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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Glen Campbell( 葛倫坎伯 )The Capitol Albums Collection, Vol. 1

Glen Campbell( 葛倫坎伯 )



【 The Capitol Albums Collection, Vol. 1 】【 英文 】

1.Blue Christmas

2.Gotta Have Tenderness (Remastered 2001)

3.Today (Remastered 2001)

4.Galveston (Remastered 2001)

5.That's Not Home (Remastered 2001)

6.You Better Sit Down Kids (Remastered 2001)

7.Reason To Believe (Remastered 2001)

8.The Straight Life (Remastered 2001)

9.Dreams of the Everyday Housewife (Remastered 2001)

10.Words (Remastered 2001)

11.Ann (Remastered 2001)

12.Where's the Playground Susie (Remastered 2001)

13.Time (Remastered 2001)

14.Until It's Time For You To Go (Remastered 2001)

15.Just To Satisfy You

16.Little Altar Boy

17.Christmas Day (提供)

18.I'll Be Home For Christmas

19.Long Black Limousine

20.Turn Around, Look At Me

21.It's Over

22.Wichita Lineman (Remastered 2001)

23.The Last Letter

24.Woman, Woman

25.If You Go Away (Remastered 2001)

26.Sittin' On The Dock of the Bay (Remastered 2001)

27.Love Is a Lonesome River (Remastered 2001)

28.Friends (Remastered 2001)

29.If This Is Love (Remastered 2001)

30.Take My Hand For a While (Remastered 2001)

31.Fate of Man (Remastered 2001)

32.I'll Be Lucky Someday (Remastered 2001)

33.Bad Seed (Remastered 2001)

34.My Baby's Gone (Remastered 2001)

35.Cold December (In Your Heart) (Remastered 2001)

36.Mary In the Morning (Remastered 2001)

37.Bowling Green (Remastered 2001)

38.Every Time I Itch I Wind Up Scratchin' You (Remastered 2001)

39.Gentle On My Mind (Remastered 2001)

40.Catch the Wind (Remastered 2001)

41.You're Young and You'll Forget (Remastered 2001)

42.Hey Little One (Remastered 2001)

43.Back In the Race (Remastered 2001)

44.Tomorrow Never Comes (Remastered 2001)

45.Homeward Bound (Remastered 2001)

46.Crying (Remastered 2001)

47.Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow (Remastered 2001)

48.Without Her (Remastered 2001)

49.You're My World (Remastered 2001)

50.Just Another Man (Remastered 2001)

51.It's Over (Remastered 2001)