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【 SXSW I Love Texas 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

1.Fort Worth
5.San Antonio

1.Fort Worth (修改)

Shes too good for her
I don't know where we went
Girls like her
Shes gifted, she gifted to me

[Verse 1]
She at back home thinking, like is she really with it
She remember when they told me this music shit I don't really think you got a life in it
Had to think to myself, should I give up should I go get it
Should I stay in the hood with the killers and the dealers and the gorillas
Got a chance nigga choice, everybody gotta sacrifice something
Shit matters with the block but I ain't giving all up for nothing
I made a way with the words
Same way I made a way with the birds
Same way I pulled up in that new car, niggas like mane is that really yours
Damn right no rap shit
I spend all of the dope money
I had a bad bitch safe
I started rap with the coke money
Pillow talking got my cousin killed, bitch niggas got jealous
When you don't know your real friends, damn than it ain't no telling
Is yo niggas gon' bust back, when them shots get to yelling
Got a call for my dog in the pen, anyway out of Fort Worth Texas
He like 'Listen I'm good, do what you do be home in a minute'
I'm like be cool my nigga I'ma see you in a minute

[Hook x2]

2.Dallas (修改)

Got a hunnid million dollars, turn up
I rolled a hunnid joints, Mr. Burner
You ain't heard about me, learn up
Girl let me kill that pussy, murder
Let me die in it
I'ma die in it
Say that pussy wet as fuck just like a pool
Well let me dive in it

[Verse 1]
I roll my own joints, but you could light it
I know you came in here tonight and you excited
If you really want it, then you can get it
Don't talk about it girl if you ain't really with it
I just touched down, out in Dallas
Got them [?]that's that Dallas
You wanna dance with me, girl just do it
Lemme pour you a drink, that's that fluid
Got my niggas with me, you got your bitches too
Ain't no telling now, what the fuck that we gon' do
This is off the hit
Chop the hit
Girl I know you want this shit, just do it for that bread


[Verse 2]
Counting all this money, girl come get with me
But before you do it, do Ricky P
We been counting money, girl come get with me
But before you do me you gotta do Ricky P
We gon' turn up in this club, what ya came for
What you do cocaine for
Shes snorting on the table right in front of us
As soon as she get dumb boy I'ma fuss her up
Taylor Gang nigga that's all a nigga know
Yeah that's all a nigga know
Taylor Gang nigga that's all a nigga know
Yeah that's all a nigga know


3.Houston (修改)

[Hook x2]
If it ain't about the money nigga, I don't wanna hear it
Pray in the UK if it ain't foreign nigga, I don't wanna wear it
Pulled up in the foreign from a block away vroom, ya can hear it
I ain't scared of no nigga, it's only God that I'm fearing

[Verse 1]
Pull up with yo main bitch, what you talking about
Cuz she only wanna fuck a nigga, cuz I'm hot now
Let em say I ain't getting money, bitch stop now
Cuz they ain't be no snitching over here mothafucka don't you ever bring the cops round
All my niggas with the gang and you know they gon' throwed at
If you repping this club, girl you know you gotta throw that
Real niggas step in the building, real money will be rocking the club
Lay your bitch mad that you with you cuz you wanna come fuck with a thug
All my niggas stay down, still down with it
If ya talking about the money boy, lets go get it
Got a heavy plan for it though, shits real my nigga
I'm cold hearted bout this cold hearted money I don't care how you feel my nigga

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Still down with the day ones
Yeah I'm still down with the day ones
All them niggas my niggas
Yeah all them niggas my niggas
All this champagne bottles in this motherfucking club girl you know you gotta drink that
Now I know your name girl, gimme your [?]take back
Clicquot for my niggas
Ciroq for the hoes
I be having drinks on how high a nigga get that shit for low
Don't trip my nigga I could make a phone call if ya want that bird
And I ain't even tripping on your bitch homeboy I don't want that bird
But a nigga still flexing and I'm way up in Texas
Some way up in Houston
And your bitch still texting

[Hook x2]

4.Austin (修改)

[Hook x4]
She off the liquor
Said I'm that nigga
Girl it's just us behind these doors
It ain't no winners

[Verse 1]
She off the liquor, I'm off that dope
She said she like that brown she want Henney and coke
I need a sprite, I need some ice now I'm in mood
Damn girl you hella bad, in them red bottoms
I see them niggas hating, my shooters red dot em
Them niggas tripping off, they have too many pills
My niggas counting money bags and so many bills
I just pulled up on the [?]
I got it for a model
And she hella bad and you don't know about her
She get them [?]fast, ain't nothing slow about her

[Hook x4]

[Verse 2]
Give me a brain
Girl what you thinking
Just let me party, show out to linking
Would you be down for me if I was singing
I'm talking TLC, Deandre creeping
I know these niggas mad all my niggas ball
I'm dunking hella bad, smoke weed walk out the mall
You know my niggas Taylor
You know my niggas player
You know we rolling joints and KK be that only flavor
You know I rep the jungle
That's 48 hunnid
And yo bitch can get it if yo bitch want it
I ain't tripping off I don't need your ho
I pour 4 into a 20 ounce I'm speaking slow

[Hook x4]

We gon' find out, if ya gon' turn up for a real one (x2)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Turn up (x12)
You gon' turn up for a real one
Turn that game for a real one
Turn up for a real one
We gon' find out if ya gon' turn up for a real one

5.San Antonio (修改)

Girl I don't want no one to know
And you don't want no one to know
But I just gotta let you know
That you bad and you from San Antonio
You bad and you from San Antonio (x3)

[Verse 1:]
Empty bottles of the Champagne
I don't know what happened
Girl you wouldn't be in this crib if a nigga wasn't rapping, I know that
Show that
Throw that
All of that and she bad girl
Lemme welcome you to my world
We do some things different
Ain't a thing missing
Round she we ain't never kidding
Lemme see that kitten


[Verse 2:]
When I'm out in Texas
I don't answer my texts
I'm with my home girl
And she tryna take me home girl
I swear a couple of these shots will do
Tell me what you tryna do
I swear I'm into you
Now grip this mic just like a interview
Takes time, we can make time
When I'm done girl that's escape time
I can't give her the chance
All this money can't fit in my pants