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1 1.Unbroken just felt like home I had honor I found purpose'Sir yes sir' that's what I know They sent us to a place I never heard of weeks before When you ... 're nineteen it ain't hard to sleep In the desert on God's floor Close your eyes stop counting sheep You ain't in boot camp anymore We were taught to shoot our ri ... mercy God of light Save your children from this life Here these words this humble plea For I have seen the suffering And with this prayer I'm hopin' T
2 1.KingJames t it fall like the leaves I want it all We couldn't stand to see our ... We couldn't stand to see our children shot dead in the streets But when I finally took a knee Them crackers took me out the league Now I'm not much for games But ... ou can move or stay your ass asleep Let's just not talk about it Ever
3 8.Westin asy And I like my cars a lot ofJapanese yeah Bitch it's Fetty Wap what you know it's me yeah They know how I rock I'm your Majesty yeah They k ... on my watch and its clean bae Like I'mbouncin' something lean bruh(skrt skrt) ... omething lean bruh(skrt skrt) Like I'mbouncin' I'm machine bruh(skrt skrt) Nigga dis just what I do this with my team bruh Nigga I caught no blues I caught no gre ... t no in between baby Smoke'em like a pack cause a nigga tea baby A million in
4 11.Window Pain(Outro) had fell asleep My mom had heard three gun shots It was to my cousin his name was Rod The one that came to pick me up He had been shot right t ... same I be tryna give'em game like Santa did when Christmas came They be listenin' but it's clear to me they did not hear a thing It go in one ear and out the oth ... in one ear and out the other like a bullet out the muzzle of a pistol shot by brothers standin' point-blank range Niggas bang in the Ville I always thought that ...
5 14.DUCKWORTH. ls and no sleep Introverted by my thoughts Children listen it gets deep See once upon a time inside the Nickerson Garden projects The object was to process and digest poverty' ... ne Two extra biscuits Anthony liked him And then let him slide; they didn't kill him In fact it look ... dn't kill him In fact it look like they're the last to survive Pay at

6 12.Sacrifices kin' Baby like Stunna I'm talkin' Baby like Face Lost millions in the past I'm talkin' maybe ... in the past I'm talkin' maybe like eight Couple niggas from the city Wishin' on a star could they be ... shin' on a star could they be like Drake Sorry no not today you gotta find your own way Big dog from the6 I'm talkin' Dogg ... og from the6 I'm talkin' Dogg like Nate My shit be raw out the gate I don't need another take40 got house on the lake I ain't know we had
7 6.Slippery(feat. Gucci Mane) fur look like the wildebeest(rarr)Just chill with me(chill) It is no worry it is a bill to me(it ain't nothin') I pull up Diablo I pull up wi ... not crippin' I buy Ferrari's likeJordans I'm Mike and y'all Pippen Chillin' just me and my millions Niggas they all in they feelin's My bitches I spoil them ... lin's My bitches I spoil them like they're children So persistent if I want it I go get it I'm so slimy grimy shiesty but still shinin' Rude and unkindly cruel with
8 2.Bring Them All Holy Grime(feat. Devlin) C You man sleep that's why you're not the best MC You man are part time never had beef Now you're on the mic ... ad beef Now you're on the mic like a bulletproof vest MC I'm a double precious Tek MC Separate heads from necks I was in the shadows I came to the light with a pa ... anna laugh Come sailing along like a boss With the flow I'm like rah what the ras? I'm a striker yo where the pass? Get my triple A passes I'm sitting with the stars Listen up I ain't normal I .
9 5.Lone Star have dead children They're deeply grieving So quit your bitching you poor little minor victim That woman on the pier was suffering something h ... This part of the song sounds like a beautiful Cameron Crowe film scoreJimmy Page-influenced or a Nancy Wilson All three artists whom I deeply adore One December ... ght'I believe you have to be asleep To believe in the American Dream'
10 3.Round ion years Sleeping halitosis Deaf ears provide Perfect pure protection Round and around Around around round round Mushrooms on the horizon Mus ... spastic Dutch courage Talking like an ashtray Round and around Around around round round Mushrooms on the horizon Mushrooms on the horizon How many of you have se ... As the boss held high And the children die Don't lecture here Don't s
11 3.Red Bird from sky Like star crossed lovers that never said a goodbye But hello to a haven that tethers cheddar to pride Glide Ride airJordan gave you ... search of a perfect shore She sleeps through the night Mother wondering how to change life Ain't none of the streets paved in goldJust rusted tracks and dusty roa ... e thing But no rights for the children of chain This changed queen Pu
12 4.Love4 Real n't go to sleep for days when I met'cha It's kinda funny how things move fast I went from heartbreak to make up from the exes we had I see God ... t was I just want to love you like I promised you forever In my heart I give it all to you[Hook: Daramola] The way my God loves is real Cause I give myself for yo ... w? Girl I pull up in the Benz like whoa Pull you real close Give you what you want Girl you know say me I know Say I put you in my show you know you know o Girl y ...
13 14.A Report to the Shareholders Kill Your Masters at I want like I'm made for this But I'm just afraid some days I might be wrong Maybe that's why me and Mike get along Hey not from the same p ... und coming Woo! And it sounds like war Woo! And it breaks our hearts When I started this band didn't have no plans didn't see no arcJust run with the craft have a ... nd dash yeah Get a little dap like'Yeah I'm the fucking man!' yeah Maybe give a little back ... yeah Maybe give a little back like'Here I do what I can' It's al
14 3.Sunny Disposition oomed our children to die Ego is sure to fix the world Served up to happy boys and girls I'd make a decision if granted the privilege But I'm ... taste is unrefined And no one likes cheap wine When the clouds kiss your eye Shadows stain on the high-rise Raise your thumb to the sky Fossilize You own the burg ... ossilize You own the burg. We sleep in streets You dine then waste. W
15 2.Rings Of Saturn ?] You're like a funnel-web Like a black fly on the ceiling Skinny white haunches high in the sky And a black oily gash crawling backwards across the carpet to ... brain Stepping over heaps of sleeping children Disappearing and further up and spinning out again Up and further up she goes up and out of the bed Up and out of the bed a ... ches high and dangles herself like a child's dream from the rings of
16 3.The Vile Stuff ir smells like menthol tabs Outside the chip-shop Thaddeus Wagstaff fractures my cheekbone3 empty cans of Castlemaine XXX go rolling down my t ... ck into the hole I go Snoring like a pan of broth I arouse the ire of my fellow patients wagging their ladles in the dark My neighbor Andrew lost two fingers to a ... silhouettes He is the King of Children singing like a boiler'tomorrow is on its way' I haven't had a wink of ... way' I haven't had a wink of sleep and n
17 10.Wade In The Water ide Of Me Like A Second Heartbeat10.Wade In The Water[Intro][Verse1] Hey baby baby don't you think we're lucky that we had it good for ... you remember what that life's like? And now your dad project a slideshow on Christmas night My heart sunk on weekends with the rain outside Because the cricket's ... fine life's so easy otherwise Sleepy streets mostly all free of crime Kind of place to raise a daughter We can reconcile our fortune in the natural order But what ...
18 16.Anybody That I've Known er for my children Got me dreaming I could reach through the phone And kiss the family good night then ... ss the family good night then sleep like a stone Hotel motel feel at home if you play a little Nina Simone Don't quit your day job this is my day job It won't stop a si ... arcasm and optimism I'm kinda like a bumper sticker Listen you're kindlike an artist you got the vision Looking at the mirror ... vision Looking at the mirror like it's competition
19 1.Y.R.N.2 Intro 't get no sleep I just take naps I look out the peep12 at the trap I look out my peep12 at the trap Ay my nigga gon' run with that sack Ay my ... out the ash Wrestle with work like my name Kevin Nash Let me take it back just for two minutes Fourteens and the nines had tools in it And you notice that it didn ... ty Cause if you ask me I feel like I should get a percentage the way they be stealing me Elmo these niggas they tickle me Drink codeine and trap out the embassy M ...
20 4.Sidelines lding the children you know I love'em boy Spit it how I live feel it in my breath Walking it ... el it in my breath Walking it like I talk put it to the test Gina get to steppin we get to startin' You dream of bein' a king but you watchin' the wrong Martin br ... ver been a dream you just oversleepin' If it wasn't hard work they pr

21 8.Trade-Off it hit me like a sucker punch Side effects include mass paranoia plus the cotton mouth Down another bottle with my niggas Before this was a mo ... as to chill with Pray for the children The government spiking penicillin And lord willin' We all live to be20 million Outcome infinite dawg where is the ceiling? ... y bound to flip Now turned on like I'm the shit Bitch I told you how it gets It's that mix ain't rap long Rap puffing an hour I'm in a all black top strapped ... m in
22 5.Less Than Five Miles Away keep her children fed Listening to a mother sick with cancer Wondering what she's going to say This is all happening right now Less than five ... ell his house is still around Like an old dead volcano That's sleeps over the town They're going to t
23 3.Exquisite Corpse ng noises Children started dancing even grown folk joined in ... ing even grown folk joined in Like a hydrant in the Bronx water shot up
in the air But was boiling and as hot as solar flares[Verse3: Grieves] Ooowee ain't that a ... l shit homie dog eat dog More like robot clown eats man and whole squad Graffiti on the wall says'there is no god' But there is still homemade vodka and that's co ... ost ten men this week I can't sleep a wink But this the last place on ear
24 8.The Trauma Model e And her children sleep together because its so cold outside And she don't know that he hears her but she keeps him up all night And his sisters will ... d his sisters will be mothers like her And his brothers absent fatherslike theirs Hell grow up to shoot some men so in turn hell get shot back My bullet wounds start to ache I predict rain And that's pa ... n A child laid alone couldn't sleep shed toss and turn Fidgety and finicky ... and turn Fidgety and fini
25 18.All Around the World(Ft. Keyshia Cole& Silk-E) Meanwhile children in the ghetto gotta sleep on the floor Cause rival gangs shooting guns with no aim at all Police be racial profiling tryna blame us all And with Obama o ... the truth[Hook: Keyshia Cole] Children dying mother's crying no one cares oh it isn't fair I thought it was just in my hood but I cut on the news Everybody's hidi ... lossal Christians lost acting like they really know where Christ is World War3 coming soon with ISIS Shoe boxes full of letters all
26 12.Chinx& Max Paid For h. I feel like he feels as far as far as not being able to have your nigga there me Chinx and shit. Always know this B you're blessed. You kno ... ll you gotta do when you feel like that look at my situation you know I'm sayin'? Think of my situation nigga[Verse2: French Montana] Damn how to start this off O ... ightin' for your life We live like it no tomorrow I pray for you at night Time flyin' it's been7 years While time flies fake friends disappear Fast money fast car ...
27 3.Rock Stone place fi sleep Pot dem empty we haffi find food fi eat Everyday we terrorize by soldier and police When the thing dem a drum and di thing dem ... Mount Zion Ethiopia for sure Children of Israel children of Israel ehh(Chorus: Stephen Marley) Rock Stone was my pillow Rock Stone was my pillow Rock Stone was my pillow I say Rock ... owJah man me cool nuh stumble like you walk pon di street me nuh gwaa
28 10.Never Come Home welcomed like a guilty prisoner Old grievances fouled the air400 miles mean nothing One mans troubles are his own The land is run down and ra ... t when these little towns lie sleeping Its like it mustve been before man kind Watch the wild mid summer moon light Drifting slow across the lawn Catch the outlines of creatio ... n Sick and torn from wife and children I should have never come home
29 2.Khaza Everybody sleepin' on me finally got it poppin' Wishin' I was wit' my ... poppin' Wishin' I was wit' my children watchin' Mary Poppins101 Dalmatians smokin' grass while I'm on my island Gettin' tattooed in my kitchen okay'iego wit' the ... forcer Failure to comply most likely might have to force you Blow you
30 10.4 Your Eyez Only essing me Like I ain't the one who put themJays on her feet ... who put themJays on her feet Like I ain't out in the field like that I might be low for the moment but I will bounce back Despite the charges back to the wall I fight regardless Screaming'Fuc ... be no psychic To see this is like the farthest thing from heaven This is hell and I don't mean that hyperbolic I try to find employment even if it's wiping toile ... aybe you'll date a nigga just like me I
31 13.No F_cks To Give feat. Futuristic& Chris Webby ull-turnt like a-town This the bully beat a motherfucker's ass on the playground Your homeboy ... n the playground Your homeboy like'Jesus he's a sick son of a bitch a maniac play dead stay down' My homeboy still stirring up the pot Remember we didn't have a f ... ing pot to piss in and we was sleeping on the cot Man nigga popping hoes eating up the cock I got a new trapJ's geeking on the rocks And that's a metaphor for rap ... sniper rifle have him lookin like heJFK t
32 8.Round Here ront door like a ghost into the fog Where no one notices the contrast of white on white And in between the moon and you Angels get a better vi ... se in her hand She said she'd like to meet a boy who looks like Elvis And she walks along the edge of where the ocean meets the landJust ... the ocean meets the landJust like she's walking on a wire in the circus She parks her car outside of my house and Takes her clothes off Says she's close to under ... same Round here we
33 13.Finish Line Drown y bitch I sleep in my hat I felt hog tied ever since my dog died He lived to84 damn that's a long ride I know he up there he just sit and he w ... s I got to pray I got to pray like Hammer after“2 Legit” I got the pow ... Stand Up” like I'm Ludacris I know some folks that talk so much you'd think they drive an Uber whip Damn queen said why we in a queen bed I sa ... on me so I can move on water Like children at the altar like God inside my house I love
34 1.My Environment all crazy like I ain't with the shits I just bought my10th Mercedes I love the AMGs And I dropped1.2 for the crib where I lay at'Member had to ... where I lay at'Member had to sleep in the house where theJ's at Been gettin' bitches and this money we ain't play that You can ask any damn bitch where I stayed ... green A couple million for my children gotta get the cream I turned a thousand to a million started with a dream hey[Verse2] And most these niggas say I sing too ...
35 3.I ins-Still Sleep (EP)3.I Touching teasing take it will keep on slipping you my love Close enough that I can't help but tease him Oh bab ... y love I-I-I I got you hooked like a drug I-I-I know you'll never give it up I-I-I will keep on slipping you my love And I love when you make it known Baby come c ... t bore you let me in He don't like what I am he don't like what I do On the'gram like'Why these niggas followin' you?' In my head this is only the beginnin
36 32.We're Not Sorry my side I sleep with one eye open[Hook: Mackenzie Nicole] I'm for real when I say I got an army Stand down if you think you can harm me Think ... nds of another man I get grim like no other can Christian household my mother ran in this gutter land Then she married a good Muslim brother man So I had a hell o ... goodness and feasting Eating like cannibals we're the animals beasting Seeking the enemy who invented these preachings[Bridge: Mackenzie Nicole] I put my best fo ...
37 4.Waiting For Tonight -Nobody's Children4.Waiting For Tonight I went walking down the boulevard Past the skateboards and the beggars I was out looking in th ... or tonight(good night my love sleep tight my love) Yes and i had a little time to kill As i crossed the parking lot And i was feeling lucky to have a place to go ... or tonight(good night my love sleep tight my love) Oh i've been waiting'round For a night ... een waiting'round For a night like this Yeah i felt it coming down
38 9.Calling All Fathers n to your children We've fallen asleep and Darkness has come We will find strength in the name ofJesus Calling all fathers WAKE UP Wake up Wake up Wake up Evil is wa ... ke up your sword now And just like a soldier Take back what's been stolen And fight ... what's been stolen And fight like a man Calling all fathers Run to yochildren We've fallen asleep and Darkness has come We will find strength in the name ofJesus Calling all fathers WAKE UP Our sons need
39 6.More Like You feat. Fjer br>6.More Like You feat. Fjer In the loneliest hour I'm smaller...And as I pushed back with seven years of strength To clear my face of th ... that your mug is looking more like mine No matter how much I scrub it's getting worn by time Isn't the irony humbling? Listen I just don't know how else I'm s'pos ... 1 at the latest Don't play it like this statement here's belated Cause there is a type of pain that'll stay with you way into later ages And since anger is the st ...
40 3.I Feel Your Pain ss around Like somebody owe you som'n Don't nobody owe you non' okay You need to just stay focused on your craft And if you on to som'n don't ... ut all that fried chicken and children Fucked up your frame huh shit It's fucked up ain't it? At high school you was a prom queen And now you're bagging up number ... o quit moping your ass around Like somebody owe you some Don't nobody owe you nothin' okay You need to just stay focused on your craft And if you owe'em some don' ...
41 11.In a Perfect World where our children could play outside Without a drive-by curving and watching straight bullets fly But why why does it feel ... fly But why why does it feel like we're not ready? When I talk about change man Why I feel ... k about change man Why I feel like they don't get me? Well I guess I ain't perfect enough One day the money and jewels gon' be worthless to us We gonna value ours ... nt of it is so potent Perfect like your first love before your heart was broken Pe
42 14.Coffin Car(Automatique Remix) dly words Children running waving hands Telling each other how pretty she is Coffin car she ... pretty she is Coffin car she likes to ride a coffin car Friends making ways for the first time People throwing kisses for the first time Showering flowers ringin ... ead anyway The other half is asleep And life is killing her Telling her to join the dead So ev'ry day she ... oin the dead So ev'ry day she likes to ride a coffin car A flower cov
43 9.Deep Water k Now you sleeping with the motherfuckin' fishes(Swimming with the mothefuckin' fishes what the business?) These niggas won't let up until the ... t just wanna go and check the children(You might just wanna check your fuckin' ... just wanna check your fuckin' children) I'm the one that got they ear for many years I been making parents live in fear I just wanna make it clear My influence ru ... t clear My influence run deep like the ocean Don't get it fucked up Been away
44 7.One Foot In The Grave e my eyes Sleep is just a drug this must be serious This must be serious Does this go on and on forever Sometimes in the dark I feel invincibl ... r Now give me shelter Use the children like toys Eat your lover Then find an another There be good little boys Boys will be boys I've got two hands to hold you Two arms ar ... irious Can't close my eyes no Sleep is just a drug this must be serio
45 1.Heartbreak Dreamer t Burning like kerosene for nearly half of my life And I barely had the GPA to make it out of Eugene You can blame it on me with an ADHD while ... th an ADHD while I'm falling asleep during the SATs And as I pack my bags and headed to a foreign land One way ticket on a one way plane Laying my head down to ho ... nty five in a city that don't sleep Was feeling only half alive to the dreams that I keep And I kept on waiting only she's waiting for me You burning down Maine o ...

46 4.Hummmmmm f Bridges-Sleeping Tapes4.Hummmmmm Ahhhh. One of the things I do to relax is to hum. Ah I thought I'd give you a little um humming tun ... of this. Uh it goes something like this....(Hums a melody)(Children playing in the back ground)“Ge
47 5.Goodmorning Sweetheart f Bridges-Sleeping Tapes5.Goodmorning Sweetheart( ... >5.Goodmorning Sweetheart(Children playing) Good morning Sweetheart. Welcome to the ... ng Sweetheart. Welcome to the Sleep Tapes. Perhaps you'd like to join me in some humming. No? Come on. Sit down here. Female voice: Are you are you talking to someone?Jeff Bridges: I'm talk ... kind of ironic I'm doing the Sleep Tapes with you just a rising and uh somewhere someone on the planet is trying to ..
48 6.See You At The Dreaming Tree f Bridges-Sleeping Tapes6.See You At The Dreaming Tree I'm turning it off. I'm turning it off.( ... g it off. I'm turning it off.(Children playing) I'm turning it off. I'm talking guys. I'm playing. See you a little bit later. Have a good nap time. Now let me as ... many voices at once)(Baby cry children talking) Child One: as a pirate.Jeff Bridges: Ooooo a pirate dream! How did that dream go? Child One: My dream he came with ... d two: You want to hear my...(Childr
49 7.Keep Running t see his children His wife's been working so hard just to pay their way Cause little[?]no shoes got no soles on the bottom He gets down no hi ... tears come tumbling down just like the rhythm of the rain[Hook1] He's thinking I keep running Got his hands up and he know it's not enough today Singing keep runn ... don't notice Cause her daddy sleeps with his Rolex on Her mom's been shopping all day long While she lies awake on her bed on roses full of thorns She get's down ...
50 5.The Ghetto It seems like everywhere I go everybody's in a struggle Oh the whole world is a ghetto Oh the whole world is a ghetto The ghetto the ghetto t ... using it dwells murderers But children don't qualify for health services The bourgeois act ... th services The bourgeois act like they don't see starvations Like they spraying Estée Lauder on sanitation[Hook:] It seems ... ion[Hook:] It seems like everywhere I go everybody's in a struggle Oh the wh
51 10.Distractions -Tek look like Richard from Last Dragon Your focus on bogus rappers got you caught up in distraction Distraction. Who fucking who? Who cares? ... n Get a piece of my attention like a fraction of a ration Or a measly little morsel They suck your blood and you believe in the immortals We nocturnal ... in the immortals We nocturnal like a sleeping disorder See the water drawing away from the shore This ain't no ordinary storm We killing for a humanitarian cause But hav ..
52 3.Time Rider ime Seven Children Dream Of Sleep Losing Count Of Hours To Keep Singing Songs From Yesterday It's Got To Feel So Good To Get Away Lonely Hearts Club Left Behind ... You Paris Is Turning We Drip Like The Rain Tonight Broken Watches Keep The Time Chasing HeartbeatsJust ... e Time Chasing HeartbeatsJust Like Mine Every Streetlight Deep In Glow Blinking Blue Green& Yellow Singing Songs Of Yesterday It's Got To Feel So Good To Get Away ... You Paris Is Turning We Drip L
53 12.Sticky Bastards r want to sleep again Let your blood boil up While mine stands still Always the antagonist Because I'm not at home all year. Overeager eat you ... 't love this town I just feel like it's getting old Let all your blood boil up While mine stands still I'll always be the antagonist Because I'm never home all ye ... living What would we tell our children then?[x3] Overeager eat your w
54 3.Job feed they children Niggas strung out on that dope just cause they had a taste And niggas dropping out of school on the paper chase Who am I to ... e And I'm just tryna eat just like a kid at lunch time And if you thought it was joke it ain't no punchline Ain't nothing standing in my way I'm'bout to get mine ... ting overtime in so I'm sorta sleepy And I haven't slept in years so that's sorta creepy Gotta beat me fair and square but you ain't gonna cheat me Carry the weig ...
55 12.Live Without Me So Much Pain(feat.J. Stalin& Carey Stacks) hear shit like this no more Cause these hoe ass niggas too worried bout the radio4 deep in a rental whip.30 dick in all our clothes He ain't n ... thes He ain't never seen shit like this cocaine in all of our nose He ain't never seen kicks ... ose He ain't never seen kicks like this Kingpins in all of my shows You don't know no clones ... hows You don't know no clones like this grow lights in all of my homes Niggas won't forget about me they wives know hella shit about
56 5.Circle'Round the Sun are of my children And I'm just passing through But Lord we have no friend ... gh But Lord we have no friend like you If heaven's not my home then what shall I do?[Verse2] So wrap your arms around meJesus ... wrap your arms around meJesus Like the circle'round the sun Help the ones who find me here Understand what I have done I'm screaming and a-crying I'm seeking shel ... e You are there to comfort me Sleeping in your arms There'll be peace
57 4.City Of Black Fridays s Not For Children4.City Of Black Fridays I hear the sound of angry fans I'm walkin' by they're crushing cans And throwing them at the ... same old radio Now they Phold like it's the only thing they know I hear the ghosts of Billy Penn They're wailing“Oh no not again” And talkin' bout the disappointm ... ment that's on deck But don't sleep'til it's over(Cause it brings us together) These arenas are ... us together) These arenas are like scenes of a crime Sof
58 7.This Is Not For Children s Not For Children7.This Is Not For Children Lay down your pistols Pick up a can of red paint Don't curse the papers Think of all the friends that you could make We ... uise I got thrills but if you like'em cheap Then here's a TV Stay home and ... hen here's a TV Stay home and sleep And make way for the tricksters Who make way for the treats Do not enter This is not for ... Do not enter This is not for children guaranteed Caveat Emptor All this make you
59 3.When All You Got Is a Hammer hear his children wail When all you got is a hammer Everything looks ... is a hammer Everything looks like a nail Well he came home from the desert With a medal on his chest ... ert With a medal on his chest Like a hero like a champion But he felt more like a guest Now he sleeps with one eye open And he wakes up scared as hell And all he's got is a hammer And everything looks ... a hammer And everything looks like a nail Well they show you how to s
60 3.Real Dope Boy ft. PeeWee Longway and Young Scooter or all my children oh Big Guwop one dope ass nigga Pour mud up and sipped up nigga[?]chain he must be doped up nigga I'm no ... must be doped up nigga I'm no sleep gang why you even up my nigga Unload the truck my nigga just caught me a duck Call up in New York trust a dope boy's script al ... y[Hook][Verse3– Gucci Mane] I like my dope proven all my niggas shooting I ball but I ain't hooping you can call me Mark Cuban My[?]is a movie my watch is filled ... k together getti
61 3.Bad Dreams Come True ee I feel like I was gone long time ago nothing more to see My days have turned to blank lies A ... ys have turned to blank lies Asleep with2 coins on my eyes When nights became an old weeping blues What would you do when had dreams come true? Degeneration of al ... days will turn to blank lies Asleep with2 coins on your eyes When nights have turned to an old weeping blues What will you do when bad dreams come true? Expectati ... nd worship and teachings Your children wi
62 3.Why May I Not Go Out and Climb the Trees the puppy sleep here in my bed? Puppies got bugs that lay eggs inside your head Why may I not stay up and be with thee? I don't ... up and be with thee? I don't like children who doesn't want to sleep(!
63 6.Another Queue at the Coinstar sed to be like this? loose change is weighing heavy in our pockets now when holes form will shrug or will you shout out loud?... when we run i ... david do you find it hard to sleep that well? we'll eat bland it heightens up our sense of smell. tremors you predicted gods would stamp their feet and ... ds would stamp their feet and children they should be allowed to have
64 1.Beastmode crewed up children turned out bad as adults Laugh at assault my bad that's my fault(A beast on that shit) Throw me a little slab and some salt ... n Dim the lights calm it down like a ritalin I'm thinking bout the next time we gon' chill again Shorty keep it real[?]as tough as my gorilla skin I'm over the fi ... n derby[?]girly One of a kind like[?]there is no one[?] Conceal the fire feel the vibe If you don't then release the[?] They ... on't then release the[?] They slee
65 8.So Alive G******g ere still sleeping on a red-eye flight home from the East End Mike We've been a lot of places never asking for permission listen gotta lotta s ... ng the buzz it goes with Mike like Cubans and rum I open wide no chewing my tongue about booze drugs music and puns. Chorus Garnet I feel so alive. How alive? So ... could be because our styles unlike-a cookie precut they say not to judge a book by it's cover how the fuck else is it supposed to be judged? not looking for love ...
66 12.War ord Moves like water made a pact with poseidon Trance- ... e a pact with poseidon Trance-like dance let his instincts guide him Blinks dives in warrior within him Swimming easily as the blood-lust takes hold Found the sou ... g fishermen who bear a lot of likeness No there must be more to this I've never seen so much helplessness And innocence in the face of the ... innocence in the face of the children and women It's the ways of the tyrant and it's sick And I don't kn
67 7.Rats Get Fat st of the children Coffin call to him laughing Run for your life you yellow rat bastard Better run further better run faster We don't give a r ... some stones but they looking like some cheese Running through the tracks with some mental disease Is this story real it is as real as you and i Plus i'm too old ... old i got no reason to lie Fo sleep little one because there comes a
68 3.Pain(feat. Sonta&J Tsunami) rb-Ballin Like I’m Kobe3.Pain(feat. Sonta&J Tsunami)[Intro] I'm just trying to be great Look[Verse1- G Herbo]1995 Fall night October8t ... in another district so that's like11 blocks And on that walk is shooters niggas sellin rocks and hella cops Fast forward10 years later and that shit ain't never s ... mine And nigga I was16 livin like a grown man Never needed nobody nigga I'm my own man And my momma loved me for it she would tell me she proud of me I always ha ..
69 15.Another Winter ssy juice like a mango hulk smashing make it jump like everlasting god body Ramadan30 day fasting. Six two brown skin fellow with the Caesar fade.360 waves side burns with a little g ... wly. Wake up smell the coffee sleep on the street is costly. Pay attention to the warning signs don't cross me. Give'em hypertention. That niggas is getting salty ... tlife show you what that heat like[Chorus- Hanz On:] Hanz on yo we handle them Berettas PLO yo its forever bout to show e
70 8.It's Christmas ordJesus asleep on the hay The cattle are lowing the baby awakes But little LordJesus no crying He makes I love Thee LordJesus! Look down from ... bells are ringing And I feel like shoutingJoy to the world! Be near me LordJesus I ask Thee to stay Close by me forever and love me I pray Bless all the dear ... me I pray Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care And fit us for heaven To live with Thee there It's Christmas! The angels are singing And I know the reas ... be
71 16.Postcard fear but sleep again With what they've done With what they've done With all they've done Some profit died but wrote it down Our serpent bell ... nd the bones of righteous men Like ragged clothes like precious stones And fell like evil in the end and eight of them Those evil men those perfect men Some knuckle broken heart disease Which pulled a preacher of ... re patience boy And watch her children by the flame The ones you gave your father's name Whose evil and h
72 15.Another Radio Song e softest sleeping flowers now they sit under the sidewalk now they're waiting for the shining of some future sun to show us all that is your ... ows with your list of missing children with the wall where you drew windows overlooking hidden gardens cut apart by jagged mountains climbing up into the air and ... where the water waits forever like a quiet distant treasure when you
73 15.Ascension se I feel like I got so much fucking shit to say alike you know what I'm saying this is the only way that I'ma get it out[Intro] Yeah can I get the little bit of reverb on my voice I ... e last one was Heaven smelled like Nag Champas Come here darling ash my blunt(Smoke) Waiting on hallucination ain't a single fact I trust(No) Dear family my sanit ... talk about Hell and Satan And sleep deprevation If this is planet Earth than my hell's a basement[Hook] Ascension A brand
74 5.Routine h all the children's clothes? Such tiny things that still smell of them And the footprints in the hallway On to my knees scrub them away And h ... centrates my mind Helps me to sleep Keep making beds keep the cat fed Open the windows let the air in Keep the house clean keep the routine Paintings they made st ... me pass the time Helps me to sleep. Routine keeps me in line Helps me pass the time Helps me to ... me pass the time Helps me to sleep. The most beautiful mor
75 5.Garden of Lavender sister's children and I care for my garden I'm swarmed upon by bumblebees And yellow jackets and wasps and hornets that dart out and sting I ... eday And someone else will be sleeping in my mountain house Wondering who lived here beforeJust ... ing who lived here beforeJust like I sometimes do Though I've never really cared to explore I see the chocolate and peanut butter cat I look at him and he looks b ... that I can't remember I feel like I lived so many lives I c
76 6.AliSpinks2 hers have Like how the most underrated actor in the world is Steve Railsback Who played Manson in Helter Skelter and who played Ed Gein He's b ... ke grown man shit their pants like little fucking babies Songs about lazy little cats ... Songs about lazy little cats sleeping on nice warm porches'Bout pitbulls howling in cages in police stations while the cops process the pimp dog owner The first ... ecause we were feeling pretty sleepy From all of that good rich Southe
77 6.Sanctions ming back like a ghost. Warships near the coast. All about natural resources our westerners need the most. Military power and insanity. The go ... e week. It won't disturb your sleep. What about the counterpart? I don't even know where to start. Losing my breath. We could not even act on tyrants gassing ... t even act on tyrants gassing children to death. What makes us act so dozed? Resources our westerners need the most. What are the sanctions about? They're shuttin ... e ju
78 17.Forever Millions at Magic like David Copperfield I keep my business on shh ask'em how that choppa feel You thought I was broke pshh I got more than millions P ... Thanksgiving swag but I feel like a pilgrim Had to change location heard a nigga wanna kill me I don't care if you kill me just don't touch none of my ... e just don't touch none of my children With no hands you gotta feel me[Verse1:] I came in and I got less sun and I'm glad that I voted I bought me some new animal ... me new ani
79 4.Street Freak t And her children can't sleep Cause theres bass quaking In the trunk of a white jeepJust the creeps Night time devils Extra mellow And they got white The si ... n the cold Looking for a home Like a bleached blonde streak freak West side business man Yeah he pulled up In a brand new Benz Flashing Benjamins Yeah he's lookin ... He fought the fight Now he's sleeping at a traffic light He's just a
80 1.Coast g and you sleep alone Don't mean that I won't be there when you need me at home Cos I willJust because I'm working when you ... because I'm working when you sleep at night Don't mean that I won't be there in the nick of time Cos I will Last night when I was ... I will Last night when I was sleeping I had a dream my body was a boat In the mouth of an angry harbour At the lip of an unfamiliar coast Could not explain on wa ... mmer dress ah ah oh We danced like we did (
81 2.There's No Place Like Home No Place Like Home Once upon a time there stood a house of ill fame a drug property associated with violence and crime there lived a fami ... me they were blessed with two children a boy and a girl now by the age of twelve and nine traumatized and neglected in a household of blood tears and wine! One ni ... ecame a completely insane the children awoke by a horrible tumult from downstairs sounds of screaming breaking glass and the throwing of chairs but the ... he throwin
82 3.When Crows Tick On Windows four. The children can now hear how father is whipping their squealing mother with his leather belt while she falls to the floor. The fear and ... ng by the day. The boy falls asleep but his sister is kept awake Tick-tack! It's time to go! For there's a crow... Tick! Tack... Ticking on her window. She has no ... ack. Darkness has fallen. Two children are afraid and lost in the night. They walk on an old road when a car appears and they're too slow to hide. Goddamn! He fou ...
83 7.Christmas Medley together like Birds of a feather would be Let's take a road before us And sing a chorus or two Come on it's lovely weather Here comes Santa C ... n the reins Bells are ringing children singing All is merry and bright Hang your stockings and say your prayers'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight(Santa Claus is com ... town He sees you when you're sleeping He knows when you're awake He knows if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake You better watch out you better ...
84 10.Forever33 sneezing sleeping on a rug with cats Still trying to convince myself that exposure will fend away life long allergies While waking puffy eyed ... e of us rock coke to feed our children Some of us flat broke And we all know that the fast food dough won't cover4 kids' clothes Back on the road Parole let me le ... omplete Forever33 Christ-nice like Ornery Fake Four Till I stop breat
85 3.LumberJack Match woman and children and get to safer ground The king stun ... to safer ground The king stun like theJamaican town Futuristic flow Darth start with a laser sound Leaving nothing but a vapor trail And my bass heavyweight no sh ... ght?(Si senor) Fear me coming like Ndamukong Suh Bottom line I'm a problem for dudes it's not an option to lose I'm shining I'm blinding it's ... I'm shining I'm blinding it's like I'm rocking jewels Czar too keep it funky ... jewels Czar too k
86 3.Steps re living like this too long Into every evening people dress up Celebrating something let's invite everyone Coming last call you stall and tel ... Stumbling home we slowly find sleep I will wake into the brightest morning When everyone's gone come say what you mean for once If oceans are deep enough to drown ... e're hoping that we were only children It's war and I'm bolder now Pull me towards your corner holding your court Sure I've seen you better surely we've both been ...
87 11.The Overpass em shines like Neon violence in my blood So red and white and out of our control You swore it on your life You wouldn't get so tired But I can ... the overpass in Harlem shines like Neon violence in my blood So red and white and out of our control Do they drown their young in Hudson waters? Bring their ... in Hudson waters? Bring their children with disorders Into the night and the dark northern cold You see it in their faces Strong against the white Fighting with t ... the o
88 7.Naked as We Came y smiling like our sleeping children One of us will die inside thes
89 2.The Gift ling down Children laughing all around Lights are turning on ... around Lights are turning on Like a fairy tale come true Sitting by the fire we made You're the answer when I prayed I would find someone And baby I found you Ch ... e gift Watching as you softly sleep What I'd give if I could keepJust
90 3.Twinz[Feat. FatJoe] ur family children like Amityville drill the nerves in your cavity filling Insanity's building up pavilion in my civilian The cannon be the anarchy tha ... ever and take all the cheddar like child support[FatJoe] I support Pun in anything he does anything he loves My brother from another mother sent from the above A ... m the above A thug nigga just like me one of the best-- might be Even better leaving niggas kneeling on they right knee[Big Punisher] Spike Lee couldn't
91 9.Then Again s looking like a sad sack I can't believe that I couldn't see How many dodgy men were on the TV While I was growing to a man They took advanta ... e hosts have got the chop I'm sleeping soundly in my bed'CosJimmy Savile's still dead The swinging seventies Used to sit on celebrities knees The nineteen seventi ... ees Speculation began to roam Like M.P.'s through a children's home'How many more''what did they do' Where were the girls and boys in blue? Now the victims and t
92 6.A Little Fucked up nderstand like I'm speaking another language To people who never wrapped up a body inside a blanket And heave it into a river with heavy shit ... nibalistic pessimistic zombie-like state Overcome and I ain't infected by the sickness My mind's lights out total darkness and bring the wicked ... darkness and bring the wicked Like a soul weaver weaving in and out of consciousness ... g in and out of consciousness Like the nightmare you can't contain in your ... are you c
93 9.Deep Water k Now you sleeping with the motherfuckin' fishes(Swimming with the mothefuckin' fishes what the business?) These niggas won't let up until the ... t just wanna go and check the children(You might just wanna check your fuckin' ... just wanna check your fuckin' children) I'm the one that got they ear for many years I been making parents live in fear I just wanna make it clear My influence ru ... t clear My influence run deep like the ocean Don't get it fucked up[Hook:Just
94 3.Last of Our Kind have sat like this just waiting for their arrows to blacken the skies Many times before and we will again... God willing I am honoured to hav ... r legacy The last of our kind Children We are the last of our kind Children We are the last of our kind When the arrows fall ... our kind When the arrows fall like rain We'll survive and rise again We are the last of our kind All the jackals and the undead just can't wait to wipe the last o ... us out Once there were others (
95 11.Not a Drop of Rain wn I hate like hell when there ain't nothin' left to do But stand beneath the river bridge and listen for the train It's been a long hot summe ... ced in the springtime feelin' like a ghost Missin' more than ever the things I left behind Now I'm standin' on this riverbank and still cannot explain It's been a ... to tell me it's all right to sleep Convince myself I'll wake up in another time and place Knowin' all the while that it's a promise I can't keep A string of brok ...
96 6.Wake Up Call our belly like a hungry snake Living on your wits means to an end Tricky hungry cannibals feeding on the meek Gorging on the patience of souls ... ink about the man who wears a sleeping bag tonight When he smiles and says this is your wake up call Time for a wake up call We fight or face a fall Time for your ... hampagne And dining from your children's shrinking bowl Were'e all in
97 1.Fallen Star g for the children unforgiven Sometimes the weight of the world's Coming over me A feeling I can't forget Sometimes I find myself caught in a ... ce of love Walking this world like animals And into the light we're fading You are my reason to stay Even if daylight's a lifetime away May the kings and the quee ... e fallen star My song for the children unforgiven Sometimes I'm lost in the silence of empathy A moment I can't reflect Sometimes I feel ... an't reflect Sometimes I
98 10.Julep ppy in my sleep I died happy in my sleep Our children around and you looking down from Heaven's a julep on the porch Heaven's a julep on the porch You and me rocking A grandfath ... ilver That will never Tarnish like we will You were just a girl that I should meet You were the girl that I would meet For drinks in the backyard A beautiful daug ... ever after I died happy in my sleep I died happy in my sleep Our children around and you looking down fr
99 2.Dinard laughter like childrenJe ta aime if you please If the fires in the town Burn revolutionary And the hours fly by Because we're just happy. Then let ... and illusion And don't let me sleep Give me taunting out trouble And
100 8.Home Sweat Home get stuck like some poor jerk Right in my track The storm has failed connection here In Paris or is it Dallas... or maybe it's Rome All I know ... ng on with their lives All my children and ex­wives It seems here in my dreams Deep in my ... here in my dreams Deep in my sleep Will have to be home Sweat home..

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