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【 Yes 】【 英文 】【 2009-04-21 】

1.Love etc.

2.All over the world

3.Beautiful people

4.Did you see me coming


6.More than a dream

7.Building a wall

8.King of Rome


10.The way it used to be


12.Love Etc. (Pet Shop Boys Sex Mix)

13.This Used To Be The Future

14.More Than A Dream (Magical Dub)

15.Pandemonium (The Stars And The Sun Dub)

16.The Way It Used To Be (Left Of Love Dub)

17.All Over The World (This Is A Dub)

18.Vulnerable (Public Eye Dub)

19.Love Etc. (Beautiful Dub)


Yes is the tenth studio album by English electronic dance music band Pet Shop Boys.

The album was recorded throughout 2008 and is produced by Pet Shop Boys with Brian Higgins and his production team Xenomania. Xenomania also co-wrote three of the tracks. Guitarist Johnny Marr (The Smiths, Modest Mouse, Electronic, The Cribs) and string arranger Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire, The Last Shadow Puppets, Final Fantasy) also appear.

The UK release date has been confirmed to be 23 March 2009. The lead single, 'Love etc.', hits stores a week earlier, on 16 March 2009. The USA release date is a few weeks later on 21 April 2009.

Limited Japanese two CD pressing of the 2009 album from the British Electronic duo includes one bonus track (the PSB Sex Mix of 'Love, Etc.') plus a bonus disc containing one non-album track and six remixes of tracks from Yes. In what is surely the Pop collaboration of 2009, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have teamed up with the hit production team Xenomania (Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Gabriella Cilmi, etc.) for this release. As usual, Neil and Chris have handled the majority of the songwriting though there are three co-writes on the album plus a little assistance from Tchaikovsky on 'All Over The world'. Why not let the boys describe it themselves? 'This album is amazing and it was great working with Xenomania!' (Chris). 'It's a fantastic, wide-ranging, Pop record.' (Neil). Includes contributions from Johnny Marr (Smiths, Modest Mouse) and string arranger Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire, Last Shadow Puppets). Features the first single 'Love Etc'. EMI.

  YES是英國殿堂級電音舞曲樂團Pet Shop Boys(寵物店男孩)的第十張錄音室專輯。

  整個2008年Pet Shop Boys都在與音樂人Brian Higgins(布萊恩·希金斯)及他的團隊Xenomania一起製作這張專輯。這個團隊還與Pet Shop Boys合作寫了三首歌。吉他手 Jonny Marr(曾為The Smiths,Modest Mouse, Electronic, The Cribs演奏過)與Owen Pallett(為Arcade Fire, The Last Shadow Puppets, Final Fantacy等編曲)同樣參與這張 專輯的製作。

  英國版的專輯將於09年3月23日發行,首支單曲「Love etc.」在之前的一周也就是3月16日 發行。專輯在美國的上市時間是4月21日,比英國晚上幾個星期。

  日本發行的限量版除了還有兩首bonus外,還附帶了一張非專輯曲目的b-sides於6首remix 版本的專輯歌曲。與往常一樣,Neil與Chris共同寫了專輯中大部分的曲目,三支與 Xenomania合作,還從柴可夫斯基那裡得到靈感寫下了「All Over The World」。按照他 們自己的話說,「這張專輯太棒了,與Xenomania合作愉快!(Chris)」「這是張美妙的 ,多樣化的pop專輯(Neil)。專輯由EMI發行。

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