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1 30.The Time(Dirty Bit)(The Black Eyed Peas) n't messin' with no maggots Messin' with the baddest Chicks in the club Honey what's up Mirror mirror on
2 3.The Time(Dirty Bit)- Black Eyed Peas(黑眼豆豆合唱團) n't messin' with no maggots Messing with the baddest Chicks in the club Honey what's up? Mirror mirror on
3 3.The Time(Dirty Bit)- Pi(美好時刻) n't messin' with no maggots Messin' with the baddest Chicks in the club Honey what's up? Mirror mirror on
4 15.The Time(Dirty Bit)- Radio Edit(美好時刻) n't messin' with no maggots Messin' with the baddest Chicks in the club Honey what's up? Mirror mirror on
5 2.Shake Your Pom Pom- Missy Elliott ng from an ish like maggots He tryin' to spit the game What he had to say Has anybody ever told you you l

6 9.Accept Each Other's Sense of Values Stop the war Ah You maggots Ah ah ah Oh If we have different faces so do we so do we have different sense
7 7.Take Control Of You like alienJust like maggots you all shit Say what? Free sexJust a limited I'll get new one Suck my fuckin
8 10.Get You Back A Piece Of Shit So Maggots Are Everywhere On Me Someone Try To Kill Me Right Now Let Me Show You Who Wil
9 4.Maggots -NIL4.Maggots作詞流鬼.作曲 Gazette天狗鼻の独裁者吐いた唾に反吐を重ねる垂れ流す言葉全てが紛れも無いrealさ突然変異の感情慣れた手つきでimage潰す自慰的意見と発想夢見がちのmiscast変わる夢を常に嫌いのたうち回る理想を引きずっている奴も奴 ... It is different! you are fat maggots
10 9.CRAWL continue To let the maggots enter me and live I better sterilize my heart today I better sanitize my mind
11 4.AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS AGITATED SCREAMS OF MAGGOTS作詞京作曲 Dir en grey I'm killing the haughtily fly I'm gonna slash your wound
12 1.Agitated Screams of Maggots creams of Maggots1.Agitated Screams of Maggots作詞京作曲 Dir en grey I'm killin
13 3.Spilled Milk Agitated Screams of Maggots3.Spilled Milk作詞京作曲 Dir en grey So I want you for me to die So I want
14 4.OBSCURE Agitated Screams of Maggots4.OBSCURE作詞京作曲 Dir en grey吊るした紅月今宵で幾つ「…」合わない肌と肌を食して深みのどこへ沈む開けた布をかき分けなが
15 1.Ghostface Killers Shoot the maggots shoot the maggots with the pump Thot and addy(thot) love the Patek on my arm(Patek) We got static(static) pussy nigga run your charm(hey) Ghos ... matics in the trunk Shoot the maggots shoot the maggots with the pump Thot and addy(thot) love the Patek on my arm(Patek) We got static(static) pussy nigga run your charm(hey) Ghos ... matics in the trunk Shoot the maggots shoot the maggots with the pump Thot and addy(thot) love the Patek on my ar
16 2.Kill the Creator g at our skin These maggots always have their say These cowards always have to win These has-beens love t
17 10.You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin' Mind With motherfucking maggots with the rest of them faggots Cause your license to kill was from Tagget's I
18 6.Crispy Innovators(feat. Vinnie Paz) ssins Skull full of maggots and a soul full of anguish[Hook: Ill Bill] Fresh out the box crispy innovator
19 4.Phallelujah tion Soon to suckle maggots at her breasts Celebrate the palsied throes of innocence Phallelujah..
20 11.Amon RAW feat. Celph Titled& Pumpkinhead underground I spit maggots and worms I'm a heat wave so your ass getting burned And if I ever get burned

21 11.Cryptic Apocalypse orpse of earth Like maggots snakes and worms Useless pallid eyes seek out a sign of evidence Wakeful peal
22 3.Copremesis y fill with phlegm. Maggots in your dick mucus surrounds your feet. Lying broken fucking faggot screaming
23 6.Pre-Released Foetal Mush ld inside her cunt. maggots eat away her flesh. Festers inside her disgusting organs stir. I push my hard
24 8.Shred the Dead n... Shred the Dead Maggots creamed as mildewed skulls are reamed And every cube is gleamed... Shred the
25 8.Survive! pulace Crushed like maggots underfoot Heaps of bodies smoldering Slow death without no warning Toxic meta
26 10.Firstborn r God You're filthy maggots- he will teach you With the Blood of the Firstborn Your life is fading out yo
27 7.Abandon All Hope wallows in our pain Maggots crawling out of empty eyeholes While palsied hands arrange some hell on eart
29 2.Revelation of Maggots lation of Maggots A sense of dread awakes my mind Obfuscated light pierces my eyes A dream of nothingness slowly dissipates reality I know ... still see without my eyes As maggots feast and hatch to flies Absenc
30 10.Proselyte Virus sanity Buried alive Maggots feasting on all your regrets Hollow martyrs futile suffering The virus erases
31 7.Devil Come Madness ey hung my head The maggots fed on asphalt bread Her fuzzy creepers snuff you out of habit Devil come mad
32 7.Elysian Fields ou rotten with them maggots in a ditch But you got to be real to be a Northside killer Got to be real to
33 8.Water$Uicide(Feat. Chris Travis) ng with the fucking maggots[Verse2: Pontius Pilate] God of the sun Bitch I shine like the summer Gripping
34 1.Chronicles Of The Dead a god Has left you maggots Destroy destroy the heart of man There will come a time you sheep Will scream
35 4.Gang Bang Anyway get dealt witH tHe maggots Heard drive-bys everyday Seen Homies die early age tHougH we still gang bang
36 23.Offensive Lines(feat. Slaine Ill Bill) he last thing these maggots taste Tie your feet and hands with tape dead rats stuffed up in ya' mouth Loc
37 17.Brain Dead o the flies See the maggots in the skull start crawlin' out the eyes Euphoric gorror to a dull and blacke
38 9.Baywatch Nights at to see A pack of maggots looking up and smiling at me(Bridge) Who we love it was always up to you Will
39 21.Mine's Full Of Maggots s Full Of Maggots Rocking in the swampland...waiting for a mainline... I can't get down...cos i...ain't got no time! An election...based o ... lay... awake... Mines full of maggots Mines full of disease It'll bring you down down to your knees... Cos...life's just a big c h e e s e!!Just a carcass...on a ... foot of snow??? Mines full of maggots....... Lights shine... so does the sun... if you can't talk to me... Talk to my gun.... Mines full of ... k to my gun.... Mines
40 2.Death's Golden Temple le with locusts and maggots giving birth to flesh devoured by kin Unbound are the seas and hungry the des
41 8.B.O.W Down everything that the maggots missed[Verse2: Oktane] Huh West coast nigga named Oktane It ain't the same it
42 3.B.O.W Down(Feat. Fat Trel Turtle NoJoke N.No Seriious T Clacc& B-Nice) everything that the maggots missed[Verse2: Oktane] Huh West coast nigga named Oktane It ain't the same it
43 13.Wedding Tux While the maggots and vultures feast Feasting on my memories Everyone searching for lightning Hold up[a box of recycling][Chorus] Bury me to s ... e like rotting meat While the maggots and vultures feast I can't wait
44 6.Writings on the Wall Got a belly full of maggots and disease Every apple here is rotten every blessing is a curse Every word i
45 3.Chuuuurch s fucking with the maggots Got us looking hot you know that end up being tragic Tell a boy stop I ain't

46 5.Dark Sisters the hands They the maggots Battlefield Hags Here for the jewels the rings and the rags. In the city down
47 12.No End To War are no liesJust the maggots and the flies There is no end to war There is no end to war There is no end t
48 12.Eternal for weeks? And the maggots still seep by the open wounds Dressed like a Vagabond trade the tatted runes
49 10.Proboscis Master Versus the Powdered Seraphs ng worms. Keep your maggots away from my soul. I'm willing to risk an aneurysm if you'll just shut up and
50 5.Terminal fore your maggots Decompose you Allow me to diagnose you Terminal narcissistic Your prognosis666 Medication Won't fix your sick What you need ... t Your black hole Before your maggots decompose you Allow me to diagn
51 10.The Life I Remember sites Cannibalistic maggots Eat the corpse from inside Oh my god it was alive We are at war with the worl
52 10.Thirtysomething Lovesick Ballad ice roads Tick-tock maggots and dig your holes'Cos I'm chopping wood with Noah. Still trying to clear my
53 6.Olympia Inn beneath we're just maggots on the asphalt road Well every place has got its history and you'd erase if i
54 6.Shroud(Feat. Krizz Kaliko) bbits And awake the maggots I hate your habits(I hate your habits) Your evil's consuming me Now my heart
55 13.Spring Lullaby berment In peaceful maggots nest Lush grass strike warm air As I finish my final piece Carcass stench int
56 5.Dreaming of a Nightmare In Eden crawling with flies maggots and snakes. This process of decay seemed quickly to spread. It crawled over l
57 4.A Butchery Improved the festering skin maggots chew the hollow meat The intestines have been violently removed Lungs and hea
58 11.Dead and Impaled d To dwell with the maggots inside the rotting holes Fornication beyond the boundaries of sanity The corp
59 2.Theophany e room allowing the maggots to bloom. Slithering up my spine my veins are turning black. Death stares me
60 6.Cherish the Dead n an island turning maggots into assets Smiling as I'm burning planets into ashes Fucking worth it if you
61 5.Murdergram ve you band of dead maggots Crawlin' all over my name I won't have it You better look in the mirror and r
62 4.Wake The Nightmares(Falling From Grace Pt.1) thousand lies Like maggots ate the brain And time is moving rapidly For those who are to see A paradigma
63 5.Bowels Of Love ured Eros maggots down my throat Until I choked There's nothing darker than love that's gone sour Satan's spit Love that's gone sour Yeah you ... ng heart And your rammed Eros maggots down my throat Until I choked T
64 2.Despondent Souls in a mangled grave Maggots grow... deep inside Multiply... savored feast Concealed to all... unknown the
65 17.Trap Feat. Chief Keef e bitches they some maggots They some lice all in my motherfucking hair Bitch you gotta get up out of her
66 8.Burning Blood Fuel apart like crawling maggots in your brain. Some men want to watch the whole world burn. It happend that I
67 7.The Devastation Archives remains victorious Maggots will always crawl and feed The inferno blazes on The inferno blazes on!!! But
68 14.Never Let It Die and hellish journey Maggots in the hard barley Some shot off their own toes so they couldn't be forced to
69 6.Rape at with roaches and maggots Say yawn and toss the cabbage left the ravage and brag(?) Baggage blocked by
70 12.Hollowed Bodies owed out expect for maggots That dwell Deep inside the skulls Of victims that they cleaned How did this h
71 1.Musifixtion r the birds and the maggots Then I'mma strike the matches Burn up ya corpses it's like I'm possessed by f
72 4.Aghast eas of Corpses Like Maggots The Remorse Devours My Flesh Toward A Darkened Abyss Of Human Pollution Hellw
73 9.Savages Arise uman Race A Billion Maggots Incessantly Breed Relentless And Mindless A Cancerous Greed Torn From Cadaver
74 3.RUN it like a bunch of maggots put the7 to ya back with this pistol now you a maverick dropped class started
75 7.Reanimated Sacrifice constricting veins Maggots penetrate decomposing skin Defilement of this sacrificial inception Bitter da
76 3.Corpsified Peel the maggots from my skin cum in the form of larvae Fuck-fucking you from within Rip-ripping you til you die Twisting off dismembering ge ... red shit and my seed Peel the maggots from my skin cum in the form of
77 5.Infected with Lunacy ck into the nest Of maggots spewing from the abscess Ballsack repeatedly Slapping her sloppy hole increas
78 3.Unite In Pain ed in pain Infested maggots eat your face Unite in pain Once more Face the gore Morbid death I cannot fin
79 1.Gaga People ull-shit brain-dead maggots feeling free bow to your freak show it's the only thing you know fuck fiction
80 9.Postmortem Lividity rated No future but maggots and rot A plague ridden Disease bitten Grotesque quarantined stench A plague
81 1.Burial Flesh turns to dust Maggots squirm Eyes frozen shut Burial A portrait of death Unmoving you are This soil
82 14.Give Me Love h the worms and the maggots My pinky ring got a bunch of baguettes. Standing on the couch in the club Lik
83 7.It Takes Me e Seething. There's maggots in my lungs t takes me It breaks me I'm trying hard to make it It's too late
84 5.In the Grave e rip off your soul Maggots eat your flesh I'll wear your skin and live your life You're sorting out of b
85 11.Food For The Worms shorn Feast for the maggots Reborn Wet and adipocerous Our flesh turns in to wax Enter hypostasis Pale sk
86 4.Dead Men Don't Rape it on your grave As maggots rape your body[Die fucker] Dead men don't rap
87 6.Natural Selection n to diffuse as the maggots slowly eat the eyes. Their numbers have grown and humans are left alone to wa
88 6.Diabolic h Crawling with the maggots on filthy holy ground I always thought I would reach my sanctuary But only pi
89 1.Devouring flesh On the grass Maggots start to form Smash her skull Split in two Brains fall to the floor What I've
90 3.Necromancer ide Corpse grinding maggots come to claim your life Necro(corrupts my soul) Mancer(takes control) Necro(c
91 8.I Lód Divinum in Anus 't know why Carrion maggots in the flesh empty thoughts of suicide Fuhrer hat in Baden Baden nur fur wint
92 12.Lovely Woman pple Don't mind the maggots huh Shadoobie my brain's been battered My friends they come around they flatt
93 5.Fornicate the Deceased ed by pus Eroded by maggots Despite I try to masturbate for my last Visualizing you deceased on the bed T
94 5.A Feast For Flies e skin Out come the maggots The flesh feast begins A feast for flies A feast for flie
95 6.Fuck Me I'm Dead ss rots off Cumming maggots Sit on my face six feet under Fuck me I'm dead Fuck me I'm dead Come ride on
96 2.Devotion to the Child Rape Syndicate cattered bones. The maggots fester consuming bodies faster and what remains is ground into the food for t
97 1.Plagues of Forgiveness thought creep like maggots shattering the putrid atmosphere. Carrion sown to spirit with rusty needles.
98 5.Trapped Under Treads my skull Dead Slow Maggots feed on my eyes Flesh ground to pulp Ro
99 12.Zombie Ritual(Death cover) or a mind maggots for a cock With his axe the corpse will chop Stare into his eyes Now in his spell Kiss the rotting flesh Now you're in hell ... with the dead Zombie dwelling maggots now infest your head Zombie ritual Zombie ritual Ceremony now complete Chosen one is now deceased Fucking raping zombie whor ... with the dead Zombie dwelling maggots now infest your head Zombie rit
100 1.Rationing the Sacred Human Remains s pick at the flesh Maggots consumed the rest Putrid entrails strewn around Ruins crumble to the ground R

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