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Toni Braxton( 唐妮布蕾斯頓 )【 共收藏 15 張專輯, 207 首歌 】
唐妮·米歇爾·布蕾斯頓(Toni Michelle Braxton,1967年10月7日-),是一位美國節奏藍調創作歌手與演員,她在1990年代收穫頗豐,共獲得了6座葛萊美獎,7座全美音樂獎,5座公告牌音樂獎。她的唱片全球累計銷售超6千萬張。

布蕾斯頓與1993年發行的首張個人同名專輯《Toni Braxton》即登上了公告牌二百強專輯榜,其後的第二張錄音室專輯《Secrets》延續了自己的成功,在專輯榜上最高排名冠軍,並創造了2首公告牌百強單曲榜冠軍單曲,分別為〈You're Makin' Me High〉一週冠軍,以及超級情歌〈Un-Break My Heart〉十一週冠軍。另外,〈Another Sad Love Song〉(廣東版本:葉蒨文-別人的情歌)、〈Breathe Again〉、〈You Mean The World To Me〉和〈He Wasn't Man Enough〉等歌曲都曾打入告示牌單曲榜前十名。雖然她的專輯和單曲在銷量上取得了巨大的成功,但由於理財不慎以及唱片合約糾紛,布蕾斯頓宣告了個人破產。經管如此,布蕾斯頓的第三張錄音室專輯The Heat仍然取得了不俗的銷量。隨後的數年,布蕾斯頓的健康狀況以及演藝事業均陷入低谷。直到2010年,她憑藉公告牌R&B專輯榜冠軍專輯《Pulse》重新回歸到公眾的視野。 布蕾斯頓參加了第七季的《與星共舞》並在第五周被淘汰。2010年10月6日,她再一次宣布破產。2011年4月,布蕾斯頓和她的姐妹共同出演的電視真人秀《布蕾斯頓的家庭觀》在WE電視台播出。2011年9月18日,布蕾斯頓入選了喬治亞州音樂名人堂。
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Love, Marriage & Divorce 英文
1.Roller Coaster
3.Hurt You
4.Where Did We Go Wrong ?
5.I Hope That You're Okay
6.I Wish
7.Take It Back
9.I'd Rather Be Broke
10.Heart Attack
11.The D Word
I Heart You (Single) 英文
1.I Heart You
愛情脈動(Pulse) 英文
2.Make My Heart
3.Hands Tied
5.If I Have To Wait
6.Lookin' At Me
9.No Way
11.Why Won't You Love Me
Libra 英文
More Than A Woman 英文
1.Let Me Show You The Way(Out)
2.Give It Back
3.A Better Man
4.Hit The Freeway
5.Lies, Lies, Lies
6.Rock Me, Roll Me
8.Do You Remember When
9.Me&My Boyfriend
10.Tell Me
11.And I Love You
美聲旅程十年精選 英文
1.Give It Back
2.Love Shoulda Brought You Home
3.Another Sad Love Song
4.Breathe Again
5.Seven Whole Days
6.You Mean The World To Me
7.How Many Ways
8.You're Makin Me High
9.Let It Flow
10.Un-Break My Heart
11.I Love Me Some Him
12.I Don't Want To
13.He Wasn't Man Enough
14.Just Be A Man About It
15.Hit The Freeway
16.Whatchu Need
17.The Little Things
18.Un-Break My Heart
Snowflakes[雪之戀] 英文
1.Holiday Celebrate
2.Christmas In Jamaica
3.Snowflakes Of Love
4.Christmas Time Is Here (提供)
5.Santa Please
6.Pretty Please(Interlude)
7.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
8.This Time Next Year
9.The Christmas Song
10.Snowflakes Of Love(Brent Fischer Instrumental)
11.Christmas In Jamaica(Remix)
The Heat 英文
1.He Wasn't Man Enough
2.The Heat
3.Spanish Guitar
4.Just Be A Man About It
5.Gimme Some
6.I'm Still Breathing
7.Fairy Tale
8.The Art Of Love
9.Speaking In Tongues
11.You've Been Wrong
12.Never Just For A Ring
Secrets 英文
1.Come On Over Here
2.You're Makin Me High
3.There's No Me Without You
4.Un-Break My Heart
5.Talking In His Sleep
6.How Could An Angel Break My Heart
7.Find Me A Man
8.Let It Flow
9.Why Should I Care
10.I Don't Want To
11.I Love Me Some Him
12.The Late Of Night
13.Toni Secrets (提供)
Toni Braxton 英文
1.Another Sad Love Song
2.Breathe Again
3.Seven Whole Days
4.Love Affair
6.Spending My Time With You
7.Love Shoulda Brought You Home
8.I Belong To You
9.How Many Ways
10.You Mean The World To Me
11.Best Friend
This Christmas-Songs From The Motion Picture 英文
1.The Christmas Song
Essential Mixes 英文
1.Another Sad Love Song (Extended Mix)
2.How Many Ways (R. Kelly Extended Mix)
3.He Wasn't Man Enough (Extended Mix)
4.Hit The Freeway (Extended Mix)
5.You're Makin' Me High (Dancehall Mix)
6.I Belong To You (Rollerskate radio mix)
7.I Don't Want To (Frankie Knuckles Franktified Club Mix)
12' Masters - The Essential Mixes: Toni Braxton 英文
1.You're Makin' Me High (Dance Hall Mix)
2.Breathe Again (Extended Mix)
3.Another Sad Love Song (Extended Remix)
4.You Mean the World to Me (Extended Mix)
5.Hit the Freeway (Extended Version)
6.I Belong to You (Rollerskate Radio Mix)
7.I Don't Want To (Franktified Club Mix)
Sex & Cigarettes 英文
1.Sex & Cigarettes
2.Long As I Live
暫存 英文
1.In The Late Of Night
2.Let it Flow
4.Un-break my heart
5.Hurt You(Album Version)
6.That Somebody Was You
7.Regresa A Mi
8.Give It Back'(feat. Big Tymers
9.Hit The Freeway'(feat. Loon
10.'Lies, Lies, Lies'
11.'Rock Me, Roll Me'
13.Melt (Like An Iceberg)
15.Part II
16.Breathe Again (Reprise)
17.He Wasn't Man Enough For Me
18.Santa Please...
19.Give U My Heart
20.Seven Whole Days (Live)
21.You Re Making Me High
22.Take This Ring
24.Don't Call Just Text
25.Spanish Guitar (Joe Clauseell Main Mix)
26.What's Good
28.Me And My Boyfriend
29.Unbrake My Heart
30.He Wasn't Man Enough (Junior Vasquez Marathon Mix)
31.I Wanna Be (Your Baby)
33.Trippin (That's The Way Love Works)
34.Sposed To Be
35.I'm Still Breahting
36.Love Should Brought You Home
37.You're Making Me High - Radio Edit
38.Spanish Guitar (HQ² Club Mix)
39.How Could an Angel Break My Heart (feat. Kenny G)
40.Maybe (HQ²/Dynamix NYC Club Mix)
41.Tony Braxton
42.It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
43.Long Way Home
44.I Hate You
45.Anohter Sad Love Song
46.Hit The Freeway'(feat. Loon
47.He Wasn't Man Enough - Album Version (Edited)
48.Yesterday [feat. Trey Songz] - Bonus Track
49.Stay (Bonus Track)
50.Rewind (Bonus Track)
51.The Wave (Bonus Track)
52.Yesterday (Cutmore Remix Radio Edit)
53.Let It Flow (Waiting To Exhale - Warten auf Mr. Right)
54.Hit The Freeway (Extended Mix) - Remastered
55.Don't Leave
56.Un-Break My Heart (Frankie Knuckles Classic radio mix)
57.How Many Ways (R. Kelly remix)
58.Seven Whole Days (Live Version - Radio Edit)
59.Un-Break My Heart (Soul-Hex Anthem radio edit)
60.I Don't Want To - Classic Radio Mix
61.The Little Things - Previously Unreleased
62.Whatchu Need (Previously Unreleased)
63.How Could an Angel Break My Heart (with Kenny G)
64.You're Makin' Me High (Groove Remix)
65.Un-break My Heart (Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit)
66.Hit the Freeway (radio version with Rap)
67.Un-Break Your Heart
68.Spanish Guitar (Eifel65 radio edit)
69.15. Unbreak My Heart
70.He Wasn't Man Enough (radio edit)
71.Hands Tied (Hex Hector Club Mix)
72.Trippin' (That's the Way Love Works) - Radio Edit
73.Breath Again
74.Spanish Guitar (Joe Claussell Main Mix)
75.Like It Like That
76.Wasn't Man Enough
77.Unbreak My Heart (fast)
78.Spanish Guitar (radio mix)
79.You Mean the World to Me (radio edit)
80.Coping (Paris & Simo Remix)
81.Breathe Again (radio edit)
82.You're Making Me High (Salaam Remi's Northside mix)
83.Unbreak My Heart (House mix)

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