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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Who( 何許人合唱團 )
The Who( 何許人合唱團 )【 共收藏 50 張專輯, 1118 首歌 】
何許人合唱團(英語:The Who)是一支英國搖滾樂團,他們在1964年成軍。樂隊後來成為一直以來最受高評和最受歡迎的搖滾藝術家之一,其現場演出尤其被推崇備至,被形容為「可能是史上最佳的現場演出樂團」。樂團大部分時間及經典陣容為主唱羅傑·多特里、吉他手皮特·湯申德、貝司手John Entwistle及鼓手Keith Moon。在Keith Moon及John Entwistle先後在1978年及2002年離世,包括了1983年—1988年,及1990年—1995年的隱退期,誰人經歷一段長時間的過離合及巡迴演出後,最新錄音室專輯《Endless Wire》在2006年10月30日推出。1990年被引入搖滾名人堂。
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Maximum As & Bs 英文
1.Zoot Suit
2.I'm The Face
3.I Can't Explain
4.Bald Headed Woman (提供)
5.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
6.Daddy Rolling Stone
7.My Generation
8.Shout And Shimmy
10.Instant Party Mixture (提供)
11.A Legal Matter
12.The Kids Are Alright
13.The Ox (提供)
14.La - La - La - Lies (提供)
15.The Good's Gone
18.Waltz For A Pig (提供)
19.I'm A Boy
20.In The City
22.Batman (提供)
23.Bucket T
24.Barbara Ann
25.Happy Jack
26.I've Been Away
27.Pictures Of Lily
28.Doctor, Doctor
29.The Last Time
30.Under My Thumb
31.I Can See For Miles
32.Someone's Coming
34.Call Me Lightning
35.Magic Bus
36.Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (提供)
37.Pinball Wizard
38.Dogs Part Two (提供)
39.The Seeker
40.Here For More
41.Summertime Blues
42.Heaven And Hell
43.See Me, Feel Me
44.Overture (提供)
46.I'm Free
47.Won't Get Fooled Again
48.Don't Know Myself (提供)
49.Let's See Action
50.When I Was A Boy
51.Join Together
52.Baby Don't You Do It
54.Waspman (提供)
55.5.15 (提供)
57.Listening To You / See Me, Feel Me (提供)
58.Overture From Tommy (提供)
59.Squeeze Box
60.Success Story
61.Who Are You
62.Had Enough
63.Long Live Rock
64.My Wife
65.5 : 15 (提供)
66.I'm One
67.You Better You Bet
68.The Quiet One
69.Don't Let Go The Coat
72.A Man Is A Man
73.Eminence Front
74.It's Your Turn
75.Twist And Shout
76.I Can't Explain
77.Bony Moronie (提供)
78.Join Together
79.I Can See For Miles
80.Behind Blue Eyes
81.Real Good Looking Boy
82.Old Red Wine
83.Sound Round
84.Pick Up The Peace
85.Endless Wire
86.We Got A Hit
87.They Make My Dream Come True
88.Mirror Door
89.I Can't Explain
The Who Hits 50! 英文
1.Zoot Suit
2.I Can't Explain
3.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
4.My Generation
6.The Kids Are Alright
7.I'm A Boy
8.Happy Jack
9.Boris The Spider
10.Pictures Of Lily
11.The Last Time
12.I Can See For Miles
13.Call Me Lightning
15.Magic Bus
16.I'm Free
17.The Seeker
18.Summertime Blues
19.See Me, Feel Me
The Who Sell Out 英文
Polydor (UK)
1.Armenia City In The Sky
2.Heinz Baked Beans
3.Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands
6.Our Love Was
7.I Can See For Miles
8.I Can't Reach You
11.Silas Stingy
14.Rael II
15.Glittering Girl
17.Someone's Coming
19.Early Morning Cold Taxi
20.Hall of the Mountain King (提供)
21.Girl's Eyes
22.Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand(Alternative Version)
23.Glow Girl
Quadrophenia 英文
1.I Am The Sea
2.The Real Me
3.Quadrophenia (提供)
4.Cut My Hair
5.The Punk Meets The Godfather
6.I'm One
7.The Dirty Jobs
8.Helpless Dancer
9.Is It In My Head
10.I've Had Enough
12.Sea And Sand
14.Bell Boy
16.The Rock (提供)
17.Love Reign O'er Me
18.Get Out And Stay Out
19.Four Faces
20.Joker James (提供)
Tommy 英文
2.It's a Boy
3.You Didn't Hear It(1921)
4.Amazing Journey
5.Sparks (提供)
6.Eyesight To The Blind(The Hawker)
8.Cousin Kevin
9.The Acid Queen
10.Underture (提供)
11.Do You Think It's Alright
12.Fiddle About
13.Pinball Wizard
14.There's a Doctor I've Found
15.Go to the Mirror Boy
16.Tommy Can You Hear Me
17.Smash the Mirror
19.Miracle Cure
20.Sally Simpson
21.I'm Free
23.Tommy's Holiday Camp
24.We're Not Gonna Take It
Odds & Sods 英文
1.I'm the Face
2.Leaving Here
3.Baby Don't You Do It
4.Summertime Blues
5.Under My Thumb
6.Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hand
7.My Way
8.Faith in Something Bigger
9.Glow Girl
10.Little Billy
11.Young Man Blues
12.Cousin Kevin Model Child (提供)
13.Love Ain't For Keeping
14.Time Is Passing
15.Pure and Easy
16.Too Much of Anything
17.Long Live Rock
18.Put the Money Down
19.We Close Tonight
21.Now I'm A Farmer
23.Naked Eye
Lowdown 英文
1.Introduction (提供)
2.Who's Who (提供)
3.Under New Management (提供)
4.Pop-Art Breakthrough (提供)
5.Legal Matters (提供)
6.All Sold Out (提供)
7.From Pop Idols to Rock Gods (提供)
8.Madness in the Lifehouse (提供)
9.Before the Fall (提供)
10.End of an Era (提供)
11.Lost (提供)
12.Mysterious Death of the Ox (提供)
The Ultimate Collection 英文
1.I Can't Explain
2.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3.My Generation
4.The Kids Are Alright
5.A Legal Matter
7.I'm A Boy
8.Boris the Spider
9.Happy Jack
10.Pictures of Lily
11.I Can See For Miles
12.Call Me Lightning
13.Magic Bus
14.Pinball Wizard
15.I'm Free
16.See Me, Feel Me
17.The Seeker
18.Summertime Blues(Live)
19.My Wife
20.Baba O'Riley
22.Behind Blue Eyes
23.Won't Get Fooled Again
24.Let's See Action
25.Pure and Easy
26.Join Together
27.Long Live Rock
28.The Real Me
30.Love Reign O'er Me
31.Squeeze Box
32.Who Are You
33.Sister Disco
34.You Better You Bet
35.Eminence Front
36.Substitute(Rare U.S.Single Version)
37.I'm A Boy(Early Version)
38.Happy Jack(Acoustic Version)
39.Magic Bus(U.K.Single Version)
The Bbc Sessions 英文
1.My Generation(Radio 1 Jingle)
2.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3.Good Lovin'
4.Just You And Me, Darling (提供)
5.Leaving Here
6.My Generation
7.The Good's Gone
8.La La La Lies
10.Dancing In The Street
12.I'm A Boy
13.Run, Run, Run
14.Boris the Spider
15.Happy Jack
16.See My Way
17.Pictures of Lily
18.A Quick One While He's Away
19.Substitute(Version 2)
20.The Seeker
21.I'm Free
22.Shakin' All Over
24.Long Live Rock
25.Boris the Spider(Radio 1 Jingle)
Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 英文
Eagle Rock/Eagle Records
1.The Acid Queen
It's Hard 英文
2.It's Your Turn
3.Cooks County
4.It's Hard
6.Eminence Front
7.I've Known No War
8.One Life's Enough
Greatest Hits 英文
Geffen Records
1.I Cant Explain
2.My Generation
3.The Kids Are Alright
5.Happy Jack
6.Pictures Of Lily
7.I Can See For Miles
8.Magic Bus
9.Pinball Wizard
10.Behind Blue Eyes
11.Baba ORiley
12.Wont Get Fooled Again
13.Love,Reign Oer Me
14.Squeeze Box
15.Who Are You
16.You Better You Bet
17.Eminence Front
18.Real Good Looking Boy
19.It's Not Enough
Endless Wire 英文
1.Mike Post Theme2.Fragments
A Quick One 英文
1.Run, Run, Run
2.Boris the Spider
3.I Need You
4.Whiskey Man
5.Heat Wave
6.Cobwebs and Strange (提供)
7.Don't Look Away
8.See My Way
9.So Sad About Us
10.A Quick One While He's Away
11.Happy Jack
Then & Now 1965-2004 英文
1.I Can't Explain
2.Real Good Looking Boy
3.Old Red Wine
Maximum Bbc 英文
1.Just You And Me
2.Leaving Here
3.Good Lovin'
4.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
5.The Good's Gone
6.My Generation
7.La La La Lies
8.Man With The Money
10.Dancing In The Street
12.I'm A Boy
13.So Sad About Us
14.Run, Run, Run
15.Boris the Spider
16.Happy Jack
17.See My Way
18.I Can't Reach You
19.Our Love Was
20.I Can See For Miles
21.Pictures of Lily
22.Summertime Blues
23.I'm Free
24.The Seeker
25.Shakin' All Over
27.Pinball Wizard
Who's Last 英文
1.My Generation
2.I Can't Explain
4.Behind Blue Eyes
5.Baba O'Riley
6.Boris the Spider
7.Who Are You
8.Pinball Wizard
9.See Me, Feel Me
10.Love Reign O'er Me
11.Long Live Rock(Reprise)
12.Won't Get Fooled Again
13.Dr. Jimmy
14.Magic Bus
15.Summertime Blues
16.Twist And Shout
Live At Leeds-Deluxe Edition 英文
1.Heaven and Hell
2.I Can't Explain
3.Fortune Teller
5.Young Man Blues
7.Happy Jack
8.I'm A Boy
9.A Quick One While He's Away
10.Summertime Blues
11.Shakin' All Over
12.My Generation
13.Magic Bus
15.It's a Boy
17.Amazing Journey
18.Sparks (提供)
19.Eyesight To The Blind(The Hawker)
21.Acid Queen
22.Pinball Wizard
23.Do You Think It's Alright
24.Fiddle About
25.Tommy Can You Hear Me
26.There's a Doctor I've Found
27.Go to the Mirror Boy
28.Smash the Mirror
29.Miracle Cure
30.Sally Simpson
31.I'm Free
32.Tommy's Holiday Camp
33.We're Not Gonna Take It
The Who By Numbers 英文
1.Slip Kid
2.However Much I Booze
3.Squeeze Box
4.Dreaming From The Waist
5.Imagine A Man
6.Success Story
7.They Are All In Love
8.Blue Red And Grey
9.How Many Friends
10.In A Hand Or A Face
The Best Of The Who 英文
1.My Generation
2.Happy Jack
3.I Can See For Miles
4.Magic Bus
5.Pinball Wizard
6.Squeeze Box
7.Behind Blue Eyes
8.Who Are You
9.Join Together
10.Won't Get Fooled Again
Live At Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 英文
1.Heaven and Hell
2.I Can't Explain
3.Young Man Blues
4.I Don't Even Know Myself
7.It's a Boy
9.Amazing Journey
10.Sparks (提供)
11.Eyesight To The Blind(The Hawker)
13.Acid Queen
14.Pinball Wizard
15.Do You Think It's Alright
16.Fiddle About
17.Tommy Can You Hear Me
18.There's a Doctor I've Found
19.Go to the Mirror Boy
20.Smash the Mirror
21.Miracle Cure
22.I'm Free
23.Tommy's Holiday Camp
24.We're Not Gonna Take It
25.Summertime Blues
26.Shakin' All Over/Spoonful/Twist And Shout
28.My Generation
29.Naked Eye
30.Magic Bus
The Very Best Of The Who 英文
1.I Can't Explain
2.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3.My Generation
5.I'm A Boy
6.Boris the Spider
7.Happy Jack
8.Pictures of Lily
9.I Can See For Miles
10.Magic Bus
11.Pinball Wizard
12.The Seeker
13.Baba O'Riley
14.Won't Get Fooled Again
15.Let's See Action
17.Join Together
18.Squeeze Box
19.Who Are You(Single Edit Version)
20.You Better You Bet
Who's Next 英文
1.Baba O'riley
3.Love Ain't For Keeping
4.My Wife
5.Song Is Over
6.Gettin' In Tune
7.Goin' Mobile
8.Behind Blue Eyes
9.Won't Get Fooled Again
10.Pure And Easy
11.Baby Don't You Do It
12.Naked Eye
14.Too Much Of Anything
15.I Don't Even Know Myself
16.Behind Blue Eyes
Live At Leed-Remaster 英文
1.Heaven and Hell
2.I Can't Explain
3.Fortune Teller
5.Young Man Blues
7.Happy Jack
8.I'm A Boy
9.A Quick One While He's Away
10.Amazing Journey/Sparks
11.Summertime Blues
12.Shakin' All Over
13.My Generation
14.Magic Bus
30 Years Of Maximum R&B 英文
1.I'm the Face
2.Here 'Tis
3.Zoot Suit
4.Leaving Here
5.I Can't Explain
6.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
7.Daddy Rolling Stone
8.My Generation
9.The Kids Are Alright
10.The Ox (提供)
11.A Legal Matter
13.I'm A Boy
15.Happy Jack
16.Boris the Spider
17.So Sad About Us
18.A Quick One While He's Away
19.Pictures of Lily
20.Early Morning Cold Taxi
21.The Last Time
22.I Can't Reach You
23.Girl's Eyes
24.Call Me Lightning
25.I Can See For Miles
26.Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands
27.Armenia City In The Sky
29.Our Love Was
31.Rael II
35.Fortune Teller
36.Magic Bus
37.Little Billy
40.Acid Queen
41.Underture(Live At Woodstock) (提供)
42.Pinball Wizard
43.I'm Free
44.See Me, Feel Me(Live)
45.Heaven and Hell
46.Young Man Blues(Live)
47.Summertime Blues(Live)
48.Shakin' All Over(Live)
49.Baba O'Riley
51.The Song Is Over
52.Pure and Easy
53.Behind Blue Eyes
54.Won't Get Fooled Again
55.The Seeker
56.Bony Moronie(Live)
57.Let's See Action
58.Join Together
60.The Real Me
62.Bell Boy
63.Love Reign O'er Me
64.Long Live Rock
65.Life With The Moons (提供)
66.Naked Eye
67.University Challenge (提供)
68.Slip Kid
69.Poetry Cornered
70.Dreaming From The Waist
71.Blue Red And Grey
72.Life With The Moons (提供)
73.Squeeze Box
74.My Wife(Live)
75.Who Are You
76.Music Must Change
77.Sister Disco
78.Guitar and Pen
79.You Better You Bet
80.Eminence Front
81.Twist And Shout(Live)
82.I'm A Man(Live)
83.Saturday Night's Alright(For Fighting)
84.Magic Bus
85.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
86.So Sad About Us
87.A Quick One While He's Away
88.Happy Jack
89.Heaven and Hell
90.I Can't Explain
92.Young Man Blues
93.I Don't Even Know Myself
94.My Generation
97.Bell Boy
98.My Generation Blues (提供)
99.Dreaming From The Waist
100.Sister Disco
101.Who Are You
103.My Wife
104.Music Must Change
105.Pinball Wizard
106.Behind Blue Eyes
107.Love Reign O'er Me
108.Boris the Spider
109.I Can See For Miles
110.See Me, Feel Me
111.Another Tricky Day
Who Are You 英文
1.New Song
2.Had Enough
4.Sister Disco
5.Music Must Change
6.Trick Of The Light
7.Guitar And Pen
8.Love Is Coming Down
9.Who Are You
Two's Missing 英文
1.Bald-Headed Woman
2.Under My Thumb
3.My Wife(Live)
4.I'm A Man
6.Dogs Pt.2 (提供)
8.The Last Time
10.Daddy Rolling Stone
11.Heat Wave
12.Goin' Down(Live)
14.Waspman (提供)
Hooligans 英文
1.I Can't Explain
2.I Can See For Miles
3.Pinball Wizard
4.Let's See Action
5.Summertime Blues
7.Baba O'Riley
8.Behind Blue Eyes
10.The Song Is Over
11.Join Together
12.Squeeze Box
13.Slip Kid
14.The Real Me
17.Had Enough
18.Sister Disco
19.Who Are You
Join Together 英文
3.Amazing Journey
4.Sparks (提供)
5.Eyesight To The Blind(The Hawker)
7.Cousin Kevin
8.Acid Queen
9.Pinball Wizard
10.Do You Think It's Alright
11.Fiddle About
12.There's a Doctor I've Found
13.Go to the Mirror Boy
14.Smash the Mirror
15.Tommy Can You Hear Me
16.I'm Free
17.Miracle Cure
18.Sally Simpson
20.Tommy's Holdiay Camp
21.We're Not Gonna Take It
22.Eminence Front
23.Face The Face
25.I Can See For Miles
26.Little Is Enough (提供)
28.Love Reign O'er Me
29.Trick of the Light
30.Rough Boys
31.Join Together
32.You Better You Bet
33.Behind Blue Eyes
34.Won't Get Fooled Again
My Generation 英文
1.Out In The Street
2.I Don't Mind
3.The Good's Gone
4.La La La Lies
5.Much Too Much
6.My Generation
7.The Kids Are Alright
8.Please, Please, Please
9.It's Not True
10.The Ox (提供)
11.A Legal Matter
12.Instant Party(Circles)
13.I'm A Man
Who's Better Who's Best 英文
1.My Generation
2.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3.The Kids Are Alright
5.I'm A Boy
6.Happy Jack
7.Pictures of Lily
8.I Can See For Miles
9.Who Are You
10.Won't Get Fooled Again(Short Version)
11.Magic Bus
12.I Can't Explain
13.Pinball Wizard
14.I'm Free
15.See Me, Feel Me
16.Squeeze Box
17.Join Together
18.You Better You Bet
19.Baba O'Riley
Tommy Live 英文
2.It's a Boy
4.Amazing Journey
5.Sparks (提供)
6.Eyesight To The Blind(The Hawker)
8.Acid Queen
9.Pinball Wizard
10.Do You Think It's Alright
11.Fiddle About
12.Tommy Can You Hear Me
13.There's A Doctor I've Found
14.Go To The Mirror Boy
15.Smash the Mirror
16.I'm Free
17.Tommy's Holiday Camp
18.We're Not Gonna Take It
19.Summertime Blues
Who's Missing 英文
1.Shout and Shimmy
2.Leaving Here
3.Anytime You Want Me
4.Lubie(Come Back Home)
5.Barbara Ann
6.I'm A Boy
7.Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands
8.Heaven and Hell
9.Here for More
10.I Don't Even Know Myself
11.When I Was a Boy
Who's Greatest Hits 英文
2.The Seeker
3.Magic Bus
4.My Generation
5.Pinball Wizard
6.Happy Jack
7.Won't Get Fooled Again
8.My Wife
9.Squeeze Box
12.Love Reign O'er Me
13.Who Are You
Face Dances 英文
1.You Better You Bet
2.Don't Let Go The Coat
3.Cache Cache
4.The Quiet One
5.Did You Steal My Money
6.How Can You Do It Alone
7.Daily Records
9.Another Tricky Day
Kids Are Alright[Sdtk] 英文
1.My Generation
2.I Can't Explain
3.Happy Jack
4.I Can See For Miles
5.Magic Bus
6.Long Live Rock
7.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
8.Young Man Blues
9.My Wife
10.Baba O'Riley(Live At Shepperton Film Studios)
11.A Quick One While He's Away
12.Tommy Can You Hear Me
13.Sparks(Live At Woodstock) (提供)
14.Pinball Wizard(Live At Woodstock)
15.See Me, Feel Me(Live At Woodstock)
16.Join Together/Roadrunner/My Generation Blues(Live At Silver Dome/Pont)
17.Won't Get Fooled Again(Live At Shepperton Film Studios)
Meaty Beaty Big&Bouncy 英文
1.Boris the Spider
2.I Can't Explain
3.Happy Jack
4.I Can See For Miles
5.The Kids Are Alright
6.I'm A Boy
7.My Generation
8.A Legal Matter
9.Magic Bus
10.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
11.Pinball Wizard
12.The Seeker
Live At Leeds 英文
1.Young Man Blues
3.Summertime Blues
4.Shakin' All Over
5.My Generation
6.Magic Bus
Magic Bus 英文
2.Run, Run, Run
3.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
4.I Can't Reach You
5.Our Love Was
6.Call Me Lightning
7.Magic Bus
8.Someone's Coming
9.Doctor, Doctor
10.Bucket T
11.Pictures of Lily
Happy Jack 英文
1.Run, Run, Run
2.Boris the Spider
3.I Need You
4.Whiskey Man
5.Heat Wave
6.Cobwebs and Strange (提供)
7.Don't Look Away
8.See My Way
9.So Sad About Us
10.A Quick One While He's Away
11.Batman (提供)
12.Bucket T
13.Barbara Ann
15.Doctor, Doctor
16.I've Been Away
17.In the City
18.Happy Jack(Acoustic Version)
19.Man With The Money
20.My Generation/Land Of Hope And Glory
Tommy (Remixed And Remastered Version) 英文
1.1921 - Remixed Album Version
2.Amazing Journey - Remixed Album Version
3.Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) - Remixed Album Version
4.Sensation - Remixed Album Version
5.I'm Free - Remixed Studio Version
6.Welcome - Remixed Album Version
The Kids Are Alright (Remastered) 英文
1.My Generation - Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour Version
2.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere - Ready Steady Go! Version
3.Young Man Blues - London Coliseum Live Version
4.My Wife - Gaumont State Theatre Live Version
5.Baba O'Riley - Shepperton Live Version
6.Pinball Wizard - Woodstock Live Version
7.See Me, Feel Me - Woodstock Live Version
8.Won't Get Fooled Again - Shepperton Live Version
My Generation (Mono Version) 英文
1.Anytime You Want Me (Mono Version)
2.I Can't Explain (Mono Version)
3.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (French EP / Mono)
4.Lubie (Come Back Home) (Mono)
5.Circles (Mono)
6.The Ox (Mono)
7.It's Not True (Mono)
8.Please Please Please (Mono)
9.Much Too Much (Mono)
10.La-La-La-Lies (Mono)
11.The Good's Gone (Mono)
12.I Don't Mind (Mono)
13.Out In the Street (Mono)
Join Together (Live U.S. Tour/1989) 英文
1.Overture - Live U.S. Tour/1989
2.Tommy's Holiday Camp (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
3.We're Not Gonna Take It (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
4.Eminence Front (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
5.Face the Face (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
6.Dig (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
7.I Can See For Miles (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
8.A Little Is Enough (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
9.5:15 (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
10.Love Reign O'er Me (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
11.Trick of the Light (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
12.Rough Boys (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
13.Join Together (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
14.You Better You Bet (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
15.Behind Blue Eyes (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
16.Sensation (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
17.Sally Simpson (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
18.1921 (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
19.Amazing Journey (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
20.Eyesight To the Blind (The Hawker) (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
21.Christmas (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
22.Cousin Kevin (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
23.The Acid Queen (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
24.Pinball Wizard (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
25.Do You Think It's Alright? (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
26.Fiddle About (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
27.There's a Doctor (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
28.Go To the Mirror! (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
29.Smash the Mirror (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
30.Tommy Can You Hear Me? (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
31.I'm Free (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
32.Won't Get Fooled Again (Live U.S. Tour/1989)
BBC Sessions (Live) 英文
1.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Live)
2.The Relay (Live) (提供)
3.The Seeker (Live) (提供)
4.Pictures of Lily (Live)
5.See My Way (Live) (提供)
6.Run Run Run (Live) (提供)
7.Disguises (Live) (提供)
8.Dancing In the Street (Live)
9.The Good's Gone (Live) (提供)
10.Leaving Here (Live)
11.Just You and Me, Darling (Live)
12.Good Lovin' (Live)
13.Shakin' All Over (Live)
A Quick One (Remastered) 英文
1.Run Run Run - New Remix
2.Heat Wave - New Remix
3.So Sad About Us - New Remix
4.A Quick One, While He's Away - Remixed Stereo Album Version
5.Barbara Ann - New Remix
6.A Quick One, While He's Away - Mono Album Version
7.See My Way - Artificial Stereo Version (提供)
8.See My Way
9.Heat Wave
A Quick One (Happy Jack) [Mono Version] 英文
1.Run Run Run (Mono) (提供)
2.Heat Wave (Mono)
3.So Sad About Us (Mono) (提供)
4.Bucket T (Mono)
5.In the City (Mono)
6.My Generation / Land of Hope and Glory ('Ready Steady Go' Live Mono)
暫存2 英文
1.I Can't Explain (Mono)
2.Go to the Mirror!
3.Heaven and Hell (Mono Version)
4.Eyesight to the Blind
5.No Time
6.Lubie (Come Back Home) [Stereo]
8.Coke 2
9.Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Mono Version Including Interview)
10.'See Me, Feel Me'
11.'Please, Please, Please'
12.Overture/It's A Boy
13.The Hawker (Eyesight To the Blind)
14.Trying To Get Through
15.Pete Dialogue (Live At Leeds University, 1970)
16.Behind blu i's
17.One At A Time
18.The Quite One
19.Is It In My Head?
20.The Punk And The Godfather
21.Magic Bus - Original Stereo Version
22.Summertime Blues - Original Live At Leeds Version
23.Magic Bus (Stereo)
24.Naked Eye / Let's See Action / My Generation
25.Love Reign O'er Me - 1996 Remastered Version
26.Bell Boy - 1996 Remastered Version
27.Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker) - Original Album Version
28.Cousin Kevin - Original Album Version
29.The Acid Queen - Original Album Version
30.Fiddle About - Original Album Version
31.Smash The Mirror - Original Album Version
32.Listening To You / See Me, Feel Me - Original Album Edit
33.Young Man Blues - Stereo Version 1
34.Naked Eye - Live At Lyon / 2006
35.Greyhound Girl - Live At Lyon / 2006
36.Naked Eye (Live In Lyon)
37.Bucket T (Remix)
38.Relay - Live At Lyon / 2006
39.Twist and Shout (Live Version)
40.Magic Bus (Live Version)
41.See Me, Feel Me - Who's Last Live Version
42.Who Are You - Who's Last Live Version
43.Baba O'Riley - Who's Last Live Version
44.Substitute - Who's Last Live Version
45.Long Live Rock - Who's Last Live Version
46.My Generation (Live Version)
47.My Generation - Who's Last Live Version
48.How Can You Do It Alone - Live in Chicago / 1979
49.The Quiet One (Live At Shea Stadium 1982)
50.It's in You
51.Water - The Young Vic Theatre Live Version
52.Fortune Teller - Remixed Live At Leeds Version
53.Happy Jack - Live At Leeds
54.Tattoo - Live At Leeds
55.Fortune Teller - Live At Leeds
56.Heaven And Hell - Live At Leeds
57.Amazing Journey / Sparks - Remixed Live At Leeds Version
58.Who Are You - Edit Version
59.Baby Don't You Do It (New York Record Plant Session)
60.Won't Get Fooled Again - Original Album Version
61.Going Mobile - Original Album Version
62.Getting In Tune - Original Album Version
63.The Song Is Over - Original Album Version
64.Love Ain't For Keeping - Original Album Version
65.Bargain - Original Album Version
66.Baba O'Riley - Original Album Version
67.Boris the Spider ('Saturday Club' BBC Session)
68.I'm A Man - Stereo Version
69.Please Please Please (Mono Version)
70.Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (alternate)
71.Out in the Street (Mono Version)
72.Tattoo (Incl. Church of Your Choice Jingle)
73.Melancholia (Incl. Bag O'Nails Commercial)
74.Heinz Baked Beans (Incl. 'More Music' Jingle)
75.My Generation (The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 1967)
76.I Can't Explain - Live At Leeds Deluxe Edition Version
77.A Quick One, While He's Away (Live At Leeds/1970)
78.A Quick One, While He's Away (Remixed Live At Leeds Version)
79.Be Lucky
80.Real Good Looking Boy (radio edit)
81.The Kids Are Alright (Alternate Stereo Version)
82.The Good's Gone (Stereo Version)
83.Much Too Much (Stereo Version)
84.Dangerous (Live In Toronto 1982)
85.Cry If You Want (Live In Toronto 1982)
86.My Generation (Mono)
87.Behind Blue Eyes (N.Y. Record Plant Session)
88.Wire & Glass
89.Trick of the Light (Edit)
90.The Real Me (Live)
91.Heart to Hang Onto (Live)
92.Drowned (Live)
93.The Kids Are Alright (Live)
94.Pinball WIzzard
95.Postcard (cancelled EP version)
96.Goin' Down (live in San Francisco, 1971)
97.Who Are You (CSI)
98.Won't Get Fooled Again (CSI: Miami)
暫存1 英文
1.Cooks Country
2.Cry If You Want
3.I'm A Road Runner
4.The Relay
5.This Could Be(The Last Time)
6.Going Mobile
7.There's a Doctor
8.Getting In Tune
9.Go to the Mirror
10.Can't Explain
11.Who Are You (Single Edit)
12.The Punk and the Godfather
13.The Real Me (Re-Recorded Version)
14.Bargain [Live]
15.Rael 2
16.The Kids Are Alright (Edited) [Mono]
17.See Me, Feel Me (Single Version)
18.Love Is Like A Heat Wave(Stereo)
19.The Kids Are Alright (Full Mono Version)
20.The Real Me (Previously Unreleased Version)
21.Motoring [Stereo]
22.Baba O'Reily
23.Summertime Blues (Live at Leeds)
24.Who Are You (Lost Verse Mix)
25.A Little Is Enough
26.Daddy Rolling Stone (Stereo Version)
27.Eminence Front [Live]
28.I Can't Explain (Live)
29.Legal Matter (Mono w/Guitar Overdubs)
30.I Don't Mind (Full Length Version) [Stereo]
31.Do You Think It's Alright?
32.I Can't Explain (Original Mono Version)
33.Behind Blue Eyes (Alternate Studio Version)
34.Twist And Shout (Live At Shea Stadium, New York, 1982)
35.1921 [Live]
36.Bargain (Live At San Francisco Civic Auditorium, 1971)
37.The Seeker (Edited Version)
38.Bony Moronie (Live At The Young Vic, 1971)
39.Baba O'Reilly
40.Tommy, Can You Hear Me?
41.Teenage Wasteland
42.Overture/ It's A Boy
43.Jaguar (Full Version & Including John Mason's Cars [Reprise] Commercial)
44.Why Did I Fall For That
45.Trilby's Piano
46.Our Love Was, Is
47.Love Ain't for Keepin'
48.Long Live Rock (Remixed Album Version)
49.Guitar and Pen (Olympic '78 Mix)
50.Won't Get Fooled Again (Live)
51.In The Ether
52.A Man In A Purple Dress
53.Somebody Saved Me
54.Love Reign O'er Me (Single Version)
55.I'm One (featuring vocal, Eddie Vedder)
56.Heart To Hang Onto
57.Circles [Stereo]
58.Unholy Trinity
59.You Stand By Me
60.Two Thousand Years
61.The Kids Are Alright [Stereo]
62.Hand Me Down World
63.It's A Boy [Live]
64.Tea & Theatre
65.Black Widow's Eyes
66.See Me, Feel Me / Listening To You (featuring vocal, Eddie Vedder & Bryan Adams)
67.Doctor Jimmy
68.Summertime Blues [Live]
69.Rael 1
70.You Didn't Hear It
71.Let's See Action (featuring vocal, Eddie Vedder)
72.Behind Blue Eyes (featuring vocal, Bryan Adams)
73.They Made My Dreams Come True
74.No Road Romance (1996 Who Are You Version)
75.We Won't Get Fooled Again
76.Out On The Endless Wire
77.Squeeze Box [Live]
78.Amazing Journey [Live]
79.Dreaming From The Waist (Live At Swansea Football Ground, 1976)
80.The Kids Are All Right
81.Fragments Of Fragments
82.The Music Must Change
83.Water (Live)
84.Water (Studio Version)
85.Christmas [Live]
86.I Can't Explain [Stereo]
87.Dreaming From The Waist [Live]
88.The Good's Gone (Full Length Version) [Stereo]
暫存 英文
1.Boris the Spider (Remix)
2.Summertime Blues (Studio Version)
3.Pictures of Lilly
4.Medac (A.k.A. Spotted Henry) [Mono]
5.I Can't Reach You (Including Charles Atlas Commercial)
6.Rael (Pt. 1 & 2)
7.A Quick One, While He's Away (Mono Version)
8.Bucket T (Mono Version)
9.Shout and Shimmy (Shel Talmy - Stereo Version)
10.Love Is Like a Heat Wave (Shel Talmy - Stereo Version)
11.Anytime You Want Me (Shel Talmy - Stereo Version)

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