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Stay Unique


You were talking about the red and green
Forget what they say
crazy and freak
While I was listening carefully and read
Looking for the spring in ur heart deeply

Stay unique baby
Stay unique baby

long for the glorious of the beginning
Even though you're leaving
With your inner vulnerability
Wading into decadence or loneness

Don't back down baby
Don't back down baby

I saw the goodness in your eyes
Maybe sincere with cure
もっと沢山の歌詞は ※
I see the sunlight in your words
With this strange melody for only you

Stay unique baby
Stay unique baby

Souna horn inlet pipe hole
Absorbed my smelly fear
Sieve the beautiful or special lie
To get the end of tear

Hold your unmentionable dream
Happened in ur daily movie
Hold what you persist
Praying full of integrity

Stay unique baby
Stay unique baby
Stay unique baby
Stay unique

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