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Red Bird

What do wings bring ?
New heights to reach
To soaring somewhere foreign borders to tight to breach
Where color isn't covered in a few types of bleach
We learning without concern in how it too whites ya speech
Preach nest between earth and most high
Over streets tar that severe feathers from sky
Like star crossed lovers that never said a goodbye
But hello to a haven that tethers cheddar to pride
Ride air Jordan gave you to breath
The only way the ground allows u to leave
Received a message through a cloud of trees
Praying for heaven is hell on the knees
Catch a breeze and glide further than the eyes can see
Or stay attached to the turf as the minds concedes
And never soar
So close to Poe every Raven is evermore
Or simply weather the storms in search of a perfect shore

She sleeps through the night
Mother wondering how to change life
Ain't none of the streets paved in gold
Just rusted tracks and dusty roads
The broken chains we don't discuss
She's praying for the miraculous
Her baby bird gotta fly
In this world of hungry hunters
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Guns pointed to the sky
Hold now
Let us slow down
This little life
Created by the passions of pain
Product of plight
A daily fight waiting for light
This patient student
Bloodline never saw fit for juriceprudence
Baby Rose already knows she must spring
Through summer autumn and winter
Spring beyond dreams
Born sinner
Born winner
Same thing
But no rights for the children of chain
This changed queen
Put it all in her princess
All of the knowledge her little brain could ingest
Told her she could hold the globe in eye sight
If she spread wings and soared
Flew to high heights
She could be light
See the stark difference
Never awake to even see the dark's ignorance
And only time knows if she prevails
Cause some times not even a birds eye can see the devil's details