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Neko Case



【 Middle Cyclone 】【 英文 】【 2009-03-02 】

1.This Tornado Loves You

2.The Next Time You Say Forever

3.People Got A Lotta Nerve

4.Polar Nettles

5.Vengeance Is Sleeping

6.Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

7.Middle Cyclone


9.Magpie To The Morning

10.I'm An Animal

11.Prison Girls

12.Don't Forget Me

13.The Pharaohs

14.Red Tide

15.Marais La Nuit (提供)


The fifteen-track Middle Cyclone is Neko Case's first release since 2006's Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, the best-reviewed and best-selling album of her career. Middle Cyclone was produced by Case with Darryl Neudorf and recorded in Tucson, Brooklyn, Toronto, and Vermont. It features Case backed by her core band - guitarist Paul Rigby, bassist Tom V. Ray, backing vocalist Kelly Hogan, multi-instrumentalist Jon Rauhouse, and drummer Barry Mirochnick - along with numerous guests including M. Ward, Garth Hudson, Sarah Harmer, and members of The New Pornographers, Los Lobos, Calexico, The Sadies, Visqueen, The Lilys, and Giant Sand, among others. In addition to twelve new songs written by Case, Middle Cyclone includes covers of 'Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth' by Sparks, and 'Don't Forget Me' by Harry Nilsson.