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Ulysse's Journey

a long journey to
the wisdom's shore calls to the hero
back to home

Introducing Ulisse
near the bridge, now approaching, a shiny
dual flame a breath of wind shakes one of them,
and waving as a talking tongue breaking silence

Dante and Virgilio see two flames, one of those is Ulisse who tells about his long and troubled journey
neither love, my old father, nor missing my son
took my soul from craving to sail,
away on the waves, searching for the unknown

Ulisse narrates his journey from his own point of view
those ones who didn't left me
we sailed the tides
old and spent we arrived to the pillars

fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza

Literal quote
we turned oars into wings
in our Flying,
southern constellations
were shining

Description of Ulisse's arrival, the journey's end
when that mountain appeared
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highest ever,
our joy became tears
sinking us

into the remote mist
and shift the bound onward

the only one who can
enlight your journey, now

Ulisse urges to sail to the unknown because this is human nature

Dante does not agree and confirms that only God can enlighten humans' light
hey brothers o' mine,
consciousness has no
age, nor stands as a flag

once at a border
never negate yourself
a way beyond it
right trough our Sun

Ulisse reiterates the concept to jump over the boundaries of knowledge to discover more and more