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Ghost Town Medicine (Studio Sessions)

It's getting worse
And I'm staring into space
Built a home in a room
But I have never seen it straight

My mind's got a problem
Oh, the things it creates
Drank myself to a coma
Became all that I hate

My head's full of shame
And I swear on my name
I've been watching for hours
I'm circling the drain

And while I buried you in the depths of my sleep
You still crawl through my dreams into bed beside me

You fall into me
You fall into me

There's mountains in my mind, a chasm in my soul
Always feel like I'm falling into an ever-growing hole
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I'm no longer the person that you lived and you breathed
Placed my fears in a bottle and cast them out to sea

Wherever you are, I hope that you've found your peace
Wherever you are, I hope that you've found your peace

This is far too familiar, is this a place that I have been?
Took her love to the river, I weighed it down, I threw it in

Watched something beautiful die, all soaked in vodka and gin
Oh God, I found peace of mind, but can't escape what I did

This ghost town medicine

You can't make amends
You've got no one left
Just the awful things I did while you slept
Well I'm sorry, and I'm sorry
And I'm sorry