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112( 112 band )【 共收藏 9 張專輯, 212 首歌 】
112(發音為“one-12”)是美國佐治亞州亞特蘭大的R&B四重奏組。 前身為Bad Boy Records的藝術家,該團體於2002年簽署了Def Soul名單。他們在20世紀90年代末和21世紀初取得了巨大的成功,其中包括“只有你”,“隨處可見”和格萊美獎提名單曲“ 桃子和奶油'。 該組織最受歡迎的是在1997年獲得格萊美獎,由Duo或Group組成的“最佳說唱表演”,以“Sean Combs”和“Faith Evans”為主題的歌曲“我會失踪你”。

Quinnes 'Q' Parker - (1993-present)
Daron Jones - (1991-present)
Marvin 'Slim' Scandrick - (1991-present)
Michael Keith - (1991-present)
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Pleasure And Pain 英文
Def Soul Classics
2.Let This Go
3.What If
4.U Already Know
7.Last to Know
8.I'm Sorry(Interlude)
9.My Mistakes
10.If I Hit
11.The Way
12.We Goin' Be Alright
13.Why Can't We Get Along
14.That's How Close We Are
15.Closing the Club
16.What the Heel Do You Want
17.God Knows
Hot&Wet 英文
Def Jam
1.Intro - Medley
2.It's Goin' Down 2Nite
3.Hot And Wet
7.Right Here For You
8.All My Love
9.You Said
10.Knock U Down(Interlude)
11.Knock U Down
12.Hot & Wet(Remix)
13.Na Na Na Na
14.Give It To Me
15.Slip Away
16.Say Yes
17.Man's World
Part Iii 英文
Bad Boy
1.112 Intro
2.Dance With Me
3.Its Over Now
5.I Surrender(Interlude) (提供)
6.Missing You
7.All I Want Is You
8.Dont Hate Me Featuring Twista (提供)
9.Q, Mike, Slim, Daron(Interlude)
11.Sweet Love
13.Caught Up
14.Do What You Gotta Do
15.I Think
16.Still In Love
17.Peaches & Cream(Remix)
Room 112 英文
Bad Boy
1.Room 112(Intro)
2.So Much Love(Interlude)
3.Be With You
4.Love Me'(feat. Ma$e
5.The Only One'(& Lil' Kim)
8.Love You Like I Did
9.For Awhile'(feat. Faith Evans
10.Don't Go(Interlude)
11.Stay With Me
12.What'cha Gonna Do
13.Crazy Over You
14.Funny Feelings
15.Never Mind
16.Someone To Hold
17.All My Love
18.You Are The Only One(Interlude)
19.Your Letter
112 英文
Bad Boy
1.112 Intro
2.Now That We're Done
4.Why (提供)
6.Call My Name
7.Come See Me
8.Sexy You (提供)
9.Can I Touch You
10.I Can't Believe'(feat. Faith Evans
11.Keep It Real
12.Only You
13.I Will Be There
14.In Love With You
15.Just A Little While
16.Why Does
17.This Is Your Day
18.Throw It All Away
19.Only You
Westlife 英文
1.All Cried Out
Q Mike Slim Daron 英文
1.Come Over
2.My Love
3.Simple & Plain
4.Thank You Interlude
5.1's For Ya
7.Still Got It
8.Wanna Be
9.112/Faith Evans Interlude
11.Dangerous Games
12.True Colors
13.Without You
Pleasure & Pain 英文
1.Intro - Album Version (Edited)
2.What The Hell Do You Want - Album Version (Edited)
3.That's How Close We Are - Album Version (Edited)
4.Why Can't We Get Along - Album Version (Edited)
5.We Goin' Be Alright - Album Version (Edited)
6.My Mistakes - Album Version (Edited)
7.I'm Sorry (Interlude) - Album Version (Edited)
8.Last To Know - Album Version (Edited)
9.Nowhere - Album Version (Edited)
10.Damn - Album Version (Edited)
11.U Already Know - Album Version (Edited)
12.What If - Album Version (Edited)
13.Let This Go - Album Version (Edited)
14.God Knows - Album Version (Edited)
暫存 英文
1.Peaches And Cream (Remix)
2.So Much Love
4.Pleasure & Pain
6.I Surender (Interlude)
8.Anywhere Remix
9.Is Love Enough
10.I'm Missing You
11.Only You
13.Anywhere (Remix)
14.The Only One'(feat. Lil' Kim
15.Only You (Clean Radio Mix)
16.Whatcha Gonna Do'(feat. MJG
17.Don't Hate Me'(feat. Twista
18.Peaches And Cream (Remix)'(feat. Fabolous
19.Anything For U
20.Come See Me (remix)
21.Peaches & Cream
22.Stil in Love
23.Peaches & Cream (Radio Mix)
24.Baby Girl
25.Your Love
26.You Already Know
27.Big Me Up
28.Cheat On You (Remix)
29.Cry On
30.I Wish I Wasn't
31.I'm With You
32.Jealous Guy
33.Uhh Ahh
34.I'm Sorry
35.Hot & Wet
36.Anywhere (Ft. Lil Zane)
37.Peaches N' Cream
38.What the H**l Do You Want
39.Right Here Waiting
40.It's Going Down Tonight
41.We Can Do It Anywhere
42.Right Here For You
43.Its Over Now
44.To the Crib
45.Hot & Wet (Featuring Ludacris)
46.112-Sweet Love
47.Love Me (Ft. Mase)
48.Dance Wit Me
49.I Can't Believe (Featuring Faith Evans)
50.Hot And Wet Ft. Ludacris
51.It's Goin' Down 2Nite (Featuring T.I.)
52.Na Na Na Na (Featuring Super Cat)
53.Making Love
54.Why (Iterlude)
55.Only You (Remix)
56.Only You [Bad Boy Remix]
57.Anywhere (Interlude)
58.Don't Go (Interlude)
59.You Are The Only One (Interlude)
60.112 Intro
61.I Surrender (Interlude)
62.Q, Mike, Slim, Daron (Interlude) (提供)
63.Keep It Real (Interlude)
64.Sexy You (Interlude)
65.Why (Interlude)
66.Part III (112 Intro)
67.What the Hell Do You Want
68.It's Goin' Down Tonight
69.Right Here for U
70.Don't Hate Me
71.For A While (feat. Faith Evans)
72.Don't Go Away (Interlude)
73.Pleasure And Pain
74.Na Na Na
75.Hot And Wet (Remix)
76.I Belong To U (Interlude)
77.Peaches And Cream
78.Love Me
79.The Only One
80.Room 112
81.Peaches & Cream - 2016 Remastered
82.Anywhere - 2016 Remastered
83.Only You-Bad Boy Remix (feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase)
84.Anywhere - feat. Shyne & Lil' Z Remix [With Rap]
85.Only You - feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase [Bad Boy Remix]
86.It's Over Now - Remix feat. Prodigy
87.Peaches & Cream (feat. P. Diddy)
88.Dance With Me Remix (feat. Beanie Sigel)
89.Dance With Me (remix)
90.Peaches and Cream (with P. Diddy) [Club Mix]
91.Dance With Me (Club Mix)
92.Anywhere (Remix) [Without Rap]
93.After the Love Has Gone
94.For Awhile

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