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Acheron【 共收藏 10 張專輯, 103 首歌 】
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Kult Des Hasses 英文
1.Asphyxiation (Hands of God) (提供)
2.Concubina Do Diabo (提供)
3.Devil's Black Blood
4.Raptured to Divine Perversion
5.Jesus Wept (Again and Again)
6.Thy Father Suicide
7.Misanthropic Race
8.Whores And Harlots (提供)
9.Daemonum Lux (提供)
10.Satan Holds Dominion
Those Who Have Risen 英文
1.Final Harvest
2.Hekal Tiamat
3.Immortal Sigil
4.Lifeforce (The Blood)
5.Necromanteion Communion
6.Out Of Body
7.Shurpu Kishpu
8.The Calling
9.Undead Celebation
10.Intro: Nosferatu Prelude (提供)
The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God 英文
1.I Am Heathen
2.Godless (We Are Gods!)
3.Salvation Through Hatred
4.Power And Might
5.Millennium's End
6.A New Age
7.Anno Armegeddon (提供)
8.The Apocalypse
9.Rise Of Rebellion
10.Blood Oath (Pactum Tacitum)
Rites Of The Black Mass 英文
1.Intro #1
2.Intro #2
3.Intro #3
4.Intro #4
5.Intro #5
6.Intro #6 (提供)
7.Intro #7
8.Intro #8
9.Intro #9 (提供)
10.Intro #10 (提供)
11.Hekal tiamat
12.Lifeforce(The Blood)
13.Necromanteion communion
14.The calling
Rebirth: Metamorphosing Into Godhood 英文
1.Church of One
3.Bow Before Me
4.The Kindred
5.A Long Time Ago (Intro)
6.Golgotha's Truth
7.Betrayed (A Broken Pact)
Lex Talionis/Satanic Victory 英文
1.Enter Thy Coven2.Intro
Lex Talionis 英文
1.Enter thy coven (c.i.b).(Cib)
2.Inner beasts
3.Inri(False Prophet)
4.Legions of hatred
5.Purification day
6.Slaughterization for satan
7.The entity
8.Voices within
Hail Victory 英文
2.Alla Xul
3.God Is Dead
4.Intro 1 (提供)
5.Intro 2 (提供)
6.Intro 3 (提供)
7.Intro 4 (提供)
8.Intro 5 (提供)
9.Intro 6 (提供)
10.Intro 7
11.Intro 8 (提供)
12.One With Darkness
13.Outro (提供)
14.Prayer Of Hell
15.Satanic Erotica
16.Seven Deadly Sins
17.Unholy Praises
Anti-God Anti-Christ 英文
1.Ave Satanas
2.Baptism For Devlyn Alexandra
3.Blessed By Damnation
4.Fuck The Ways Of Christ
10.Shemhamforash(The Ultimate Blasphemy)
11.Total War
暫存 英文
1.As Thou Wilt (提供)
2.Ave Satanas (1996 version)
3.Blessed By Damnation (Live)
4.Midnight Offering (提供)
5.So It Is Done (提供)
6.Cursed Nazarene
7.Let Us Depart
8.Summoning The Master
9.The Enochian Key
10.Thou Art Lord
11.To Thee We Confess
14.Undead Celebration

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