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Some Sort of Balance

When will we find a balance
Such unfair things we see
Small troubled nations crumble
And freedom falls from dust to dust
Remember people are just flesh and bone
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And blood and tears and soul
Where the past's led us to the present
Where the future will unfold

And I have some ideas, though I realize
I might be blind
I ask so many questions
I keep leaving thoughts behind
Still searchin' ain't like wasting time
At least there is this bottom line
We need to find some sort of balance

Along the way
Until they see the way
It's meant to be on this lonesome soil
I think it might take a while

The answers wait unanswered while we're
Too scared to lift our heads
War justifies some feelings
Helps us find a taste for blood

I think the 'enemy' is anyone
Who has the guts to say
That nothing's wrong
That things are fine
That there's no reason to complain


I think it might take a while
But it's always free