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【 They Hate Francisco False 】【 英文 】【 2006 】

1.Francisco False Theme
2.All of Us
4.Frank Propose
7.Tiny Dream
8.Optical Illusion
9.Not Sure
10.Ct Dead
11.End of Skies
13.Sweetest Friend
14.Francis Display

1.Francisco False Theme (修改)

[Ceschi - with a faux British accent]
Francisco False, they all hate you, the way you stop to comb your hair
Out to the left, because you claim that it's what God does
And everybody stares and giggles, when they see you dancing by
Laughing at jokes, that you have killed with, in your own head
Don't fool yourself Francis
They won't come back again
And you're not all alone at all like you predicted listen
You might as well just go to sleep
Might as well... go to sleep...

2.All of Us (修改)

Produced By:Deadpan Darling

One of us in here
Better make it clear
What is happening
Because a vacant stare
Isn't going anywhere
And we're still gonna be floating in hazy air
I just hope that you know
That it's never gonna faze me dear
When those rays of the sun appear
As a funnel of glare
I'll be ready for the final road to nowhere
Have no fear
Of the sandman
When he comes for your body in the night
Wipe those tears
From your pillow
When you know that I'm getting ready for my last flight
This is only life
This is only once
This is only me
Please believe
In something greater than what you can see
This disease
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Won't faze me
So don't ever make a martyr out of me
My heart will beat
In your eardrums
Even when I'm buried six feet deep

All of us will go through this some day
It's coming
So please know that
All of us will go through this some day

Have you ever felt
What it's like to survive in the whites of the eyes of hell
Have you smelled
The scent of your flesh burning off of your body until
All you hear
Is screaming
From the bottom of the
Twisted bowels?
I'll be there
And there's nothing on this earth that is ever gonna help me out
Kiss my mouth
And savor
The wonderful time that we shared
Stay with me
Til the moment that my skin lets go and sets me free

3.Sleep (提供)

4.Frank Propose (修改)

[Ceschi with a faux British accent]
You should have married her, when you had the chance
On that Saturday, proposed with that pink plastic ring that came
Inside of a box of Safeway Corn Flakes
Deep down in West O
Fuck you, Frank False, For being alone
You won't find friends like that again
Time tends to swell, leaving you dry
In short, you should have married her, when you had the chance
Should have married her, when you had the chance
Should have married her, when you had the chance friend

'Why are there people like Frank? Why is there so much trouble in this world?'

5.Shame (修改)

Produced By:Aloeight

It's a shame, to walk the streets at night
Not knowing where you're going, just heading towards nothing
To rest your head on cement, never feeling another's flesh
To never wear a watch, to never hear or watch
It's a crime, to have a disease
To need to have to feed, desire constantly
Oh it's pain, to love something that hates you and will not change
It hurts, to puncture yourself
To smoke out of a can, to dream about sex
To shave with scissors, to wash in water fountains
To eat the eucharist, to beg for a DIIIIME
It's fuckin sharp, to walk on gravel
With bare feet in the winter, and no more friendly liquor
To wish to be in jail, to wish that you weren't here
To look at yourself in car windows and remember that you once had a family
With a house and a dog and a garden
With fake flowers and lawn gnomes and a picket fence
In the middle of a suburb, happily married
To a beautiful wife, with a son and a daughter AND A GUN!
Yes a gun and the tomatoes, it's a shame
A shame... a shame... a shame {*echoes*}

6.Calluses (修改)

Produced By:Malakai

Well it's been long enough now, that I can laugh about it
Without tear jerks, or suicidal notes
And although life's changed, my feet won't stop movin
And calluses just continue to cover my whole being
I thought I loved you then, I know I love you now
And I won't forget a single second of the time we spent
Furthermore, I'll never be able to just replace you
But taking your photos from out of my wallet
And wallowing in my own sorrow for hours what a fucking joke
Another half truth
Dripping out of the mouth of an idiot that still cares for you
As much as the first day that he met you and as much as he regrets it
Tell you he'd stop rapping in the third person if he could only smell you
Well you, could've {?} unravelled the truth about how you fell but umm
I should've focused my energy obviously on someone else-ah
Who would've listened to every word that you could possibly utter
A father a publicist even an optimist some of them said to be truthful
Because I missed the, moments were thinking was optional
Total bliss love, as the tentacles dig deep into our cell bodies
And then some, when we became one
There wasn't a single force in the world that could shake us

Do doo-doo, doo-doo-doo {*3X*}
Doo-doo-doo doo doo doo

Well now I'm dead sure, that I was dead on
That we should be together 'til death and then some
That you was drop dead beautiful I'm never dead wrong
The rest'll be dead and gone and there'll be no dreaded song
I just beheaded the long, with you between my temples
Fingerpainting fictional flowers throughout my mental
Overpowered but gentle, sweeter than sour tempered
Just fiending for an hour when we can be back together
This evil convenience, is easier than love
In fact, most everything is easier than love
It's whack, but I guess the tempered human being deserves it
For being born with mortal sin, all torn up in
Stomachs and aching bones, I know that you can never just
Stomach these aching tomes disguises as achey poems
But it's the only way I'll come to grips with what went wrong
It's the only way I'll clear my throat of these dead frogs
And it's embarassing sometimes I know
But I hope that the sinners realize that this pain stems from growth

Do doo-doo, doo-doo-doo {*3X*}
Doo-doo-doo doo doo doo

Well here's that third verse that I usually cut from songs
And maybe it's a symbol of me finally moving on
Or maybe it just means that I never want to let go
Or possibly it's signifying the loss of self-control
And a last effort attempt to reach what's missing from my soul
Where those few visible words that won't even graze her earlobes
But I give it a shot - though, and rock slow enough
So she can know his breath just not, for the rhymes to say
He's trying too hard, he's making it tough
I hope she knows I give a fuck
More than head penises and pussies and Hollywood sluts
I'm sorry for not giving up, I'm sorry for caring too much
I'm sorry for giving apologies so many times that I'm stuck in a rut
I wish that this could be the last time that I said love
Cause sometimes wishes come true, so now this song is done..

[Repeat to fade]
Do doo-doo, doo-doo-doo {*3X*}
Doo-doo-doo doo doo doo

7.Tiny Dream (修改)

Welcome to my dream, and howwww are you?

Why, wake, up
When such wonderful worlds are created inside of our skulls
Just, stuck
Waiting for pillowcases to wrap faces forever
(Welcome to my dream, it nowwww seems real)
(You're reallllll... you're reallllll)
Why, wake, up
On a planet where death is a scent on everybody's tongue
Just, stuck
Waiting for some solution to come from the heavens above
(Welcome to my dream...)

8.Optical Illusion (修改)

Late at night, while resting sticky eyed, sirens cyberfuck me
And it's been this way since hell froze over in 1813
One could, stood for colored vists, discovered California gold
In the mouths of horny non-gangster rappers from Vallejo
What a funny fucking feeling to be sucked into you whole
As the sun is screamin mercy while children step on it's toes
What a dirty fucking feeling when our naked skin collides
In the middle of the day as your father is gardening
I'm afraid it's an optical illusion
That you look so innocent tonight

9.Not Sure (提供)

10.Ct Dead (修改)

feat. Xololanxinxo
Produced By:Robert Koizura

Love her to death, or hate her to death
He could wait, she'll end up dead
Dead as stuck days, dead as can be
Dead dumb, dead silent, DEAD ASLEEP
Could learn to get, DEAD ASLEEP {*3X*}
Dead in your arms, or did I kill
Dead as my heart, with no more will
Under the ground, is where I sing
Under my skin, your deadly rings
No more love, I'm so DEAD ASLEEP
Could learn to get, DEAD ASLEEP {*4X*}
Dead.. dead.. dead..

11.End of Skies (提供)

12.Dripping (修改)

Your disgusting mirror image
Slowly convulsing, quivering, fetus face
As long as you live, just realize one thing
You'll never be anything like what your mommy wanted
Baby darling
Swallow tradition and spit out blood
Swallow modernity
Bitch puppy love
All those legions of lepers
Walking the earth
Crying to themselves
Sucking in poison slowly
It's slow
Slow and painful
When memory cuts through flesh and muscle
Bone and fat
We're barely alive but breathing through these mechanisms of false stability
Golden security blankets
We're barely alive but breathing through these sanitized life masks
They built us in the 1950s
All those minions of walking dead
Shuffling through city streets with brick shoes
Living forgetful lives just like their parents
Breathing disease along with all of us
And it's been this way ever since the birth of logic smothered our fantasies
With some ego maniacal jargon about philosophical superiority
And seriously after years of sharpening pencils and raising our hands
We're left swollen stuck in small desks
Just like our mothers and fathers were
Just like our cousins
And grandparents with chalk wrapped around greasy fingers
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Mundane monotony
A sign of the times
A sign of clogged cycles

Just keep of dripping
Keep on dripping
As long as the rest of humanity falls into puddles
Keep on dripping
Keep on dripping
Just keep on guessing
As long as the rest of humanity falls into puzzles
Just keep on guessing

Flocks of people everywhere with dark X's for eyes
All hiding from each other
All keeping the best secrets
I never guessed that you were an unsolvable riddle
One of those that a wise intellectual couldn't have even come up with
Barely a question
Barely an answer
Barely an entity
A fantasy created by ghosts
I never guessed that you were looked at as the spawn of satan
Because you asked your questions
Because you took time to forget
And all of the sudden you realized that you were
A monster in the eyes of a monotone world
Keep on dripping

13.Sweetest Friend (修改)

Produced By:Ceschi

Next time I see you you'll be
A different person maybe
But gray hair wrapping your face
Won't hide change between those legs
Did it feel good, when he touched the creases of your sides
When he poked your ribs, and laughed, as he took another beath and smacked
His bony body against yours, under the covers
How could they not have the rotten smell of bodily pleasure
And for a second did you ever stop to think
That I was feeling all of it because I knew it was happening

I never wanna hear you cry again, my sweetest friend
But I don't want another nightmare quite like this either so I am leaving
I don't wanna hear you cry again, my sweetest friend
But I can't live another day like this so I am leaving

Did you feel guilty the next morning when you saw my missed call
Did your heart just stop, or did you brush it off
Was it so easy for you to forget
The single most important person you once had in your life?
Or was it just another mundane day at the job
That felt the same after your painful spite?
What about the nights that we spent talking, about our futures together
Or the nights when you told me that you could love no other
What about the California nights when our bodies fit perfectly
And nothing could come between, as you can see
I never believed, that you severed our dreams
Just for the sake of adolescent stupidity
Really was it worth it? To be physically hurt and alone
I'll never forgive you little girl

I never wanna hear you cry again, my sweetest friend
But I don't want another nightmare quite like this either so I am leaving
I don't wanna hear you cry again, my sweetest friend
But I can't bare to live a life like this so I am leaving
I don't wanna hear you cry again, my sweetest friend {*3X*}
{*fades out*}

14.Francis Display (修改)

Look I died on you again - cause you killed, cause you killed
Break a leg Francisco False - break a leg, or any limb
It's impossible to win, anyway you look at it
Someone's gonna lose their head

Here's a shoutout, to the daughters
Who have played with your dumb heart
Like a Slinky sinking sideways
Down the bottomless stairwell
This one goes out to the women
Who tore open your tear ducts
And laughed.. as your frown was on dis-play