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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Cure( 治療樂隊 )
The Cure( 治療樂隊 )【 共收藏 65 張專輯, 943 首歌 】
治療 (樂隊) (The Cure,1990年代由寶麗金 (臺灣)唱片公司譯名為「怪人合唱團」),是一支於1976年在Crawley, Sussex成立的搖滾樂隊。該樂隊經歷了多次人員調整,只有其核心、吉他手兼主要曲作者Robert Smith是固定成員。他經常以其一頭亂髮、蒼白的面龐,並塗抹故意弄髒的唇膏示人。他的歌詞悲觀沮喪卻發人深省。

樂隊成員在1970年代末開始嘗試推出他們的音樂。他們的第一張專輯Three Imaginary Boys (1979)同他們早期的單曲被認為是在英國以後朋克和新浪潮運動掀起朋克搖滾革命的一部分。樂隊在1980年代早期從哥特搖滾中汲取靈感,音樂主題趨向黑暗和痛苦。在1982年的Pomography專輯發行之後,由於其核心Robert Smith十分希望將樂隊帶回原來陰鬱的風格,使樂隊的未來難以預測。隨著1982年的單曲「Let's Go to Bed」,Smith開始在樂隊的音樂里注入更多流行音樂的感覺。隨後樂隊的人氣日漸增長。特別是在美國,樂隊的歌曲'Just Like Heaven','Lovesong'和「Friday I'm in Love'均進入了公告牌前40位。在1990年代初,治療已成為世界上最受歡迎的另類搖滾樂隊。2004年經粗略統計已有兩千七百萬張專輯售出。至2007年,治療樂隊已經發行了十二張錄音室專輯和三十多張單曲。


Robert Smith – 主唱,吉他,鍵盤 (1976–至今)
Simon Gallup – 貝司,鍵盤,伴唱 (1979–1982, 1985–至今)
Porl Thompson – 吉他,鍵盤 (1976–1978, 1983–1993, 2005–至今)
Jason Cooper – 鼓,打擊樂器 (1995–至今)


Lol Tolhurst – 鼓,打擊樂器,鍵盤,鼓機,其他樂器 (1976–1989)
Michael Dempsey – 貝司,伴唱 (1976–1979)
Matthieu Hartley – 鍵盤 (1979–1980)
Phil Thornalley – 貝司 (1983–1984)
Andy Anderson – 鼓,打擊樂器 (1983–1984)
Boris Williams – 鼓,打擊樂器 (1984–1994)
Roger O'Donnell – 鍵盤,打擊樂器 (1987–1990, 1995–2005)
Perry Bamonte – 鍵盤,吉他,六弦貝司 (1990–2005)
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Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me 英文
1.How Beautiful You Are
2.Hot Hot Hot!!!
4.Just Like Heaven
5.Why Can't I Be You?
8.Like Cockatoos
9.All I Want
10.The Snakepit
11.The Perfect Girl
12.Shiver And Shake
13.One More Time
14.The Kiss
15.If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
16.Icing Sugar
17.A Thousand Hours
Bestival Live 2011 英文
2.Boys Don't Cry
3.Grinding Halt
4.Let's Go To Bed
5.The Lovecats
6.The Walk
7.A Forest
8.Play For Today
9.Jumping Someone Else's Train
10.The Caterpillar
11.Inbetween Days
12.Why Can't I Be You?
14.Fascination Street
17.The End Of The World
18.10:15 Saturday Night
19.Killing Another
After The Rain... 英文
1.Jumping Somone Else's Train
2.Let's Go To Bed
3.A Forest
4.A Strange Day
Three Imaginary Boys 英文
1.It's Not You
Hypnagogic States 英文
2.Exploding Head Syndrome (提供)
3.The Only One
4.Sleep When I'm Dead
5.The Perfect Boy
Join The Dots 英文
2.Dredd Song
4.Happy The Man
5.Harold And Joe
7.I'm Cold
9.Purple Haze
10.Scared As You
11.See The Children (提供)
12.Throw Your Foot
13.To The Sky
Bloodflowers 英文
3.Last Dance
4.Maybe Someday
5.Out Of This World
6.There Is No If...
7.The Loudest Sound
8.Watching Me Fall
9.Where The Birds Always Sing
Galore 英文
1.A Letter To Elise
3.Close To Me
4.Fascination Street
5.Friday I'm In Love
7.Hot Hot Hot !!!
8.Just Like Heaven
11.Mint Car
12.Never Enough
13.Pictures Of You
14.Strange Attraction
15.The 13th
16.Why Can't I Be You
17.Wrong Number
Strange Attraction 英文
1.15 Saturday Night
2.A Forest
3.Boys Don't Cry
5.Charlotte Sometimes
6.Close To Me
7.Hanging Garden
8.In Between Days
9.Jumping Someone Else's Train
10.Killing An Arab
11.Let's Go To Bed
14.Night Like This
15.Other Voices
16.Play For Today
Wild Mood Swings 英文
1.Strange Attraction
2.Club America
5.The 13th
8.Round And Round And Round
10.This Is A Lie
11.Mint Car
13.Jupiter Crash
Quadpus (EP) 英文
1.A Night Like This (EP)
2.A Man Inside My Mouth (EP)
3.New Day (EP)
Show 英文
2.Doing The Unstuck
4.Friday I'm In Love
5.From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
7.In Between Days
8.Just Like Heaven
10.Never Enough
11.Night Like This
13.Pictures Of You
Paris[Live] 英文
2.At Night
3.A Letter To Elise
4.A Letter To Elise(Play Out Vers.)
6.Charlotte Sometimes
7.Close To Me
8.Dressing Up
10.In Your House
12.One Hundred Years
13.Play For Today
Wish 英文
2.Doing The Unstuck
3.From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
4.A Letter To Elise
5.Wendy Time
7.Friday I'm In Love
11.To Wish Impossible Things
Mixed Up 英文
1.A Forest
2.A Forest-killburn Nat'l Version
3.A Forest - Show Version
5.Close To Me
6.Fascination Street
7.Hot Hot Hot !!!
8.In Between Days
11.Never Enough
12.Pictures Of You
Disintegration 英文
3.Fascination Street
5.Last Dance
8.Pictures Of You
10.Prayers For Rain
11.The Same Deep Water As You
Peel Sessions 英文
1.15 Saturday Night
2.Boys Don't Cry
3.Fire In Cairo
4.Killing An Arab
Standing On A Beach 英文
1.15 Saturday Night
2.A Forest
3.A Forest-Killburn Nat'l Version
4.A Forest-Show Version
5.Boys Don't Cry
7.Charlotte Sometimes
8.Close To Me
9.Hanging Garden
10.In Between Days
11.Jumping Someone Else's Train
12.Killing An Arab
13.Let's Go To Bed
15.Night Like This
16.Other Voices
17.Play For Today
The Head On The Door 英文
1.A Night Like This
2.Close To Me
3.Kyoto Song
4.In Between Days
5.The Baby Screams
6.The Blood
7.Six Different Ways
Head On The Door 英文
1.Close To Me
2.In Between Days
3.Kyoto Song
4.Night Like This
8.Six Different Ways
9.The Baby Screams
10.The Blood
Half an Octopuss (EP) 英文
1.Close To Me (EP)
2.Stop Dead
3.A Man Inside My Mouth
4.New Day
The Top 英文
1.Shake Dog Shake
2.Piggy In The Mirror
3.Give Me It
4.Bird Mad Girl
6.The Top
7.Dressing Up
8.The Caterpillar
9.The Empty World
Japanese Whispers 英文
1.Let's Go To Bed
2.The Lovecats
3.The Upstairs Room
4.The Walk
5.The Dream
6.Just One Kiss
7.Speak My Language
Pornography 英文
1.One Hundred Years
2.The Figurehead
3.Siamese Twins
4.A Short Term Effect
5.A Strange Day
6.The Hanging Garden
A Single (Single) 英文
1.Killing An Arab (Live)
2.A Forest (Live)
3.One Hundred Years (Single)
4.The Hanging Garden (Single)
Faith 英文
1.All Cats Are Grey
4.Faith-Tiannemen Version
5.Other Voices
7.The Drowning Man
8.The Funeral Party
9.The Holy Hour
Seventeen Seconds 英文
1.Play For Today
2.A Forest
4.At Night
5.In Your House
6.Seventeen Seconds
Boys Don't Cry 英文
1.10.15 Saturday Night
3.Another Day
4.Boys Don't Cry
5.Fire In Cairo
6.Grinding Halt
7.Jumping Someone Else's Train
8.Killing An Arab
9.Plastic Passion
10.So What?
11.Subway Song
12.Three Imaginary Boys
Unplugged and More 英文
1.The Holy Hour
2.The Blood (unplugged)
3.The Caterpillar (unplugged)
4.10:15 Saturday Night
5.Play for Today
6.All Cats Are Grey
7.Other Voices
9.The Funeral Party
10.The Drowning Man
11.Just Like Heaven (unplugged)
Ultratraxx presents The Cure: The Ultratraxx Remixe 英文
1.Burn (extended Ultratraxx ''The Crow'' remix)
2.Lullaby (extended Ultratraxx ''Spider'' remix)
3.A Forest (extended Ultratraxx remix)
4.Let's Go to Bed (extended Ultratraxx remix)
5.Close to Me (extended Ultratraxx remix)
6.Boys Don't Cry (extended Ultratraxx remix)
7.Friday I'm in Love (extended Ultratraxx remix)
Ultra Rare Trax 英文
1.Why Can't I Be You?
2.In Between Days (remix)
3.Fascination Street (Art of mix)
4.Doing the Unstuck
6.Grinding Halt
11.Lullaby (Art of mix)
12.Friday I'm in Love
13.Never Enough
14.Friday I'm in Love (Strangelove mix)
15.Boys Don't Cry
16.A Forest (Fuck Robert Palmer version)
The Only One 英文
1.NY Trip2.The Only One
The Head On the Door (Remastered) [Bonus Version] 英文
1.In Between Days (Instrumental) [RS Home Demo 12/84]
2.The Baby Screams
4.The Blood
5.Kyoto Song
6.In Between Days
7.Close to Me
10.Six Different Ways
11.Sinking (Live Bootleg - Bercy Paris 12/85)
12.The Baby Screams (Live Bootleg - Bercy Paris 12/85)
13.Close to Me (Fitz / F2 Studios Demo 2/85)
14.A Man Inside My Mouth (Fitz / F2 Studios Demo 2/85)
15.A Few Hours After This... (Fitz / F2 Studios Demo 2/85)
16.Push (Instrumental) [RS Home Demo 12/84]
17.A Night Like This
The Cure - Greatest Hits 英文
1.The Walk - Acoustic Version
2.Close To Me
3.Inbetween Days
4.The Lovecats
7.Never Enough - Single Version
9.Mint Car
10.Cut Here
11.Just Say Yes
12.The Walk
13.Wrong Number
14.Let's Go To Bed
15.Why Can't I Be You?
16.The Lovecats - Acoustic Version
17.Just Like Heaven - Acoustic Version
18.Love Song - Acoustic Version
19.Never Enough - Acoustic Version
20.High - Acoustic Version
21.Friday I'm In Love - Acoustic Version
22.Cut Here - Acoustic Version
23.Boys Don't Cry
24.Just Like Heaven
25.Friday I'm In Love
26.Just Say Yes - Acoustic Version
27.A Forest - Shortened Edit
28.A Forest - Acoustic Version
The Cure (2004 Release) 英文
1.I Don't Know What's Going On
Slashed With Lipstick 英文
1.Club America (live at the Adrenaline Village UK)
2.Bare (live at the Adrenaline Village UK)
3.Jupiter Crash (live at the Adrenaline Village UK)
4.Friday I'm in Love (live at Tfif Studios UK)
5.Just Like Heaven (live on MTV)
Show (US Release) 英文
1.Pictures Of You - Live Detroit Version
2.From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea - Live Detroit Version
3.In Between Days - Live Detroit Version
4.Friday I'm In Love - Live Detroit Version
5.Doing The Unstuck - Live Detroit Version
6.Trust - Live Detroit Version
7.A Night Like This - Live Detroit Version
8.Just Like Heaven [Live Detroit Version]
9.Lullaby - Live Detroit Version
10.Never Enough - Live Detroit Version
Show (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan) 英文
1.Open (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
2.End (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
3.Cut (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
4.Never Enough (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
5.From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
6.In Between Days (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
7.Friday I'm In Love (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
8.Let's Go to Bed (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
9.The Walk (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
10.Doing the Unstuck (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
11.Trust (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
12.A Night Like This (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
13.Fascination Street (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
14.Just Like Heaven (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
15.Lullaby (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
16.Pictures of You (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
17.High (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
18.Tape (Live At the Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan)
Sessions@AOL 英文
1.Before Three (Live)
2.The End of the World (Live)
3.Love Song (Live)
4.The Edge of the Deep Green Sea (Live)
5.Lost (Live)
6.Just Like Heaven (Live)
Razor Rare, Volume 2: Remixes 英文
1.Fascination Street (extended 5th Ave. remix)
2.In Between Days (extended 12' remix)
3.Just Like Heaven (12' remix)
Rarities 英文
2.Faded Smiles (demo)
3.Club America (demo)
4.Hello I Love You (Psychedelic version) (提供)
5.Just Like Heaven (Fun radio version)
6.Jupiter Crash (demo)
Pictures of You 英文
1.Fear of Ghosts
2.Fascination Street (live)
3.Disintegration (live)
4.Last Dance (live)
Perfect Boy 英文
1.The Perfect Boy2.Without You
Paris 英文
1.The Figurehead - Live At Zenith, Paris
2.A Letter to Elise
3.Close to Me
4.The Figurehead
5.One Hundred Years
6.At Night
7.Play for Today
9.In Your House
12.Charlotte Sometimes
13.Close To Me - Live At Zenith, Paris
14.One Hundred Years - Live At Zenith, Paris
15.At Night - Live At Zenith, Paris
16.Play For Today - Live At Zenith, Paris
17.Apart - Live At Zenith, Paris
18.Lovesong - Live At Zenith, Paris
19.Catch - Live At Zenith, Paris
20.A Letter To Elise - Live At Zenith, Paris
21.Dressing Up - Live At Zenith, Paris
22.Charlotte Sometimes - Live At Zenith, Paris
23.Dressing Up
Paris (US Release) 英文
1.The Figurehead - Live Paris Version
2.Close To Me - Live Paris Version
3.Charlotte Sometimes - Live Paris Version
4.Dressing Up - Live Paris Version
5.A Letter To Elise - Live Paris Version
6.Catch - Live Paris Version
7.In Your House - Live Paris Version
8.Apart - Live Paris Version
9.Play For Today - Live Paris Version
10.At Night - Live Paris Version
11.One Hundred Years - Live Paris Version
12.Love Song
Mixes & Remixes 英文
1.Boy's Don't Cry (extended 12' dance version)
2.Why Can't I Be You? (12' remix)
3.Close to Me (extended 12' mix)
4.Fascination Street (extended Art of 5th Avenue remix)
5.In Between Days (extended U.S. version)
6.Just Like Heaven (remix)
MTV Unplugged 英文
1.Let's Go to Bed (acoustic)
2.In Between Days (acoustic)
3.If Only Tonight We Could Sleep (acoustic)
4.The Blood (acoustic)
5.The Walk (acoustic)
6.Mint Car (acoustic)
7.The Caterpillar (acoustic)
8.Lullaby (acoustic)
9.Just Like Heaven (acoustic)
10.A Letter to Elise (acoustic)
Live at Reading Festival 2012 (Live) 英文
1.Sleep When I'm Dead (Live)
2.The Hungry Ghost (Live)
3.End (Live)
4.Boys Don't Cry (Live)
5.High (Live)
6.The End of the World (Live)
7.Lovesong (Live)
8.Want (Live)
9.Banana Fishbones (Live)
10.Just Like Heaven (Live)
11.Primary (Live)
12.Friday I'm in Love (Live)
13.Pictures of You (Live)
14.Doing the Unstuck (Live)
15.Trust (Live)
16.From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea (Live)
17.Wrong Number (Live)
18.In Between Days (Live)
19.Open (Live)
20.Lullaby (Live)
21.The Caterpillar (Live)
22.A Forest (Live)
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (Remastered) [Bonus Version] 英文
1.The Kiss (Instrumental) [RS Home Demo 3/86]
3.How Beautiful You Are
4.Hey You!
5.All I Want
6.Hot Hot Hot!!!
7.One More Time
8.Like Cockatoos
9.Icing Sugar
10.The Perfect Girl
13.Shiver and Shake
14.The Snakepit
15.A Thousand Hours (Miraval Studio Guide Vocal / Rough Mix 10/86)
16.Icing Sugar (Miraval Studio Guide Vocal / Rough Mix 10/86)
17.How Beautiful You Are (Live Bootleg - County Bowl Santa Barbara 7/87)
18.The Snakepit (Live Bootleg - County Bowl Santa Barbara 7/87)
19.Catch (Live Bootleg - NEC Birmingham 12/87)
20.Torture (Live Bootleg - NEC Birmingham 12/87)
21.Fight (Live Bootleg - Bercy Paris 12/87)
22.Why Can't I Be You? (Live Bootleg - Wembley Arena London 12/87)
23.Just Like Heaven
24.If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
25.Why Can't I Be You?
Hypnagogic States (Bonus Version) 英文
1.The Only One (Remix 4 By 30 Seconds to Mars)
2.Freakshow (Wolves At the Gate Remix By Jade Puget [AFI])
3.Sleep When I'm Dead (Remix 4 By Gerard Way [MCR] and Julien-K)
4.The Perfect Boy (Remix 4 By Patrick Stump / Pete Wentz [FOB])
5.Exploding Head Syndrome (4 Single Remix By 65 Days of Static)
From Festival 2005 (Live Audio Version) 英文
1.Alt.End (Live from Festival 2005)
2.Push (Live from Festival 2005)
3.In Between Days (Live from Festival 2005)
Forbidden Toxic Medicine 英文
1.Hot Hot Hot (Kevorkian / Germain extended US remix)
2.Fascination Street (Art of Crew remix)
3.Close to Me (Paul's Horny dub remix)
4.In Between Days (remix)
5.Friday I'm in Love (extended Strangelove-mix)
6.A Forest (Mark's Hypnotic remix)
Doctor Robert's Surgery 英文
1.Bananafishbones (demo)
2.Forever (John Peel session January 1981)
3.In Between Days (Saturday Live session July 1985)
4.Just Like Heaven (MTV unplugged January 1991)
5.A Forest (John Peel session March 1980)
Disintegration (Remastered) 英文
3.Pictures of You
6.Last Dance
8.Fascination Street
9.Prayers for Rain
12.The Same Deep Water As You
13.Untitled - Remastered
14.Homesick - Remastered
15.Plainsong - Remastered
16.Pictures Of You - Remastered
17.Closedown - Remastered
18.Lovesong - Remastered
19.Last Dance - Remastered
20.Lullaby - Remastered
21.Fascination Street - Remastered
22.Prayers For Rain - Remastered
23.The Same Deep Water As You - Remastered
24.Disintegration - Remastered
Concert 英文
1.Shake Dog Shake - Live Version (1984)
2.A Forest
3.Shake Dog Shake
5.The Hanging Garden
6.Give Me It
7.One Hundred Years
8.Killing an Arab
9.The Walk
10.Charlotte Sometimes
11.Killing An Arab - New Version / Live Version (1984)
12.Primary - Live Version (1984)
13.The Hanging Garden - Live Version (1984)
14.Give Me It - Live Version (1984)
15.The Walk - Live Version (1984)
16.One Hundred Years - Live Version (1984)
17.A Forest - Live Version (1984)
18.10:15 Saturday Night - New Version / Live Version (1984)
19.10:15 Saturday Night
Collector's Kaleidoscope 英文
1.A Few Hours After This
2.Purple Haze
3.Throw Your Foot
4.To the Sky
5.Dredd Song (Promo version)
6.The Blood (acoustic version 1991)
7.Close to Me (demo)
8.Just Like Heaven (live at Great Expectations)
9.A Forest (BBC session 1980)
Close to Me 英文
1.Close to Me (12'' mix)
2.Why Can't I Be You? (extended mix)
3.Stop Dead
4.A Man Inside My Mouth
5.Just Like Heaven (Dizzy mix)
Alternative Rarities 1988-1989 英文
1.Fascination Street (instrumental demo 9/88)
2.Disintegration (live Dallas Starplex 9/15/89)
3.Faith (live Rome Palaeur 6/4/89 - Crowd Bootleg)
4.Homesick (instrumental demo 9/88)
AOL Sessions (LIVE) 英文
1.The End Of The World - AOL Session (Live)
2.Love Song - AOL Session Texted w/ Bug
3.The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea - AOL Session (Live)
4 13 Dream 英文
1.It's Over
4.The Hungry Ghost
5.The Real Snow White
6.The Reasons Why
7.The Scream
8.This. Here And Now. With You
9.Underneath The Stars
10.The Only One
11.Sleep When I'm Dead
12.The Perfect Boy
3x3x3 英文
1.Pictures of You (Remastered)
2.Closedown (Remastered)
3.Lovesong (Remastered)
4.The Same Deep Water As You (Band Instrumental Demo)
5.Lullaby (Entreat Plus - Live 1989)
6.Fascination Street (Entreat Plus - Live 1989)
7.Disintegration (Entreat Plus - Live 1989)
暫存3 英文
1.Punish Me With Kisses
2.Relax (提供)
4.The Big Hand(play Out Vers.)
5.The Three Sisters (提供)
6.The Tightrope (提供)
7.This Green City
8.Uyea Sound (提供)
9.Wendy Time(play Out Vers)
10.Foxy Lady
11.All Day And All Of The Night
12.Pirate Ships
13.You're So Happy
14.La Ment (Flexipop Version)
15.2 Late
18.Signal to Noise
19.Icing Sugar (Studio Alternative Mix)
20.Hey You! (Studio Demo) (提供)
21.The Snakepit - Live Bootleg
22.How Beautiful You Are - Live Bootleg
23.Fight (Live Bootleg)
24.Torture (Live Bootleg)
25.Perfect Girl
26.In Between Days - Remastered
27.The Baby Screams [Live Bootleg - Bercy Paris 12/85]
28.Screw - Remastered
29.Push - Remastered
30.Sinking [Live Bootleg - Bercy Paris 12/85]
31.Ariel (Robert Smith Home Demo)
32.Birdmad Girl (Studio Demo)
33.Dressing Up (Studio Alternative Mix)
34.Give Me It (Studio Demo)
35.The Empty World (Live Bootleg)
36.Bananafishbones (Live Bootleg)
37.The Hanging Garden [Rhino Studio Demo]
38.All Mine - Live In The Hammersmith Odeon London 5/82
39.Pornography - Live In The Hammersmith Odeon London 5/82
40.A Strange Day - Live In The Hammersmith Odeon London 5/82
41.Temptation Two (aka LGTB) [R.S. Studio Demo 7/82]
42.A Normal Story [Faith Studio Guide Vox Outtake Feb. 1981]
43.The Funeral Party - Live Somewhere Summer /81
44.All Cats Are Grey - Live Somewhere Summer /81
45.Faith - RS Home Instrumental Demo 8/80
46.Faith [Live in the Sydney Capitol Theatre Aug. 1981]
47.Primary [Morgan Studio Outtake Sept 1980]
48.Doubt (Remastered LP Version)
49.The Holy Hour (Remastered LP Version)
51.Seventeen Seconds [Live in Amsterdam Jan. 1980]
52.Secrets (Remastered LP Version)
53.M (Remastered LP Version)
54.Seventeen Seconds (Remastered LP Version)
55.Subway Song - Live In Nottingham 10/79
56.Play With Me - 3IB Studio Out-Take 10/78
57.Faded Smiles (aka I Don't Know) - 3IB Studio Out-Take 10/78
58.Winter - 3IB Studio Out-Take 10/78
59.10:15 Saturday Night - Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78
60.Boys Don't Cry - Chestnut Studio Demo 5/78
61.Grinding Halt - Group Home Demo 4/78
62.The Cocktail Party - Group Home Demo
63.Accuracy - Live In Nottingham 10/79
64.10:15 Saturday Night - Live In Nottingham 10/79
65.I Just Need Myself (PSI Studio Demo 1/78)
66.I Want to Be Old (Sav Studio Demo 10/77)
67.Play With Me (Three Imaginary Boys Studio Outtake 10/78)
68.In Between Days (45 version)
69.More Than This - From The X-Files: The Album
70.Hey You!!! - Remix
71.Japanese Dream
72.Burn - From The Crow OST
73.Plainsong - Live at Wembley 07/89 - remix 07/09
74.Out Of Mind [Studio Rough (guide vocal)-11/88]
75.The Same Deep Water As You - Live at Wembley 07/89 - remix 07/09
76.Disintegration - Live at Wembley 07/89 - remix 07/09
77.Homesick - Live at Wembley 07/89 - remix 07/09
78.Jumping Someone Else's Train - Bestival Live 2011
79.Hot Hot Hot!!! - Bestival Live 2011
80.The Lovecats - Bestival Live 2011
81.Plainsong - Live at Bestival 2011
82.Open - Live at Bestival 2011
83.Friday I'm in Love - Live at Bestival 2011
84.The Only One - Live at Bestival 2011
85.The Hungry Ghost - Bestival Live 2011
86.Boys Don't Cry - Live at Bestival 2011
87.Lullaby (LP version)
88.Strange Attraction (album mix)
90.Letter To Elise
91.Hello I Love You (Psychedelic mix)
92.The Expolding Boy
93.A Forest (Mark Plati mix)
94.Lovesong (LP version)
95.Inbetween Days (Robert Smith Home Demo)
96.Kyoto Song (Studio Demo)
97.The Baby Screams (Live Bootleg)
98.Faded Smiles
99.More Than This (From 'the X-Files')
暫存2 英文
1.A Pink Dream
2.Perfect Murder
6.Jumping On Someone Else's Train (Single Version)
7.The Bird Mad Girl
8.Why Can't Be You?
9.Why Can't I Be Me
10.The Exploding Boy (LP Version)
11.Off To Sleep (提供)
12.Harold and Joe
13.Love Song (Remix Version)
14.The Only One (Mix 13)
15.It's Not You (Chestnut Studio Demo)
16.Pictures of You (Extended Dub Mix)
17.Sadacic (Demo Version)
18.Just Heaven
19.Shake Dog Shake (Live)
20.Caterpillar (Flicker Mix)
21.A Forest (live in France 6/80)
22.Why Can't I Be Like You?
23.This Twilight Garden
24.The Walk (Everything Mix)
25.Like An Animal
26.A Short Term Effect (Live)
27.Pornography (Live)
28.Cold (Live)
29.One Hundred Years (Studio Demo)
30.The Figurehead (Studio Demo)
31.Icing Sugar (Weird Remix)
32.Hey You!!! (Kevorkian 12' Remix)
33.A Strange Day (Live In the Hammersmith Odean 5/82)
34.At Night (live in France 6/80)
35.M (live in Arnhem 5/80)
36.This Morning
38.Close to Me ( Closest Mix )
39.A Few Hours After This....
40.I'm Cold
41.A Chain of Flowers
42.Why Can't I Be With You?
43.Cure - Just Like Heaven
44.Let's Go To Bed (Milk Mix)
45.The Walk (Live)
46.Mr. Alphabet Says
47.The Big Hand
48.Wrong Number (P2P Mix)
49.Signal to Noise (Acoustic Version)
50.Out of This World (Oakenfold Remix)
52.Maybe Someday (Acoustic Mix)
53.A Japanese Dream
54.I'm a Cult Hero (Cult Hero Live In the Marquee Club London March 1980)
55.M (Live In Arnhem May 1980)
56.Play for Today (Live In France June 1980)
57.At Night (Live In France)
58.Heroin Face (Single Version)
59.Hello I Love You (Slight Return Mix)
60.Subway Song (Live In Nottingham)
61.The Funeral Party (Live Summer 1981)
62.Other Voices (Live Summer 1981)
63.Hello I Love You (Unreleased Psychedelic Mix)
64.Play With Me (Three Imaginary Boys Studio Outtake)
65.The Edge of the Deep Green Sea
66.Mr. Pink Eyes
68.The Expolding Boy (LP Version)
71.Us Or Them
72.Wrong Number (Real Version)
73.10 15 Saturday Night
74.A Few Hours After This
75.Mouth To Mouth
77.Cut(play Out Vers.)
78.In Your House (curiousity Version)
79.M (gallup/hartley/smith/tolhurst)
80.A Blues In Drag (提供)
81.All I Have To Do Is Kill Her
82.Another Journey By Train (提供)
84.Big Hand
85.Chain Of Flowers
86.Cloudberry (提供)
87.Descent (提供)
88.Desperate Journalist
89.Do The Hansa (提供)
90.Happy Birthday / Three
91.Heroin Face
92.I Just Need Myself
暫存1 英文
1.The Last Day Of Summer
2.Coming Up
3.Round & Round & Round
4.It Used to Be Me
5.Hey You!!!
6.If Only Tonight We Could Sleep?
7.Wailing Wall
8.Carnage Visors (提供)
9.A Reflection (提供)
10.I'm a Cult Hero
13.So What
14.World War
16.More Than This
17.The Taste Of Ink
18.Down Under
19.Never Enough (Big Mix)
20.Boys Don't Cry (Single Version)
21.Cold (Live In the Hammersmith Odean 5/82)
22.I Want To Be Old (studio demo)
23.Out Of Mind
24.You Really Got Me
25.This Is a Lie (Ambient Mix)
26.Taking Off
28.Splintered In Her Head
29.Happy the Man
30.Sugar Girl
31.Hello I Love You
32.Fascination Street ( Extended Mix )
33.The Loudest Song
34.Doing the Unstuck (Saunders 12' Remix)
35.The Drowning Man (Live Australasia Aug. 1981)
36.Charlotte Sometimes (Single Version)
37.The Figurehead (Rhino Studio Demo)
38.One Hundred Years (Rhino Studio Demo)
39.Pornography (Live In the Hammersmith Odean 5/82)
40.A Short Term Effect (Live In Brussels 6/82)
41.Siamese Twins (Live In Brussels 6/82)
42.I Dig You
43.In Your House (Live In Amsterdam Jan. 1980)
44.I Dig You (Cult Hero Live In the Marquee Club London March 1980)
45.Truth Goodness And Beauty
47.Meat Hook
48.Heroin Face (live)
49.The Exploding Boy
50.10:15 Saturday Night (Robert Smith Home Demo)
51.Snow In Summer
52.Boys Don't Cry (Chestnut Studio Demo)
53.I'm Cold (Sav Studio Demo)
54.Primary (Red Mix)
55.The Drowning Man (Live in Australasia 8/81)
56.Other Voices (Live 81)
57.The Funeral Party (live 81)
58.All Cats are Grey (live 81)
59.Pillbox Tales
60.Winter (Three Imaginary Boys Studio Outtake)
61.Fire In Cairo (Chestnut Studio Demo)
62.Accuracy (live)
63.Subway Song (live)
64.Jumping Someone Else's Train (extra album track)
65.World War (rare album track)
66.Winter (studio out-take)
67.Fire in Cairo (studio demo)
68.10.15 Saturday Night (studio demo)
69.It's Not You (studio demo)
70.Boys Don't Cry (studio demo)
71.Friday I'm In Love (Strangelove Mix)
72.One Hundred Years (Live)
73.Give Me It (Live)
74.The Hanging Garden (Live)
75.Going Nowhere
76.A Foolish Arrangement
77.Grinding Halt (home demo)
78.10.15 Saturday Night (home demo)
79.I Just Need Myself (studio demo)
80.I'm Cold (studio demo)
81.Your God Is Fear
84.Before Three
85.The Promise
86.Cut Here (Acoustic Version)
87.I Just Need Myself (PSL Studio Demo)
88.10:15 Saturday Night (Chestnut Studio Demo)
89.Lovesong (Acoustic Version)
90.The Perfect Boy (Remix 4 By Patrick Stump / Pete Wentz [Fob])
91.Lovesong [Extended Mix]
92.Young Americans
93.World In My Eyes
94.I Want to Be Old
暫存 英文
1.Dredd Song (From 'Judge Dredd')
2.Young Americans (From 104.9 XFM Compilation)
3.Burn (From 'the Crow')
4.Lament (Flexipop Magazine Cover Release)
5.Fire in Cairo (Digitalism in Cairo remix)
6.Apart (Renholdër remix)
7.The Dragon Hunters Song
8.Close To Me (Extended Version)
9.In Between Days (extended version)
10.Bloodflowers (live 2002)
11.Babble (Alternative Version) - Studio Instrumental Rough
12.Homesick - Entreat Plus - Live 1989
13.Plainsong - Entreat Plus - Live 1989
14.Last Dance - Studio Guide Vocal Rough
15.Pirate Ships (Robert Smith Solo) [Rough Mix]
16.The End of the World (RS Mix) [Single Edit]
17.Underneath the Stars (Renholder Remix)
18.Sleep When I'm Dead (mix 13)
19.The Walk (Infusion remix edit)
20.Friday I'm in Love (strangelove remix)
21.High (single mix)
22.Other Voices (live)
23.All Kinds of Stuff
24.Gone! (radio mix)
25.Maybe Someday (Hybrid mix)
26.Hot Hot Hot!!! (extended remix)
27.Why Can't I Be You (Extented mix)
28.The Perfect Boy (mix 13)
30.Love Will Tear Us Apart

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