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Terry Jacks( 泰瑞傑克斯 )



【 Seasons In The Sun 】【 英文 】【 2008-12 】

1.Seasons In The Sun


原曲是由比利時創作歌手Jacques Brel/傑克斯布瑞爾,所創作的法文歌-'Le Moribond' 原意是「臨終的人」。正因當時他得知自己患了癌症,把想對他的父親、好友和愛人的遺言寫成這首'Le Moribond'。這支帶有勵志色彩的歌曲,後來經由傑克斯布瑞爾的美籍歌手朋友Rod MaKuen將歌中的故事翻成英文,才開始在北美流傳。1973年Terry Jacks/泰瑞傑克斯,翻唱英文版的「Seasons in the Sun/陽光下的季節」,分別在英、美兩國都登上排行冠軍。

2008 release, the first time on CD for the debut LP by Canadian singer/songwriter Terry Jacks who had previously been a member of The Poppy Family. The title track gave Terry a #1 across the globe reaching the top spot in the UK, USA, Australia, and Germany, to name but a few countries, on it's way to selling over six million copies. The single also topped the charts in Canada and remains that country's largest selling single ever. The four bonus cuts, all appearing on CD for the first time, include Terry's last Bell Records single 'Rock N Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life)' which hit #25 in his native Canada. 7T's.

1. Concrete Sea
2. I'm Gonna Love You Too
3. Pumpkin Eater
4. Again and Again
5. Since Your Broke My Heart
6. Fire on the Skyline
7. The Love Game
8. I'm So Lonely Here Today
9. It's Been There from the Start
10. Sail Away
11. Seasons in the Sun
12. Put the Bone In [*]
13. If You Go Away [*]
14. Me and You [*]
15. Rock N Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life) [*]