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1 1.光 隆聲 Red guitar as my machine gun紅吉他當作機關槍 I pointed the barrel towards the Sun我把槍管指向太陽 Light is over my sho
2 2.Sherlock Holmes ning coldly Perfect machinery See what others had never conceived Trace from something so trifling Under
3 3.Machine Gun Says3.Machine Gun作詞 greg作曲 samuel編曲 Nora Says不停的懷疑著為何在這戰場埋葬不完的傷一再請求原諒又對我隨時上膛曝滿彈孔的心房* I still see you in my head I try to run away Like ... e like damn Shot me down like machine gun Aim right into my heart Sto
4 6.Highway Star-Deep Purple A Killer Machine It's Got Everything Like A Driving Power Big Fat Tires And Everything I Love Her And I Need Her I feel her Yeah It's A Wild ... very Bend Oooh She's A Killer Machine She's Got Everything Like A Moving Mouth Body Control And Everything I Love Her And I Need Her I See Her Yeah She Turns Me O ... d Of Sound Oooh It's A Killer Machine It's Got Everything Like A Driv
5 16.Simple Things xt to me The coffee machine ain't working but I see you've got the kettle boiling You know I know quietly

6 17.機器娃娃(Machine Doll) You 超精選17.機器娃娃(Machine Doll)作詞阿弟仔作曲阿弟仔我回到未來還沒星際大戰長生不老的仙丹一粒20塊死了可以耍賴除非你被撞爛趕快撿一塊皮還有復活六百葬儀社都關起來沒有人會
7 5.Aren't You Glad azing turbo washing machine. And your fiance is boring as hell You never laugh you're both professionl. Y
8 4.Dream Again kitteruyo mezameta machinoniwoni kosaten imawuni karamitsuita konokusae komorebika tokashiteku And I dre
9 7.Mechanical Wonder light All machines make our lives today And i like them the best But the mechanical thunder is It's just a noise in my head And the radio play ... the union crawls big time The machines that i'm walking from Though they play in the songs And the dreams that your holding on Don't run for so long So i'm hiding ... run for so long So i'm hiding machines away But i keep them for you B
10 9.Emily Chambers rrested Don't buy a machine gun You're on the run And you're not on the scene You're not so cool And you'
11 6.Crocodile Rock rying by the record machine Dreaming of my chevy and my old blue jeans But they never killed the shrills
12 9.歡笑吧!Rosemarie ie原曲 The Flying Machine- Smile A Little Smile For Me作詞許冠傑作曲 Tony Macauley Geoff Stephens平時活潑浪漫今天卻滿面愁常
13 7.Day Dreamer baby's at a typing machine...
14 7.Computer man eep my mind on this machine But I'm gonna lose my job if she winks at me Well now howdy ma'am Seems to me
15 1.旋轉木馬的獨白(&痞子旁分) >作詞詹潔如、Anjera Aki作曲 Machina編曲蔡奇龍模糊的記憶遊樂園旋轉的木馬是誰在提醒失去的那些曾經離別那天你說別再回頭眷戀從未存在的謊言蹦恰恰蹦恰 Pushing and pulling誰進誰退
16 1.想戀一個愛 yanukul、SA陳沒作曲 Slot Machine、Po Posayanukul、Daniel Denholm編曲Jae Chong不如那就這樣讓天外飛來意外你要我乖乖的好乖我迷你怪怪的好跩我就認了來就來愛
17 12.Freeway Of Love n Take a ride in my machine City traffic movin' way too slow Drop the pedal and go...go...go Goin' ridin'
18 9.受不了你 br>9.受不了你 Ot La Machine作詞徐婕兒作曲 Mocne A.Pioline*快受不了你的驕傲難道我那麼糟糕我所有的好都是微不足道快受不了你的嘮叨想對我精神改造我從頭到腳都要由你指導滑板
19 8.Enough To Go By zing speed-of-light machines But it doesn't matter you know They all crumble in the winds of change So I

21 7.ANYTHING FOR YOU stefan& Miami Sound Machineⓟ©1987-6作詞林夕作曲 Gloria M. Estefan編曲花比奧(Fabio Carli) Anything for you你卻不在就似你所說誰理
22 1.情盡 THE WAY Miami Sound Machineⓟ©1985-8作詞小美作曲 Gloria M. Estefan編曲杜自持(Andrew Tuason)無聲駕車你心緒不安寧沈鬱眼睛似思緒不安靜明知你竭力扮
23 16.Luv Me Luv Me uv me sex machine) Ooh boy I love you son(Mmm hmm) Never ever ever gonna let you go(That's right uh) I hope you feel the same way too(You know ... irlie You woke up a real love machine Girlie girlie I live to make your beat Girlie girlie Huh I'll hit you between da sheets Girlie girlie Whoo I'll make you moa ... lie Yeah you woke a real love machine Girlie girlie Whoo I'll hit you between the sheets Girlie girlie Girl you love to moan and scream Girlie girlie You know wha ...
24 4.星號69 球 Vending machine vending machine Go! A P P Le A P P Le Go! Every
26 1.全球通緝 body Rapping like a machine Fighting then I gotta shoot them wit the bullets(WORLD'S WANTED
27 6.Borders& Walls nctions of the same machine elaborate puzzles with a missing piece Move together or lag behind If one par
28 1.星號69 球 Vending machine vending machine Go! A P P Le A P P Le Go! Every
29 5.Void pon the sky Being a machine for this long but the understanding of our life is shallow as pawn And with t
30 2.Borders& Walls nctions of the same machine elaborate puzzles with a missing piece Move together or lag behind If one par
31 10.衝繩媽媽 ain't gonna let no machine beat me down. I'd rather die by my own hand. Oh I'd rather die by my on hand
32 1.You are not Machines u are not Machines1.You are not Machines You who want to save the world come closer Come find your prophet and your god before it's over Stop sleepwalking throu ... d feel too little You are not machines You are a free man not a sheep
33 7.The Golden Age Blues ned the iron-driven machines. Yes I'm talkin' bout rock'n roll provoked the folks broke down the walls to
34 1.萬聖節之夜 ヨシマサ推開這扇門就像坐上了 Time Machine我的心跟著魔鬼的步伐跳個不停在面具之間尋覓你神秘的那雙眼睛因為不見表情你的話才特別動聽難得今晚我們都淪陷在這命運黑色精靈忽然間對我說 Trick or Tr
35 1.大步走向我中心 I'm the wheel your machine This is just not my dream I'm the youth you will see and you cannot change me
36 4.夕陽 energy our food automachine providing power to go on the show we're living for the life to gro
37 1.超人接力 過我的領空範圍我就不會放各個擊破就像一支machine gun變身前戴上粗框眼鏡隱身人群掩飾我的火眼金睛表面上裝的漫不經心其實我是太空科技的結晶我天生神力啊~~警報響起我拿下眼鏡一飛衝上天際上山下海飛天遁地我倒
38 5.Dance Machine 果味VC-啟示錄5.Dance Machine I see you moving Follow them to the edge I see you laughing Into the end
39 6.MACHINE lbum6.MACHINE她冰冷皮膚透明像是瓷器她眨眼都有頻率她是否流著血液黃金比例超現實主義都害怕為她定義打敗了人類的邏輯*像玩具有沒有在呼吸會不會為了誰歎息她的淚滴怎麼看不出來有情緒灰眼睛像玻璃猜不透埋藏純真或神秘不親眼看你絕不會相信#像愛上機器愛上你 SHE'S ... 相信#像愛上機器愛上你 SHE'S MA MA MA MA MACHINE SHE'S MA MA MA MA MACHINE無聲的機器沒
40 2.傲少年 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)2.傲少年作詞 Samuel作曲 Samuel戴上耳機把房門關好爸媽不眠不休的爭吵冰冷的角落像躲
41 3.半日逃亡 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)3.半日逃亡作詞 Samuel作曲 Samuel半杯咖啡該不該加糖一如往常一個人的早上把夢想繼續
42 4.倒影戀人 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)4.倒影戀人作詞 Greg作曲 Greg霧面的玻璃窗透入微微的光帶著傷不愛說話的糖咖啡杯裡攪拌被
43 5.狠狠再一次 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)5.狠狠再一次作詞 Rika作曲 Rika時間會撫平往事足跡起飛吧你會是一個一樣的你你快樂過走過
44 6.零極限 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)6.零極限作詞 Rika作曲 Thomas急速的心跳氣流牽動著我的神經沈痛的雙翼飲恨藏匿在過去狂
45 7.時空旅行 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)7.時空旅行作詞 Greg作曲 Thomas受傷過放棄過衝撞過總是想要為你改變什麼跟著我往前走敞

46 8.聽見 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)8.聽見作詞 Thomas作曲 Samuel聽見世界轉動唱出我所有的感受滴滴答答答鬧鐘聲雨水滴落
47 9.25 Hr 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)9.25 Hr作詞 Thomas作曲 Greg現在凌晨三點我卻還沒有睡床頭燈也開了整夜閉上眼出現
48 10.導火線 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)10.導火線作詞 Greg作曲 Samuel翻著隔夜吃剩的pizza不屑昨晚輸掉的球賽喝多了在沙
49 11.School Of Rock 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)11.School Of Rock作詞 Samuel作曲 Samuel Hey boy告訴我你想
50 12.Rescue(To The Right Side) 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)12.Rescue(To The Right Side)作詞 Winston、Samuel作曲
51 13.為你而戰 機動現場樂團(Live Machine)-重生再起(Reset Activate)13.為你而戰作詞 Greg作曲 Greg空的柵欄迷路的羊遠離家鄉找夢的形狀自信飢荒藏著徬徨堅強
52 1.Rock' n Roll Machine搖滾機器 k' n Roll Machine搖滾機器作詞 Samuel作曲 Samuel戴不起昂貴的手錶沒有用不完的鈔票金湯匙我根本不需要虛假謊言我都不要我出身地位不算高頭腦也沒有特別好但我知道什麼最重要 and I'll Rock These Spirits out!被看輕我還是相信 ... was born to be a Rock'N Roll Machine!雖然總是槍林彈雨我都能夠抵抗我的吉他就是我的槍痛苦患難飢餓寒冷都不能夠阻擋沒有人的肯定又怎樣?陪著你哭陪
53 4.Singing Machine 非門-A邏輯4.Singing Machine作詞蔣凡作曲蔣凡 Sitting in the corner of the pub where I'm singing People and noi
54 4.Time Machine 全新版音樂全記錄]4.Time Machine作詞 Sandy.Wing作曲 Wing很久以前的戀曲回憶一幕幕上映歲月風化了記憶卻抹不掉那甜蜜神奇的時光機器載我回到過去飛到東又到西飛進神秘的心底
55 9.Bop Bop Baby get your machine and I don't hear me When I lie in my bed with the thoughts in my head When we danced and we sang and we laughed all night Oo ... swers the phone Or I get your machine and I don't hear me When I lie
56 10.Love Machine irls-喜歡你10.Love Machine(合唱)愛情機器對你來說真是可惜(Fu-Fu)我真的是 NICE BODY就像自己在說的不是自誇絕對不是熱的話冷卻就好(Fu-Fu)寂寞的話 EVE
57 2.Pinball Wizard Becomes part of the machine Feeling all the bumpers Always playing clean He plays by intuition The digit
58 4.Chitty Bang Bang Bang koshin作詞李怡青作曲 Bach Machine Evening Scandal Get Up Get Up Get Up Hey Come On Come On Happy Day大家一起 Yeah Y
59 5.長大請回答 vening Scandal Bach Machine製作 SHIMA啊我的心怎麼了被碰了一下未曾攀上的塔未聞名字的花誰把誰把那些問題都種下未分辨的真假未完成的牽掛像把像把老吉他聲音漸啞夢裏白馬心裏的神話陪我們
60 6.年少畫像 vening Scandal Bach Machine製作 SHIMA啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦啦 You Are Not Alone盛開的夏驕傲了花香路過院子牆角斑駁回憶空曠眼前的你不停在幻想何時才會變得匆忙球鞋
61 1.Main Title ars Building a time machine stretching a rubber tree or wailing away on guitars This could possibly be th
62 29.Mutant eads Donatello does machines(That's a factJack!) Raphael is cool but crude(Gimme a break!) Michaelangelo
63 2.光 ll Red guitar as my machine gun I pointed the barrel towards the Sun Light is over my shoulders I see the
64 4.Car Show(Das Sound Machine) .Car Show(Das Sound Machine) They will Not Control Us We will Be Victorious Paranoia is in bloom Thee
65 6.Riff Off(Das Sound Machine feat. Tone Hangers& The Barden Bellas& Green Bay Packers& The Treblemakers) .Riff Off(Das Sound Machine feat. Tone Hangers& The Barden Bellas& Green Bay Packers& The Treblemakers)
66 7.Jump(Das Sound Machine feat. Tone Hangers& The Barden Bellas& Green Bay Packers) br>7.Jump(Das Sound Machine feat. Tone Hangers& The Barden Bellas& Green Bay Packers) We commence to
67 13.World Championship Finale1(Das Sound Machine) p Finale1(Das Sound Machine) Be careful making wishes in the dark Can't be sure when they've hit thei
68 10.Bedroom Hymns(Florence& The Machine)(電影大亨小傳(2013)預告片主題曲) Hymns(Florence& The Machine)(電影大亨小傳(2013)預告片主題曲)作詞 Florence Welch、Amanda Gosein作曲 Florence Welch、Aman
69 27.Dirty Paws(Of Monsters& Men)(電影白日夢冒險王(2013)預告片主題曲) ck by those killing machines. But she and her furry friends Took down the queen bee and her men. And that
70 6.Drip Dry Eyes n Through a washing machine I'm all washed up I'm ready to drop You just plugged me in And took me for a
71 1.Let's Go(Ricky Luna Remix)(Travis Barker feat. Yelawolf& Twista& Busta Rhymes& LilJon) ubmarine with a sub-machine loaded in an ocean hot deep deep enough to leave submarine imploded Promenade
72 8.Into The Blue(Bush) queen on her Knight machine Into the blue again Worse than I've ever been Bondage on most days The freedo
73 16.What The Water Gave Me- Florence+ The Machine(芙蘿倫絲機進份子) e Me- Florence+ The Machine(芙蘿倫絲機進份子) Time it took us To where the water was That's what the water ga
74 1.Endtapes(TheJoy Formidable)(終幕磁帶) own my fickle hands machine surprises meant for me up and out my beacon will choke if yours is taken I'd
75 1.Green Eyes(D'Sound) is a hell-machine Devils voice and gasoline And I want you more than anything This lust is a hell- ... anything This lust is a hell-machine Green eyes Green eyes Get upset when I'm breathing in your feromones This desire is a curse and I want it more and more It's ... reen eyes This lust is a hell-machine Devils voice and gasoline And I want you more than anything This lust is a hell- ... anything This lust is a hell-machine Green eyes Green eyes No matter where the fe
76 2.You've Got The Love(Florence+ The Machine)(芙蘿倫絲機進份子 Love(Florence+ The Machine)(芙蘿倫絲機進份子 Sometimes I feel like throwing my hands up in the air I know I
77 1.Honey Honey(甜蜜蜜) re a love machine Oh you make me dizzy Honey honey let me feel it a-ha honey honey Honey honey don't conceal it a-ha honey honey The way that ... what they mean you're a love machine Oh you make me dizz
78 13.Video Killed The Radio Star phony. Rewritten by machine and new technology and now I understand the problems you can see. Oh-a oh I m
79 17.Alex On The Spot t I'll be a dancing machine Play a little jam I'll come alive Alive Alive They've got jungle fever Show e
80 1.Honey Honey甜心寶貝 ey mean he's a love machine Oh he makes me dizzy Honey honey let me feel it a-ha honey honey Honey honey
81 13.Glamorous(Fergie) I'm no queen I'm no machine I still go to Taco Bell Drive through raw as hell I don't care I'm still real
82 3.Work This Out n team a well-oiled machine and we've faced tougher problems than this. I know it's a grind but I'm sure
83 9.Hide And Seek(Imogen Heap) nd sewing machines? All those years they were here first Oily marks appear on walls Where pleasue moments hung before The takeover the sweepin ... de and seek Trains and sewing machines Oh you won't catch me around h
84 1.Everybody's Gone To War d killing machine. He said he's waited his whole damn life for this I knew him well when he was17 now he's a man who'll be dead by Christmas a ... iend he's a pure bred killing machine I think he might be dead by Chr
85 16.Honey& The Moon e On your answering machine But right now Everything is turning blue And right now The sun is trying to k
86 4.Solisbury Hill lk right out of the machinery My heart going boom-boom-boom Hey he said grab your things I've come to tak
87 1.Super Dance Machine per Dance Machine Lyrics妙音鳥 Music妙音鳥 Arranger妙音鳥 Super Dance ... ic妙音鳥 Arranger妙音鳥 Super Dance Machine Come in with me tonight. Come on feel all right. Here we go! Here we go!Here we move out! We are all living in the dancing ... are all living in the dancing machine~~ iye~he~~iye~~~ We are all living in the dancing ... are all living in the dancing machine~~ iye~~he~~iye~~~*Calling for y
88 6.Hot Summer Nights- Miami Sound Machine Nights- Miami Sound Machine In the time before the twilight Settles on the world Woah you can feel th
89 3.Everyday Is A Winding Road ride with a vending machine repair man he said he's been down this road more than twice he was high on in
90 10.BasketballJones---Barry White& Chris Rock d up in the popcorn machine So cheerleaders help me out{cheerleaders sing repeatedly...}(BasketballJones
91 15.Rev on the Red Line ait For the man and machine with the best time Rev on the red line You're on your own Feels like a lifeti
92 2.I Love Rock'N' Roll there by the record machine I knew he must a been about seventeen The beat was goin' strong Playin' my fa
93 1.SEX MACHINEGUN SEX MACHINEGUNS-マシンガンズにしやがれ!!1.SEX ... )EGUNS-マシンガンズにしやがれ!!1.SEX MACHINEGUN作詞 Anchang作曲 Anchang付きまとう黒 ... で掴むんだ SEX MACHINEGUN MAS. TAR. BAY. MAS. TAR. BAY. ... で掴むんだ SEX MACHINEGUN愛を求める若者達よいつでも俺についてこい愛を信じる俺達はその ... 高き勇者達 SEX MACHINEGU
94 2.HANABI-la大回転 SEX MACHINEGUNS-マシンガンズにしやがれ!!2.HANABI-la大回転作詞 Anchang作曲 Anchang会社に向かう途中で昨日の夜を思い出す
96 4.ファミレス・ボンバー SEX MACHINEGUNS-マシンガンズにしやがれ!!4.ファミレス・ボンバー作詞 ANCHANG作曲 ANCHANGいらっしゃいませ、何名様ですか?2名様で
97 5.BURN~愛の炎を燃やせ~ SEX MACHINEGUNS-マシンガンズにしやがれ!!5.BURN~愛の炎を燃やせ~作詞 ANCHANG作曲 ANCHANG私に愛を下さい。しびれる程の...
98 6.桜島 SEX MACHINEGUNS-マシンガンズにしやがれ!!6.桜島作詞 ANCHANG作曲 ANCHANG数え切れない悪夢の中で惑わされずに生きて行けるのかたまり
100 8.illusion city SEX MACHINEGUNS-マシンガンズにしやがれ!!8.illusion city作詞 ANCHANG作曲 ANCHANG何かを探しですか?本日はどのような

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