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The Damned( 詛咒樂團 )



【 Phantasmagoria 】【 英文 】【 2009-03-17 】

1.Street Of Dreams

2.Shadow Of Love

3.There'll Come A Day

4.Sanctum Santorum

5.Is It A Dream

6.Grimly Fiendish

7.Edward The Bear

8.The Eighth Day


Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the veteran British Punk/New Wave rockers' 1985 album including a bonus CD that contains additional bonus tracks including mixes, b-sides, live recordings and radio sessions. Their first album to be recorded after the departure of Captain Sensible, Phantasmagoria was recorded at Eel Pie Studios between March and June 1985. It reached #11 in the UK charts, and was the band's highest charting album ever. The Damned centered the entire album around David Vanian's deep voice, giving much of the album a gothic feeling. The vibe of The Damned's 18-minute gothic opera 'Curtain Call' from The Black Album resounds throughout Phantasmagoria. 27 tracks. Universal.

1. Street Of Dreams
2. The Damned
3. The Shadow Of Love
4. The Damned
5. There'll Come A Day
6. The Damned
7. Sanctum Sanctorum
8. The Damned
9. Is It A Dream
10. The Damned
11. Grimly Fiendish (Edit Version)
12. The Damned
13. Edward The Bear
14. The Damned
15. The Eight Day
16. The Damned
17. Trojans
18. The Damned
19. Grimly Fiendish
20. The Damned
21. The Shadow Of Love (10 Inches Of Hell Mix)
22. The Damned
23. Is It A Dream (Wild West Express Mix)
24. The Damned
25. Grimly Fiendish (Spic 'n' Span Mix)
26. The Damned
27. Edward The Bear (B Side)
28. The Damned
29. The Shadow Of Love (The Pressure Mix)
30. The Damned
31. Nightshift
32. The Damned
33. Let There Be Rats
34. Rat Scabies
35. Wiped Out
36. Rat Scabies
37. Would You
38. The Damned
39. Is It A Dream (Wild West End Mix)
40. The Damned
41. Street Of Dreams (Live)
42. The Damned
43. Curtain Call
44. The Damned
45. Pretty Vacant
46. The Damned
47. Wild Thing
48. The Damned
49. The Shadow Of Love (BBC Radio 1 Session)
50. The Damned
51. Is It A Dream (BBC Radio 1 Session)
52. The Damned
53. Street Of Dreams (BBC Radio 1 Session)
54. The Damned