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【 Cookin' In Mobile 】【 英文 】【 2010-07 】

1.Chicken In The Kitchen


2010 two disc (CD/DVD) live release from the five-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter and world-renowned American Blues guitarist. Since their 1980 album debut Who's Been Talkin', Cray's unique playing style and distinct sound has become the bridge between traditional and contemporary-a signature blend of rhythm and blues, pop, rock, soul and traditional blues helping introduce old and new fans to a more contemporary blues sound. The Robert Cray Band has performed thousands of sold-out shows worldwide. Cray has performed alongside blues titans Albert Collins, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton and B.B. King while also having worked with legends Tina Turner, Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Bonnie Raitt, friend and fellow guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughn and Willie Dixon, to name a few. As a writer, his songs have been covered by many including, King, Clapton, and Tony Bennett.

1. Our Last Time
2. Anytime
3. Love 2009
4. Right Next Door
5. Chicken In The Kitchen
6. Sitting On Top Of The World
7. One In The Middle
8. Whole Lotta Love
9. Smoking Gun
10. I Can't Fail
11. That's What Keeps Me Rockin'
12. Time Makes Two