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【 Almighty DP 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

2.10 Toes Down
3.Need It
4.Fool Ya
6.Know She Does
8.On the Corner
14.Asap Rocky
17.Doin It
18.Don't Love Her
19.All In

1.Bands (提供)

2.10 Toes Down (修改)



Know how I'm rocking man
Like cut off stockins' man
Keep kush in my pocket man
All designer get ya grind on nigga
Got a breitling for the time nigga


10 toes down
I got shows and verse
Ima bring em to your town
For the right fuckin' amount
You can hit me u right now
50 for a show and 20 for a tour
Im a loose screw I ain't no nail
Walk up in the building
She either smell the loud or Chanel
I think she going for the kill
She steady calling' my phone
My battery she damn near killed it
My phone steady ringing
This bitch done damn killed me. [RING RING!]

[Verse 1]

What's on my line? That fffffrrrr beep!
It be callin' all the time. [BANG BANG!]
What's that? My gun
I up this motherfucker, blow it, make ya run, better run
Little Gump. Run Forrest! Run!
3 Grams in the blunt, we have 1-on-1s
I love gettin' money and I know ya know it man
Yeah I like Nina shootin'
Why the fuck you hold it in?
I walk in and break the bank
Then walk out and close you in
What the fuck you looking at?
I swear I don't know you man
Im sayin', Im a Glo Man
I don't need no tan
I pull up, hop out, standing in my stance


10 toes down
I got shows and verse
Ima bring em to your town
For the right fuckin' amount
You can hit me u right now
50 for a show and 20 for a tour
Im a loose screw I ain't no nail
Walk up in the building
She either smell the loud or Chanel
I think she going for the kill
She steady calling' my phone
My battery she damn near killed it
My phone steady ringing
This bitch done damn killed me

[Verse 2]

Eurrrt Skrrt pullin' off, I'm so raw
Ha-ha high a lot, ruff ruff I'm a dog
Chh-chh go my paws
Cause those fuckers itch a lot
Bitch I got my bong, I don't want you, take me home
I be smokin' skunk, got it from the loft
'Member sellin' junkies, now I gotten dope
'Member red monkeys, closet full of Trues
If you lookin' for me, I'm probably on the news
One Plus Two, that equals a few
I want ten times 500,000 cool
I pull up rude, my jewelry du-du
Brick and balony in my pocket, Milonakis stew!


10 toes down
I got shows and verse
Ima bring em to your town
For the right fuckin' amount
You can hit me u right now
50 for a show and 20 for a tour
Im a loose screw I ain't no nail
Walk up in the building
She either smell the loud or Chanel
I think she going for the kill
She steady calling' my phone
My battery she damn near killed it
My phone steady ringing
This bitch done damn killed me

3.Need It (提供)

4.Fool Ya (修改)

[Intro:Chief Keef]
Aye, aye, aye, aye
Bang Bang Bang!
Doh, doh doh doh
Skert, skert, skert
(DP on the beat)
Hundred for the one's and two hundred for my...

[Hook: Chief Keef]
I paid hundred for the ones
And two hundred for my gun
Paid a hundred for the drum
Just to go up in my gun
Paid fifty for some bullets
That's a box of bullets
Shoot 'em at your stomach
And shoot at your medulla
With my ruger
Smoking Tooka
In my beamer
I'm a fool
Pull up on ya
Pull up to ya
Switch cars
Did I fool ya?

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Pull up in that 'Rari, hallelujah
Then I hop up in my Beemer just to fool ya
Fool your bitch, I pull up in that fucking Hummer
Hummer H2 bitch, nah this ain't no scooter
It go faster than a Harley
Someone please pass me the damn Marley
Even though I don't smoke with nobody
I don't need no bodyguard I got my body
Got my Tommy
Shoot this shit right up at your tummy
Now you're looking like a zombie
Trying to get help but you couldn't find it
My Beemer colored soo woo ravioli
'Member when I used to eat ravioli?
Now I can buy Kay Kay a little pony
Anything she want, you know I'm on it
That money I be on it
I ain't got no business sitting on it
I just got some business with getting money
You ain't talking money, that shit phony


[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
So we're coolin' in my mansion
Holding your bitch for randsom
How much you got to get her back fam
She ain't worth shit so I hope you got a bounty
Boy I heard your belt Versace
I got 50 times Versace in my pocket
Money be my logic
So you know I'm all about it

5.Haten (修改)

[Intro:Chief Keef]
All of my bling on
Smoking on the strong
They yayughu ugh een gone
All of my bling on
My watch on
And my chain on
And my gwap on

[Hook: Chief Keef]
All of my bling on
Smoking on the strong
They like, “Sosa where you been?”
I've been getting money, “you've been gone.”
Come back with my watch on
And my chain on
And my gwap on
Getting my bawss on
They be haten. (x5)
They be haten. (x5)
Haten. (x4)
Haten. (x4)

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
Well I got money all up in my pores
Bitches all up in my phone
Niggas start to haten, and then stop participatin'
Then gon' get it gon' get it on
Bitch I spent four checks on my own
Pulled up flexin' on the low
Remember taking dope money back like, “Ay sir I'm Shawn.”
What the fuck you thought?
I had to go get me some gwap
I don't like no snow
I had to go get me a loan
These niggas come through before
Me, I come through more hard
This is where I'm hot

[Bridge: Chief Keef]
Need some M&Millions, I like Chocolate
Peel up with no ceilings on, I think that I'm hot
I think that I'm Wayne, big timers blang blang

[Hook: Chief Keef]

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
Air force ones, with no socks
Remember having rocks in my socks
Bitch I got my jewelry that I dont even wear but I'm a put it on and get hot
All these fuck niggas jealous, they don't want me to kill it. They dont give a fuck if I flop!
But I'm a keep on killin', I'm a keep me Millin' I'm a straight go chase that gwap!
Pull up smoking skunk to the skunk
Shawty got some junk in the trunk
And these niggas keep on haten but I dont give a mother fucking fuck to the fuck!
Sneak dissin' like what to the what?
Im like huh to the huh?
I'm just getting money that's it homie duh duh duh duh duh

[Bridge 2: Chief Keef]
Ayyy 110 in a 55 now running from the cops
She say I got style, baby I get that a lot
I get that a lot
I get that a lot

[Hook: Chief Keef]

6.Know She Does (修改)

[Hook:Chief Keef]
She wanna be my thot
She wanna wear my watch
She wanna live in my house
She wanna be my spouse
Give her this dick, watch her run
Watch him bust his shit, watch him front
Hop in my car, watch me gunnin'
She like being with stars
I know she does

[Verse: Chief Keef]
I like threesomes, not no 1-on-1
I got three daughters and one damn son
Shawty is a thotty with a body
She hop on top and ride me like a Harley
She throw it back I'm like whoa Kemosabe
Got a bunch of bitches in the lobby
And they turn't and they off mollies
Bitch this a thotty party
Xans got me lazy going crazy
Flats got me ready but I need to save it
Let shit die down then play it
I'm a Glo Boy fuck yo ayelan


7.MCM (修改)

She say that I'm her MCM (girl you lyin')
But I dont wear no MCM (no I don't)
All I wear is Hermes when I do (I spend 15 bands)
Ridin' on, flexin' on you (like skr skr skr, skr skr skr)
She posted me up as her MCM (as her MCM)
But I don't wear no MCM (i don't wear no fuckin' MCM)
I spend 20 hundreds when I do (20 hundreds when I do)
Bitch I'm cold bitch I'm sick got the flu (bitch I'm sick got the flu)

[Verse 1]
She say I'm her MCM i be stuntin'
She say I'm her MCM i be swaggin' (swaggin' swag)
Hop up in my car and then I drive it
I mean I don't drive it I ride it fast
Put my feet to the gas
Smokin' on this gas
Put your shit in the trash
Shawty know that I'm the man
Seen my ice she like damn
Baby I dont need no fan
She seen my car she like damn


[Verse 2]
MCM, MCM, baby why am I your MCM?
Tell me now, tell me now
I don't ball bitch I (?)
I don't fuck, bitch, don't let me down
I'm on point bitch on every sound
I'ma fly up you take the levi down
Always in something foreign I'm heavy now
Spend 50,000 in true religion
You spend 10,000 think you just shited
It's Louis Vuitton for my lou-religion
They had Gucci for my gu-religion


8.On the Corner (修改)

Damn Sosa
No one smokes weed out here on the-
On the corner, no one smokes it like you man!
You smoke trees all day? These mother fuckers don't know what they're doing

[Hook: Chief Keef]
No one on the corner got swag like us, like us
No one on the corner swag like us
No one on the corner tote, fucking traps like us
No one on the corner gonna get a bag like us
No one on the corner tote jocks like me
No one on the corner let it pop like me
No one on the corner
I swear no one on the corner

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
No one on the corner tote a strap like Sosa
No one on the corner let it clap like Sosa
No one on the corner make it happen like Sosa
No one on the corner is da captin' like Sosa
Ridin' and the hoes act up hyped though
Wherever Benji go, thats where I glo
Seen too many hoes, get too many hoes
No one on the corner got it like Sosa
Flexin on these niggas bet they like Sosa
Smokin Ganja nigga never light hoes
I'm a handy man I let the pipe go
If you scared nigga read a bible

[Hook: Chief Keef]

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
No one on the corner get money like Sosa
No one on the corner got them hundreds like Sosa
No one on the corner rock shows like Sosa
No one on the corner rock hoes like Sosa
Like Sosa, like Sosa, these bitches love Sosa
If you're fine, you get closer and closer
These niggas hate Sosa
Its okay, I'm a put them thangs on ya!
Gas and then you're the first to flame on ya
Volcano your ass, King Kong ya
The choppa come through red flame on ya
Who got some moves on the corner?

[Hook: Chief Keef]

9.Side (提供)

10.Tec (修改)

[Hook:Chief Keef (x2)]
Boy hold my jewelry it's a pound
Brick on my wrist right now
And I'm finna go and scoop ya bitch
And I'm finna go and scoop some kicks
Finna pull up on my ex
Pull up on my ex make that bitch mad
'I ain't got no fucking type of respect
But I heard you get respect with TEC'

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
D-Moe go grab the pound
Thots coming over to suck us right now
Roll up let's get high
Smoke a nigga frown
Let 'em come up in this fucking house
Pistol to his motherfucking mouth
I told him 'watch this motherfucking mouth'
Who the fuck talking now?
Flexin, look at my muscle (look at my motherfuckin' muscle)
My truck got a muscle (truck got a motherfuckin' muscle)
It ain't American, it's foreign
My bitch ain't American, she foreign
She is from Dubai
I got that check, then I flew by I roll by
Didn't stop for nobody
I don't fuck with nobody
I'll hop out and fuck your body and your party
We'll come through, shoot your party
Who told you to party? Not GloGang
Fuck boy you is a no name

[Hook: Chief Keef]

[Verse 2: Tadoe]
I just bought a chopper let's do a hit
You wife for us, she doing dicks
I got a .30 with a stick
I'm Glo Gang, we hella rich
These niggas hate but niggas bitches
These niggas tellin, niggas snitches
And you know snitches they get stitches
Pulling up and you get digits
Talking numbers, hunnid rounds
Catch you lacking it's man down
When I kill you, Ima frown
Ain't no fucking laughing or playing around

11.Wet (修改)

I get a nigga wet, get a bitch wet
I get a nigga wet, and I get a bitch wet
Say I get a nigga wet, and I get a bitch wet
And I get a nigga wet, and I get a nitch wet
If that nigga act up, then he gettin' wet
And that bitch she wanna fuck, cause she gettin' wet
If that nigga act up, then he gettin' wet
I say that bitch she wanna fuck, cause she gettin' wet

[Verse 1]
And that's wet and that's that
I just bought a new click-clack, and it's wet
And if wet means this that fucking 30
It's that fucking thing with 30 in it
Click-clack let that fuckin' 30 bang
My thot said she be havin' wet dreams
I'm somewhere dreaming sippin' on a pint
You think you rollin' cause you sippin' on a K
Who that there? It's a bird it's a plane
Pull up on the curb and then I slang
Now I got keys to the Phantom
Now I got some keys to my mansion
She wanna fuck me cause she say she wet
I'm smokin' lovely feel like I'm the best
Boy disrespect me you gon' get wet
I'm flexin' on niggas like Ben Frank


[Verse 2]
I done got my dope wet, where the dope at
Don't want my old hoes back, where the hoes at
Where the thots at, I got the thot pack
It's a gamble with your life, where my pot at
He don't want to get wet, what kind of shit is that
Nina gonna get you wet, cause she made for that
Run up in yo house wet
A young nigga from the projects
That bitch ask where I'm going, I said to the top
That bitch ask what I'm doing, I said getting gwap
That bitch wanna know too much, she wanna know my spot
She wanna know where I hang out, she wanna count my gwap
But she can't cause I don't trust no one
I got my gun I ain't for no one
What you wet bitch, wanna know where I'm at bitch
I got trust issues right along with my gat bitch

12.Worries (修改)

Pull up on a hot block in a hot car with a hot thot with a gun with some hot stuff
Pull up on a thot block here the thots come runnin up to my car like sosa can have some
Pull up on a opp block with a lot of guns with a lot of shooters just to shoot em make them niggas run
Pull up smoking weed rolling weed loading heat i ain't got no worries cause i'm gettin money

Verse 1:
Pulled up on a flat block just to get flats then i pull off pop a flat now i'm gettin that
Bitches say i'm gettin fat but i don't drink no 6-packs
I'm flexing with this 6-pack 6 grand my Fitch hat


Verse 2:
Pulled up to the liquor pin and i get 10 fifths of Hen
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Pull up to the studio tryna make some hits again
And I got all this damn ink
Bitch try'na read my tats again
Said she like the smell on me
Smoking that shit from Pakistan
30,000 in these trues a hundred dollars for these shoes
500 dollars for these trues two hundred thousand for this coupe
Parking my car in handicap
Ticket big deal can beat that
Pull up on my plug like where the weed at
I need that hand me that


13.Sleepy (修改)

I am sleepy, I am sleepy
I am sleepy, drank is sleep
But, I ain't gon' go to sleep, cuz I am greedy
Where that money, gotta get them ffff beep-beep's
Don't watch me, nigga watch T.V
Are you sleepy?, I am sleepy
I be up day and night, cuz I am greedy
Keep that check up in my car, and I'm fleein'

Dope got me tweekin', xans got you sleepin'
Nigga, no sleepin', dope got me reekin'
This thot Puerto Rican, that's what she speekin'
Me, I talk money, that's what I be speakin'
Niggas diss sneakin', ride around with heaters
I don't like speaking, I don't want a feature
Bye, bye, Felicia, I can fuck my teacher
Niggas talkin' tweekin', I'm a fuckin' tweeker
I'm the Grim Reaper, I'm soo fuckin' evil
My reefer is a keeper, I smoke it, get tree treed up
You's a fuckin' tweeter, me llamo Pistol Keeper
I'm ridin' with my heather, I'm a glo gang frontstreeter


14.Asap Rocky (修改)

Niggas gon' get ASAP poppied, nigga
Rocky, nigga
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Nigga where my money? Need it ASAP Rocky
And we got them pistols, get it ASAP poppin'
Nigga want beef, then it's ASAP Rocky
Pull up on 'em, shhh, get to ASAP sparkin'
Nigga, we can do this ASAP doggy
Pull up on your ass with this ASAP doggy
I remember selling ASAP Rocky, now I be getting ASAP guapy

[Verse 1]
Shawty wanna talk, ASAP Rock
And she from Hawaii, we just started talkin'
But I don't give a fuck, back to the money
Walked up in the bank, walk out, laugh, and it's funny
I remember serving junkies, now I'm getting Rocky
ASAP Rocky, pull up on 'em, getting poppied
This bitch pull up on me, treat my dick like I was Sochi
Cuz I be counting guapy, ballin' is my hobby
Runnin' round the lobby, ASAP Rocky
Pullin' all the thotties, the thotties with the bodies
Gold teeth, white diamonds, ASAP Rocky
I been getting money, 'member running from this squally


[Verse 2]
I be by pesos, ASAP Rocky
Nigga wanna send shots, nigga SWAT me, nigga
Got my gun, got bullets for everybody
We can do this ASAP Rocky
We can do this ASAP Ferg
Nigga I got ASAP birds
I ain't talkin' bricks, I'm talking Lugers
If you want it, I pull up, do you the worst
What you want? I gotta pull up on the curb
Street slanging, straight birds, so absurd
You missed yourself, and it's you pussy you get stirred
Pistols bangin', we don't talk, we don't [?]


15.Runnin (修改)

Sosa where you going? To the money
Runnin' to it, bitch I'm runnin' like I got on cleats
Pull up, stuntin' like I'm going to luncheon
You call my phone, you talkin' a hundred
Million yea, bitch I want it
Baby, I can take you on the island
I ain't talkin' Stony
How you just keep in it floating?
Baby I can buy you a new sew-in
Baby I be pistol toting, got my pistol and you know it
I go too fast she like boy slow it
I'm like okay baby I'm gone floor it
She like boy that's a hundred mill on the table
I'm like I know it

Jewelry blingin, bitch I show it
They like boy you gettin' bloated
I'm too turnt yeah bitch I'm loaded
And my style this nigga stole it
Choppa come through wrestling Mick Foley
Bitches like oh god I'm gloly
I remember when I ain't have nothin'
I woke up like oh god I'm gloly
There go the damn police
I'm gone get up out here slowly
Baby I got on a Breitling
I could buy you a damn rollie
Cause if I bought hoes anything
I be ballin' out now you know it
I done gave yo ass a chance
You done fucked around and blowed it
I get money just as fast as the damn stores did
Ion't need Shaq, I ball like I am Kobe
Ion't need Yao, I ball like I am McGrady
Just call me when you talkin money
Swear I am money brazy


16.Hot (修改)

Mic check let a nigga flex
He get wet, he get that hot shit
I got my Bernie Mac, nigga who you with
I'm coolin' with the gang, and nigga we on that hot shit
I know I'm rich I still be doin' 6, everywhere, anywhere
You know I'ma rep my shit
Bandana on the choppa I Juelz my shit
I can cut my dreads off and I can sell my shit

Smokin' on this loud, you can smell my shit (dope)
Hop up out the car and you can smell my whip
I don't fuck with coochie if you can smell the shit
I don't want the coochie if she sell the shit
She say she ain't a thot, she tellin' fairy tails and shit
I pull up on your block and I hear yells and shit
See, I got verses, but bitch I don't got 'em for the low
She said she love me, but baby ain't retarded though
I just hit the earth, drop in my veins to let you know
I just rolled 3 grams in that thing from Texaco
When I pull up, you know I be TNT (Too Turnt)
Hop out and I be chiefing keef


17.Doin It (修改)

Doing It, Doing It, Doing It, Doing it, Doing (Singing)
Doing It, Doing It, Doing It!!!(Singing)


Hop Up in My Whip I'm Doing It
Don't Let me catch your bitch i'm doing it
I Just got a fifth i'm doing it
Let yo bitch in we was doing it
Doing it, Doing it, Doing It, Doing It, Doing It, Doing it
We was doing it
I think i hit it we was doing it
Doing It, Doing it, Doing It, Doing It,Doing it

Niggas talking they ain't doing shit
I talk it cause i really do that shit
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Ridin in that car super fast
Super Fast ,Super Fast, Super Fast
Super Man
Rollin in that Batman
And i got my mask man, yes mam
I ain't no damn yes man, no yes man
Choppas come from gapstan (?) Yes man
I walk with them gats man, Gats man
Try me you better have ya bestman, yes man
Ben frankling my bestfriend, my bestfriend
Imma spend it amd get it back again, yes man


18.Don't Love Her (修改)

Bad bitch, want my number
I'ma fuck her, If I wanna
I don't wanna, I don't love her
I love the way she suck me up, but I don't trust her
I don't love her, I don't love her
I don't love her, I don't love her
I don't love her, I don't love her
I'mma love her, I don't love her

I smoke loud, smoke that thunder
You smoke that uh-uh, I don't want none
She's a runner, I don't want her
Boy, you love her, you put your trust in her
I be flexin', she be textin'
She wanna pull up, so we could be sexin'
I ain't with it, she can't forget it
She can give me top, I only got a minute
I'ma eagle, nigga fuck your pigeon
I'm like Weezy, nigga fuck your feelings
She call my phone, ring ring, I'm like 'what is it?'
She like, 'I'm in town and I wanna give you a visit'


19.All In (提供)