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He Comes Later


He Comes Later

Throne Of Deception

You make me vomit
You make me vomit

I see you on your throne of deception
Your downfall is approaching
I cannot stand all the lies you speak
All this venom that pollutes the air that I breathe
I see the demon laying eggs beneath your pale fucking skin
I see the filth and the corruption that proliferate within you

You make me vomit
You make me vomit

How the fuck can one man stand all this fucking system?
You're all just body bags full of shit

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I will vomit my anger on everything you believe in
And your putrid golden castles will corrode in front of you

You will see your empire crumble
As your deceit is revealed

The heads of the ones you loved decorate the streets
Of a world that you will not infest anymore
Their eyes look to me as I walk down this path
Their stare will remind us of this era of subjugation

We'll remember the time when you were in control
We'll remember not to trust your kind anymore
We'll reject any form of enslavement
We must be free from the chains of greed