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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Diamond Rio( 里歐鑽石合唱團 )
Diamond Rio( 里歐鑽石合唱團 )【 共收藏 12 張專輯, 149 首歌 】
鑽石里約是一個美國國家和基督教鄉村音樂樂隊。樂隊成立於1982年,作為田納西州納什維爾的歐普蘭美國主題公園的一個景點,最初被稱為灰熊河男孩,後來被稱為田納西河男孩。它由Matt Davenport,Danny Gregg和Ty Herndon創立,最後一位在上個世紀90年代中期成為獨唱藝術家。自從1989年以來經歷了幾次會員制改變之後,樂隊自1989年以來一直由六名成員組成:馬蒂·羅(主唱,節奏吉他),吉恩·約翰遜(曼陀林,吉他,小提琴,男高音),吉米·奧蘭德(主奏吉他,Dobro,班卓琴),Brian Prout(鼓手),Dan Truman(鍵盤,風琴,合成器)和Dana Williams(低音吉他,男中音)。

在被命名為Diamond Rio之後,樂隊與Arista Nashville簽約,並於1991年推出了單曲“Meet in the Middle”,這是他們第一支在Billboard Hot Country歌曲中發行首張單曲的單曲。圖表。樂隊在當年和2006年之間創下了32首單曲,其中還有四首達到了“你的愛讓我感覺如何”(1997),“多一天”(2001),“美麗混亂”(2002) “我相信”(2003)。

Diamond Rio錄製了九張錄音室專輯,四張精選輯,以及聖誕音樂專輯。樂隊的三張專輯已經在美國獲得了RIAA白金認證。此外,鑽石里約還獲得了鄉村音樂協會頒發的四項年度獎,鄉村音樂學院頒發的兩項最佳聲樂組獎,以及十三項提名中的一項格萊美獎。樂隊以其聲樂和聲,各種樂器以及只有自己的會員才能錄音而非會議音樂家而聞名。他們的聲音最初是由主流國家,藍草音樂和搖滾影響所定義的,但是後來的專輯吸引了更多來自基督教鄉村音樂和鄉村音樂的影響力。


馬蒂·羅 - (1960年12月28日出生;主唱,節奏吉他)(1984年至今)
吉米·奧蘭德(Jimmy Olander)(1961年8月26日出生,主音吉他,Dobro,Danelectro,班卓琴)(1985年至今)
布萊恩·普勞特(Brian Prout) - (1955年12月4日出生;鼓)(1985年至今)


拉里鬍子 - 主音吉他,小提琴,班卓琴(1982-1985)
Al DeLeonibus - 鋼琴(1982-1983)
Matt Davenport - 低音吉他,主唱(1982-1988)
Danny Gregg - 節奏吉他,主唱(1982-1986)
Ty Herndon - 主唱(1982-1983)
Ed Mummert - 鼓(1982-1983)
吉米'J. J.“ Whiteside - 鼓(1983-1985)
Anthony Crawford - vocals(1983)
Virgil True - vocals(1984)
歌曲列表方式 專輯列表(時間) 歌名列表(字數) 歌名列表(筆劃)
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The Reason 英文
1.The Reason
2.This Is My Life (提供)
3.God Is There
4.Reaching For Me
5.Into Your Hands
6.Just Love (提供)
7.Moments Of Heaven On Earth
8.My God Does (提供)
9.Wherever I Am (提供)
10.What Are We Gonna Do Now (提供)
11.In God We Still Trust
Completley 英文
1.Beautiful Mess
2.Big Ol' Fire
3.I Believe
4.Something Cool
5.The Box
6.We All Fall Down
9.A Better Idea
10.If You'd Like Some Lovin'
11.You'll Find Me
12.Make Sure You've Got It All
One More Day 英文
1.That's Just That
2.One More Day
3.Sweet Summer
4.I'm Already Gone
5.I Could Do It With My Eyes Closed
6.'til The Heartache's Gone
7.Hear I Go Fallin'
8.I Think I Love You
9.Hearts Against The Wind
10.You Make Me Feel
11.For The Love Of A Woman
12.I'm Trying
Unbelievable 英文
1.Two Pump Texaco
2.Miss That Girl
3.You're Gone
4.What More Do You Want From Me
6.Long Way Back
7.I Thought I'd Seen Everything
8.Hold Me Now
9.I Know How The River Feels
10.I Will Start All Over Again
Iv 英文
2.Walkin' Away
3.That's What I Get For Lovin' You
4.She Misses Him On Sunday The Most
5.She Sure Did Like To Run
6.It's All In Your Head
7.Who Am I
8.Love Takes You There
9.Is That Asking Too Much
10.Just Another Heart
11.Big (提供)
Love A Little Stronger 英文
1.Love A Little Stronger
2.You Ain't In It
3.Finish What We Started
4.Night Is Falling In My Heart
5.Down By The Riverside
6.Wild Blue Yonder
7.Bubba Hyde
8.Gone Out Of My Mind
9.Appalachian Dream (提供)
10.Kentucky Mine
Close To The Edge 英文
1.Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby
2.In A Week Or Two
3.It Does Get Better Than This
4.Sawmill Road
5.Calling All Hearts(Come Back Home)
6.This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet
7.I Was Meant To Be With You
8.Old Weakness(Coming On Strong)
9.Demons And Angels
10.Nothing In This World
11.Close To The Egde
Diamond Rio 英文
1.Meet In The Middle
2.This State Of Mind
3.Mirror Mirror
4.Ballad Of Conley And Billy The Proof's In The Picken'
5.Nowhere Bound
6.It's Gone
7.Norma Jean Riley
8.Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me
9.Pick Me Up
10.Poultry Promenade (提供)
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Bubba Hyde
3.How Your Love Makes Me Feel
4.Imagine That
5.In A Week Or Two
6.It's All In Your Head
7.Love A Little Stronger
8.Mama Don't Forget To Pray For Me
9.Meet In The Middle
10.Mirror Mirror
11.Night Is Falling In My Heart
12.Norma Jean Riley
13.She Misses Him On Sunday The Most
14.Walkin' Away
Live 英文
1.Unbelievable (Live)
2.How Your Love Makes Me Feel (Live)
3.Meet in the Middle (Live)
4.This Is My Life (Live)
5.In God We Still Trust (Live)
6.Beautiful Mess (Live)
7.One More Day (Live)
8.Mirror Mirror (Live)
9.Norma Jean Riley (Live)
10.Bubba Hyde (Live)
Big Bang Concert Series: Diamond Rio (Live) 英文
1.Love a Little Stronger (Live)
2.Holdin' (live)
3.In a Week or Two (Live)
4.Imagine That (Live)
5.Meet Me in the Middle (Live)
暫存 英文
1.Ballad Of Conley And Billy The Proof's In The Pick
2.Close To The Edge
3.What More Do You Want From Me?
4.What A Beautiful Mess
6.I'm Trying (Duet with Chely Wright)
7.The Love of a Woman
8.Ten Feet Away
9.One More Day With You
10.That's What I Get For Loving You
11.Sweet Summer (Album Version)
12.Night Is Fallin' in My Heart
13.Meet Me In The Middle
14.They Don't Make Hearts (Like They Used To)
15.The Ballad Of Conley And Billy (The Proof's In The Pickin')
16.Two Dozen Roses
17.Over You
18.Is That Askin' Too Much
19.Redneck Love Gone Bad
20.What Might Have Been
21.When She Cries
22.Here I Go Fallin'
23.Can't You Tell
24.God Only Cries
25.Who Am I?
26.Rural Philharmonic (提供)
27.Walking in Jerusalem
28.I Believe (Live)
29.I'll be Home for Christmas
30.Beauty and the Beast
31.Lyin' Eyes
32.Sleigh Ride

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