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【 Tin Wooki 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

3.Chinamen ft. Comme
4.Ded Hills
5.Film Noir
6.Sir Metal Wig
7.Camels and Cranes
8.The Witches Curse
9.Sycamore ft. K.Raydio
10.Bog Me Cuva ft. Gn Yaprak
12.Will Darkness
13.Mute Siren
14.Lair ft. Chuuwee
15.Casanegra ft. Gabe Nandez
16.Villin ft. Lumi
17.Mammoth ft. Breeze Pachino
19.Smoke Veteran
22.Monotone Samurai
24.Execution ft. Dr. Londes

1.Picbascassquiato (修改)

[Intro:Chester Watson]
Yo, just waking up
And I'm kind of sick
So here goes my best shit
My best try
My best attempt

[Verse 1: Chester Watson]
Check it, I'm feeling like PicBascassquiato
And the clap of her thick ass match staccato
Strings, I look at the big mass and wonder
If I will be the nigga who spit ash and thunder at the same time
I guess not, I hit Psymun up for the beats
Twist the left knob, sweet
Now the head nod easin'
And no giving dick for a change
So you can't tell me that's not decent
And I ain't finna grub if the rest not eatin'
That's fam, looking to progress not feature
But if I'm in a rut, better bet I'll see you at 5
Bills eitherwise
Chill nigga, you just a villian in disguise
And ill till his death's last breath's to the sky
But he's still too depressed to accept compromise
So until then guess your best bet's step aside
Jive niggas

2.Yetti (修改)

[Verse 1:Chester Watson]
So I'm high as fuck
And probably out in London, at the Royal, watching practices for pas de deux
I'm still high as fuck
And diving in the pious, starting riots, let the fire snuff
Lungs mellow, clouds, and the lighter, I spark it
Got homies that have seen more lines than a Hyperdunk
Get it? I'm on time for the rising
And if I'm online bet a dime that I'm writing
While the plot's thickening, liquor shots quickening
Hopscotch into the drop docks with a million
Suckers foregut, sizzle, reluctant to pluck fiddle sticks
Little dick niggas erupting for Dutch brittles
Clean as the villain is venomous, rekindling
Chilling with the clutch, take a puff, let the dutch kiss him
But he the Dutch man, black Darth Vadar shit
No DJ but first person watch the fader switch
Baking up, relaxing in a green hat
Brash on my shadow lord tip, so you can mother fuck your feedback
And tell 'em take his head, he don't need that
Guillotined but his memory's never leaked, fact
Please, lean back like it's 04
Got a steam pack, gas shit is so loco
Going harder than paparazzi for close photos
The US is debating the kamikaze to ochos
But I don't fuck with these niggas
I got the whole sect to cover, why fuck with these niggas?
Just cause I'm stuck with these niggas? Bucked and a buck-fifty, slipping
Mind is sharper than rationalizing cutlery, usually not
But she bat her eyes cause she loving me, I asked her
She didn't deny, so I grabbed her thighs cause she's lovely
Corrupt Youth has been satanized with buttons
Wooki getting nookie, no cut, never sanitize the muttons, G
But that's just how it is, strike like paladins
And kill 'em all before the white knights invite cowardice
Chilling with a Valerie, showing her where valor is
Beat it, leave, and then ricochet to the alley
The demon who dares to face Zeus, hey, at the outing
Them dudes say, 'Just look at her booty, it's astounding'
Check, he's with a smooth, sly heroine
June bug finish, two puffs so the snare'll hit
More Ds, potent chlorine causing ? cleanse
Out of bud, so the white papes got a narrow twist
To 'em, it's inherent I need a therapist
Cause sharing is caring and apparently I could spare the wits
Aliens, oh my gosh, I'm a paleontologist
Get the gist of what I say but never get what I meant
When I said that I had spent all of my grip
To go and get more cause money earned is just money flipped, son
Brag about a bitch, but you get none
Brag about your shit and get hit up
The models flock, but the throttle pop
No iPhone, got an Android with a OtterBox
It sucks to suck, but I don't really even use it
I never pay attention, I'm too busy with the music
Or I'm high as fuck
And writing gold on the iPod, no Midas touch
He fortified and people fear him like he Horus eye
Morphing to the lord, black sword and porcupine
Roofless, ruthless, Almaic and fruitless
The new kid, but he archaic with usage
Scarface of the future, but I been chilling with Shakespeare
We eating a parfait at Hooters
Scarf it down, now I'm parched, where's the juice
New rules, no peace, foul play's in the zoot, bitch

3.Chinamen ft. Comme (修改)

[Verse 1:Chester Watson]
Gangrene, I'm slumped and I can't see shit
Rolling up the ganja, the crew is a slant lean
Medusas and camps team fit (Shrooms and a doob)
Mix it and proceed to hallucinate, Lucifer playing Wii-Fit
With a wide stance and a lance, think I'm just tripping off the
Sounds of psy-trance in my pants pronounced Dickies
Not showing you really want it, I'm taking your shit (Give me that!)
We open the shutters with no piggy back
Rough, raspy with flows that's buck nasty
Just last week hit a dip with plump ass cheeks
Creep dissing but you do not step upon the lad's sneaks
No refunds, nigga, you chose this stuff actually

[Hook: Chester Watson]
Roll up, nigga, cause I'm trying to get high as fuck [8x]

[Verse 2: Chester Watson]
Smoke in front of customers, get 'em accustomed to it
Lush, fluent in the language of philosophy
Dangerous like popping 360s in some soccer cleats
He with it, only living for the days where I sway like the rocking beams
Grades up, got a J tucked in the pocket tee
See, all of these niggas praise us, watch them jock the steeze
I'm in a daze counting broccoli
Before you ship projects, make sure the crate is stamped Polynesia

[Verse 3: Comme]
Yes, it is I, the accomplice of the samurai
Sick flows, hoes, and weed, and still camera-shy
And we throw in bananas when them hammers fly
Learn to use my grammar with my manners so I will be fine
Later on, please don't hit my line if you isn't trying
I got work, less than what it's worth, please respect the grind
Decapitating lines, capture all the minds
Could give 'em all of the science, but they still committing crimes
We rookies to the game, testing waters
Be on this local shit, but still I'm trying to take it farther
?, plugged in with his Asian father
Kanisono in Japan whipping base, he make it harder
Your team full of bench players, we a bunch of starters
And Nick will dunk on your players regardless, we fucking heartless
Threw Monty a alley, he lost it, he fucking lost it
Been stuck in this hideous process, I can't be processed
But no one got belief in me, I see the tree
Should I take the fruit or should I leave? Is it the key?
Bitch, I'm high as hell and moving keys, that's by the kilo
Man with delivery, come spin with me
Me and Watson got that killer beat, Ms. Hilary
Take a trip into your memory and you will see
I ain't lying I'm done trying, producer named Psymun
All these rappers got a mouth but when they see us stay silent
K-Breeze stay styling, we ain't scared of violence, this shit
Timeless, hotter than saunas with prima donnas and your highness
The way I'm grinding, you would think I wrote the finest
Nu Age taking off, and that's a promise, in the future, you won't find us


4.Ded Hills (修改)

Hydrophilic villain nice flow type, spindle sit
Spin into the thin abyss, disappear, middle lit
Pro-life's crindle leaves are frivol print
Look at the bigger picture, people focus on the little shit
I'm hoping that the bitter end is bittersweet, Switzerland, the Middle East
-ern instruments are brittle, please don't touch 'em, give me riddle peace
Rushing through this little league phase, born a Christian
Wisdom fades as the distance grows, praise to a different ghost
Hazing, got a little taste, play a different role
Jaded, apathetic flavor, the nigga so
Great, a living maze, an enigma, get faded
Watching Anne Frank reading Hitler's notes
Pause time, rip space as the ninja goat
Grazes, ancient fragrance medicinal
Missing prose, I got pages of scribbles wrote
Ages ago, dead brains in the moat, nigga

5.Film Noir (修改)

[Verse 1]
Just been chilling in the wilderness
Had the fighter drone bring foam for the swivel whip
Pivot chips, Skylark's wig any simpleton
So I guess I'm feeling real nice since I did some pills
Sike, spit, ice it'll give you chills, nigga
Always wondered what I'd look like with a bigger grill
Might steam rice for a different seal heist
Beam lights, let the embers build, finished, killed sights
On the winter flips, wife's pretty limber
Nick dust keeps knights at night yelling timber
My eyes getting tender from the smoke, duct seeping from the white
Silver vent get less civil rights but he's sick, ummmm
Music kept me sane for awhile
Now my flip name got a little fame and my style
Gets an upgrade, mad bummy but he'll show you right
Wander in the forest getting stoned with the poltergeist

It seems like life's in film noir
I get that everyday [x2]

[Verse 2]
For the creams that are burning under lit cigs
With the super villain's verge of earning plunder quick swigs
Chilling at the spot near the dock by the ditch bridge
Clocks get ripped as the shot gets swifter
But blast back like scratching the winds blow
Sick fit six high hats hacking his Thor
Light pack of chits with a kite or in tenfold
Eye bags cringe nose tight from the stench
I'm at the freighter still skating
But now I'm in the crater with high and box raven
Sitting higher than the ancients, blood, sap, paint
Switch gears, smoke blunts, get lunch reacquaint with
My thoughts don't floss if it ain't spiff
Chilling at the bank, get lost in the faint shift
Shit, my height the narrow cliff
So stoned we converse with the psychedelic schizo

[Hook x2]

6.Sir Metal Wig (修改)

Dispatch terabits, hot raps' Everest
Dude got mega nigga knaps, hella arrogant
Corrupt Youth, collab, cap black eggish print
Riding on the pegasus, chilling like a parasite
Savior of introspect, blogs say I'm heaven-sent
Frogs in the fog hear clogs from the Arabs in
Awe he's a heretic, lost in his harrow ?
The hermit told me to be cautious, the air is thin
Awesome, now I'm in the car sipping paraffin
Jet fuel, look at me, ma, I'm the pharaoh peacock
Sit, eat vaginas out with some chopsticks
Pop then kick her out my house on some MOB shit
AUX in then I start writing
Withhold it from the public until I believe it's lightning, he's only a teen
Frightening, now I'm in the game and the vice grip's
Tightening, don't know my real name but they write snips
Haven't been here long so I claim this exciting
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But after a while you see the fame ain't quite shit
So I'm just painting, making music
And every bar is sick like I've written it all with mucus
Scribbles still calls me fruitless, so that's just who he is
Skating 'til the sun goes down or the bruins rip
Check 'em, I cop another pair no flex
Way I see it, if you got no dough, no stress, right?
I'm too pretentious, follow me to the trenches
Sit back, watching demonic scallops eat the Grinch
Shit, catch me at ease in a pair of Adi Eases
Chilling in the murdered out, audi let the burglars out
Now he takes the further route back to the city
Bring the flask and the fiddy with, bask in the grittiness
The mellow fellow is crowned as hella devilish
Now you've met the man that is renowned as Sir Metal Wig

7.Camels and Cranes (提供)

8.The Witches Curse (提供)

9.Sycamore ft. K.Raydio (修改)

[Verse 1:Chester Watson]
A cup of acid down the hatchet, spit it up
Cause he don't give a fuck 'bout what you saying, rock the Saiyan cut
Brewed it, she the newest nigga blazing up (Vagrant strut)
Cruising for a bruising, you's a loser, nigga (Poof! You missing)
Peruvian and she Buddhist, fruitless movements lead the group
She whip em spiff as fuck, ancient technique, he roll the spliff and puff
Hit the Dutch, hole in his heart but he don't give a goddamn
'Bout the sleep, catch him resting in peace
I told 'em I would be the dude flying in jets, smoking keef leading 'em
Fucking these foreign bitches in hotels overseas
Well, I would be, so now I'm just chilling in the woods
Smoking good trees, dust is the look
Could give a fuck 'bout the book, but catch me reading 'em
I'm looking for the method to chef gourmet with no seasoning
The witch's stew is brewing, I'm tripping fumes in the room, I can't believe it
He's a thief or he's a genius, atheistic, breathing demon, what a

[Hook: K-Raydio]
Silly little joy, stop and watch it happen
Wanna save the world, but the world is steady laughing
Take another road, swallow in your fear
Closer to light, but it's far away from here
And you, you didn't hear that from me
You didn't hear that from me
You didn't hear that from me
You didn't hear that from me

[Verse 2: Chester Watson]
Smoking 'til my chest is yelling, 'Fuck you, Chester'
Conquest needs hustle, bet you lack black
So you could say that I am what is crack-a-lacking
Hit your dip like 'Hey, batter, batter, hey batter, batter swing!'
Miss the world's ending, wave shatter
Aliens will tip the loft and the ? drifting cough
And I'm chilling like a supervillian should be, yelling ?
He trying to save 'em, but the people petty, praying sickness kill him
He reminisce of lost evidence, fit the description
Less sane than the average factor in his mental giftedness
(He get symphonies twisted) Tainted by the ancient Japanese
He bleed ritualistically, indeed the kid's a mystic sent from Venus
To invade us (hate 'em), spawned of death in Hades
Watch confetti hit the blades and change the way we see the ways we in
I'm faded, you could tell, it's in the gaze I give (Praise the land)
Had so much to do and barely grazed the list


10.Bog Me Cuva ft. Gn Yaprak (提供)

11.Sweets (修改)

[Verse 1:Chester Watson]
So, sweet
My hair is unkempt
Uncomfortable in my skin like I'm a bear in a tent
But the beat bang these sporadic snares no stencils
Gotta add the flair in it so the stare's relentless
Intensive to the senses of her prayers to the chimps
Niggas taking shots at me but don't care for the shrimps
Commies all gold grills carry karats of 10 and watching tossie getting stared at cause they airing the Simpsons
Bitch nigga steady whisper but the air is elliptic, here shit talking from the grapevine
Better get lost young swag niggas call him up get tossed in the thick coffins
No empty threats with this stiff often
Sit ducked off in a trough
While I rid smog is thick stick to the script of your chick lick while my dick soft as fuck nigga I'm bounded by fuck niggas
In this all red Fit like I'm inducted some Klux niggas (word)
Preferring niggas to Brine he curving pucks and if dips be complaining like why you never filling me up Shiza?
I got a lady and she really is something plus I'm not the shady nigga that she usually fuck with
So, please
Just leave my presence let me levitate my intellect while I'm season a crescent
Hip hop heads like (Sweet Jesus he blessed it!)
In a white the villain t so the steeze is perfection
Eclectic what I be with the bees in the birds
Definition of success is hella keys of the herb
But I've already learned a lesson
My good cheese is a curse so I don't pay any attention and I breathe with the earths
Breeze Caesar disperse that's the way of the kings and I need to be first
Better sway with the cleans are you lay as deceased an array of the beast is what I roll with
Sweets roll beefier than troll tits

12.Will Darkness (提供)

13.Mute Siren (提供)

14.Lair ft. Chuuwee (修改)

So don't fucking compare me nigga
Don't fear God ain't scared of these niggas
You can have an AK to the hair i'll give you a crazed hair
Like welcome to the lair sweet nigga
Looking like you running out of air weed nigga
Words pottery

15.Casanegra ft. Gabe Nandez (修改)

[Verse 1:Chester Watson]
Slice nice like hot knives and cold butter. clone juggler, leave him as a lone, one stoned he don't utter, silence sings. we prize these things so materialistic, see books should thrive in the city

But they don't

As i reflect upon this life i do pity it, ponder psyche restoration cancel light with his wittiness. omniscient being. verbage vector spirals no ending it, psychic violence, rule as tyrant see no light in the mistiness


Dude mic checkin the melody. crazy how he do it with psychedelic fidelity. high prevailin', he losing his mind, no fighting telepathy

Never cared for the consequences ready for death and he

Residin' on the edge of society, hermit likening. desolate vessels furnish the mind, these vermin inside of me. are better off alive, never dying reckon it's irony. lesson learned feather deprived, wrecked da vile and we

The casanova type
Mad bold, so cold in the heart, no soul and he smart

Damn ,nigga

That's a bad combination, casanegra en la playanegra, pablo danksmith. father of the matrix

..he knows too much

Throw stones at the waves, get stoned make space rips. rip beats, all on death row flow quit the day shift, here late, way sorry for the wait

[Verse 2: Gabe 'Nandez]
Imma keep it blunt i be on the hunt every time i'm in in this shit
They was in the woods till they saw the pope with his broke English fixed
Trynna get a glimpse near those things
Put the hearing in your lips till your hips freeze and you couldn't free those wings
Like a seat locked peacock with his Reeboks
On the beat i'm elite imma speak me when the thieves eavesdrop

Creep in the night
Sweet with the bite
When he speak on the mic
Hold weight like a beacon of light

Telekinetic energy telling me hell'll never be the less of two
Evils in the one thing as the knees pull to the Sun King
Oh you wanna rap, tell me where you at i don't think you at where you think
You wanna be a star whipping in the car spitting at the broads with your drinks
Cards in the case ace in the hole fall into place
He could make you crawl to own fate leave you in the zone drawn to the Snake

Fakes tap out
All over the net track routes
I was gonna get my act up
But I blacked out in the traphouse

Cleverly making the dome piece split
Never be talking to policemen
I ain't into drama unless you wearing your armour you shouldn't approach me friend
Millennium F alcon cruise through the pendulums altitude
None of you niggas is fucking with me lyrically i'm the illest around you dudes
And you know this roaches, seen 'em groping vultures
Who would try to snatch what they couldn't catch atop of the black fortress

Score what you eat
Floor to the feet
Landed on the earth planet planted as the candidate who savagely handle it

Me and the rhythm as sacred is marriage is
Shackled in patterns of sacrilege packaged in
Chasing the rabbit in patches of cabbages
Fact of the matter is mind is the master and
I am the student of movement pacifist
Active as lanterns in blackness how could this
Be as it is and it shall for infinity
I am epitome fuck if you feelin me

Sorcerer rap ready when we
Traveling the map with the backpacked strapped immaculate semi MC

From the belly of the beast to the television set separate the rest
Elevated with renovated levers to sacredly dedicated taker of breath

16.Villin ft. Lumi (修改)

[Verse 1:Lumi]
Yo, haha
Bitch is new age shawty got the whole city steady shit
Cause I'm flying the dick like a motherfucking terrorist
Fucking with a [?]ho she say she see the Paris chasin' she gave me head that's carrot top now my dick a carrot stick (Splash)
Ay, I'm Bugs Bunny on a ho
If she fucking with my money then I smack her on the floor
If she keep on actin' funny then I smack a bitch some mo'
I'm just a young boss pimp
It's all about his dough
I'm all about the guac
I'm all about the dough
I'm all about the cheese and the fucking pesos
So if you ain't 'bout that shit I just look in your eye tell that you [?]and your soul to the heavenly sky
Send em kisses so it's done with no emotion or commotion dumped a body in the ocean of that sunshine state
With a gunshot, late, for the suckers who wait cause they do not appreciate I said do not appreciate
(Hold the beat up man. God damn ay yo Chester show these motherfuckers how we do this shit man. Send a kiss shit man. Nu age, Tin Wooki)
[Verse 2: Chester Watson]
So what's good nigga?
Welcome to the motherfuckin' hood with an AK
All gold slugs get judged for your life so you better think twice 'fore you look this way
See the crew sick, notice we the nuisance on the block got them shooters and I ain't talking in pool
Switch views to your new bitch fuck it I'm the cool kid
Clutch will let the suit fit
Snuggle with the juice get [?]and I'm chugging to the new crib
Sucks you niggas fruitless in a tux I'm eating soups sit
Classed and relaxed rip
Wax for the dude dip back hit the sack for a snooze quick snack then I poop sick
And don't send it I ain't fucking with your new shit
I'm chillin in the trucker with the new clique
Clucking is my cool whip
Dipped in a huxtable, sweater and she rep that triple six that I'm accustomed to
We ain't fucking with these people brah
Nu age or nothing nigga

17.Mammoth ft. Breeze Pachino (提供)

18.Creed (修改)

I see you just got the Marauder sig
This flow is dirt, reminiscent of how they slaughter pigs
Nasty, claim he in it for the craft
But the whole land know he only in it for the cash
So wicked, flip (?), and just last week
Dude was on the news, best villain since Mad V
Black slacks, Devillain tee, and some rad sneaks
Circque of ?, maybe Vans, maybe Adis
Time's running out, sit back, enjoy the last trees
Puff herbs, we collapse, relax, giving dabs, sweet
The bad part's we do attack
Sweep villages, squadron hella militant, don't ask me
The reasons cause I don't really know 'em
Captain said just have fun before the show's done
But I suggest you run down it if the road comes
Cause word around town is the shogun shows guns
And he don't like you, word is you're a spy who
Works undercover for the unknown side
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With the ogre from the high boons, but do you spice food?
Cause blood is eye food, gouge out his eyes, goons
I'm just kidding
That was the last test and I guess you've permitted, it's rigid
But surely you can fit in, you're still not promoted
You want it, gotta show it, didn't roll it
Just know it's only gas that you smoking but confidence
Never trust a soul and we always question optimists
This clan is the opposite of moral, so just follow the creed
Being mad ruthless gets you to the spot upon the steed and
From the jump, you know that what we do is grotesque
So if you got a problem, go and burn it with the Smoke Vet
Down to hell, where good deeds are in protest
Villain of the creed, yes siree, you just professed

19.Smoke Veteran (提供)

20.Fck (修改)

Now I've heard some pretty ugly things about those guys..

[Verse 1:Chester Watson]
Gorge myself and do heroin just to slim up
Narrow vision periphery fucked initially misery
Struct and livin' invisibly
Fuck wit' me yellin' cheers
I'm drunk we still chuggin' beers
I'm fuckin' rich money dirty as sluts in huts at the Wierda[?]
A huntsmen covered in fear
Write covenants baby tell me she love this shit
Check the year of the rubbish rubbin' dear love[?]
Barely conscious so I'm sorry cuz' I prolly' do all the shit that you feared of
Like Hitler, Stallin, or Sey'tung
Idi Amin, I'm slayin' a vivid scholar wit' ranks
Peepin' dollars in the bank tech
Gotta' take a rain check
Was let a stray by the ways of the late shex[?]

[Instrumental Solo]

[Verse 2: Chester Watson]
Yugoslavic Slovenian
Who is toppin' iridium flows?
The best is sittin' in gold
Betta' yet gold drank
Metallic drips
Livin' a fallacy watch the roll play
Thoughts fairly close to the vast vacuums crowed space


A mad violent contestant
Reincarnation phasing watch this (aye tu er ala puerta)[?]
Flagrant is raining visually
Crazy favored the sceptre of Hades but I'm to busy famous gettin' my bread up
Fucking movement if you ain't' cool with me dead luck
Non-rappin' bastards is back to school
And the masters know
Pacifist is hela' smooth but co pacifist cause I'm fed up
Vape the lead stuffed in his head
This dudes a mess but
Check does he have breath?
Now its lookin' like the ramen off Jess
The atomic bomb sets in
I'm derilent[?]feelin' wrecked a band did it or contest me
Grab her by her left cheek
Slap it
She gives me the vibe that she'd be the best freak
But wait
Back to the methods of death juice
Me and Damacha cosment copper copin' the best trees
Sip the best T
Come correct G

21.Ichikotu (提供)

22.Monotone Samurai (提供)

23.Midwest (提供)

24.Execution ft. Dr. Londes (提供)