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Snow Beach

[Intro:Wiki & Hak]
Twa, twa, twa, twenty degrees outside, but toasty
Twenty degrees outside
But toasty in the tunnel
Another day, another dime
Another way to kill some time
Twenty degrees outside but toasty in the tunnel
It was a black and white experience
It was black and white
Twenty degrees outside but toasty

Your troubles are mine
Lets gargle n sin
Swim to a land where snows slid
Where frozen sands still wisp
Sure you'll never forget this short trip
What ya give is what you tend to get
Get what you give with every breath
O' darling let me feed ya'
Sounds of snow beach

[Verse 1: Wiki]
I used to shit on NYU kids, soused after dark
To the point they be like 'again this little fart had to start'
Seems random, like Stanford transplanted to the fountain and the arch
Infecting the apple, a cancer in its heart
Why'd you make a campus out the park?
If it keeps spreading, It'll be deaded
Panting and parched
How you supposed to be handsome and harsh?
How you supposed to be standing for New York?
Dismantling New York?
The apple is rot, The grapple is caught
Had to free that
So instead we would rap at West 4th
For weed dealers, who could see clearer, that we realer
Offer to hustle for 'em, rather just bust it for em
Is selling swell? Do you earn well?
Are you in the Pelle Pel? Or the Marm shell?
Same place you hear the devil yell
With the churchs bell
Everyones a medic, well like to burn L's
Everyone give credit, hell Let these words sell
Wanna hear and epic tale
Its Wiki Virgil
Not the trojan in my pocket
Or in my wallet Or on my cock, its
The trojan in my heart, its
The lost souls that start Rome
Let's start home
Merk off, jerk off's 'til they all gone

[Hook: Wiki & Hak]x2
Every year another court date
Every Winter need a North Face for warmth sake on long days
Out door waits for out of state weight
How the state make money on out of date mistakes

Every year another court date
Every year need a North Face for warmth sake
On long days when the suns rays have stayed
Summer summer decayed away

[Verse 2: Wiki]
Tourists came, try to escape, admire the place, visit the Empire State
I prefer a roof, stoop, fire escape
348 where I would have stayed
If I was too high for the train, walk blocks
Some where killers have been slain
Others where killing have been made
Buildings have been raised
There ain't no block the same that's chilling in the maze
Thinking back on second grade, thinking that second plane
More telling, over heard my uncle telling his day
Rememberin' what came
People melting, swelling my brain
Yet remain, compelling to maintain
But got these grimey cats selling their cane
To shorty like a twelfth of their age
I ain't tyring to, threaten your ways
Judge you or get in debates
But i'm spitting so i get to explain
I don't veto votes, I veto coke
I don't really fucks with it
Seen too many bitches stuck with it
If i'm bout to get sucked with it
Duck quicker than Quidditch
Land on a blunt and i'm with it
Y'all just different digits, nah
We whole numbers ideas is holistic
Whole numbers tend to come from cold tundras
But its no wonder, a sweat box when arose summer