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Selena( 莎麗娜 )



【 Entre A Mi Mundo 】【 拉丁 】【 2012-09-11 】


2.Como La Flor

3.Como La Flor(English Translation)

4.Las Cadenas

5.Las Cadenas(English Translation)

6.La Carcacha

7.La Carcacha(English Translation)

8.Missing My Baby

9.Que Creias

10.Que Creias?(English Translation)

11.Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti

12.Siempre Estoy Pensando En Ti(English Translation)

13.Si La Quieres

14.Si La Quieres(English Translation)

15.Vuelve A Mi(English Translation)

16.Vuelve A M?

17.Yo Te Sigo Queriendo

18.Yo Te Sigo Queriendo(English Translation)


Selena and her collaborator brother A.B. Quintanilla III grew up listening to classic pop, R&B, and disco, so it's no wonder those influences materialize on Entre a Mi Mundo. The Tejano queen's fourth album for the EMI Latin label is consistently satisfying and wonderfully diverse, from the rousing cumbia 'La Carcacha' (about a boyfriend's beat-up old car) to the spirited mariachi kiss-off anthem 'Que Creias,' which has become a fan favorite. 'Missing My Baby' is street-smart R&B, and 'Amame' pulses with fiery club rhythms. Much of the credit should go to Quintanilla, who helped Selena challenge the often-stifling boundaries of Tejano music. Entre a Mi Mundo also includes Selena's first international hit, 'Como la Flor,' a lilting cumbia highlighted by a pleading vocal delivery and lost-love lyrics. --Joey Guerra