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The Cribs



【 Payola : Deluxe Edition 】【 英文 】【 2013-03-05 】

1.We Share the Same Skies

2.Men's Needs

3.We Can No Longer Cheat You

4.The Wrong Way To Be

5.City of Bugs

6.Leather Jacket Love Song

7.Another Number

8.I'm a Realist

9.Hey Scenesters!


11.You Were Always The One

12.Cheat On Me

13.We Were Aborted

14.Our Bovine Public

15.I've Tried Everything

16.Be Safe

17.Mirror Kissers


The Cribs release Payola a 22 track album charting the bands progression from their inception in 2002, through their 5 studio albums to the present day. Available on CD and Vinyl, 'Payola' is the definitive collection of the best of The Cribs back catalogue, and will feature recordings and songs previously unavailable including the much sought after Leather Jacket Love Song, the last song completed as a 4 piece in 2010 with former guitarist Johnny Marr. (The Smiths)

1. Another Number
2. Come On, Be A No-One
3. I'm A Realist
4. Hey Scenesters
5. We Share The Same Skies
6. You Were Always The One
7. Anna
8. Cheat On Me
9. Back to The Bolthole
10. We Were Aborted
11. Our Bovine Public
12. I've Tried Everything
13. Direction
14. Glitters Like Gold
15. Be Safe
16. Mirror Kisses
17. Men's Needs
18. We Can No Longer Cheat
19. Chi-Town
20. The Wrong Way To Be