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【 Blood Or Whiskey 】【 英文 】【 1996 】

1.Always Remember
2.Down With The Ho's
3.Even Her Love
4.Galway Town
5.Goodbye My Girl
6.Keep The Baby
7.Unfinished Business
8.Wack For A Widdle

1.Always Remember (修改)

I was walking out the road when I heard the noise behind me
And I saw them standing there one two three
And I knew that I was shagged I did not think they could find me
And the hate was on their faces plain to see
Well it's great to see you lads
It's a long time since I robbed you
Did you miss the hundred pounds I took that day
And I reached inside my coat and I read them my prescription
and I laughed at how they turned and ran away
These are the things I will always remember
They have seen me through hatred and pain
They kept me warm in the dark of December
When the light has gone they still remain
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It was long so long ago on a stormy night she left me
At the time it seemed so brutal and so tough
I saw her the other day with her husband and ten kids
And I thought she had turned out to be sorta rough
One fine day when I was young and I left home for the first time
And it felt as if my life had begun
My old father grabbed my hand I can still recall his words
He said be sure to never trust a hippy son
When the sun goes down I won't surrender to despair and moan
I will sustain it anytime of year June or September
When the light has gone they still remain.

2.Down With The Ho's (修改)

Possible translations:
what you say.....
sight look at the people.....
licking in my fucking face.....
around her neck......
look at that girl look at the people.....
what you say
pulled down her kacks.....
I stuck my fingers up it.....
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wondering what to do
doing nothing....
look at him....
Down with the Ho's......
One two three.....
what you say what you do
you do not
Or ask Dugs Mullooly what the fuck is living in his head.

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3.Even Her Love (修改)

I wondered why she looked so lonely
And I wondered why he was not by her side
After a while I chanced to ask her
He's feeling so bad she said I don't know why
They took him off last week to the hospital
He was a danger to himself they said
Something went wrong so deep inside his him
Now I'm like a stranger standing by his bed
Still she wonders where he goes
wonders why and how
But even her love can't reach him
Even her love can't reach him
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Even her love can't reach him
The way he's feeling now
What could it be that takes him so far away
So far inside himself where he can hide
I watched him fight this as it dragged him down
Into a place so dark and cold she cried
She looked so tired and strained as she spoked to me
I looked for words to say to ease her pain
Still we both knew he'd come through this once before
And we just hoped he'd do the same again.

4.Galway Town (修改)

First she came on like a breeze
She came on like the gales of winter
Blew my mind and broke my will
And left me there to die
Then she broke the spell she'd cast
The past was always there behind me
Rolling like the clouds at last
My dreams were in the sky
We went down to Galway town
To see the sights and see the races
All the things she did and said
I kept them in my mind
At the bus stop near the square
Her hair fell down around her face
I swore there was no more in store
I'd nothing left to find
We went down to Galway Town
Just to see what might be happening
We went down to Galway Town
We went down the mountain side
We went down to Galway Town
Just to see what might be happening
On the streets of Galway Town
Best place in the world to hide
We had burgers and some chips
And the rain it came a falling
Took a taxi to Salthill
With bad things in my head
She was wearing lovely clothes
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The bouncer came and broke my nose
She said said oh just leave it go
I swore that he was dead
In the morning then
We went to walk along down by the sea shore
Talking about the night before
The music that they played
She said that she wanted home
And never more the world to roam
So that day I went away
And she moved down and stayed
I was in Croke Park
One rainy Sunday near the first of August
Watched the Leinster final
It was Dublin and Kildare
They led us a merry dance
We never even had a chance
At the side I'd say we tried
but swore I didn't care
Some day I'll go back out West
And see the streets we walked together
I don't know now where she is
I don't think that I care
If it gets too bad around here
I'll run like hell from all my problems
If you've got some blues
I'll tell you, you can lose them there

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5.Goodbye My Girl (修改)

I was thinking of home as the bus pulled away
Take me to the Cape and you knowing what I had to do
And the sun it beat down all along the highway
As I thought about the day when I told you I would stay
I was trying just to find the words to tell you
That I had to go and leave it all behind
I had to go back to the land where I had come from
I'd lost what I came to find had to leave it all behind
And the lights of old Boston still shine on you now
Where you'll be what they want you to be
Yeah the lights of old Boston still shine on you now
And you know in your heart in your heart you must be free
Goodbye my girl don't you know I hate to leave you
Goodbye my girl and I hate to see you cry
Goodbye my girl don't you know I hate to leave you
But it's better this way to say goodbye
You were smiling when you met me at the station
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And I wondered if you'd cry when I told you I would die
If I had to stay one more week in this nation
It's the land of the free but not where I want to be
And you asked me if I loved you more than Ireland
And to tell the truth the answer it was no
Cause I just knew that I could never make this my land
In the home of the brave I would only find a grave
As I got aboard the plane my heart was breaking
As I left you there in pain with no words that could explain
Why I had to make to make the journey I was making
Had to leave you alone but then how could you have known
All the things I was feeling deep inside me
As I sat there I wondered how
I could love a country more than I could love you
As the plane took off and flew I just knew that it was true

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6.Keep The Baby (修改)

You can keep the baby baby
Just don't ask me to stay
You can keep the baby baby
I don't like him anyway
It was at the break of dawn
Up the stairs I heard her call
Ten the dog began to bark
And the brat to bawl
This is gonna wreck my head
I know I can't take much more
Waiting for the chance to run
To run out the door
I remember at the start
When we had such fun
Now you're starting to look bad
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What have you done
All we do is sit around
Four walls and the kid all day
All you do is moan and bitch
I'll be on my way
I think I'll move back home
Back to my Mam and Dad
You just want to own and have
well it won't be had
I don't need this shit around
Not when I'm so free and young
Gonna go out with my friends
Gonna have some fun

7.Unfinished Business (修改)

Down at the bottom of a derelict street
Is where the brute creation play
Something went sour in the space of an hour
And now you're gonna have to pay
Better watch out cos they're coming for you
They're gonna take your life away
Gotta go to ground or you're gonna be found In a genuine state of decay
Unfinished business look at the score
This is an unfinished business man
Unfinished business keep it in store
Cos it's part of my business plan
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What's the plan?
When you look in the mirror do you like what you see
Can you hide the fear behind your eyes
Are they gonna think you're as tough as can be
Or will they see right through your disguise
You never really thought it could happen to you
And now look at the tables are turned
That was your desire just to play with fire
And now you got your fingers burned

8.Wack For A Widdle (修改)

As I get home at 6AM gone out to work all day
With me boots on me feet and me cap on me head
In bed I would I could stay
Cause I'm too old to spend my time shifting sods and clay
And the wife won't give me what I want cause I'm so old and grey
For a wack of the widdle a widdle a wack
A widdle a wack all day
For a wack of the widdle a widdle a wack
I'll widdle my life way
As I get home from saving the hay my arms and legs do say
Sit down you drunk put your arse on the stump and get stuck in the tea
With the wife on me back and the kids all brats screaming in my ear
Go on you old git you're full of shit you won't last out the year
Well I'd seen it all my cup was full and I walked out the door
And I sold my house and I sold my land and I never saw them no more
Now I lie all day in the Spanish sun with a girl on either side
If I'd have stayed I'd never get laid it's there I would have died

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