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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Dresden Dolls( 德勒斯登娃娃 )No Virginia

The Dresden Dolls( 德勒斯登娃娃 )



【 No Virginia 】【 英文 】【 2008-07 】

1.Dear Jenny

2.Night Reconnaissance

3.The Mouse And The Model

4.Ultima Esperanza

5.The Gardener

6.Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner

7.Sorry Bunch

8.Pretty In Pink

9.The Kill

10.The Sheep Song



180 Gram German-only vinyl for this 11 tracks compilation of material left off the past 5 years worth of studio albums: 4 unreleased recordings, one old demo, one cover song, and five new recordings! No, Virginia... is the second compilation album from the US dark Cabaret band The Dresden Dolls. . The compilation is a companion piece to the band's second studio album, 2006's Yes, Virginia...Singer Amanda Palmer has emphasized that the unreleased tracks from Yes, Virginia... were left off the album due to issues with the flow of the album, and not with the tracks themselves. Five tracks from No, Virginia... were recorded with Sean Slade in January 2008. The songs themselves were written years ago but had not been recorded until the session with Slade.