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Not Just For Today

作词:Allegra Levy
作曲:Eugene Pao
编曲:Eugene Pao

It sounds sappy
But I'm happy
You came into my life and love entrapped me
We're made for each other
That's what they say

Somethings springing
Bells are ringing
I took one look at you and started singing

And all that I wish is that
You will stay

Since I met you all my worries have gone
I thought I'd never meet anyone
But now you're here
It's all too clear

It's alarming
Found prince charming
Put your arms around me and we'll dance 'till morning

Forever you're mine not just for today
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Now we're older
Love is bolder
Time doesn't mean that everything grows colder
You've stood by my side through all life's dismay

Disappointments and enjoyments
We'll stick together
This is more than romance
We'll comfort each other until we're grey

Fairy tales and princes aren't what's real
You're what is better than any old
Story book dear
I have no fear

Let's begin our happy ending
Life like songs is lovelier
With voices blending
Forever you're mine
Forever mine

I'm so glad I found you
Darling you're my love of all time
And you'll always be forever mine