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Various Artists(2017年發行)



【 Some Chillout Music 】【 英文 】【 2017-12-06 】


2.My Silver Lining (提供)

3.Like An Arrow (提供)

4.XO (提供)

5.Say Something (提供)

6.Another Love(Radio Edit) (提供)

7.The One

8.All Of Me(Radio Edit)

9.Empire State Of Mind(Part II) Broken Down (提供)


11.Gone Till November (提供)

12.Human (提供)

13.You Ruin Me (提供)

14.Angel(Radio Mix)

15.Bird (提供)

16.You And Me (提供)

17.Like I'm Gonna Lose You (提供)

18.River (提供)

19.Ecstasy (提供)

20.In The Name Of Love (提供)

21.Constant Conversations (提供)

22.The Knife (提供)

23.Final Song (提供)

24.Tired Of Talking (提供)

25.Good Night Good Morning (提供)

26.Solo Dancing (提供)

27.Aquarius (提供)

28.Deadwater (提供)

29.Adore You (提供)

30.Stronger Than Ever (提供)

31.Jealous(Radio Edit) (提供)

32.Stole The Show (提供)

33.Firestone(Live Acoustic Version) (提供)

34.White Tiger (提供)

35.Ghost (提供)

36.Piece By Piece (提供)

37.Waves(Robin Schulz Radio Edit) (提供)

38.Overload (提供)

39.Ohio(Filous Remix) (提供)

40.One Day / Reckoning Song(Wankelmut Remix)(Radio Edit) (提供)

41.Changes(Radio Mix) (提供)

42.All My Friends(99 Souls Remix Radio Edit) (提供)

43.Seve(Radio Edit) (提供)

44.Walking In The Sun (提供)

45.C O O L(Radio Edit) (提供)

46.Crush (提供)

47.Trippin (提供)

48.Gold(Thomas Jack Radio Edit) (提供)

49.Rolling With Me(I Got Love)(Catching Flies Remix) (提供)

50.All I See (提供)

51.Long Days, Hot Nights(Claptone Radio Edit) (提供)

52.Help Our Souls(Urban Contact Radio Edit) (提供)

53.Gone Missing(Matthew Heyer Remix) (提供)

54.My Friend Has A Swimming Pool(Star Slinger Remix) (提供)

55.At The River(Radio Edit) (提供)

56.Underwater Love(Radio Edit) (提供)

57.Slip Into Something More Comfortable (提供)

58.Don't Leave(Radio Edit) (提供)

59.By Your Side(Remastered) (提供)

60.Even After All (提供)

61.Teardrop(Single Version) (提供)

62.Little Boy (提供)

63.Higher Than The Sun (提供)

64.A Final Hit (提供)

65.You're Not Alone(Radio Edit) (提供)

66.Autumn Leaves (提供)

67.Wavy Gravy(Radio Edit) (提供)

68.5 23 (提供)

69.Perfect Motion(Boys Own Mix) (提供)

70.The Gift(Radio Edit) (提供)

71.Stay Gold(Radio Mix) (提供)