.Blue Morning, Blue Day
3.You're All I Am
4.Back Where You Belong
5.Love Has Taken Its Toll
6.Double Vision
7.Tramontane (提供)
8.I Have Waited So Long
9.Lonely Children
Double Vision 英文
1.Back Where You Belong
2.I Have Waited So Long
3.Lonely Children
4.Love Has Taken It's Toll
6.You're All I Am
7.Tramontane (提供)
8.Blue Morning, Blue Day
9.Double Vision
10.Hot Blooded
Foreigner 英文
1.Feels Like The First Time
3.The Damage Is Done
4.Woman Oh Woman(M.Jones)
5.Fool For You Anyway
6.Cold As Ice
8.Long, Long Way From Home
9.At War With The World
10.I Need You
暫存 英文
1.Woman Oh Woman
2.I Wanna Know What Love Is
3.Blue Morning, Blue Day (Single Version)
4.Just Between You and Me
5.Midnight Blue
6.Eye Of The Tiger
7.Hot Blooded (Single Version )
8.When It Comes To Love
9.Crash And Burn
10.Dow What You Like

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