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【 Choronzonic Chaos Gods 】【 英文 】【 1999 】

1.Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught
2.The Law Of Burning

1.Misanthropic Luciferian Onslaught (修改)

Meet god's children
Slay them, drink them
Get drunk on the love that flows out of them
Damned are the newborn lambs of god
They shall all live to bleed
They all shall live to crawl
To pray and to get punished, untill all is dark
And the day of dying has arrived!!!

Jesus christ is not a king
He lays stinking and rotting
Among the false prophets
Death to them who worships him
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To slay is to salvate, and to have salvation
Godless chaos is the way
The power of christ compels me not!!!

Murder is righteous
To kill is to live
To kill is to smother, the stink of god
Find peace in killing, and take christian life
Make victims and violence
For SATAN's rise!!!

2.The Law Of Burning (修改)

Remorse unspoken, no soul bothered
Jesus christ, Do you still believe?
Now on the cross, and no big loss
Thanks to your own mischief

I can't wait to be in Hell
I can't wait to meet you there
I can't wait to watch you burn
While I shall stand the flames

Forget god, he is dead
Say farewell, to your father
Burn and be pleased to burn
For there's no other way
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Than the law of burning

There's no life only Death
Take pleasure in his living lifeless
Behold the true God!
He who gives birth to life's death

I never understood your pain
But this is what you wanted
Never ever will I sympathize with you
When I'm in Hell, I won't stop laughing