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【 Stonedstrumentals 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

1.Coke Hyena
3.One Bitch
4.'89 Dope Spot – Co-Produced By Eric G
5.In A Trance
6.I'm To Blame For The Rain
7.MouthFull Of Gold
8.So Dark
10.Bastard In A Basket
11.SexDrugsRock&Roll – Co-Produced by Eric G
12.Nacho's Blues

1.Coke Hyena (修改)

Cocaine, cocaína, yayo
Coco, P, whatever you wanna say, bro

[Verse 1]
I'm a show off, I show out
I'm like Webby's haircut, I'm blowed out
It's a snow day, took the snow route
Got a snow bunny, like it's cold out
Try to hold out, bitch, we don't go out
I got a gold mouth, bitch, what you know about?
Fish scale — clam chowder
Took a sniff and said wowzers because my pack's louder
Perhaps your bitch Debbie Downer because she lacks powder
I got max power and I lack doubters
I'm talking soft now, not Roc Nation
Sniff a little off my cock, you Caucasian
Black-facing in this crooked ass cop nation
Just raw tasting and hot rod racing
Screaming 'Fuck's satan!', they still call us Masons
I got dumb swag, California Raisins


[Verse 2]
She say I hurt her stomach, like a bad meal
Shot a movie with your girl, here the gag reel
She sniff hella blow — pop mad pills
She say she's happy being fake, she get mad real
I got old game, bitch Neo Geo
Money is a must, bitch we the B.O
I got packs man, nigga Filipinos
Break a couple kilos and drink a Pellegrino
Favorite letter in the alphabet: El Amino
I got a fat bitch hanging out the El Camino
All we do is kick it, Tae Kwon Dope, Key-Ra-Te
No middle man, I'm copping from the CIA
Shaved a white girl myself and called her GI Jane
I ain't really got a limp, but let me see the cane
I ain't been in love, since we lost Selena
I'm the lion king, lining up my coke hyenas


2.Ghost (修改)

[Verse 1:Nacho Picasso]
I'm from the city where they all depressed
And we only question life, never question death
Pick my face up out of a line up, you must mess with meth
And you could call me Nacho Heph, I just fresh to death
But you could call me uncle Jesse, and that's word to Steph
All my bitches stay in line like their work is reffed
Make em strap up with them birds, hit the turf with nests
Say a little prayer for me, baby curse the rest
I be whylin like Tommy Buns, um
I keep the faith like zombie nuns
Underdog, got me feeling like Rocky 1
Ice-T cause my honky got a donkey bum
Um, that last bar was untasteful
Only half-bad, my birth mom's bi-racial
Plus I heard that Coco was unfaithful
And my bitch from Numbnuts took five face-fulls

Smash on the pedal, out the window with the toke
Get ghost
Dance on the devil, blowing halos out of smoke
Get ghost
I don't wanna settle, rather lay up with them hoes
Get ghost
I'm just looking for a host, body separate from my soul
I'm a ghost

[Verse 2: Nacho Picasso]
I'm caged in like the Ultimate Fighter
The truth on the mic, he a ultimate liar
Frozen in eternal fire, he knows you'll conspire
Cozy clothes up in the drier, watching Boardwalk Empire
Behold my empire made of ghosts and vampires
Dipped my soul in sanitizer, nigga's suspect is Keyser
Ask my driver, I'm a rider, I'm a laugher, she a crier
But now she in my web, she's so fly that I'm a spider
Now she need an exorcism, ghost dick all inside her
She grab my chain, I'll ignite her like Ghost Rider
My best behavior, call that my Denzel
Two coupes is cool, Pikachu and Benz swell
My flow Beowulf, the beat get Grendel
If this a Matrix then I'm finna pop ten pill
I blew so many blunts I even killed stem cells
I started off in hell, who'd've though it would've end well

[Chorus X2]

3.One Bitch (修改)

[Verse 1]
I do it too big for you to belittle me
Hip hop's dead, bury it next to chivalry
She fuckin' like she's dead, lazy as my delivery
Make rhymes in my head, then I write 'em in caligraphy
Always keep a hammer like that old white bitch from Misery
Stick them Stick Up Kids on me, they're gonna fail miserably
My old lady sick of me, I'm chewy as some gizzards be
I be havin' lizard dreams, trippin' off that DMT
Alice come to wonderland, had her mix that lean with tea
Feelin' like Joey Crack, everybody lean with me
Your bitch looks like Joe Budden's ex, you know the one from 'Freak-A-Leak'
Only time I take my dick up out her is to take a leak
Have my money in a week or I'ma send my Iron Sheik
Lock me up, it's okay I'll climb away with tied up sheets
Tide is up, find your freak tied up to a private beach
My lawyer is a liar, leech, long arm of the law in reach

I got one bitch, go ahead and count up (uh-uh)
One rollin' up the sour (one), one choppin' up the yowda (two)
One bitch, go ahead and count up (uh-uh)
One hoppin' out the shower (three), one stop by every hour (that's four)
One bitch

[Verse 2]
I'm like Pops in Friday, all my shit talkin'
I make Christopher Watkins look like Chris Robin
She ain't got no snaps on petrol then the bitch walkin'
Behind her revvin' up the engine, now the bitch joggin'
I ain't Lil B at all but my bitch mobbin'
Bitch sweepin', dishwashin', got a bitch moppin'
High as Mary Poppins, tell her pop it while she yappin'
Spoiled rotten, buy the whole display, it's window shoppin'
Most these rappers Dennis Rodman, takin' checks and floppin'
Alfred Hitchcock high, how the birds be flockin'
All the girls be talkin', stole their purses, never stoppin'
I got some head from her friend and she still be jockin'
I'm a livin' legend, let the legend live
I don't give a fuck now if I ever did
But I never did so you can suck a severed dick
Take it with this eye gouge, bitch lookin' seven kids


4.'89 Dope Spot – Co-Produced By Eric G (修改)

[Verse 1]
I match my niggas but I still feel niggaless
I'm the black Caesar, my fade like Caligula's
Just got on my feet like I fractured my fibulas
Finally got some paper and mashed on the frivolous
Chivalry is dead, put that ass on my stimulus
Give my dick a kiss then I mash on your mini miss
Hope your nigga spin and crash off the skinny cliff
Get a whiff of this, probably half think I'm Jimmy Cliff
Smokin' good kush, that's if you catch my drift
Wearin' Marty McFlys, I smash on that nigga Biff
I didn't win it, 'til I nigga rigged it
Rap's Tony Bennett, bony, ignant, OG, bigot
If her booty's big enough I'd probably do a midget
Just throw her in my kitchen, like ooh that's fuckin' bitchin'
I snatch her by her weave, bust a good one in her kitchen
Now she need a perm, I ain't even ask permission

Ho said she never comin' back, I said, 'I hope not'
Pussy batter ram like an '89 dope spot
8, 8, '89 dope spot
8, 8, '89 dope spot

[Verse 2]
She'll suck your cock but she'll also do blow off it
Fuck hot topic bitch I'm so off topic
I'ma chop shop it, drop top it, pop pop it
Drink this molotov cocktail, dog stop it
Fuck Toby, it's Nacho Kente
Fucked every female and your fam machete
And I don't speak Spanish but damn I leche
Any lil' bitch's trust fund that let me
And I don't take vitamins or eat my veggies
Just stay in her vajayjay just like a wedgie
Got drunk and started rantin', somethin' like Ray J
Said it's the money team, bitch, roll up or get away
These niggas catchin' Zs like they're Zorro The Gay Blade
These suckers say they're wavy, couldn't surf on my brain wave


5.In A Trance (修改)

[Verse 1]
Your girl swallowed all my kids like Cronus
We've been droppin' bands, dusk til dawn, no slow [?]
Kung fu soul brother, banned from most dojos
You can't hold his tongue, bitch, I only hold chokeholds
What's on the tube? Reruns of Futurama
Loadin' up my Llama, waitin' on the future drama
But my hipster white chick look a lot like Lana
She do that Rey, hell yeah and I got bad karma
I took my first steps, I said 'Ooh bad mama'
I ain't ever been a virgin, better cool that, Madonna
I grew up in the city where they grew marijuana
I said 'Fuck CPS', bitch I'm doin' what I wanna
[?]should've got aborted, mothership, I got her boarded
Aliens, mine got deported, so that coke got teleported
I'm an agent, stay in orbit, cause they're payin' hella for it
I'm like Mandy, I'm like Moore, see the light, bitch better floor it

So what, I don't rap conscious, I'm in a trance
I'm in a trance, in a trance, I'm in a trance
So what, I don't rap conscious, I'm in a trance
I got a cult following, don't you hear the chants?

[Verse 2]
Fuck yourself, off yourself like I'm Orson Welles
Gather 'round the campfire, tonight we tell abortion tales
Eat my cookie whole cause I'm scared of what my fortune tells
'Til I scorch in Hell, I'm cooped in where the orphans dwell
Stuck two sweets together, mighty morphin' L
Put my ankles in that pussy, now my Jordans smell
I've been doing me since Amazon and Oregon Trail
Gut you're like a fish, you're a shark, we the Orca whale
You're so frail, put your card up in the garbage pail
Your label sucks, barely up, all your artists failed
All the fuckery I halted ever since we dropped Exalted
Held the lean and then I alted, all the slugs is lookin' salted
And I'm tatted like a Celtic and I'm ballin' like a Celtic
These rappers gettin' jealous cause my rhyme book is a relic
And when they hear this new shit, they'll probably try to shelve it
She golly, popped a molly, then I took her shit like Elvis


6.I'm To Blame For The Rain (修改)

[Verse 1]
Every time you hear me the mood gets eerie
Niggas don't come near me, I get weary [?]
Fists of fury, squeeze the fifth til I'm teary
Drink a fifth til I'm cheery, Christine couldn't steer me
No, I done made my own lane
Everybody's got baggage, I made my own claim
A master like Shredder, give me brain like crane
Go down dirty shame, bald head like a Wayans
I did it for the fame, I'm to blame for the rain in my city
Bang, bang, bang, in my city and they bang all the kitties
She told me make it rain so I came on her titties
I just laughed, walked away counting twenties and fifties
Bumping like hippies, hungry like Missy
I got a couple white friends, hit bones and played Frisbee
Don't [?], sniff coke and drink whiskey
Ray-Ban's risky, and coke white Griffeys

I'm to blame for the rain in my city
I'm to blame for the rain in my city
Bang, bang, bang
I'm to blame for the rain in my city
I'm to blame, I'm to blame for the rain in my city
Bang, bang, bang, in my city
I'm to blame for the rain in my city
I'm to blame for the rain in my city
Bang, bang, bang
I'm to blame for the rain in my city
Bang, bang, bang, in my city
Bang, bang, bang, in my city
And they bang all the kitties

[Verse 2]
(Back on my dark shit, like mixed girl's armpits
Br'er Rabbit's tar pit, electric guitar riffs
Swisher black lick spliffs, burnt black tar whiffs
Burnt black crosses, hurt black conscious
Cursed black artists, thirst and starve us
'Til we burst black-hearted and we act retarded
And the bombs bombarded, 'til the rich restart it
Cause they disregarded that that history's our shit)
She a garbage pale kid like Valerie Vomit
She just organized all my comics by all my chronic
Buy me rings like Sonic, I get high and pawn it
I'm an outlaw, the tat on my neck should be wanted
Big flake, be late for all my appointments
I see dead people, Nacho P: clairvoyant
Took the king out, Nacho P: heir appointed
Creeped up in my kingdom, ParaNorman paranoid
Pair of stripper twins: Tasha [?], Sarah Toia
That's not all you got in common, guess what nose you blow up
King Cobra, Anaconda, 'strictor Boa
Nature boy, I don't need to wear a feather boa
I buy two pairs of kicks, flood the stores like Noah
What I owe ya, nothing for ya, matter fact who knows ya
Gotta get ya real fast, not a sit tight lawyer
I get lit then spit [?]


7.MouthFull Of Gold (修改)

[Verse 1]
He's like Pee-wee Herman, I'm more Herman Munster
Ichi I'm the killer, leaving sperm off on the dumpster
Really you a coward, all the courage that you muster
The iron made you hard but your parents raised you custard
My bitch got green eyes and I don't even trust her
She pull aside the ride, she ain't asking for no mustard
Grey poupon, homicide on your butler
In broad daylight guess she could have been subtler
What I did last night I can't recollect
Running naked through the woods like Weapon X
Told her tag her friend in, like Tekken sex
Make em race for the dick, neck and neck
Ah heck, don't even come without a check
Dogs sick, don't even come without a vet
And that cream is all she expect to get
Cash rules everything around me, Inspectah Deck

Mouth full of gold
Mouth, mouth full of gold
Did I st-st-stutter man
Mouth full of gold
Mouth, mouth full of gold
Hella hunger man

[Verse 2]
They tried to give me life, I'd rather take the penalty
Ya I'm ill nigga, lyrically and mentally
I'm a Paul, nah nigga you a John
Rodney King gone and we still can't get along
My lawyer was Sean Connery, I still can't get a bond
And you don't got no niece but your still an uncle Tom
I hear a lot of 'Fuck Nacho's well back atcha
What's a backpacker to a black panther
Kung-Fu Panda, spit crack cancer
And your chick got bad breath skip asthma
I know real Bloods, they'll make you drip plasma
You should quit rapping, you could get [?]
We got Coca-Cola you should quit Shasta
Anybody diss Nacho, diss-aster
Hate it when hoes suck on my dick and wanna kiss after
Came on her in her sleep, kid-napped her


8.So Dark (修改)

[Verse 1]
Fucked my old flame, where my younger flame?
Fucked her watchin' Hunger Games, now she call it hunger pains
I just humped her brain, dumped her when the summer came
Now her number changed cause I run with other dames
My friends always tryna ask me: 'When the brotha' change?'
That's when I look a nigga strange like 'What's your name?'
I did it for the fame, gold piece like Dana Dane
Cold chiefs, I'm a warrior, gold teeth might drain your veins
And I'ma hide the evidence, damn David Blaine
I'm from Seattle so I never had to make it rain
Rain rain, go away, ho was kept to throw away
Nigga say he fly like me, he must be a stowaway
I'll be back, gon' raid up the stowaways
After four days, pop 'em just to show a face
Someone do a liquor run, not a sober race
He a slower case, poppin' Ps in lowercase

Say the flow dark, I just bring shit to the light, bitch
I'm in a dark place, I don't need a lightswitch
So dark, I shut 'em down, lightswitch
No heart, I spill it on the mic, bitch

[Verse 2]
Apollo swag in my Jeremy Scott Adidas
Ladies lose your tops, show them boobs like it's Mardi Gras
I got killer blow, call the shit I do coup de grâce
She sniff coco off my nuts like a hula bra
I go coocoo for them sluts at the hookah bar
Ooh la la, I'm all in her guts with the Ruger on
Got a cougar, big ol' pewter on and her coo' the bomb
But I really fuck your mom cause her money's long
Don't ask me shit, I'm usually wrong like the tutor Don
I don't have a heart but I bump that Baracuda song
The realest villain, been out here since sabretooth
Real lady killer, never mind, Rae Carruth
Ask your boo, 'Am I the proof?' Ho raise the roof
It's Clark Kent to Superman how I take the booth
FUck your views, runnin' circles 'round the bunch of yous
They hate a ninja but a turtle didn't make the ooze


9.Money (修改)

Gotta make that money man
It's still the same
Steady runnin' things wild

[Verse 1]
I ain't had a job since 'o 6, Lazybones
Using prepaid phones, fuck you, pay me Holmes
Or I'll be in your home, smashed like K. C. Jones
K-Ci & JoJo sniffing coco, I go crazy bones
I need a real money tree, fuck a payday loan
Cause you ain't even got no paper on your payday Holmes
Not to mention all the paper that they say you owe
Paying child support, even though the baby's grown
Money makes her cum and paychecks will make her moan
Bands will make her dance — stacks will make her blow
All I wanted was 8 babes and 8 rides (ya'know?)
Selling out like 90s rappers did for St. Ides
In the Diddy suit, more glitter than the gay pride
More money, more problems, they lie
I'm the black Zack, my city like Bayside
.45's Kelly by my belly, keep her waist high


[Verse 2]
All I got is a dollar and a wishbone
Abstract flow, be rocking like Fishbone
My bitch wears cheetah print and furs like the Flintstones
Yabadabadoo, dick's harder than brimstones
Been trying to hit that pussy since downloaded ringtones
Heard she got engaged, but he never brought the ring home
No reality show, he really got repo-ed
Prepaid RushCard, didn't hit reload
BSBD, beats go beast mode
Nacho P and my kingdom be bestowed
I'm keyed, key-bumps and a Keystone
Came a long way from that sheep rocking fleece coat (North Face)
Where the hoes at? Or the hookers even?
I've been doing this since Shia LaBouef was Even Steven
I was paper chasin', he was booger eatin'
I knocked the old white bitch, it was cougar season


10.Bastard In A Basket (修改)

I'm just a bastard from a basket
A fucking douchebag that deserves to get his ass kicked
But ain't no one gonna do it, though, so ain't no sense in asking
And fuck the passion, I'm bustin' in a napkin

[Verse 1]
I'm snappin' like Bob Backlund, I'm Cactus Jack when
Ric Flair used to wear the satin, what's happenin'?
Is Tina Turner yappin'? Cause this beat is slappin'
I come from the streets like Aladdin
Bumping R Kelly while I pee on princess Jasmine
My bitches play the part, but I refuse to quit the castin'
My chick do bayer asprin, she usually toot the Aspen
She used to be in pageants, but now she just imagines
Extortion? I see no profits here
Try to press me for a portion, drive your Porsche off the pier
Me and Heather Locklear, we get high as Rocketeers
Took a shot of angel tears, I yell 'Cheers!' to all my fears


[Verse 2]
Miss Mary Jane — was quite brittle
Her husband dead, so that mean I'm smoking white widow
I'm blowing dope, eyes low with a slight sniffle
I got a heavy heart, so I keep a light pistol
Fuck your mom in the ass fast, I might Bristol
Palin, I'm impaling anyone who's slavin'
If you're rainin' and I'm hailin' I'm inhaling all your hatred
I'm blinded by the light, and I'm plugged into the Matrix
I'm only on the dealers, I throw bitches off the A-list
My momma half white and they tell me I'm a racist?
They can't stand the heat like Skip Bayless, I'm famous
I'm in the winner's bracket and your bitch is needing braces
Your new pussy? My old poon
If you're fly then I guess I'm Jeff Goldbloom
Pop so many pills, my brain look like tofu
I'mma die like that old bitch in Soul Food


11.SexDrugsRock&Roll – Co-Produced by Eric G (提供)


12.Nacho's Blues (修改)

[Verse 1]
Turn me on, your chubby daughter, listenin' to Muddy Waters
Say she get it from her mother, she don't listen to her father
And she blow me so good, bet another nigga taught her
Damn she got that ill na-na even though she had a toddler
Pull that Magnum to the side, that pussy felt like hot lava
Said she needed doctor money, a.k.a. shoes Prada
So I busted on her titties, now that bitch ain't gettin' nada
Bitch I ain't that baby's father, you be fuckin' like koalas
Two dicks at a time, bet you ain't gon' rat about it
Erection, I know your father, Lion King, I'm fuckin' Nala
I'm the king, Jerry Lawler, six-deuce Im-fuckin'-pala
Papa Shango fought Kamala, Johnny Quid, RocknRolla
Chewy bars, not granola, Pepsi twist, Coca-Cola
Lola Lola told me slow up, told me hold up 'til we grown ups
Now we're grown ups, she tell me grow up, now shit holds up that she chose up

Bitch I'm Nacho P, you should know who I am
B, fuck an amputee, 'fore I ever hold her hand
Life is just a beach, take a roll in the sand
Keep my hand on the heat, and my nose in the gram

[Verse 2]
Used to [?]that belonged in the ground
48 Laws, not the law of the land
Guess a nigga's double strapped when the bra's in his hand
If he disrespect your broad, then just pardon my man
We just [?]keep it louder than Lambchop
Play along, play along, sing along, say you don't get whaled on
Sail on, don't be a Moby Dick
If we empty all these clips, that is all [?]Porky Pig
I was just a dorky kid, 'til my cousin caught a bid
Knew where he kept his shit, gotta have my cousin dip
First strap I ever seen from my big homie Jay
If I had one wish I would get him out today
He was from the Chopper City, taught me how to use a K
If they come by where I stay, I'ma put 'em on display


[Verse 3/Outro]
Choking on my own vomit
Watching Wallace and Gromit
Nike's Halley's comet
My studio is haunted
My music ear's a shaman
Shrunken heads to the lawman
Took Klonopin, took down all of em
Look at all of em, [?]callin' 'em
Fuck em
I'm twice as strong, [?]
What the fuck is wrong with them
I right my wrongs and bite this song
And bite the bong
They can't tell if its really me or a hologram
I'm hollow man, I probably am
Off lots of Xan, I'm Nacho