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1 8.Alucinaciones supere a Emilianito Y no he visto acordeonero que supere a ... isto acordeonero que supere a Emilianito Bárbaro Y yo vi la luna radiante alumbrando al mediodía pero no he visto cantante igual a Diomedes Diaz pero no he visto ... azul está pagando la deuda de Emilianito Y mi azul está pagando la deuda de ... azul está pagando la deuda de Emilianito con intereses Compadre yo vi
2 9.John Appleseed's Lament all the endless sky Emilia cuz she stays with me from place to place I call the sun my luv Emanuel she cr
3 17.Emilia ngo17.Emilia Si en lo bajo estoy me llevas hasta lo alto más que el sol el frio no me puede ya tocar me basta ese calor que tú me das ... zo para siempre y por siempre emilia y es que vienes en la brisa y ll
4 1.Tookah(The2 Bears Remix) Emiliana Torrini-Tookah(The 2 Bears Remix)1.Tookah(The2 Bears Remix) Composer Dan Carey ... Bears Remix) Composer Dan Carey Emiliana Torrini Take me down to corner
5 3.Next and Future om the clouds Solo: Emiliano Pacioni infinite vaults no more sustained rolling debris scraped away never

6 5.Sonic Depth Finder Depth Finder Solo: Emiliano Pacioni here come the time of reflections because mirrors don't lie clearing
7 6.As Seaweed make me a man Solo: Emiliano Pacioni Emanuele Casali persuasive sonnet compliant to own being me impavid
8 3.Caterpillar Emiliana Torrini-Tookah3.Caterpillar The hem of her dress spills over What co
9 4.Autumn Sun Emiliana Torrini-Tookah4.Autumn Sun My wife stood by the harbor Her hands set
10 7.Animal Games Emiliana Torrini-Tookah7.Animal Games Your heart is like a dawn You shape it
11 8.Speed of Dark Emiliana Torrini-Tookah8.Speed of Dark Somebody let me get that far I don't e
12 9.Gift ht mich so high Sinsemilia Shiva Sativa Indika Die Blüten meines Lebens eure Flügel lassen mich schweben
13 18.Cry Cry Lyricist James Kerr Emiliano Patrik Legato Sebastiano Maggiorana Nello Nicita Danielle Tignino It's diffi
14 22.Stranger BurchillJames Kerr Emiliano Patrik Legato Danielle Tignino Tell me why? Do you know what we're looking f
15 1.Nee Elle Sinsemilia-Best of1.Nee Elle Depuis des générations et des générations Depuis les
16 2.La Nausee Sinsemilia-Best of2.La NauseeJ'suis désolé mais ce soir j'ai zappéJ'aiéteint la l
17 3.La Mauvaise Réputation Sinsemilia-Best of3.La Mauvaise Réputation Lyricist Georges Charles Brassens Au village
18 4.La Flamme Sinsemilia-Best of4.La FlammeJe reviens exprimer mes peurs et ma colèreJe ressen
19 5.Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde Sinsemilia-Best of5.Tout Le Bonheur Du Monde On vous souhaite tout le bonheur du
20 13.Someday We'll Know hatever happened to emilia earhart Who holds the stars up in the sky Is true love once in a lifetime Did

21 17.IYa Basta! pobresa y tristessa Emiliano dejo a su familia y su tierra Harto de ver tanta pena Aogando su patria tan
22 1.Weird Friendless Kid Emiliana Torrini-Rarities1.Weird Friendless Kid Weird friendless kid You don'
23 2.If You Go Away Emiliana Torrini-Rarities2.If You Go Away If you go away On this summer day T
24 3.7-Up Days Emiliana Torrini-Rarities3.7-Up Days Early morning when the sky is black And
25 4.Flirt Emiliana Torrini-Rarities4.Flirt Do your flirting in my other ear A vague lit
26 5.Tuna Fish(Acoustic Version) Emiliana Torrini-Rarities5.Tuna Fish(Acoustic Version) I am lying in my bed W
27 6.Baby Blue(Rae& Christian Remix) Emiliana Torrini-Rarities6.Baby Blue(Rae& Christian Remix) Boxing shadows in
28 7.Easy(Remix) Emiliana Torrini-Rarities7.Easy(Remix) It's not an accident You mean to touch
29 8.Unemployment In Summertime(Junior Sanchez Remix) Emiliana Torrini-Rarities8.Unemployment In Summertime(Junior Sanchez Remix) L
30 9.To Be Free(Future Shock Mix) Emiliana Torrini-Rarities9.To Be Free(Future Shock Mix) Once in a house on a
31 10.Slow Carey Kylie Minogue Emiliana Torrini Knew you'd be here tonight So I put my best dress on Boy I was so ri
32 13.Big Big World ig World Artist Emilia I'm a big big girl In a big big world It's not a big big thing If you leave me
33 7.Phra(Outro) il volume Così per Emiliano e Mezzolla alzo il volume Così per Roby Giulio e Moreno alzo il volume Così
34 9.Claretta E Ben e ed i martiri dell'Emilia E ora sono qui son per sempre qui son tornati a marciare ancora dalle carceri
35 1.Gollum's Song Emiliana Torrini-The Lord Of The Rings:The Two Towers Soundtrack1.Gollum's Song
36 5.Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes t Garza Eric Hilton Emiliana Torrini Do you applaud fear? Do you hold it near? Are you afraid to live you
37 6.Until the Morning t Garza Eric Hilton Emiliana Torrini I keep on fear keep on loathing Nothing brings it on I keep on falli
38 1.Sorry I'm In Love Emilia Rydberg-Emilia1.Sorry I'm In Love Baby
39 2.Kiss By Kiss Emilia Rydberg-Emilia2.Kiss By Kiss You can't
40 3.Johnny Come Lately Emilia Rydberg-Emilia3.Johnny Come Lately Thin
41 4.Before I Fall Emilia Rydberg-Emilia4.Before I Fall You almos
42 5.Girlfriend Emilia Rydberg-Emilia5.Girlfriend Sittin' at a
43 6.Playin' It By Heart Emilia Rydberg-Emilia6.Playin' It By Heart In
44 7.If It's Gonna Be You Emilia Rydberg-Emilia7.If It's Gonna Be You Yo
45 8.What If I Told You Emilia Rydberg-Emilia8.What If I Told You Anot

46 9.Heaven Emilia Rydberg-Emilia9.Heaven Oh thinkin' abou
47 10.My Love Is True Emilia Rydberg-Emilia10.My Love Is True You're
48 11.Tell Me Why Emilia Rydberg-Emilia11.Tell Me Why I can't re
49 12.Say You Will(Or Say You Won't) Emilia Rydberg-Emilia12.Say You Will(Or Say You Wo
50 13.Supergirl Emilia Rydberg-Emilia13.Supergirl Down deep in
51 1.A Good Sign Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World1.A Good Sign Baby Baby Baby The day has begun Bu
52 2.Big Big World Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World2.Big Big World I'm a big big girl In a big big w
53 3.Come Into My Life Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World3.Come Into My Life Love is a feeling That can ma
54 4.Twi st Of Fate Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World4.Twi st Of Fate This is my free will This is my
55 5.Like Chocolate Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World5.Like Chocolate Feel me taste me see me You know I'm sweet like candy I'm into you the way you' ... ------------- Lyricist Lars Anderson Emilia Rydberg Like chocolate on your m
56 6.What About Me? Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World6.What About Me? Everything about you was so spec
57 7.Life(Will Never Be The Same) Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World7.Life(Will Never Be The Same) A heart can break
58 8.Daddys Girl Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World8.Daddys Girl Daddy daddy Your little girl is rea
59 9.Adam& Eve Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World9.Adam& Eve When he touches you Heaven opens up I
60 10.Maybe Baby Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World10.Maybe Baby Baby when I think of you My whole w
61 11.Big big world(Tnt's Big Phat Mix) Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World11.Big big world(Tnt's Big Phat Mix) I'm a big bi
62 12.Maybe baby(Swing Style) Emilia Rydberg-Big Big World12.Maybe baby(Swing Style) Baby when I think of y
63 12.NoJudgement Day ed a fight His wife Emilia found him lying on the freezer floor Now this sleepy little town it aint sleep
64 5.1-800-spice me talkin about sinsemilia Mi nigga g-nut put together endonesia Mi call it gaja give me some fire-a Can'
65 40.Big Big World- Single(In the Style of Emilia)[Performance Track with Demonstration Vocals] gle(In the Style of Emilia)[Performance Track with Demonstration Vocals] I'm a big big girl In a big
66 3.Big Big World(In the Style of Emilia) rld(In the Style of Emilia) I'm a big big girl In a big big world It's not a big big thing if u leave
67 18.Sensemilla t The sensemilia is irie It haffi bun woo It haffi bun Chalice ah ketch it uh!(First verse) In front ah station di ganja pipe ah bun smoke fro ... nk up him gun He smell di sensemilia he ask mi fe some It haffi bun woo it haffi bun Hear him tho hear him tho! Eem jus clean up him gun inna di corna him seh pas ... t? marijuana wat it name? sensemilia Ee sed wrap up a draw fe comisshina One yuh fe wrap ah draw fe inspectah one yuh fe wrap ah draw fe di lawyah One yuh fe wrap ...
68 1.Keep Your Man Happy Emilia de Poret-Pick Me Up1.Keep Your Man Happy I know that you're busy baby
69 2.Pick Me Up(StoneBridge Club Mix Edit) Emilia de Poret-Pick Me Up2.Pick Me Up(StoneBridge Club Mix Edit) Everytime I
70 1.Pick Me Up(Richard Vission Club Mix) Emilia de Poret-暫存1.Pick Me Up(Richard Vission Club Mix) Everytime I look int
71 2.I Can Emilia de Poret-暫存2.I Can Me without your touch Is a kiss without the rush Br
72 3.Now or Never Emilia de Poret-暫存3.Now or Never We've been up And we've been down But this t
73 4.On Fire Emilia de Poret-暫存4.On Fire Hey baby how was your day? Mine has been a little
74 1.Without Words Emilia Löfberg-In a World1.Without Words People cry not because they're weak
75 2.Tomorrow Emilia Löfberg-In a World2.Tomorrow The feeling when you've met the right one
76 3.Reality Emilia Löfberg-In a World3.Reality One day I caught myself Smiling for no rea
77 1.Simple Life Emilia Löfberg-暫存1.Simple Life You must make a choice to take chance All your
78 1.So Wonderful Emilia Mitiku-暫存1.So Wonderful Somewhere in the back of my dated heart Hidden
79 2.Witchcraft Emilia Mitiku-暫存2.Witchcraft Those fingers in my hair That sly come-hither st
80 3.Dream a Little Dream Emilia Mitiku-暫存3.Dream a Little Dream Stars shining bright above you Night b
81 8.Emilia n...8.Emilia Emilia(Francesco Guccini) Le Alpi si sa sono un muro di sasso una diga confusa fanno tabula rasa per noi che qui sotto lontano piu' ... i padani in marinai non veri Emilia di volti tra i campi e sui prati lagune e piroghe e l'eterno mare guerrieri del Nord dai capelli gessati ne hai visti passare ... gessati ne hai visti passare Emilia allungata tra l'olmo e il vigneto voltata a cercare quel mare mancante e il monte Appennino raccontando un segret
82 17.Bologna Bolognaè una donna emiliana di zigomo forte Bologna capace d' amore capace di morte Che sa quel che cont
83 65.Campane Tibetane ttraversando la via Emilia Marinavamo la scuola correndo dietro alle farfalle Entrando in punta di piedi
84 6.Pull the Trigger N'T GET EV'THING... emilia don't be scared by dangers hiding in the dead of night born misled by stranger
85 10.D-12 World 't understand? I'll emiliate a man worse then making a band Don't be mistakin' that man He'll invite you
86 78.D12 World 't understand? I'll emiliate a man worse then making a band Don't be mistakin' that man He'll invite you
87 15.Born To Be Wild ge brandy skunk sensemilia Rubies and roses diamond collar Never check me for a money nor a penny nor a d
88 17.Born to Be Wild ge brandy Skunk sensemilia Rubies and roses Diamond collar Never check me for a money Nor a penny nor a d
89 3.Emilia - EP3.Emilia Hey a world out there awaits It's a heart breaking fireball That beats for sounds of the waves And they they will tell yo ... nging Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Emilia No there is gold in your veins You are a pirate your treasure Is buried in lines on your face Because love is the only damn t ... nging Ooh ooh ooh Ooh ooh ooh Emilia Emilia Emilia Please don't ever change Emilia Please don't ever change Emilia Please don't ever change
90 1.Che Cosa Restera Di Me o ritornando qui in Emilia figlio di un pensiero rosso e partigiano Di recente ho qualche fremito diverso
91 2.Tell Me Why Why Tell me why-Emilia I can't remember when we use to share the same bed You have your arms surround
92 1.Carlos Vives .Carlos Vives Lyricist Emiliano Zuleta Acordate Moralito de aquel día Que estuviste en Urumita Y no quisist
93 1.Nasty Sex La Revolución De Emiliano Zapata-暫存1.Nasty Sex Lyricist Javier Martin Del Campo Muriel Gutierrez Oscar
94 2.Emilia Paranoica i-暫存2.Emilia Paranoica un freddo pi? pungente accordi secchi e tesi segnalano il tuo ingresso nella mia memoria consumami distruggimi? ... ti proponessi di recitare te Emilia Paranoica brucia Tiro Sidone il roipnol fa un casino se mescolato all'alcool bombardieri su Beirut due tre quattro plegine ch ... dena a Carpi a carpi al Tuwat Emilia di notti dissolversi stupide sparire ad una ad una impotenti in un posto nuovo dell'A.R.C.I. ... un posto nuovo dell'A.R.C.I
95 1.El Garabato saludá'(4X) Cuando Emiliano se muera Yo voy a cargá' el cajón(3X) Le voy a prendé' una vela Y a zamparle
96 2.La Parranda Es Pa'Amanecé ice Colacho y hasta Emiliano La parranda es pa' amanece' El que se duerma lo motilamos La parranda es pa'
97 1.Until the Morning(Rewound By Thievery Corporation) t Garza Eric Hilton Emiliana Torrini I feel strong I feel rigid Sleep on tight Sleep on tight Sleep on ti
98 16.Until the Morning(Rewound By Kid Loco) t Garza Eric Hilton Emiliana Torrini I keep on fear keep on loathing Nothing brings it on I keep on falli
99 42.Until the Morning(feat. Emiliana Torrini) l the Morning(feat. Emiliana Torrini) I keep on fear keep on loathing Nothing brings it on I keep on
100 1.Daddy's Girl erson Lars; Rydberg Emilia From pigtails to perfume I'm growing up so soon Going to parties I love having

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