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1 3.Armor the apple tree Then it was over roads divide Step two: learning how to lie Let me ask a question to present day: How the hell did Eve end up w ... ones who try and throw us up against the back walls Let me tell you something you'll understand: Only the little boys tell you they're a big man To all my sister ... d mighty mister? Wait'til you meet my little sister All my my my my a
2 1.Armor the apple tree Then it was over roads divide Step two: learning how to lie Let me ask a question to present day: How the hell did Eve end up w ... ones who try and throw us up against the back walls Let me tell you something you'll understand: Only the little boys tell you they're a big man To all my sister ... d mighty mister? Wait'til you meet my little sister All my my my my a
3 2.Chili Lemon Peanuts a fallen tree Tomorrow my yard guy's gonna get back there and cut it to pieces I'm on the front porch staring at this old dusty bible and I'm ... onna see Manny Pacquiao fight against Timothy Bradley Where I predict Manny will lose by decision suffering him to the fourth five brains bashed in his hangaround ... tance I hear an owl up in the tree hoot hoot hoot hooting I hear a Spanish radio in the basement talk talk talking I smell the sardine can from the meal I've just ...
4 9.Diamond Eyes comes the tree There are people shouting clearly'I am you and you are me' Oh these times we share as this time will end To be sure it will not ... d To be sure it will not come againJust timeless myths on her you can depend It's a time to be humble it's a time to be free It's a time to raise our voices loud ... not go quietly Where the sky meets the shoreline and the mountains meet the sea I have music all around me
5 8.The Clouds Above the Giving Tree he Giving Tree Would you please grant the honor and dance with me? as we breathe as we breathe we fill our lungs with the fire from our ow ... tongues taken from the giving tree dance with me dance with me Spoil yourself with all that feels right. Leave behind day to day for a night. Abandon reason and d ... louds surround us Lie down we meet again Stars out we lay inside my Bedroo

6 12.Little Annie(When the Springtime Comes Again) The River Meets The Road12.Little Annie(When the Springtime Comes ... nie(When the Springtime Comes Again) Once more little Annie I must leave you We shall part at the end of the lane For you promised me little Annie You'd be wa ... ing when the springtime comes again When the springtime comes o'er the mountains And the wild flowers scatter o'er the plains I shall watch for the leaves to retu ... r the leaves to return to the trees And I'll be waiting when the s
7 2.Rivers in the Dust he Family Tree: The Leaves2.Rivers in the Dust The sweat cuts rivers in the dust On your face While the wheels beneath complain The wi ... wonder why our eyes no longer meet It was hard to call the thing we saw a storm Like it had climbed from the pages of some novel And the sheets of dust hit everyt ... ust hit everything like waves against the rocks It was morning but I'd be damned if I could tell And you would hold my hand and close your eyes And I didn't mind ...
8 4.Take It There b it down again where the pain still sticks on the grey licks Sticking out your tongue it's a hot red crack suck it in[Verse2: Tricky] Out the ... for lonely days Needs are met trees are bloom I'm the one to hear the tune I ... 'm the one to hear the tune I meet you there meet you soon I meet you there give you breath Take you
9 1.Two or More Benz the trees The birds the bees the C's the G's I get it like I'm'posed to you should be close to me Right up under my wing Words I sing ve ... it up I'm back to the hangin' again bangin' again Nigga could you sing it again? I gotta have two or more Two or more baby Maybe even three or four Like three like four Listen to me baby I need two or more ... But it can be maxed out Track meet more meat blow your back out I had to pull the'lac out Cause there was too m
10 9.Cherry Street 9.Cherry Street Love I know that I've been away for a while But I swear it's gonna be alright As soon as I see that smile Oh and tell me w ... you And oh I want to feel it again I want to feel it It's the way she looks in the city lights With everything around her she's still shining bright Take me to t ... to the place that we used to meet By the little oak tree down on Cherry street And don't baby don't think I'm letting you go I can blame it on the winter
11 1.The Road to Damascus Street Hearts On Trees1.The Road to Damascus Street I've been breaking out of here since that tag came off my wrist under flags on inconvenience clenched my teeth and clenche ... the sweet pissed all my faith against the wall down on Damascus Street never turned a deep down too handy on my feet harder than a dead run down on Damascus S ... a dead run down on Damascus Street Ooooh down on Damascus Street but fate's a cruel master and fear's a worth foe and o
12 1.The Last Days of Summer And we'll meet again I know we'll meet again[Verse2] We're changing like New England countryside Our ... e New England countryside Our trees have intertwined You're my black labrador Once more You managed to pull out Excalibur I'll be your sorcerer You'll keep me up ... p your spirits high And we'll meet again I know we'll meet again[Outro] The last days of summer Th
13 18.I'm Sixteen am young again I'm sixteen I'm sixteen Loving you's a dream And life is a breeze Kickin' up my heels Haven't had such thrills Since I was six ... ng Cherry Coke and Concession Trees And maybe kiss and hug Doing all that stuff Always leading up To that old back seat I'm sixteen yeah I'm sixteen yeah We're in ... suit Makin' sweet sweet love Meet the stars above Sneakin' back in through the window'Fore the clock strikes two yeah I'm sixteen burstin' at the seams I'm back ...
14 5.In My Hour lightning again Never thought That the earth would be the same New Year's Eve Is a dream Eternally recurring Come to me Come to me Come to me ... warm Inside where the icicles meet They say that we need All the rain we can get They say our survival Could end in this desert And when the rain finally Falls fr ... y Falls from the sky The palm trees collapse Cause the land is so dry Water deep Floods the s ... so dry Water deep Floods the streets And the house all slide Th
15 6.Little Sis ift under trees fuck it and plant the shit Still got a tick on my feet mothers are hustlers But pushing little sis on the swing's a box I'd ra ... e Then we didn't ever see you again was it the Choc Ice? But maybe Dad's no longer with MumJamaican bloodline But I feel responsible cause I could've reached out ... t treat she like queen Family trees and olive branches Or maybe we'll next ... branches Or maybe we'll next meet when Daddy passes See you there I'
16 4.Green Green Grass of Home there to meet me is my mama and papa And down the road I look and there runs Mary hair of gold and lips like cherries It's good to touch the ... home Yes they'll all come to meet me arms areaching and smiling sweetly It's so good to touch the green green grass of home The old house is still standing thoug ... dry And there's that old oak tree that I used to play on And down the lane I walk with my sweet Mary hair of gold and lips like cherries It's good to touch the g ...
17 3.Jacob's Dream to stray again from our cabin door. NowJacob Dibert woke one night from a strange and eerie dream. He saw a path between two hills near a dar ... sore We promise not to stray again from our cabin door. A thousand men had searched in vain the west side of Bob's Creek. ButJacob's wife knew of this place and ... d still beneath the old birch tree. Oh mommy and daddy look past the tears you cry We're both up in heaven now; God is by our side. As you lay us down to rest in ...
18 18.7 Hours Late Until we meet again I will be7 hours late These rooms of shadows echoes on these walls this empire of loneliness Sill feeling the presence your so ... ies dancing betweenthe rusted trees the light that escaped from my si
19 8.All I Wanted Was a Caddy stem like tree branches on[?] I'm sure you've[?]up here before because we follow them trends We follow them stars ain't the wisest of men(okay ... I been here before here we go again Put so much thought in the rhyme that I didn't pick up the pen I been picking up the pieces where it all fell apart Even thoug ... owe'em some loot Hopefully we meet again but you know life is a hoot And I
20 4.Iowa veryone I meet is a little bit like me Keep selling me something you don't need to prove You keep selling me something you don't need to prove ... y but I always come back here again In my doorway but I always come back here ... y but I always come back here again Singing: if I don't like it I'll move to Iowa'cause I've got no problem with places unseen It's the ones that I've lost like a ... ke a blizzard(the wind in the trees) Blow like a blizzard(me and my n

21 13.The Promised Land s Biggest tree in the forest last man in the ring Made my home in the wilderness Where survival was hell The place where the most savage of cr ... ruly alter my life Verse2 Boy meets world it's nothing like I imagined it Everything I've wanted Untarnished and uninhabited In a few days I was cured of my every ... rent paths I'd never see them again Wanted badly for them to witness
22 6.Danger Falling Pianos e to lean against over the cliffs I see a kid climbing over the stones Big man in uniform come around Say“Get down!” Kid says“No sign says no. ... u never know who you're gonna meet. Better stay in and get a good night's sleep.” They say“Don't get caught down on that side of the tracks.” Gimme danger disbewa ... crumbs no pebbles or paint on treesJust fires and bottles on the beach As I see rich kids wrapped up happy to be tracked Gimme danger disbeware of this and
23 5.Home s till we meet again I'll scream through all these trees This voice I'll project If you love don't let it go far We will be the first to wonder Where life ... he first to wonder Where life meets living I'm wishful forever I've been wishful all along And we can plot and plan make our mends But what we got it will never b ... he first to wonder Where life meets living(your hands hold tight don'
24 18.Tomorrow Never Came es on the trees turned black And the sun didn't rise and my world's foundation cracked When all I loved died Feeling total loss kneeling at th ... l will hold you tight When I meet you in the light eternal life we'll share In a dream somewhere save me from despair And you won't be there to ... air And you won't be there to meet me And you won't be there to greet me And you won't be by my side You'll awake from death and find you in a light That nearly b ... re for what was i
25 2.Un Beso haps I'll meet you then On the decadent horizon Where young lovers lock lips Looking at the lockness monster Phooey phooey hence cabluey Gypsy ... wiz He's out shopping in the trees again Moss on trees moss on trees moss on trees Broken branches avalanches Who's got the keys to my jeep Who's got the code to the condo of my soul Out robbing graves ... of my soul Out robbing graves again like Marilyn Manson I'll admit I'm popular amongst the ivies and t
26 11.The Story(A Spoken Word) e for the tree line And found Eve and her husband And in less than fifty words He convinced perfectly satisfied people They were starving to d ... om On his way to the altar To meet the bride And for the dowry He had no cash So He paid with his life Are you shocked By the consequence of sin? Be more shocked ... o and the damsel are one Once again But wait I haven't told you the b
27 7.Where Is Your God Now are alive again In a battle without end So we rise from the caves And march until sol descends Here we are. Who could tell? We will all be unl ... Or send him out and he shall meet The bolt thrower on the open plain Where is your god now?[4x] Behold the crucifix. What does it symbolize? Pallid incompetence ... lid incompetence Hanging on a tree Here we are alive again In a battle without end So we ris
28 5.The Highwayman the gusty trees The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas The road was a ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor And the highway ... ain Never to see my true love again After the bullet I still remain Never to see my true love ... ain Never to see my true love again Two lovers that were parted shall never ... that were parted shall never meet once more Although he keeps on kno
29 11.Paddington you Plane tree_____ shade you need Pull over tank drop Pull over bus stop Pull over say that ... r bus stop Pull over say that again Pull over say that again Paddington Paddington Paddington I kiss you Paddington Paddington Paddington I miss you Figure it out Figure it out Figure it ... e it out You and me You gonna meet her Call in the_____ You gonna meet her Say it again Figure it out Say it again Figure it out Say it again Figure it out Figur
30 8.Paddington you Plane tree_____ shade you need Pull over tank drop Pull over bus stop Pull over say that ... r bus stop Pull over say that again Pull over say that again Paddington Paddington Paddington I kiss you Paddington Paddington Paddington I miss you Figure it out Figure it out Figure it ... e it out You and me You gonna meet her Call in the_____ You gonna meet her Say it again Figure it out Say it again Figure it out Say it again Figure it out Figur
31 5.The Filthy Youth y Part To Meet Again5.The Filthy Youth Sunny state of mind Fields of green We lay between the pines We carved our names in the ... es We carved our names in the trees Naked as we came We don't care We
32 7.Where The Wild Things Grow y Part To Meet Again7.Where The Wild Things GrowMeet me where the wild things grow I'll be your(...) if you want me to Your eyes are so eager to me in the middle And while you're s ... you You'll find me under the tree I got to put my thoughts at ease Y
33 6.Party of Three dress and meet me In my chambers by the firelight This night is gonna be the best of your life Oh yeah the mood is right You look more beautif ... t at the club I'm grinding up against you and I'm starting to chub Oh you know girl we're makin' it work While Brian goes completely fucking apeshit berserk There ... Sow the seeds of a new family tree We're young and free Come on baby
34 21.The Migrant e to home again. When the leaves fall from the trees Look out your window oh yeah And you'll see me coming up the road Run as fast as you can out to ... Run as fast as you can out to meet me And throw your arms around me b
35 5.Extradite ke rubber tree plants and ants We cheat death with each breath the only one who make- It last forever is Keith Sweat you ever see a- Body lyin ... ee a- Body lyin' dead in the streets yet then eat breakfast? Swallow forced beliefs like police justice If my city is like yours then cereal scratch Fingerprints ... like the Anarchist's Cookbook Meets the Tom Ford spring summer look book Some people wanna see me hanging from a good hook Instead I hang with a language and slan ...
36 13.Escape From Czarkham Asylum king shit again don't pretend If you don't know the man then you don't know You look dumb like Red Fox when he overslept Slow your step flow i ... eased I'm coming through the streets As a million dollars rise high under my feet While walking through explosion blowing up tanks To reciprocate the notion showi ... ile I'm lifting cars up wrong tree to bark up I carve up a hollywood actor and back a starbuck Them hopped out the dumpster While bloody you feeling star struck B ...
37 2.We Won't Sleep in their trees Quietly they're singing to me Some slow soul song forgetting the words Like long last names or lessons I've learned But I swea ... rossed I'm following you I'll meet you under open signs in the morning heat I can feel the turning tide it's changing me Staring at the sinking sky it's in my rea ... g eyes but we won't sleep Out again this city's our house But it's haunted now the people come out And they fill these rooms till the neighbors complain And I lef ...
38 6.May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You u Till we meet again. May you walk with sunlight shining And a bluebird in every ... ining And a bluebird in every tree May there be a silver lining Back on every cloud you see. Fill your dreams with sweet tomorrows Never mind what might have been ... rd bless and keep you Till we meet again.(May you walk with sunlight shining) And a bluebird in every ... ning) And a bluebird in every tree(May there be a silver lining) Back on every cloud you see. Fill your
39 9.Goats In Trees .Goats In Trees Well I was caught inside the wreck never found my way out I was filled with indifference The animals they were getting tir ... smoke Yeah I've been runnin' against the wind And I can't hear the angels calling the madness Has been pulling me right back out of my stride I feel the change i ... art woohh yeah Well please to meet you excuse my hand I've been Bitte
40 3.The Unquiet Grave n will we meet again sweetheart When will we meet again?''when the autumn leaves that fall from the ... umn leaves that fall from the trees Are green and spring up again.
41 11.As I Roved Out on willow tree I took off my hat and I did salute her I did salute her most courageously When she turned around well the tears fell from her S ... n In hope that you and I will meet again(!
42 2.Fresher Than Ever ver found again Rappers thinks they nice Congrats they must have found my pen Shit is real I take it to the heart now I never gave a fuck so w ... e top now I used to want the streets got those I want the charts now What I rap I live it What I make I flip it Money stand tall as Roy Hibbert hater forget it Yo ... e who say two mountains never meet Glock23 and a chopper with a stock lift Bandanna tied around my head on my Pac shit Watch em run and yell bitch nigga tuck your ...
43 46.Sweet Affection chestnut tree. Once you loves me(sweet affection) With sweet affection(sweet affection) Once your thoughts(sweet affection) Were all of me!(s ... my broken heart On a chestnut tree. Gonna send back(sweet affection) All those letters(sweet affection) That you wrote(sweet affection) With a fickle pen!(sweet a ... east(sweet affection) Till we meet again! Apples love sunshine cherries love dew Angels in heaven know I love you With sweet affection(sweet affection) Sweet aff
44 61.There's No You ly autumn trees how softly they're sighing'Cause summer is dying they know that in my heart There's no gladness because there's no you The par ... k in the wall In spring we'll meet again we'll kiss and recapture That summertime rapture we knew and from that day Never more will I say'There's no you' In spring we' ... ere's no you' In spring we'll meet again we'll kiss and recapture That sum
45 11.Dreamlands ult lines meet Hung from a tree upside down Blood rushing to my head Trying to feed myself Can I worship your body? Live inside your skin? With one hand tight ... show your face? Is it in the trees looking down? Roots wrap around our songs and plant seeds. I'll write this down in the morning I did what you asked me. Now I' ... red green fields and I'm home again But I'm still confused

46 8.Sea Song bay ever again Owayho- owayho Westwards we go Owayho- owayho Riugh winds begin to blow Owayho- owayho One more pull and then belai Owayho- ow ... course[Chorus:] By the rooks trees and water What if I never die? The world would be mine By the wind rain and fire What if we are meant to see The dawn of a new ... Farewell my good friend We'll meet again Brothers I'll hear from you When
47 6.10 G's limb some trees by myself Now I'm way up high everything top shelf Wayne died last night toast to good health We was flyin last night if I do ... came back to destroying the streets The homie Cardo keep sending me beats And I smoke em They think I'm sellin drugs nah bitch I'm just a dope man I woke up and ... hin the ball Til by chance we meet again Don't be sleepin in On the outsid
48 1.Boy From the North will fall again. Theres light streaks making there way through the ... making there way through the trees but you can't see it clear. You'd survive anything but this has no end oh boy from the north your hollow soul will never feel ... find me back where we used to meet Hear me call from the hall where the dragon sleeps You told me the thoughts of your errors and misbehaviour Said it hurts but f ... d I say why don't you try god again I know you came with the travelin
49 5.No Where Found . Glad to meet you seems to me like you're having issues with being happy son but it's not your fault.' The instant that she touched my hands ... my destination Was with some tree that somehow learned to talk(Imagine that) It said'life goes on to the same degree that your roots reach deep to the seasons ne ... rm And everything is bound to meet again And when we listen to the voice w
50 1.Golden State of Mind(feat. Dom Kennedy) the swap meet to get some socks cheap Kids playing hopscotch where they cock heat Do a figure eight let the tire screech In the559 tryna find ... unshine But it ain't all palm trees and women Indeed we livin' in the Golden state of mind[Verse2: Dom Kennedy] We ... mind[Verse2: Dom Kennedy] We meet up at the cemetery just to stay in touch Visiting loved ones cause we miss'em so much And how you love that the progress is obv ... me A OG say these California streets ain'
51 8.Michelle the dream again where I drive us off the cliff to the ravine and the car a chevy blue like the one in the photo of your father and you blue li ... ould not adjust to the flames against the leaves someone was watching from nearby and I heard a phone chime from shallow in the ... one chime from shallow in the trees I had to come see you Michelle O Michelle we are trafficking in wonder worshipping the wounds upon your cheek just kiss me shy ... ver to you uncle Sam he could m
52 2.In Ma Ain Country m tae the trees oh but I'll come back oh never tae ma ain country I'm loyal tae high heaven which has aye been loyal tae me an I'll ... aye been loyal tae me an I'll meet ye all again soon frae ma ain country The sun rises bright in France And fair sets he But he has tint the blink he had In my ain country It ... al tae me And it's there I'll meet ye a' richt soon Frae my ain count
53 8.Dogwood upon the trees I mean every word I've said And nothing means a thing to me I'm a man without a direction I'm a ship without a sea ... tion I'm a ship without a sea Meet me at the resurrection Say you'll save a place for me Now the sky is casting over There's a storm cloud rolling in I believe it ... months before I pass this way again Count the scars on the horizon Co
54 5.World We Created a falling tree just falls and all is still. A man alone on a lane late at night can be innocentJust as the man in a crowded room surrounded by ... d of the vain. A wave crashes against the shore on a distant moon An unstoppable force ... ant moon An unstoppable force meets the immovable object and the worl
55 10.Thanksgiving come back again The trees were blowing in the breeze all high above my head When a cavalcade of memories appeared to me in words I wished I'd said From ... r way I had only begun So boy meets a girl Venus and Adonis Friendshi
56 2.2nd movement MorningJourney& The Arrival Canadian trees Log cabins warm fires and smiles at the aprés ski She punches in her name to the company mainframe And logs into her pact with ... into her pact with the Devil again. She is lost she is floating She's like us all tied to the fabric we wear She takes it as she finds Lives for the good times S ... ubicle next door it's time to'meet the band'; In a Rush T-shirt pony
57 2.Easier That Way rough the trees I'm gazing at the sky Not long ago the winter freeze was taking its toll on me And there are people all around me struggling t ... nd me struggling to make ends meet While those who are responsible are living down on easy s ... ible are living down on easy street They didn't cause it we only said they did. They got it wrong and we have to pay for it They sold a lie and then got away with ... l need a cure for it Time and again the poor people pay for it C
58 7.Wilderness ou had us meet on neutral ground your coat was grey your eyes were blue my arms and hands ached for you my stolen train my flock of birds when ... en your lips said those words trees went black angels fell armies burned the carousel say you didn't mean a thing say you're coming home ... thing say you're coming home again up the river of regret say we ain
59 9.Y$L She said“meeting you was fate Becoming friends was a choice Falling in love was a mistake I can hear the pain in your voice” No you should ne ... hold your hand But karma wins again yea Lost in lust So far I'd go!(Pre-Chorus) I thought you knew Our love is worth much more Why did you leave? I guess the blam ... s fallen from the sky and the trees shiver in fear The loneliness of
60 7.Your House(KeneallyPartridge Demo) With one tree at the side How I wished that I could have it But hey this is crazy When after all it's only your house I came back'til next ti ... of a friend He told me which street it was And said that he lived near here I only saw you that one time That permanent breath on you sometimes Now here I am maki ... ly your house I won't be back again Don't want you thinking I'm some creepy guy If I were to ... some creepy guy If I were to meet you what could I really say
61 9.Where the Beach Meets the Ocean the Beach Meets the Ocean Woke up and my head is pounding Room is spinning like a merry-go-round and Well I'm not sure exactly where I'm a ... od to be back where the beach meets the ocean Cruise to the beach it's the top of the afternoon Haven't seen a cloud in the sky for a month or two Keep your eyes ... od to be back where the beach meets the ocean At first I admit that I had my doubts This town chewed me up and it spit me out But in every bar I could find a frie ...
62 8.When We Meet Again In Hell 8.When We Meet Again In Hell Phantom wars to keep the ragtag occupied Mediation when there's only black or white Deep rifts run through the inc ... we'll laugh about it When we meet again in hell(x4) Fake outrage about mistaken platitudes Fake hearts beating under made-to-measure suits Facts are shared it's time ... we'll laugh about it When we meet again in hell(And watch it all in replay) When we ... tch it all in replay) When we meet again
63 8.After Two when you meet a chick?' I plead the fifth and offered her a pita chip'Nah? You're good?' Okay I hope that question won't repeat ... pe that question won't repeat again Even the preachers kid is a heathen when in heat They weren't all nine or ten's I picked a few from lemon ... n's I picked a few from lemon trees As I squeezed and I squeezed Maki
64 6.Between Silence and Death e to hide Trees conspire their words betray footprints path to slow decay Mind on fire hallucinate blinded by the fear and hate Silence my oln ... our way my way we shall never meet again Unseem terror Hear me now know my
65 8.Odin Will Provide the amber trees Leaves crushed by boot and hoof Over snow-capped mountains Through swamp and desert bare(Solo: Arnold) Exhausted he turns to f ... upon the sand Axe silhouetted against the sky They brace for the hit Both masters of their craft Nothing but focus shows in either face For the first to falter Is ... rst to falter Is the first to meet death's cold embrace As the sweat
66 2.Loss s like we meet again once again you took away my dearest friend I'm feeling alone trying to cope with his death the mere thought of him still makes me hold my ... d leaves are falling from the trees your life passes right in front o
67 16.Lived the Day You Died his alone again I guess you don't know the Lord's grace Don't understand why they brought You myrrh But that's all right because I like Your d ... cussed at You nailed You to a tree Maybe it was Satan just shiftin' the blame to You from me Maybe that's what happens when some fourth graders ... pens when some fourth graders meet with Darth Vader All I know is the devil's too much for us to face now The Messiah picked up my tab'cause He died for all Thoug ... the devil tries t
68 5.The Spell e in the streets The ashes of his enemies blow under his feet Thunder and sleet blow doors open in the cathedral The candles go out-the portra ... ttle Let's take a raffle I'll meet you with a scalpel slice ya adam's apple Never disturb the dead-ya bones are spread Poems are said Ouija board spells out PRIES ... a ass out by ya halo up that street paved with gold Then I throw yo ass back to the globe See I own ya soul you go to hell I fight ... a soul you go to hell I fight (
69 1.Ask The Tree 1.Ask The Tree You come with a lot of questions You're asking a lot of things The world will soon come to it's ending You ask what your fu ... the wings of faith here we be again On the wings of faith here we meet again You wanted to make up for something Did you have something to prove You've got your reward you're the big one See what it all ... the wings of faith here we be again On the wings of faith here we meet again You think of the mice as
70 7.Wild I Am Few-Tall Trees EP7.Wild I Am I've been walking around this town And I've decided I don't ever wanna be another face in the crowd I've ... I've been talking to people I meet Saying“I've been thinking about leaving and I'm taking next to nothing with me” And I know that public opinion says that I shou ... g inside my heart that fights against the crowd And it is wild Wild I
71 2.Around The World Feat Kali Raps& Boogz Boogetz(Prod By Shortfyuz& Termanology) s nice to meet you we can kick it like FIFA I just want a quickie you can keep on yo sneakers Every time you with me every day's like easter T ... ing another and get some head again I got all these bitches going crazy like Kevin Fetherlin Rolling my weed up I let the sour burn They had they run for a minute ... out in Cali that love to blow trees Every time I'm fuckin she sippin
72 4.The Black Wind of Morthion ds I will meet you again in the Netherealms Aranon: You have betrayed me my brother no more Morthion: I will drink from the chalice of gold as I sit up ... y will find their own way and meet the dawning stars Over land and sea Searching far and wide I will find my own way through the ancient ... y own way through the ancient trees of the elven land Morthion:“The smoke of war chokes the sky The grand kingdom fell before my might. But one man still stands” ... hrone
73 7.Curator of Butterflies among the trees she spies butterflies against the leaves. With one brush of her hand they are captured and taken. From the top of the hill looking over the edge so far ou ... g over the edge where the sky meets the waves so far out of reach; with just one step she'd be free with one bound with one leap. A part we all play the end is th ... oved the colours of the wings against the green the first thing she saw the last she hopes to see the parts we play the start the end
74 7.Belfast Child aid to me Meet me down by the gallow tree For it's sad news I bring About this old town and all that it's offering Some say troubles abound Some day soon they're gonna p ... When the Belfast Child sings again Brothers sisters where are you now? As I look for you right through the crowd All my life here I've spent With my faith in God ... When the Belfast child sings again When the Belfast child sings again So come back Billy won't you come on home? Come back Mary
75 7.Erase Racism feat. Kool G Rap Big Daddy Kane& Biz Mark Dj Polo-Street Stories [The Best Of G. Rap And Polo]7.Erase Racism feat. Kool G Rap Big Daddy Kane& Biz Mark[Intro Bizmarkie] Yo V br ... n for peace in the people I'm meetin Black white and puerto-rican men are greetin each otherJust like brothers there's plenty and many of others You can discover ... ude it Then I see your family tree was uprooted So don't be foolish if you'reJewish or Hindu The racial manual is the evil that men do I was raised in a nation of ...
76 6.Death By the Blues up to the tree Death by the blues In words and deeds It's what I choose Until the reaper I will ... hoose Until the reaper I will meet Again each other you praise and blame Which ape will prevail? On that scale with fake and fame Where everything is for sale The tick ... hoose Until the reaper I will meet Like horny moths to the flame you are drawn It burns with acrid smoke Rapt in vanity lowlife-spawn Another soul is sold Laugh o ... hoose Until the reaper I will me
77 5.Wasted he throat again I'm on a potion binge Please quit all“emotionin'” It's fuckin' with my focus and I really need to see who the fuck it is I'm s ... to the skies then I do it all again Drink of champions tell me who wanna get gin?'Cause I showed up drunk Got a wet bar in the back of my truck Crowne?? Crystal H ... low[Madrox](AJAX!!)[Ajax] I'm meetin'Jerry Bears untill I'm barely there Tripped my nuts off landed in some chick's derriere Me and my hash rig make a scary pair
78 4.Love Means s I let a tree blossom in the bottom recesses And yet I often wonder how I got into this mess Instead of one love its two lives conflict Inter ... o rewinding I would do it all again to show'em what love means[Hook]{Love means} Some things we're too in to figure out{Love means} I'm just trynna be fine withou ... l you need My satisfaction is meeting your needs Loyalty True freedom Mine… Trust…yours…ours… Satisfaction True freedom Praying for your enemies A safe space t
79 37.Roll Columbia Roll uglas-fir tree whispers to the snow-capped mountain breeze Cliffs of solid granite and the valley's always green This is just as close to heav ... the river where your eye will meet the skies Where you'll see the steel and concrete of the big Grand Coulee rise CHORUS There at Priest and Cascade Rapids men ha ... night Matched their strength against the river in its wild and reckless flight Boats and rafts were beat to splinters but it left men dreams to dream Of that day ...
80 6.Tracing the Path of Blood centenary tree Burnt inside Burning all that lies around And when daily demons finally shrink in A vortex of gold leaves erupts in return I in ... ind their way to my heart Ice meeting fire lights up the mind Till blackness is put at ease And when distortion fades Flames get rest Tracing the path of blood I ... nd clouds I'm one with myself again(!
81 8.I Wish You Christmas rom every tree So all the world can see The light that there could be. I wish you music I wish you song With voices echoingJoyous and strong; ... d bless you till we all shall meet again
82 9.Destiny ] I wanna meetJay and just play a rhyme for him I see him spitting Heineken like girl rhyme ... ting Heineken like girl rhyme again Saying your inspiring to Blue Ivy and them Take it back like hockey jerseys guess jeans And butter timbs[Verse1: Rapsody]Jehov ... ke sure my life lit Like them trees with them angel wings and some ni
83 2.When I Met Death mile high tree Climbin' his shoulders admirin' the scene A forest set fire as i wept in fear for things I knew i was hidin' between the good a ... e time is arriving prepare to meet the king The sun that has one thousand suns deciding if one's me. And then as if my eyes had been replaced with gasoline Explod ... ds upon thousands towards the trees It's harder now than ever to express how much that means and I realized I've already been here once and now ... lready been here o
84 8.Gone Are the Days into the trees She finally rests in dreams sublime Her one true love now by her side Gone are the days through the haze Only sorrow lives on ... our darkest night And we will meet again somehow someway when sunlight war
85 10.Joy Never Ends(Auld Lang Syne) could all meet again I write this romance for all the world to see I post it on the Internet But I do it just for me just for me May I draw you the ... the twisting of the live oak trees Our flight ends at DFW And we say
86 4.Nautica g up the streets Some lives get extinguished many survive others don't Dead bodies bloated weightless flesh floating Mother Nature's ferocious ... or be the culprit? Deaf them against the living I endorse them Callahan enforcer witch's brew a sorceror Water tides rise given the nickname Nautica Contingency ... s rise up Way above sea level meet God or the devil Thunder cause racket as of Greek gods warring On Mount Olympus--[Hook] I hope y'all ready for the big beast dr ...
87 11.One Day matchin' Against this blackness Good attractions Friendships tend to get fixed into pastures Another victim of instant reaction Hook: One day ... he fruit from leaves of peach trees The bad vibes need releasing It keeps Me grounded when I feel surrounded in In a chief's seat3 feet leapin' drownin' Heart pou ... llect and your courage have a meeting at an Intersection you're trave
88 9.Under Lock and Key he orange tree save some room for me I'll meet you there again Over the span of time start to realize But you leave important And you were the best friend And we're falling down on our time ... ments Waving the passing byes again Did you think they would break for you? Slow dance And watch what they make of you Yeah I'm under I'm under I'm under a lock a ... room for me Under the orange tree save some room for me I'll meet you there once more You were a bes
89 15.Green Green Grass of Home there to meet me is my mama and papa. Down the road i look and there runs mary hair of gold and lips like cherries. It's good to touch the gr ... home. Yes they'll all come to meet me arms reaching smiling sweetly. It's good to touch the green green grass of home. The old house is still standing tho' the pa ... dry And there's that old oak tree i used to play on. Down the lane i walk with my sweet mary hair of gold and lips like cherries. It's good to touch the green gr ...
90 1.Contacts Curren$y] Meeting of the Five families brung a little jewelry through Them niggas bring their hoes with em they be staring at me Baby that foo ... er we all came I was counting again Back at the money mountain praying and plotting On ways to get it all without them trying to stop it[Hook:] No time for these ... ivated by money you know the streets be dummy Bet nobody gon' run me don't end the permanent gumby Paper still rap from the mud'cause we've been dug it up Buttons ...
91 3.Pardoner ready to meet him eventually” The main thug took a swill of a bottle full of bravado And went all Robert Rodriguez Desperado Like“That's disr ... nd him– fuck it– I'm ready to meet him! The violence in me reflect the violence that surrounds me So I say if death wants beef he found beef!” Biggie: I'd rather ... wo minutes ago under that oak tree” The thugs ran full speed and when they arrive At the ... d and when they arrive At the tree they just stared wit
92 11.My Little Aussie Town ong. I'll meet again my childhood friends from my hometown. And kiss you once before I say goodbye. I will watch the water flowing by the river. Se ... the sunlight dance across the trees. See the wallaby and kangaroo still roaming free The scent of gum ... roaming free The scent of gumtrees on the summer breeze. I'll be coming home to my little Aussie Town And hear the bellbirds singing their sweet song. I'll ... inging their sweet song. I'll meet again my
93 15.The Moment You Realize You're Going to Fall We gonna meet down the street and we're drinking for free we pinky shake as you order your martini. One last round and away we go we run a little bit late b ... ing on the pane of the window again He's got a blade for a tongue and there's snakes for eyes And his hand's on the handles of a hundred knives And if they don't ... h You better learn to climb a tree It's not safe Not where we at no You had better get yourself a bat and Start swinging away at anything you see
94 5.Small Boxes with rage Trees all gone I walked home alone again The red and plush underneath your pillow The hill runs down to stay under the ground I'll crawl in there floating on sound You ... augh a little You promise her again I'll take it all back You promised her don't promise her things she'll never get no I promised her that I would hold her hand ... small like child If we could meet again just for a while In time we learn don't fake the sound of pain In the road don'
95 1.My Brothers and Me in an oak tree over Henry's Pond Ridin' minibikes go karts ice cold lemonade in the shade Playin' Army in the cornfield throwin' cow chip hand ... lay together in the cornfield again when we meet on the other side Chorus: My broth
96 1.The Night of My First Breath ill never meet is asleep on a bus disappearing into the mid-west. His name is Frank Houser. His jacket is crumpled between the side of his fac ... sting as if in the crook of a tree. Warmth like joy fills my father's body because so delicate a creature has chosen him for safety. He lightly strokes with the t ... ver. Upwards through the mist against the darkness black smoke over the city like the sparrow's notes traveling through my father's hands into the night of this p ...
97 9.May the Good Lord Bless You and Keep You ou'Til we meet again May you walk with sunlight shining And a bluebird in every ... ining And a bluebird in every tree May there be a silver lining Back of every cloud you see Fill your dreams with sweet tomorrows Never mind what might have been ... ord bless and keep you'Til we meet again Fill your dreams with swee-eet tomorrows Never mind what might have been May the good Lord bless a-and keep you'Til we ... d bless a-and keep you'Til we meet again
98 7.Carried Away ee on the tree Maybe you can bust it but you can't catch me unless You really want to Well I never had a girl before but I got one now yeah So ... the brink Maybe someday we'll meet up again And sometimes it's just another d
99 14.Daises e Nature& trees fallen Gray skies death dead air No where nothing's here Except me I'm in luck Or am I so fucked Loom searching no man Time un ... y agony& anguish Flat surface meets the eye In every direction I tried Though hazy I see something crazy A yellow dot of a daisy[Chorus:] Oh shit I've seen a beam ... y veins It stood out flashing again I can see it faintly calling me i
100 3.Come Clean e Get the trees to still their gentle sway Subways send your passengers away Morning noon and night one and the same I wonder will I always fe ... and the space Praying that we meet again someda

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