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【 To Sentence The Dead 】【 英文 】【 2005 】

1.Abject Paradise
2.Fact Or Fiction
3.False Ideas Of Perfection
4.The Best Of Me

1.Abject Paradise (修改)

do you know what it means
to truly be outside
last pick for everything
no one even knows your name
do you know how it feels
to be rejected all the time
always feeling like you are
standing at the back of the line

i never fit in
not saying i didnt try
i got so sick and tired
where my brothers
stand by me
unfit for society
the outsiders
live freely
finally a place for me

not you
try so hard
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to fit in to this
you rejected all of us
did you really think that i'd forget
why don't you go back home
and leave this for us
there's no second chances
once you break our trust

i won't let you ruin this for me
this is home for me
i won't let you burn down all these walls
that were built on the backs of kids with heart
true passion isn't something you can find
you can try but its a waste of time
you can laugh and call this a cliche
but it meant the same in 88
i won't let you ruin this for me
this is home to me

2.Fact Or Fiction (修改)

you try to justify your actions
and the lies
hiding from life
terrified of a God
that you can not see
you think i'm just another sheep
but you're a machine
corrupted system with no beliefs
your faith is based on unbelief
you can see it in the hate you keep
there was a time
when i was just like you
blind to the truth
i will never give in
to life and the boundaries of man
i won't live my life in sin
i won't ever go back again
you think you're free
but you're in a trap
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been down that road
and i won't go back
your eyes are open
but still you cannot see
a senseless inception
is what you choose to believe
i can not live in a world
where my fate is based on chance
do you think
that life is just an equation
with no one behind the scenes
to solves the problem
the father of your beliefs
did not believe himself
you call evolution a fact
but i call it science fiction

3.False Ideas Of Perfection (修改)

i will never believe
this is all we are meant to be
too many unanswered questions
for a world with all the answers
how can we rely on us
when we don't know
who we are
or why we are here

when you look to the sky
what do you see
does your mind go on
forever or are you lost
in the limitations
of human frailty
the weakness of our eyes
you think you've seen all
it but really you've been blind

i see my father looking down on me
i feel his presence in the air i breathe
communication is a source of corruption
impress false ideas of perfection

i won't let you cry for me
you think my faith is built on ignorance
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i am not blinded by humanity
this world plays home to the godless

your ambivalence guides you
you will die in your sins
change your ways
and fall away from this creation
we near the bitter end

you spent all your life
living in denial
so what you haven't murdered
faith isn't judged by works alone
to earn your place
in the kingdom of heaven
you've got to separate yourself
from this world

i will fight
til your tragic end
to defend my king
i will lift
lift his name up high
for all to hear

4.The Best Of Me (修改)

i've waited for the time to come
for you to show up
and fill this empty shell
i had become
you brought meaning to this life
and i will always thank
God for you in my heart
the first day
that i saw you
i looked into your eyes
and i saw my life
i saw me getting older
with you right by my side
a true miracle of life
since the day you came here
i have never
been the same
for the rest of my life
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i will show you
what you mean
to me
i saved the best of me for you
there's nothing i wouldn't do
i'd lay it down my life and all
all that i am i'd give to you
if i had my way
you would never feel the slightest pain
and you would never have to fear
i will feel good about my life
if i can help make yours
the best it can be
all that i have
i'll give to you

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