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Action Bronson( Arian Asllani )



【 Blue Chips 1 & 2 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

1.Action Silverado

2.Intro (feat. Big Body Bes)

3.The Don's Cheek

4.Jackson Travolta (feat. Meyhem Lauren)

5.Through The Eyes of a G (feat. Ab-Soul)

6.Twin Peugots (feat. Big Body Bes, Mac Miller)

7.Jordan vs. Bird (feat. Maffew Ragazino)

8.It's Me

9.Flip Ya (feat. Retchy P) (feat. Big Body Bes)

11.In the City (feat. Jeff Woods)

12.Pouches of Tuna (feat. Roc Marciano)

13.Cliff Notes

14.Expensive Pens (feat. Meyhem Lauren)

15.Jar of Drugs

16.Never a Dull Moment (feat. Termanology, Bun B)

17.Big Bad & Dangerous (feat. Smoke DZA)

18.Cocoa Butter

19.Savage from Sarasota

20.MarijuanaThon (feat. Jay Steele) (提供)

21.Fuck Me Till I DieFuck Me Till I Die (feat. Meyhem Lauren, Jay Steel, J-Love, Fonda) (提供)

22.Time for Some (feat. Lil Fame)

23.Offensive Lines (feat. Slaine, Ill Bill)

24.Gorilla Shit (feat. Meyhem Lauren) (提供)

25.5 x 8 (feat. Maffew Ragazino, Homeboy Sandman, Kaimbr, Jon Connor) (提供)

26.Labor Day (feat. Freddie Gibbs, Chace Infinite, Wais P, Termanology, Scram Jones) (提供)

27.Muslim Wedding

28.The Money Is Reality (提供)

29.Hot Shots Part Deux (feat. Riff Raff Sodmg, Dana Coppafeel)

30.Choices (feat. Asher Roth) (提供)

31.Meteor Hammer (feat. Ghostface, Termanology) (提供)

32.Decisions Over Veal Orloff (提供)

33.Nothing to Worry About

34.Special Effects (feat. Meyhem Lauren, Heems) (提供)

35.MARS (feat. Cormega, Roc Marciano, Saigon)